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To Find You Again
By Suseh



Chapter Two



Draco Lucius Malfoy. Wiltshire-born of pureblood wizarding parents. Both parents -Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black-had both came from wealthy, finely bred families. Draco Malfoy was the heir to the Malfoy fortune and all its companies both in the muggle and wizarding world. It had been no secret that both his parents held a strong belief that wizarding bloodlines were meant to be pure and untainted. For quite some time, both of his parents were staunch supporters of Lord Voldemort almost to the very end, but something would come to change all that.

Draco tapped his chin in thought trying to recall what it had been that changed his views and later would change the views of his own parents. He could say the beginning of that change came when Hermione stepped forward and let her hand fly across his face. Never had any woman laid her hand on him as Hermione did and lived. It had taken him completely by surprise to see the normally docile muggleborn witch with fire in her eyes and her stance ready to take him on if she had to.

Or perhaps it was the surprise of how well she cleaned up during the Yule Ball. He could still remember watching her come down the staircase in her blue dress. Her normally bushy hair drawn back away from her face. She was beautiful, he admitted at that single moment. Far more beautiful than any of the women that had graced Draco’s bed in and out.

Draco had begun his pursuit of Hermione quite vigorously shortly after that point. He had even gone before his parents, knowing both would be horrified by his change of heart, that he wanted to pursue the muggle-born Hermione Granger. His father, for the most part, was highly against it. Lucius was part of Voldemort’s Inner Circle and the notion that such dirty blood would dare become part of the Malfoy Line went against everything that had been instilled within Lucius since birth. His mother, on the other hand, was far different in her thinking. Although she held the same belief, she was not entirely part of Voldemort’s Inner Circle nor was she part of the Deatheaters like that of her husband and her older sister, Bellatrix LeStrange.

Narcissa was a Black. Her cousin, Sirius, had gone to Azkaban prison after being framed as a member of the Deatheaters. Her older sister, Bellatrix, was a staunch member of Voldemort’s Inner Circle. Bella had married Rodolphus LeStrange shortly after graduating Hogwarts and before becoming part of the Deatheaters. The difference between herself and Bellatrix when it came to marriage was the fact, Narcissa had found a love match with Lucius while her older sister simply married not for love but for duty.

Narcissa’s younger sister, Andromeda, had married a muggleborn named Ted Tonks. Because of this marriage, Andromeda, was banished from the Black Family and her named scorched from the tapestry. But what no one really knew was that Narcissa had tried in recent years to mend the rift between herself and Andromeda. She had done this in secret and never had told her husband of their secret meetings. It had mended the rift between the two sisters and the two had become a bit close. Her moments of shopping and calls of other families were her way of seeing Andromeda.

“Lucius,” Narcissa had replied setting down the book onto her lap and looking over at her husband, “perhaps we could try. Draco feels strongly for this girl and this girl is one of the most powerful witches to ever grace the wizarding world. Imagine having her power within the blood of future Malfoys.”

Lucius had been surprised by Narcissa’s insight. The two of them had always believed in the pure blood mantra since birth. But something had changed Narcissa’s mind and Lucius had no idea from where. It was not until a few years later before the end of the war that Narcissa had confessed having made secret meetings with her younger sister.

Lucius, not happy about the notion of having dirty blood polluting the Malfoy Line, conceded to his wife’s thoughts and the two of the sought out Albus Dumbledore and that of the Order of the Phoenix. In the end, Lucius received no time in jail and had been pardoned for his part as a Deatheater. Many other pureblood families fell and lost much of their homes and priceless heirlooms. Many of the children belonging to these rich families now had found themselves at the mercy of a life they were not used to.

The Order of the Phoenix were not quite welcoming to the Malfoys. Many of the Weasley Family and others refused to interact with them. Hermione, on the other hand, had reservations about their intentions. She knew the Malfoys did not come about change suddenly. There had to be something that brought about this change and it was Draco, who told her that he wanted a chance with her. This was something that had taken her completely by surprise. She had not expected that prior to their arrival that his interactions with her at school held any differences.

That was until she took a moment to look back. He had no longer called her mudblood and treated more like a member of the wizarding world. Even during some of their classes together when they had been paired up, he would whisper something that would send her into quiet giggles or offer up a chance to study together.

“I can’t,” she had told him one night as they sat on the roof of the Black Family home, “I’m with Ronald.”

Unfortunately, the relationship between Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger did not last long. She had caught him cheating on her after coming back from a small mission with Lavender Brown. He could see the look of betrayal on her face. She did not even yell or cry just simply walk out of their room and moved across to one of the empty rooms. Draco could only watch from the side as the Weasley Family closed ranks and blamed Hermione for the relationship falling apart. Even the youngest Weasley, Ginny, laid the blame at Hermione’s feet and made it quite clear that their friendship was no more. Harry did not even bother defending her. He stood off to the side with a look of disappointment and Draco could see how much this had crushed Hermione’s heart.

At the same time, Draco saw this as an opportunity to place himself in a new light to Hermione. Both he and Luna Lovegood joined up and bring Hermione around to see his sincerity and this seemed to work in his favor. It was not quite long after that he had won Hermione’s heart.

Draco broke himself out of his reverie and turned his head in the direction of his companion at his side.

“My lips to your ears,” Blaise began but paused when he saw a blond brow rise upward.

“We’re not that kind of friends,” Draco deadpanned.

“I didn’t know that you still had that ol’ Malfoy sarcasm,” Blaise returned tugging on the white silk cuffs of his dress clothes. His dark eyes swept over the crowd briefly before returning to look at his best friend. “I did research on the company and they seem to be turning quite a number of profits with their potions. Most of these potions are used by the hospitals and are given to patients during recovery. They are looking for fresh new investors with the hope of working on potions that would help those who suffered from many of horrible curses and possibly return their memories.”

Draco’s brow rose in interest. “I am quite sure that if one should be produced there would be many signing up to try for their families affected from the war.”

“Indeed,” Blaise remarked as he watched an older, jolly man heading in their direction. “Here comes the man of the hour.”

Draco’s figure stiffened and turned his silver-blue eyes toward the grinning man.

“It is wonderful to see you, Lord Malfoy,” Clive Hade greeted extending his hand.

“Please Draco,” the blond replied taking his hand and shaking it. “Lord Malfoy is my father. This is Blaise Zabini. He is part of my team.”

“Welcome, Mr. Zabini,” Clive greeted the other one with a warm smile. “I am glad to have you both.”

“Thank you,” Blaise answered for both.

“I want to introduce you to one of my heads of research,” Clive started looking around the room for someone. “She is one of our best and she has made some breakthrough on one of our potions. She is one of our hardest working researchers.”

“We would gladly like to meet her,” Blaise was the first to answer ignoring the dark look from his best friend.

“Ah! There she is!” Clive announced the moment his eyes laid upon Hermione’s figure at the far end of the room. “Come, come, I want to introduce you to my lead researcher.”

Draco sighed inwardly and glanced over at Blaise. The two of them knew it was bound to be a long night filled with meeting members of the research team and discussing future projects the research department would be looking into. He knew that there had been plenty of great potions that have come out of this department. Everything from Curse Healing Potions to breath-through potions that have helped catatonic patients be reached. For Draco, if this department could come up with these potions, there was no limit to what else they could give the wizarding world and perhaps even that of the muggle world.

Draco was not a fan of the muggle world, by any means, but he did interact with many muggles due to his business acclimations and because of this, he had seen many families that have been plagued by their own diseases. Diseases like cancer and AIDS have ravaged the world and he had hope that this research team could give them the hope they would need.

As they drew near the pair, Draco’s blond brows furrowed in thought. The woman looked familiar. As if he had seen her somewhere before, but where? And then he realized with surprise that it was his wife, Hermione Malfoy, standing there looking just as shocked and surprised as he. It had taken him a moment to replace that shock and surprise with boiling rage. He wanted nothing more than to expose his little estranged darling as nothing more than a liar. At his side, his hands turned to fists in order to keep his anger from rushing to the surface.

“Jean, my dear,” Clive acknowledged happily unaware of the rage Draco Malfoy was feeling, “I want you to meet our wonderful investor, Mr. Draco Malfoy, and his companion, Blaise Zabini.”

Blaise Zabini could not believe Draco’s luck – his little estranged wife standing before him looking like she was going to bolt any chance she was given but what she did not count on, was him – Blaise. He would make sure her departure was meant with a warning. He would, of course, allow her to escape before Draco got his hands on her. He did not feel like cleaning up all the blood nor making any excuses as to why Draco would turn his rage upon this innocent woman. The night had just turned interesting for him.

“If you will pardon me,” Blaise spoke up before giving Hermione a chance to answer, “I must make a phone call.”

He saw Draco glance at him sharply but he nodded his head and stalked off to wait for his prey.