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To Find You Again

By Utena








Chapter Sixteen










“Well, well, well,” Blaise Zabini acknowledged leaning lazily back against the chair. His dark eyes focused on the quartet in front of him, “if it isn’t Potty and the Weasels.”

“Zabini,” Harry returned warily glancing over at Luna who seemed to be stirring her drink with a straw. He had not expected to see her there with him. The last she had heard she had completely washed her hands of him.

“Where is your boyfriend Malfoy?” Ron sneered toward Zabini which only caused the former Slytherin’s lips to turn upward into a dark smile.

“Spending time with his wife and child,” Zabini happily letting that little piece of information slip from his lips. He could see their eyes widened a fraction.

“They’re still together,” Lavender Brown-Weasley seemed surprised by the announcement. “I would have thought that Draco would have grown tired of such a bossy, know-it-all.”

This caused Zabini’s eyes to narrow at the blond. He never liked her, and, in his eyes, she was a perfect match for the Weasley King.

“Still riding the coattails of fame that have never belonged to you, Brown?” Zabini taunted knowing it would give the effect needed. He glanced briefly at his companion who seemed quite amused by the exchange between them.

Lavender stiffened but she did not say a word.

A smirk graced Blaise’s lips as he knew he was getting to the blond. “I always knew you were trying hard to be the new Hermione Granger. The only thing is that Granger was the brains of the operation and you – well, I am not exactly sure where you would fit in.”

“That is enough from you Zabini,” Ginny Weasley hissed seeing how upset her sister-in-law is becoming. “Granger is not the saint you make her out to be! She turned against us when she started fraternizing with the enemy.”

“Like you did, She-Weasel?” Luna finally spoke up turning her blue eyes toward the stunned redhead. She could see that Ginny froze the moment she spoke and looked like her.

Harry’s dark brows furrowed together as he glanced over at his wife.

A smile graced Luna’s lip. Normally, she was not a vindictive person but for what Ginny had done between herself and Blaise would not go unanswered.

“I’m pretty sure she made you think she was a virgin going to your marital bed on your wedding night, Harry,” she began daring Ginny to deny her words, “but you see Ginny was sleeping with others. One of her partners was Blaise, who at the time, was my boyfriend. She thought to wreck our relationship and even went as far as to tell Blaise he was going to be a father, am I right, She-Weasel?”

Harry turned his stunned eyes to his wife and waited for her to answer. Part of him wanted to know if Luna had been speaking the truth, but he could see that Luna’s words were right on the money. He could see the fear in Ginny’s eyes.

But Harry did not want to hear it. He had been listening to her since they married as she told him that she would never sleep in the arms of the enemy as Hermione had done. He let the entire Weasley family speak ill of his former friend and how a traitor she had been.

Harry turned his green eyes upon his wife’s brother. “Did you know this, Ron?” He demanded in a harsh whisper.

“I-I did,” Ron said lowering his head in shame, “but I did not know that Ginny had been sleeping with Blaise nor that she believed herself pregnant.”

“Unbelievable,” Harry whispered removing himself from his wife’s grasp. He looked at Ginny angrily. “You made me believe that Hermione was whispering everything in the ears of the Malfoys and that they, in turn, were telling Voldemort what we were doing. Yet, you were sleeping with one of them. Tell me, Ginny, did you whisper the same you accused Hermione of?”

Ginny shook her head, tears brimming in the corner of her eyes.

“Oh, Potter,” Blaise chimed in enjoying the show being played out before them, “I bet none of them told you how they left Hermione to suffer at the hands of Bellatrix, did they?”

At this, Harry turned sharply toward Blaise. Ron began to protest something but a look from Harry told him that either way he was going to learn the truth before the night ended.

“Harry, perhaps we should do this later,” Ginny stated in a small voice, trying to tug at her husband’s arm.

She knew the longer they stayed, the more Harry would know of things she had kept hidden from him.

"What are you trying to hide?” Her husband hissed glaring down at her and causing her to flinch under his gaze.

Ginny said nothing and looked over at Blaise pleadingly, but Blaise’s eyes told her that he would show her no mercy.

“You should Ron and Lavender all about the little incident at Malfoy Manor,” Blaise spoke up returning

Harry’s gaze back toward him. “I am pretty sure you heard, at least their version of things, but let me tell you the real story.”

Deciding it was best to take a seat and listen, Harry grabbed a chair and sat down at the table next to Luna. The other three remained standing, however.

“Please, I need to know what happened,” Harry said gesturing for Blaise to continue.

Briefly, Blaise glanced at Luna who gave him a nod of her head.

“Through the Malfoys, Hermione had been told that most of Voldemort’s Deatheaters would be using the manor as a stronghold. Hermione, who had started being shut out from the Order, had told Professor McGonagall about it and McGonagall, in turn, told the Order. Of course, no one wanted to continue to believe that some of us had turned a new leaf. Malfoy especially had but it had been for Hermione. He loved her and he was against her going headfirst into the manor. Unfortunately, the entire group was captured but Hermione was especially tortured. You see she was trying to protect not only those who had come on this mission but also you, but your group decided to throw her to the wolves while they escaped.”

Blaise paused glancing up at the other three who looked like they wished they were anywhere but here now.

“Bellatrix took an interest in Hermione, carving ‘Mudblood’ into her arm and torturing her relentlessly. It was Narcissa who managed to get her sister to stop. In doing so, this gave Draco a chance to grab Hermione and whisk her away,” Blaise said, “but I am sure the story was different from their point of view. I am sure that they told you that Hermione was probably helping the Malfoys squeal on you.”

“Hermione was injured.” It was not a question but a statement from Harry. He could not believe he had not been told this – any of this from them and he turned his pained green-eyes toward the three of them.

“You lied to me! You told me Hermione was safe! You told me that Hermione looked chummy in that group!”

“Harry, please,” Ginny pleaded with her husband to keep his voice down. She could already see other diners staring in their direction curiously.

“Granger was fine,” Lavender defended. “We saw no reason to retrieve her when we had a chance to leave.”

Harry leveled his gaze upon Lavender. “You left her knowing she could possibly be killed before Malfoy or his family had a chance to get her out of there!”

“You make it sound like we purposely left her there!” Lavender returned glaring at Blaise and Luna for daring to even be here and starting this mess.

“Didn’t you?” Harry inquired. He rose done with it all. He looked at both Luna and Blaise briefly before storming out the door leaving the rest of his group to follow him.

“I think that went well, don’t you?” Luna asked dryly retrieving her drink and taking a sip. Her blue eyes scanning the group of patrons who returned to their dining.

“I think I returned not only a marriage but a once beautiful friendship,” Blaise remarked amused by the whole thing. He had to admit he had not planned on spilling everything, but he just could not help being such a bastard.

“My, Blaise, I did not think you had it in you to cause drama between Potter and the Weasels,” a new voice spoke up causing both Blaise and Luna to glance over to find Pansy Parkinson standing before them looking equally amused by the scene that had planned out.

“Well, you know, Pansy darling, that they had it coming,” he stated gesturing for the newcomer to take a seat.

Pansy did just that and smirked. “Luna dear, it has been quite some time since I had last seen you.”

“Hello, Pansy,” Luna greeted with a smile, “it has been a while has it not?”

“I see you both have kissed and made up,” Pansy observed raising a dark brow over at Blaise who shrugged. “Was this outing a celebration of it?”

Had they? Luna wondered. She wanted to believe they had made progress these past few weeks. The two of them had fallen into a routine living together. She did not expect perfection, but she hoped there was some hope for them. She had been willing to give him a chance and she had thought this outing had been to give some defining reason to try again.

“It is,” Luna said finally causing Blaise to look over at her in stunned belief.

“There is your answer, Pans,” Blaise replied grinning.

Pansy smiled at the two of them. “Well, then, let us celebrate this evening.”






“I cannot believe we did that!” Hermione exclaimed embarrassed that she had allowed her own husband to seduce her in his office. Her cheeks were flushed red. “What if someone had walked in!?”

“Then they were in for quite a show, darling,” Draco purred reaching for his wife once more and placing kisses along her neck.

"Draco, be serious!” His wife pleaded, playfully pushing him away from her so she could finish dressing. “You are a horrid husband!”

“You love me, wife,” he smirked. “Perhaps we should go home where I could really make you scream my name loud enough for my parents to hear.”

“Draco!” Hermione’s face turned all shades of red in horror, but the idea did have its merits.

Draco was tugging on her clothes leading them toward the floo system in his office. He grabbed some of the powder and tossed it into the fire. “Malfoy Manor!”

“Come, wife, I have plans for you.” He wiggled his brows at her.

Hermione giggled as she let her husband lead them home.

Chapter End