Harukanaru Toki No Naka De Fan Fiction ❯ Saved ❯ One-Shot

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

by KatiKat

He took him to Princess Fuji's estate since his own house was too far. As he rushed through the streets, holding Takamichi's unconscious body in his arms, he could feel the green-haired man's blood soaking through his flower patterned kimono. He quickened his steps.

He would never forget the scene that unfolded before him as he turned the corner and looked around, searching for his friend. There, by the wall, Takamichi knelt, the sprouts of the bloody red roses wound tightly around his body, biting into his skin, choking him. The young man's cheeks were pale and lips almost blue from the lack of oxygen as he panted wildly, trying to force air into his starved lungs. His eyes were closed tightly as he turned his attention inwards, focused on staying alive.

Tomomasa ran towards him and skidded to a halt, then he tore his sword from its sheath and whipped it quickly but carefully through the mass of green twines that imprisoned his best friend. The weapon moved in fast, cutting motions, freeing Takamichi without hurting him. The skills used to kill saved a life for once.

When the rose sprouts fell to the ground, the taut body of the General's friend slumped to the side, leaning against the wall behind him, shoulders hunched over. His breath wheezed and where the vines held him tight just seconds ago, blood and bleeding welts appeared now.

Tomomasa swung his sword and hid it back in its white sheath, then dropped to his knees on the dirt packed, dusty road. "Takamichi," he whispered urgently to the half-conscious man.

Takamichi opened his eyes slowly, blinking owlishly. It took long seconds before he was able to focus on the General, kneeling by his side. "Tomo... masa... dono," he croaked out, then raised his hand to his throat where the first signs of ugly bruises started to appear.

"Don't," the General stopped him and took his bloodied hand in his, squeezing it gently. When the green-haired young man blinked at him uncomprehendingly, Tomomasa smiled reassuringly. "We have to get you to a healer. You are a mess, my friend."

"Wha... hap'n...?" he croaked out again, then bent over as a painful, dry cough seized his body.

The General rubbed his back. "Shh, don't talk now." When Takamichi groaned again, Tomomasa lifted his hand from the other man's back, swallowing hard when he saw that his palm was dark and moist with his Takamichi’s blood.

Abandoning any plans for finding any means of transport, he bent down and picked the hurt and bleeding young man in his arms, then quickly raised to his feet. Takamichi moaned as the General put pressure on the raw wounds on his back and his legs and his body went taut.

"I have you," Tomomasa said in a quiet, firm voice.

Acknowledging the safe haven, Takamichi relaxed, his head lolling to the side to rest on the older man's strong shoulder. The General pulled him closer, then looked around. Making a fast decision, he headed for the sanctuary that was the closest.


His arrival at the estate raised quite an uproar.

"You found him?" Yorihisa called out in concern, rushing toward him.

Tomomasa headed straight for the main house, his steps quick. He was slightly winded from the fast walk, but his complete attention was focused on his friend and his well being, not his own. "He needs a healer. Now!"

Yorihisa nodded, his dark blue hair swaying. "I'll get him." With that he rushed away.

"What happened? Is he alright?" Akane and the Princess called out, their hands flying up to their mouths when they walked out of the house to see what was going on and saw Tomomasa rush over the courtyard with the unconscious, bloodied Takamichi in his arms.

"Yorihisa went to fetch the healer," the General said as he quickly walked up the steps, then stopped in front of the two women. Takamichi's left arm slipped from where it rested on his lap and dangled free, droplets of blood dripping from the tips of his fingers, hitting the wooden floor with a quiet, tapping sound. "Where...?"

"My room," Akane decided before the Princess could speak and started around the house to where her bedroom was situated. Tomomasa followed her with the Princess in tow.

Akane slid the door open, then moved aside to make room for the General. Tomomasa stepped into the room, then crouched low and laid his friend gently on the spread futon. Akane gasped when she saw that the General's white, flower patterned kimono was now blood splattered and soaked red.

"Tomomasa-dono..." the Princess said.

The blue-haired man didn't pay them any attention though, his eyes fixed on the pale face of his friend that now contorted in pain as he was laid down on the blanket. Takamichi moaned silently, then his eyes fluttered open, the tip of his tongue appearing to moisten his dry lips. Regaining consciousness, the young man's back arched from the futon in a vain attempt to free himself from the pain. He groaned.

"Shh," Tomomasa whispered, laying a gentle hand on the unhurt shoulder and squeezing slightly. When the pain filled eyes focused on him, he smiled. "Hey."

"Tomo-" He stopped, his eyes widening as he remembered. "The ward!" he shouted, his voice breaking under the strain. He tried to sit up, then cried out as he put pressure on the raw wounds.

"Stop it!" the General ordered in a firm voice that stopped the squirming under his hand.

Takamichi regarded him with desperate eyes. "But the ward..."

Tomomasa smiled again, his hand moving from the shoulder to the pale face, resting there, his thumb drawing circles on the white cheek. "Everything will be alright. I promise," he intoned when a shadow of doubt appeared in the brown eyes. "Didn't I warn you that you're not experienced enough to take interest in strange ladies?" he chided his friend, appearing amused even though deep worry gnawed at his insides. "We will really have to talk about your dating habits."

Lying on his back, his blood soaking into his clothes and the blanket underneath him, Takamichi watched the General with sad, worried, despaired eyes, his hands fisting into the bed sheets. Tomomasa laid his hand on top of the green-haired head, caressing the hair. "Hey, what's up with this look?"

"My fault..." Takamichi whispered, his voice thick, apparently unconvinced by Tomomasa's reassuring tactics.

The General frowned, not liking the defeated, self-despairing tone that colored his friend's voice but before he could say something or even open his mouth, there was a commotion outside the room. An old man bent with age and dressed in plain clothes arrived at the house with Yorihisa in tow. He bowed deeply before the Princess and Akane. They waved him inside.

Tomomasa looked down at his friend again and squeezed his hand carefully. "I'll be outside. Let the man help you." He made it sound like the order it was. Then with a last caress to the soft green hair, he got to his feet and allowed the healer who bowed deeply to him take his place.

"I wish I could do something for him," Akane whispered, her hands clasped together when the General joined her, the Princess and Yorihisa outside the room. "If I at least had some medicine with me. But all I have is a bottle of Wada Calcium CD3 and a couple of aspirins." Her voice was miserable.

Tomomasa had no idea what she was talking about. He didn't pay her any attention, just as he didn't listen to the Princess or Yorihisa as they tried to reassure her. His whole being was focused on the two men inside Akane's bedroom; one trying to help with gentle, experienced hands, the other, the most important to him, squeezing his eyes tightly and biting his lower lip in an attempt to stifle painful moans.

The General's hand closed around the hilt of his sword, knuckles turning white as his eyes flashed dangerously. He would kill her. He would kill the bitch that did this, even if it was the last thing he did in his life.

The End