Hellsing Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing: Princess of Darkness (Revised) ❯ The Dream ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lil Lovely Angel: Ok… I had to change up the story a little bit because it just wasn't clicking for me. I know I know, I've done this before and it's upsetting you readers but bare with me ok?
It was one year ago when she defeated Lord Raphael Devinicus and her father. Her family had found a time of tranquility and peace but soon, that peace would be disrupted. A new threat was coming for the Hellsing family. Celeste tossed and turned in her sleep, trying to get the images out of her head but they couldn't be relieved. ::: Celeste Annalisse Hellsing. :::
::: Who are you? What do you want? :::
::: It is time, little Hellsing. It is time for you to take your place beside us. :::
::: Take my place? What place? The only place I have is beside the Hellsing family. I won't be apart of your organization. :::
::: You have no choice Celeste. :::
Celeste shot open her beauty blue eyes and looked around her room. No one was there but still the voice rang in her head. “Alucard.”
“Yes my master.”
Celeste rose out of bed and approached Alucard with worried eyes. She ordered him to check and see if anyone was in the house but he assured her that only her family remained inside. Still, Celeste felt that someone was inside the house. “No one is here Celeste.”
“Why don't you see what's in my mind? Alucard I know someone is here.”
“No one is inside this house except your family Celeste. Go back to sleep.”
Celeste sighed and laid her back on the bed but she couldn't sleep. He mind drifted on the voice that she heard danced in her ears. What did he mean? What place did she have to take and why? There was a new threat for the Hellsing family and they had to be prepared. Of course, Lord Armand found the Hellsing family to be of no threat without Celeste. He paced back and forth in his mansion and a glass of blood in hand. His devious green eyes peered out into the darkness. “Soon little Hellsing. You will have no choice but to join us.” He said.
“Master Armand. It appears that Ezminé has relayed the message to Celeste. She knows now.”
“Excellent. Capturing the Princess was the perfect plan. She carried the message as planned. Now, it's time for phase two of our plan.” Armand's servant bowed her head to her master and vanished from his side. Now things were going according to plan. Celeste Hellsing would be added to his collection and with her, he would take his revenge. After watching Celeste battle Raphael Devinicus, he was very certain that she would be a valuable asset.
Lil Lovely Angel: And I'm going to leave it right there. Yeah I know it's short but I have to give you guys something to look forward to. All righty then it's time for me take off!