Hellsing Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing: Princess of Darkness (Revised) ❯ A Hellsing's Sacrifice ( Chapter 3 )

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Princess Ezminé didn't know who to be concerned about. Herself or Celeste? She knew very well of Lord Armand's plan and what he wanted Celeste for. If He were to have her, then the Hellsing family would cease to exist. Not even Alucard could stop him. She had to warn Celeste. “Princess Ezminé?”
“Crescent? What's wrong?”
Ezminé hurried over to the young green haired girl and took hold of her shoulders. Crescent was Ezminé's only friend in Armand's castle. He had rescued the young girl from her demon master and now she lived with them. Crescent was often picked on by Thelessa and Karma for never unleashing her true power. Crescent was the healer in the group. She had the unique ability to manipulate flames and heal people. Crescent never wanted to hurt people but she followed Armand in his plan for hope that one day she'd be able to live outside of the darkness of their world. “Princess, why did you betray Lord Armand?”
“I'm not betraying him. I want to a life outside of darkness to but obliterate the human race for it is wrong. It's not what my father wanted. There has to be a better way.”
Crescent lowered her red eyes and turned away. She loved her best friend dearly but she wouldn't dare betray the man who had set her free from her old malicious master. She loved Armand for what he'd done for her. In secret, she had loved Armand and wished that it was her that was his fiancé. She never told anyone, especially not Ezminé for fear that she'd lose her best friend. “Crescent, I have to talk to him and explain my actions. I never meant to betray him.” Ezminé said.
“I don't know Ezminé. Thelessa and Thesella have already spoken to Armand about what you've done. There's no telling what Armand will do. Please, don't take those three so lightly. They're loyal to Armand and will crush those who oppose him, including you.”
“I'm not afraid. I'll do what I must to save us.”
Elsewhere, Thelessa tapped her fingers on the blade of her axe. She couldn't wait to hear what sort of punishment Ezminé would suffer from for her treachery. A malignant smile danced on her lips as she sat in the darkness of Armand's room, awaiting his decision.
“My lord. On your command I will personally deal with Ezminé. You see now, she is the traitor among us. Not only does betray us but her own father and his visions. A woman like that isn't worthy of your love. Let me dispose of her for you my lord. You know where my loyalty lies.”
Armand turned to Thelessa with a frown on his face and shook his head in disapproval. “You will not lay hands on her, understood? Ezminé's foolishness will harm herself rather than destroy us. By her telling Celeste, she has put my plan into play. Now Celeste will wait for us to make the first move. I wouldn't want to disappoint her.” He said. Thelessa dug her nails into her axe and growled as a screeching sound was heard. One way or another, she would be rid of Ezminé and her little fairy friend Crescent. “Speak of the traitorous bitch.” Thelessa turned her eyes to Ezminé and eyed the princess deviously. “Thelessa, I'd like a moment with Ezminé… alone if you please.”
“As you wish my lord.”
Thelessa got up and walked toward Ezminé before she left. She took a lock of her black hair and twisted a ring around her finger. “Be careful, she might knife you in the back again. Traitorous bitch.” Thelessa smiled at Ezminé then disappeared into the darkness. With Thelessa gone, Ezminé felt she could explain her actions to Armand. “My lord, please allow me to explain myself. Celeste can help us. We don't have to annihilate the humans to live in their world.” She said.
“Ezminé, what more is there for us to do? Humans fear us and do not wish to live in harmony with us. They're selfish with their world and cast away us creatures of darkness. I will not live in darkness anymore, not when there is a better place for us to live.” Armand wrapped his arms around Ezminé and tilted her face up. “I will fulfill your father's wish Ezminé. We will live in the world he wanted us to live in. Even if it means the extinction of mankind.” He whispered. Armand closed in to kiss Ezminé but she step out of his embrace and left the room. One day she would understand.
Elsewhere in the Hellsing house, Celeste floated peacefully underwater. She closed her eyes and allowed her fears to be washed away by the cool water but when she surfaced, so would her problems. The family was in danger once more and needed Celeste to protect them. Celeste would need them once more. Alucard, Julian, Paige, Draco, David and Sage would be summoned to fight alongside her. Celeste swam to the surface and took a gasp of air. When she looked over, she saw Julian placing down her cotton robe and a towel. “How many times do I have to tell you Julian? You're not our butler? You're family.”
“I know but I just feel better doing it for you.”
Celeste smiled and approached Julian. He graciously handed her the towel so that she could dry off and cleared his throat. Celeste looked up at him, ready to listen to what it was that he had to say. “I didn't come here just to deliver your towel and robe. It's your mother I'm worried about. She's been quivering and going into trances. I guess she's still upset about your father.” Julian said. Celeste wrapped her robe around figure and thanked Julian for enlightening her on her mother. She raced up the stairs and outside to find her mother standing over her flower beds. Lily had planted those flowers with help from Celeste, David, Julian and Sage. Celeste sighed as memories resurfaced to mind. Memories of her, David and Paige picking flowers for her and being scolded for it and memories of how she would put a Rose in Paige's hair, a Rose on David's jacket and a crown of Daisies for Celeste. Those days had gone now but as they went, Lily watched her children grow into beautiful young women and a handsome young man. Celeste prayed that she didn't feel that her mother felt as if she were losing her children. This power and responsibility that came with being a Hellsing was never a curse. Wesley had fled from his duties but Celeste had taken them up. She knew mother was proud of her. “Mother?”
“Oh Celeste! Hello there darling. I was just tending to my flowers. I truly wish that Sage didn't move to Japan. I've been so lonely for company.” She told her. Celeste smiled and took the flower pot from her mother's hands and escorted her inside. “How about tea mommy? I may not be Sage but I can be a good conversationalist.” Celeste persuaded. Lily chuckled in agreement. Unlike Paige, Celeste always found time for her mother. She would chat with her for hours and enlightened her on things she liked to do. She liked reading and writing and sometimes read her poetry to her. Celeste would definitely make a good writer one day. “Celeste, why don't you sit down and I'll pour the tea?”
“Are you sure mommy? You've been working all afternoon.”
Lily assured Celeste that she'd be fine but there was an uncertainty in her voice. Now Celeste understood what Julian meant. She sat down and waited patiently for her mother to pour tea. She watched as her hands shook as she poured. “Mother.”
Celeste stood up and approached her mother, wrapping her arms around her. She whispered gently to her that it was alright to cry and that everything would be fine. Still, she knew that her mother wouldn't believe it and would remain troubled. “Celeste, I'm so afraid. I'm afraid that I'm going to lose you. You, David and Paige are going to leave me. After I killed your father-”
“Don't! Don't start that mother. You did it to save me. That man wanted us dead because he couldn't take up his responsibilities to this family. My father, the man you married was a swine. He was a coward. He was born into a legacy, an empire. This family is blessed with a gift to slay the creatures of the undead and he shunned it. He fled from his duties to this family but thankfully Victor was able to contact us. I was able to accept this family's gift. I knew after the first time I slew my first vampire that my life was going to be different. I… can never have a normal life but that is the consequence of this gift. Mother, I don't want you to be ashamed.”
Lily held her daughter tightly, kissing her forehead gently. She could never be ashamed of a child she gave birth to. She loved Celeste with all her heart. She just didn't want to lose what was most precious to her. “I love you Celeste Annalisse.”
“I love you too mother. I love you.”
Lily and Celeste smiled at one another, giggling childishly but their laughter was disrupted. Paige and Julian entered the kitchen with a letter in hand. “Celeste, we've got a letter from Ezminé.” Paige notified. Celeste jerked the letter from her sister's hand and read it aloud. “There is a way to defeat Thelessa and the others. I will await you in the human world in the park. There, I shall bring you to our world of darkness. We'll go but we'll keep our guard up. I want Draco to stay with mother.”
“I'll call him immediately sis.”
While Paige went to call Draco, Celeste, Julian and David walked to the study and took a look at their arsenal. Celeste looked at them rapidly then picked up Vixen and Lazarus. Julian decided to wield his gun Gabriel and David picked up Nirvana. When they returned upstairs, Julian tossed Paige's new gun Rosé at her. Celeste remembered how Julian had presented the gun to her. She was ecstatic to see a shimmering pink gun waiting from her with sparkles. At that time, Alucard, Celeste, Julian and Draco was there. Alucard had made a smart comment at how useless it would be and the only thing it could kill was fairies and elves. Paige wasn't too fond of his joke but she was grateful to her boyfriend for making it for her. Tonight, she would wield it against Thelessa.
“Celeste!! I'm so happy that you've come. I swear, I'm not setting you up but I truth that you've come prepared.” Ezminé said. Celeste nodded a yes to the princess and followed her into the dark sphere behind her. When they looked, there were inside of a cathedral. If it weren't for the candles then it would be pitch black. “This is what Armand calls Cathedral De Morrigan. It was once a castle where our mother Vampiress Morrigan once lived. It was said that she had the unique abilities to walk under the sunlight. Soon, it become my father's dream and the dream of my fiancé's. I admit, I do long for sunlight but I do not wish to wipe out your race for it. I know of a way. I can rip through space and into other worlds. I went to a world called the Makai and there, I continued the search for my father. I would sneak off with Armand knowing and it was there that I found a way. There was once a story of a vampire named Jupiter. He tried to mate with the daughter of a vampire king to inherit her power but she defeated him. Then it was said that she had become an angel and used her power to transform her and her subjects into angels. If I can find her then she can help me.”
Alucard's face twisted in disgust. Was Ezminé ashamed of what she was? Did she not like being a princess of darkness or being a child in the shadows? At that moment, Alucard thought it was time to call her out. To receive attention, Alucard turned away to from the group. “Alucard where are you going?”
“This girl disgusts me.”
Paige and Ezminé both gasped at Alucard's comment. Paige wondered if Celeste would stand for his insult against the princess. So she waited quietly for Celeste to speak. “Why is that so?” Celeste asked.
“Just listen to this girl. She isn't appreciative of her appearances and apparently neither was her father. You are a child of darkness. Creatures like us aren't supposed to bathe in the sunlight. We live in the dark of night. You dare call yourself a vampire while whining about that. You should be ashamed.” Alucard told her. Ezminé gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. “You have right to talk to me that way! It was my father's dream to see the sun but he died before that dream was realized. I swear I will what I will to have his dream come true!”
“Unfortunately this dream of your father's will be a nightmare for you.”
From the darkness of the cathedral, Karma Blade emerged out of the shadows. Her golden eyes gleamed through her short silver hair. She approached the friends with her fingers tapping the hilt of her sword. “Your majesty Princess Ezminé, I'm sorry but we cannot allow you to betray us anymore. Thelessa has sent me here, as your executioner. Don't worry, your death will be quick. Now… die!!!”
Karma dashed at Ezminé with her sword ready to slay her but Celeste took a step in front of her and blocked her. Celeste pushed Karma back and shot Lazarus at her. She chased after her, shooting at her. “You're pretty good Hellsing.”
“As are you but you won't survive to tell another soul. Take this!!”
Celeste shot Lazarus and Vixen several times and hit Karma in her shoulder blade, nose, forehead and heart. She blew the smoke from her guns and looked down at the ground with a cool look on her face. “You're not dead so get up and stop fooling.”
“Hahaha, you're quite the pistol Celeste. I can understand his plan now. This is going to be perfect.”
Karma darted out toward Celeste but to her surprise, she raced right past her. She turned around quickly to stop her with a bullet but before she could fire, Karma had taken Paige hostage. Celeste's younger sister screamed in fear and tried shooting Rosé but Karma smacked it out of her hand. She jerked her neck aside to bite her and kept an eye on Celeste. “Celeste Hellsing, I know what means the most to you and exactly how to hurt you. If you don't drop the gun then your sister dies.”
Celeste beckoned David and Julian to lower their guns and they did just that. Celeste had sworn to protect her family, even if it meant death. She dropped Lazarus and Vixen then turned to Alucard. “Alucard, Julian, I want you to protect Paige.” She told them.
“Celeste! You can't surrender to them, you can't give like this!”
“David, if it means the protection of my family then I will do what I must. Karma, trade Paige for me. I'll come willingly.”
Celeste walked toward Karma and Paige then stopped a few feet in front of them. She looked up at her with her strong blue eyes, awaiting the release of her sister. Karma grinned triumphantly and through Paige out of the window that was beside her. Ezminé gasped and disappeared to find Paige but while she was gone, Karma yanked Celeste by the hair and smiled to her friends and family. “Don't worry, this won't be the last time you see Celeste Hellsing. I promise you that.” With that, Karma disappeared with Celeste just before Ezminé could return with Paige. Her lip and nose was bleeding and her had a few bruised ribs. “Celeste… where is she?”
“She's gone. Karma took her.”
Paige gasped and shook her head. She couldn't believe that her own sister sacrificed herself to save her. She walked over to David and knelt down to pick up Lazarus and Vixen. “My sister… sacrificed herself to save me. Celeste… Celeste!!!!!”
In the darkness of his castle, Armand looked up at the darkened sky. His dream was coming closer and closer to being a reality. With Celeste in his arms, he was ready to take the next move, the annihilation of the Hellsing family. “You family is useless without you Celeste. When you wake, I'll allow you to visit their graves.”