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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
The Art of Seduction
by KatiKat
Tomomasa leaned closer, his sensuous lips smiling, a seductive glitter in his eyes. He reached with one elegant hand and gently caught Takamichi's chin, his thumb running slowly up and down the other man's jaw.
"Your lips, velvety petals of a crimson rose, soft and seducing.
Your eyes, shimmering mirrors of a loving soul, bright and gentle."
Takamichi's eyes opened wide. His breath grew ragged and a deep blush rose in his cheeks. Suddenly, he felt hot, but at the same time icy fingers were caressing his spine and butterflies started to flap their wings in his stomach.
Suddenly, Tomomasa pulled away and sat back comfortably, hiding his hands in his wide sleeves. He looked at the perplexed Takamichi through his bangs, a mischievous light dancing in his eyes. "Now it's your turn."
Takamichi blinked rapidly in a vain attempt to clear his muddled mind. "My... turn?" he asked, confused.
Tomomasa smirked, then pulled his hand from the sleeve and flipped his fan open. "Of course, my friend. After all, it was you who asked me to teach you-" he hid the lower half of his smirking face behind the fan and fluttered his lashes, "-the art of seduction."
"Oh..." The green-haired man lifted his hand as if to touch the spot where Tomomasa was holding him gently just seconds ago, then let his hand drop. "Oh! Of course. Yes." He rubbed his sweaty palms against his kimono. "Err... what? What should I... do?" he asked, uncertain, his eyes darting from side to side.
Tomomasa closed the fan and reached out over the space of three feet that separated them. "Give me your hand." When Takamichi reluctantly obeyed, Tomomasa laughed. "You have to come closer. You want to seduce me, not hold a discussion about the inner politics of Kyou."
Takamichi took a deep breath and moved closer, until his and Tomomasa's knees touched.
The General smiled, then rubbed his thumb against the palm of Takamichi's hand that he held captive. "Relax, my friend. There is nothing to be afraid of."
"Easy for you to say, you have plenty of experience," Takamichi muttered under his breath.
Tomomasa threw his head back and laughed out loud again, his laugh rich and deep. "Now I don't know if I should feel complimented or offended."
The green-haired young man blushed deeply. "I... that is... I didn't mean..." he stuttered to a halt and looked away. Only the firm hold the General had on his hand kept him from fleeing. This whole situation was so embarassing.
When Tomomasa finally stopped laughing, he smiled at his friend. "Now, lay your hand on my face just as I did." Takamichi did as he was told. "Look me in the eyes and imagine that it's me you want to seduce. Put your whole heart into it and tell me what you see. Bend the words with feeling, as if you were playing a musical instrument."
Takamichi laid his hand on his friend's strong jaw. His breath caught in his throat as he felt  the muscles move underneath the warm skin, the pulse thumping away in his throat. He swallowed, then looked the General directly in the eyes as advised.
Blue-green. Or just blue? So deep... deep blue. Like the ocean, hiding secrets... One could easily drown in them. They drew you in... swallowed you and didn't allow you to breath... Mischief... concern... love... anger... pain... All the emotions... like falling, falling, falling without hitting the ground...
"Your eyes..." Takamichi stammered, enthralled, "are... beautiful."
Tomomasa blinked in surprise, then started to chuckle and finally laugh. "Or you can take the direct route. Takamichi, Takamichi, what should I do with you?" he finally said, his voice full of warm amusement that hid a deeply rooted affection for the younger green-haired man.
Takamichi's shoulders slumped and he hung his head in defeat. "I will never learn," he sighed, depressed. But when he started to pull his hand away from the strong, warm jaw, the General caught it, the long fingers closing around his. Takamichi lifted his head in surprise.
"Maybe I don't want you to learn," the General stated quietly. "You incorporate all the good and innocent in my life, my friend, and I don't want to see it spoiled by fake smiles and sweet words. Just be yourself and I'm sure the object of your affection will fall for you. They would be crazy if they didn't," he added so softly that Takamichi almost didn't hear him.
For the break of a second, something flashed in the depths of the blue-haired man's eyes but it was gone before Takamichi could identify it. "Tomomasa-dono..." the green-haired man started to say.
But Tomomasa quickly brushed his lips against Takamichi's palm, then released him and slapped the palm of his own left hand with his fan. "Now, why don’t we drink a cup of sake? I think we deserve it after studying so hard," he added, the spark of mischief returning to his eyes once again.
  Takamichi responded with a small nod, his mind too confused to answer properly. He could still feel the warmth of Tomomasa’s skin, his firm jaw… he could still see the beautiful, the oh so beautiful eyes with a gaze so fiery hot that it branded his soul. What was happening to him?  
The End