Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction ❯ To Find You Again ❯ Chapter Five ( Chapter 5 )

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To Find You Again
By Suseh


Chapter Five

Hermione had not slept well that night. Her dreams had been haunted, filled with moments that played on her insecurities and pain. Images of what had been and what could have been that haunted her even before she had seen him again.

Unable to sleep any longer, Hermione tossed aside her blankets and rose from the bed. Quietly, she padded across the carpet to the kitchen to make herself a cup of strong tea. She could not remember how long both she and Luna stayed in here last night, talking and discussing the events of that night and what the future meant mean for both she and Rose. Hermione had been strong in the belief that Draco does not know about Rose, but Luna had thought different especially with Rose’s health in precarious peril. She wanted Hermione to contemplate letting Draco know about Rose, but Hermione shook her with resounding “no, not happening.”

It was not that Hermione did not want Draco to know about Rose. It was just she did not want Astoria to know about Rose. She had a fear that Astoria would push Draco to demand custody of Rose and Hermione was not ready to lose her daughter. Rose was everything to Hermione. In the months after she had left the marriage, it had been Rose that kept Hermione going. There had been moments that Hermione contemplated ending it all. That had been before she learned she had been pregnant. Now, she wanted to make sure Rose had the world and that meant they did not need Draco Malfoy in it.

Hermione sighed, shaking herself out of her thoughts long enough to hear Rose heading in the direction of the kitchen.

“Momma, good morning,” her daughter greeted cheerfully pulling a chair out and climbing into the seat.

“Good morning, my little flower,” Hermione returned with a warm smile. “What would like for breakfast?”

“Cereal!” Rose exclaimed as her mother rose from her chair and moved about the kitchen to gather the cereal, milk, and bowl from their various places and set them in front her daughter, helping her pour the cereal and milk into a bowl.

Once finished, Hermione sat back down and watch her daughter dig happily into her breakfast. She was happy to see her little girl in such a good morning. This would make the rest of the morning for them.

Thirty minutes later with breakfast finished, Hermione sent her daughter to the bathroom to begin her morning routine while she did the same. It did not take either of them long and when both were finished, they headed out the door. Hermione hate the idea of leaving Rose at school today especially when she knew that it could be a possibility that Draco had his goons out watching for her. She would have to be careful and she would have to make sure that no one would be following them the moment they were close to the city.

“Do you have everything, love?” Hermione inquired as the school came into view.

“Yes, Momma,” Rose assured her patting her Blue’s Clues backpack. “Aunty Luna helped me with math last night after you left.”

Hermione smiled and silently thanked her friend for helping Rose with her homework. “Well then, I suppose we could get Aunty Luna something for her troubles.”

“Could we?” Rose asked with wide eyes and an excited smile.

“Of course,” Hermione replied. “After school, we will go to the store and find her something that you can give her.”


Hermione was happy to see her daughter happy. It always made her day much better.

“You have a good day, love,” Hermione announced when the car came to stop, and Rose opened the door.
Rose paused and leaned over to kiss her mother before bounding out the door to her friends. Hermione could only watch as she greeted with her friends with a huge smile and chatter. Seeing that Rose was in capable hands, Hermione pulled away from the cur and into the traffic that surrounded the school. It would be thirty minutes later that she would find herself setting toward her destination.

Her arrival at work was, in part, met with fear. Since she knew her estranged husband now was aware of where she was, it would only be a matter of time before he would come to collect her. Instead, she found her desk littered with files and potions samples that needed her attention. Sighing, Hermione placed her purse upon the table and went straight to work on cross-referencing the samples. It would not be more than five hours and several files and potions later that she realized that she had not paused in her work for lunch. Pushing everything to aside and contemplating where to have lunch, she heard her phone ringing. Before answering, she glanced down at the number and realized that it was Rose’s doctor. She could hear her heart thundering against her chest as she hit the button.

“Hello,” she replied the moment she answered the call and placed the phone to her ear.

“Hello, Ms. Logan,” the receptionist greeted, “the doctor has asked that I call to make an appointment for the results. Are you and Rose available for an afternoon appointment today?”

“Is there any way I could get the results over the phone?” Hermione inquired sinking back down into her chair.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Logan, but the doctor requires that you be present with the results so that any further medical information can be discussed.”

“Do I need Rose to be with me?” She inquired swallowing her fear. She knew this day would come eventually and it was not something she wanted Rose to be subjected to. She wanted her daughter to be as blissfully unaware until she had to sit her down.

There was a pause on the end of the line and Hermione could hear the receptionist relaying her question to the doctor. She could hear Rose’s doctor seem to contemplate this and then give her a “no.”

“No, Miss Logan,” the receptionist came back with the answer.

“I will be there shortly then,” Hermione said ending the call and placing her phone back on the table. She was fearful of what the outcome of the results would be, but she knew that they had to know. Rose was not getting better and problems with her health only seemed to increase more. Hermione could only hope for the best but prepare for what would come from this meeting.

Gathering up whatever courage she had left, she rose from her desk and grabbed her purse before heading out the door and to the doctor’s office.

“Coming!” Luna’s voice rang out as she hurried to the door. She could not imagine who would be calling this early in the afternoon. She knew Hermione was at work and Rose would not be out of school until later. Hermione had already told her she would be picking up Rose and that Luna could come over later for dinner.

It had been a thing for the two of them to get together and discuss things and now with Draco Malfoy aware of where Hermione was, Luna knew her friend was concerned for Rose.

Luna reached for the handle and opened the door ready to offer up a cheerful “hello!” before realizing who was at the other end. Her blue eyes widened in surprise upon finding Blaise leaning against the door with a sinister smile tugging on the corners of his mouth.

“Hello, my dearest heart,” he greeted her pushing himself away from the doorway and towered over her, “I think it is time we have a heart to heart discussion of the reason why things soured between us and I believe a discussion of where your friend, Hermione Granger-Malfoy, is hiding.”

Luna swallowed hard unsure of how to answer. Part of her wanted nothing more than to slam the door in his face and hope the hit would jog his memory of what had happened between them and offer her answer to the second portion of his inquiry.

“My dear heart,Blaise purred moving his hand to press against the door as if having read her mind, “is that any thought to greet your lover?”

“Blaise, we haven’t been together in over four years,” Luna remarked coldly as she moved to aside to gesture him into her home. “So please spare me the whole ‘I miss you entirely’ speech because it won’t work anymore on me.”

Blaise cocked a dark brow at his former lover as he entered her small apartment. “I would have thought you would more than happy to see me.”

“I’m as happy to see you as I would be allowing a vampire to enter my home,” she growled producing her wand and pointing it angrily at him. Her blue eyes darkening as storms on the horizon. “I’m not the sweet, innocent girl you destroyed Blaise but then, that is what all you Slytherins are good for. First Hermione, then me. I am sure that is a record for you and Malfoy.”

“Whoa,” Blaise said raising his hands in surrender, “lower your wand. We need to talk, Luna. Not just about the past but also about Draco and Hermione. I want to know what happened.”

Luna lowered her wand and closed the door with a sigh. She was not ready for this and now she understood what had been going through Hermione’s mind the other night.

“I will make us some tea and we can talk,” She said moving past him as she headed in the direction of the kitchen.

“Rose has tumor derived from the supporting tissue of the nerve cells,” the doctor informed Hermione the moment he took his seat across from her. His aging blue eyes watching the horrified expression dance across the face of Hermione’s face as she took in what he was saying. “The astrocytoma can vary in malignancy and rate in growth. Surgery will be essential, Miss Logan.”

Hermione was trying to hard to wrap her mind around the diagnosis. She could feel the tears threatening to fall but she knew she would have to pick up Rose after this and she did not want her daughter to see that she had been crying. Rose did not need to see it especially at this moment.

“Miss Logan,” the doctor’s voice drew her from her thoughts as she lifted her chocolate-colored eyes back up at the doctor, “I could refer you to a specialist in the field.”

“T-that would be fine,” Hermione stated. Her voice was shaky with grief. Her mind was reeling from all of this and she knew she would have to decide soon.

Hermione left the office with papers in hand and an urgency in her step to get Rose and head over to see Luna. As she opened her car door and slid into the driver’s seat, Hermione pushed the key into the ignition and started up the engine. Quickly, she pulled out of the parking lot and made her way into the traffic. Heading in the direction of Rose’s school, it was as if the fates had decided to throw another curveball into her direction as a car rolled up beside hers. In the driver’s seat sat her estranged husband. For a moment, Hermione had a chance to take a good look at him before he turned in her direction and looked over at her. She could see the stunned expression on his face. It was then the light changed and Hermione quickly turned grateful that he had been unable to follow her.

Luna played with the rim of her cup. They had been sitting there at the kitchen table in her cramp little apartment and had not spoken two words since she had placed the tea in front of them. She wanted nothing more than to have him gone but Blaise was not going to leave quietly. He had come for answers and he was going to get them here shortly. Hermione would be swinging by to pick her up. She had not wanted to be looked upon as a traitor to her friend but there was no getting rid of Blaise. So, here they would wait for
Hermione’s arrival and she was certain there would be plenty of talking that would take place here.

Briefly, Luna tapped her chin in thought. She still had several of Rose’s toys and pajamas from the times she had spent here, and the girl would be entertained long enough to give the three of them a chance to talk. Perhaps there might be some sort of productive process that would come from this whole thing.

It was then she heard the bell ring and she rose to her feet. She looked at Blaise and said, “It is Hermione and I think you are going to want to talk to her after what she has.”

Blaise’s brows knitted in confusion, but Luna offered nothing more as she left the kitchen. He could hear Hermione greet Luna and then there was someone else with her. It sounded like a child. This caused Blaise to rise to his feet and set toward the living area but before he could even move, Hermione made her way into the small kitchen and behind her was a child no more than seven years old with silver-blue eyes and dark hair. He could see the mixture of both Draco and Hermione in this child, but he could also see the surprise and fear in Hermione’s eyes upon noting his presence.

“Luna, I – “Hermione started but it was Luna lifted her hand to stop her friend from saying anything further.

“Hermione,” Luna began as she glanced down at Rose, “let me take Rose to my room and put on her favorite show and then we can talk.”

Hermione could only nod as Luna ushered Rose away from the kitchen and into one of the rooms. It was only a few moments later that she returned, and she could feel the awkwardness in the room.

“Her name is Rose,” Hermione offered to Blaise as she sank into the nearest chair. “She belongs to Draco.”

“I can see that,” Blaise bit out angry at her for keeping such a secret from his best friend. He had a mind to summon Draco to Luna’s place, but first he wanted answers and he was not leaving until he got them.


Chapter End