Hellsing Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing: Princess of Darkness (Revised) ❯ A Cry For Help ( Chapter 2 )

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Lil Lovely Angel: All right, once again I am so sorry about this mishap. Work is getting to me these days and now I'm starting to wonder… well lets not let that stop the story. Here's chapter two ladies and gentlemen!
“Hey Julian, did you notice anything weird about Celeste?”
“Not lately, why?”
Paige stopped stirring the sugar into her coffee and looked up at Julian. So he didn't notice how edgy Celeste had been. The first sign was when she heard her talking in her sleep and the second, she froze up and broke her coffee mug. Something was wrong with her sister and Paige wanted to know. She set her coffee cup down on the table harshly and stood up. “I wanna know what's bothering my big sister damnit! Julian, I'm leaving my phone here. If anyone calls tell them I'm busy, if my agent calls then tell her to cancel my photo shoot. I won't be long honey.”
“Of course.”
Paige gave Julian a quick kiss on the mouth then headed up the stairs to Celeste's room. She knocked lightly on the door but there was no answer. Paige puffed up her cheeks angrily and stepped inside the room. “Celeste are-”
Paige didn't get to finish her sentence because she was caught off guard by a flying dagger. Thankfully, Paige and Celeste had spent some of their time throwing knives at one another and catching them. The young silver haired girl had skillfully caught the dagger. She had caught it by the hilt and threw it down at the ground. “Celeste!!! What the hell was that for?”
“Forgive me Paige I'm sorry. I just… haven't been myself as of late.”
Paige tossed aside her silver locks and crossed her arms, waiting for a response. She stood in the doorway, tapping her foot as she waiting for an answer. Finally, Celeste pulled her inside and shut the door. “Paige, as of late I've been having these crazy dreams. In the dreams there is a man telling me that it's time for me to take my place. I don't know what he means by this.” Celeste explained.
“Well did you tell Alucard about this?”
“I have but he swears that no one is in our house. Paige, am I going crazy? Is something wrong with me?”
Paige hugged her sister tightly. She wanted to promise that nothing would happen to Celeste but how could Paige protect Celeste? It was mostly Celeste that did the protecting. Still, she wouldn't let anything happen to her older sister. “I love you sis. I won't let anyone take you away ok? So don't worry about anything. How about we go to my photo shoot together. The theme is teen brides. I wonder what Julian would think of me in a wedding dress. We will be getting married sometime soon.”
“Paige, you're too young to be planning marriage. Julian would have a fit.”
Paige wrapped an arm around her sister and chattered to her about her marriage plans as they walked out of the Celeste's room. When they arrived at the studio, Paige's agent had them rushed into the changing rooms, to see the makeup artists and into the room where they would have to photo shoot. Paige had often invited her David and Celeste to take pictures with her but sometimes they didn't always come. Nowadays, David worked tiresome days in the hotel and Celeste was preparing to go to college. Yes, things were certainly changing in the Hellsing household. When Paige and Celeste finished dressing, Paige was dressed in a big white strapless dress and Celeste was in a slender haltered dress. The photographer had given Celeste a bouquet of flowers and Paige a white parasol. The two posed for the pictures with charming smiles and cheerful personalities. When it was time to change, Celeste and Paige went into Paige's dressing room for a quick break. “See, I knew a photo shoot with your sister would make you feel better. You look good in a wedding dress sis. Can't wait for you to tie the knot.”
“I'm not looking forward to it anytime soon Paige.”
Celeste sat down in Paige's chair and pulled aside the curls from her face. She wished that she didn't have to wear makeup but the makeup artists insisted that she wore shimmering lip gloss. She smiled at her reflection. She really did look like a beautiful bride. “Hey Celeste do you wanna go out to dinner when we're finished?”
“Sure but what do you- uhh!!”
::: Your time has come Celeste Hellsing. :::
“Celeste? What's wrong?”
“We gotta go. Come on!!”
Celeste threw off her veil and ran outside with Paige following behind. When Celeste arrived outside, there was a woman outside, waiting for her. “Who are you?”
“Here Celeste catch!”
Celeste turned around and caught Vixen then turned back to the girl standing before her. Wasting little time, she grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall. “Celeste please.”
“Please what? I know you're not human. No human has pink eyes. Tell me who you are and what you want. Trust me, I can knock off your little friends with or without the information. If you treasure your life, you'll tell me what I want to know.” Celeste held her gun up to the woman's head and waited for an answer. “Please Celeste, calm down. I only wish to help you. I've been held captive long enough and I wish to be free. I know you can do. Please Celeste, help me.” She begged. Celeste dropped her gun and looked at the woman's fear stricken face. “Celeste? What are we gonna do?” Paige asked from behind.
“We help this woman. What's your name?”
“My name is Ezminé.”
Celeste and Paige properly introduced themselves and earned a smile from Ezminé. Hopefully her master wouldn't know what she was doing but she was wrong. Lord Armand had sent one of his spies to watch over Ezminé. She stood before Celeste, Paige and Ezminé with a frown on her face. “Lord Armand should have seen that his bride to be was ridiculous waste of time. Ezminé, when I bring you back to Armand castle he will finally see you for the traitor that you truly are.”
“Thelessa! I'm doing this for him, for you. You are my friend. What you're doing here is wrong.”
Thelessa narrowed her red eyes and drew her katana. There's no way she'd let a traitor like Ezminé ruin Armand's plan. “I won't let you destroy Lord Armand's dream. It was your father's dream as well. You'd dare betray your race?” Thelessa asked.
“I'm not betraying my race but I won't let you carry forth with your plan anymore! This is wrong. Celeste, you have to stop Lord Armand. You have to stop him from wiping out the human race.”
“Shut up traitor.”
Thelessa held her hand out and shadow clones of herself appeared to attack Ezminé. Immediately, Celeste and Paige fired their guns and the clones were destroyed. “You got more because we got my bullets to fire.” Paige told Thelessa. Thelessa swooped down and attacked Celeste but she evaded her attempts. “You're not bad Hellsing girl.”
“Neither or you.”
Thelessa grinned and took a glance over at Ezminé. There was no telling what sort of punishment Armand would put her through once he found out what his fiancé had done. Springing at her, Thelessa grabbed Ezminé and summoned darkness. “Ezminé!”
“Celeste! Please, you have to beware of my fiancé Armand. He wants to destroy all humans so that the creatures of darkness can walk the earth. They wish to take the world you live in for their own. You can't let them do that but there is another way. You have to find-”
By the time she had finished what she had to say, she was back in the castle. Once she was back, Thelessa struck her across the face. “Whore, you have nerve to betray Lord Armand.”
“I wasn't betraying him. I was trying to help him. I want to help but the way we're doing this is wrong.”
Thelessa turned away from Ezminé and continued on her way down the hallway. She was foolish if she thought she could go behind Lord Armand's back. Ever since Ezminé was captured, she had been a thorn in Thelessa's side but not only hers alone. There were others living with Armand and together, they would see to it that Armand's dream was made a reality.
Elsewhere, Celeste, David, Julian and Paige sat together discussing what had taken place earlier. “David, I truly believe that Ezminé is trying to escape from her whoever this Lord Armand is. I think she wants to help us. She tried to tell us how to vanquish him. That means something.” Celeste told him.
“But Celeste you can't mean this. She's the one in all your dreams. How can you trust her?” Paige asked.
“Paige you have to learn how to take chances. Even if your guess is wrong, you gotta have a plan B.”
Paige gnawed on her cookies then washed it down with a glass of milk. She wouldn't dare disagree with her older sister. Celeste was the backbone of the family and she would do anything to insure the protection of those she cared for. Getting to her feet, Celeste thought it was time to travel down to the basement. She left the kitchen and walked down the stairs to the lower prison cells. Within one of the cells sat Celeste's devoted servant. He tilted his head down, smirking at his master with his devilish blood red eyes through his glass of blood. “Afternoon Alucard.”
“And a very good afternoon to you Miss Hellsing.”
Celeste walked toward Alucard and gazed down with her gentle eyes. “Do you agree with Paige?”
“You are my master. I follow your orders, not hers. Paige is still weak and needs more training. There is no way her judgment can be accurate.”
Alucard was right and Celeste admitted it mentally. Paige still lacked skills that Celeste excelled in. Celeste took time to put plans in motion and tested them time and time again to prove their succession. Paige however was a minimalist and contributed very little to her ideas. Sometimes Celeste wondered why Paige wields a gun. Was it because she was a Hellsing and wanted to uphold the family honor? “Alucard.”
“This is a matter that only you and Paige can discuss. After all, I'm just your servant.”
Celeste turned away to find her younger sister while Alucard lingered behind in his chair. Celeste was carrying this family and that couldn't be managed on her own. David helped, Julian helped but Paige didn't do enough. Sooner or later, Paige would realize that Celeste wouldn't be around forever. When the day will come, Paige's would will come crashing down on her head.