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::: It's all my fault… because of me… Celeste is gone. :::
Paige looked out the window at the bright blue sky, wondering where her sister was. Her mother had broken down into a thousand tears the night before. Even with Draco's attempt to comfort her, her sorrows couldn't be subdued. Paige couldn't help but blame herself but she swore to make things right. She would find her sister and defeat Ezminé's fiancé. “I promise Celeste, I'll find you and set things right.” She whispered to herself. She looked out to the blue sky and white clouds with fire in her eyes. There was no time to waste. Celeste was waiting on them.
Even though it was a time for mourning Ezminé couldn't get over the fascination of the human world. She gazed down at Lily's flowers with astonishment. Never in her life had she seen such beauty. She wished thought she could take them to Crescent. She'd love to see flowers as beautiful as Lily's. She reached down and plucked a rose from its stem. She twitched with pain and dropped the rose. The thorn had pricked her finger and now, blood was rushing to the wound. “All roses of thorns. If you're not careful they'll prick your finger. Here, let me see the wound.” David took Ezminé's hand gently and looked down at it. As he examined it, Ezminé looked at David's face. He was an actual human. She would have never guessed that humans were… “So handsome.”
“Oh nothing I just uh… I wanted to say that you don't have heal it for me. I can do it myself. Watch.”
Ezminé curled her hand into a fist and tightened it. The hand glowed with a soft golden light then when she uncurled it, the wound was gone. David looked at her hand in fascination. Ezminé was a healer. She was definitely going to be useful to them in battle. “Ezminé, last night in the chapel you said something about a woman becoming an angel. Do you know where we can find her?” David asked.
“Oh yes! This morning while all of you slept I had to go back to the Makai. They didn't say exactly where she is but they say that someone named Prince Koenma knows. He's in this place called the Reikai. Demons can't go there unless they're dead so but one of his messengers knows how to call him. She likes to hang around in Tokyo. All we have to do is find her to find Koenma, who knows where this angel woman is. Trust David I know we can do it.”
David agreed with Ezminé's plan whole heartedly but one question still remained. How were they to get to Japan? It would be expensive to get Paige, Julian, Ezminé and himself to Japan. Perhaps Ezminé could provide him with a solution. “Ezminé, is there a way for you to get us there?”
“Of course there is. I can open jump through space and into other worlds. I'm sure you're wondering why I haven't tried to get to the Reikai already. The reason is that only the dead can enter that realm. I'm very much alive and have no intentions of sacrificing my life for a brief visit with Koenma. I can get us to Japan whenever you guys are ready.”
David thanked Ezminé then headed off to find his sister and mother. As he left, Ezminé took another look and her hand. She couldn't remember a time when some had been so gentle to her. Armand rarely said sweet words to her and only called on her to quell his lust for pleasure. Humans were so different from vampires in many ways. If all humans were as kind as the Hellsing family, then perhaps the dream of living in harmony with them will be more than just a dream.
“Hey Paige, Julian, come it's time to go. We're going to Japan.”
“But what for? Celeste isn't there. We don't know where she is but it damn sure isn't Japan. That Karma chick took her remember?”
David reached for his whip and his gun then tossed Rosé at Paige. “We're going there for some help. Ezminé told me a way to defeat Armand and if we do that then we can get Celeste back.” He told her. Paige slammed her gun on her desk and let out her rage. How could David leave his own sister with a bunch of crazed blood suckers? “We can't just leave Celeste! We're all Hellsings and we're supposed to stick together. Come on, let's tell Ezminé to take us back to that place so we can kick ass and save our sister. David we have to.”
::: And what would your effort bring you? Only closer to your graves. :::
Paige grabbed her gun quickly but soon noticed that it was Alucard's voice that was heard. She frowned and turned to her mirror to see a pair of red eyes staring back at her. “Celeste is your master too. You'd just leave her there to die?” She questioned.
::: Too? Celeste Hellsing is my only master and I follow her orders alone. She is the one who released me from my prison. On her commands I act. :::
“You are a servant to the Hellsing family!! You are too act under the commands of a Hellsing. Celeste isn't the only granddaughter of Integra Wingates Hellsing!”
::: That maybe so but you lack the power to lead this family. Celeste led this family with honor, dignity and pride. You lack all of those traits. You should be ashamed to call yourself a Hellsing. :::
“Grr, I won't be insulted by a bloodsucking fiend! You shut up!! I'll rescue my sister with or without your help. None of you care about Celeste but I do! Celeste would never abandon anyone that helped her so I'm not gonna do it. If anything I should be me being held hostage. I should be where she is now. It should have been me!”
David took his younger sister into his arms and held her tightly against him. He too mourned for Celeste but he wasn't going to beat himself up for not trying to save her. The important thing to do was to find a way to defeat Armand and bring Celeste home. That couldn't be done without Paige or Alucard. “Paige, I understand how you feel but you aren't thinking straight. We have Ezminé on our side. She's going to help us stop Armand. She wants Celeste home just as much as you do but you're going to have to be patient. Pick up your gun and come on, we're heading out to Japan.”
Paige wiped the tears forming in her eyes away and followed her brother into the kitchen. There, Draco and Lily were waiting for them. “I suppose you're going off to Japan now. I won't hold you back. I just ask that you take care of each other. The two of you are all I have left now.” She told them. Paige hugged her mother then stepped back so that David could hug her. “Take care all right? Oh me! I would like you to say hello to Sage for me while you're in Asia.”
“Yes, Sage lives in Tokyo now. Look her up for assistance once you get there. She goes by the name Shizuka Kamiya now.”
David and Paige thanked Lily dearly then looked to Draco. He ran a hand through his hair and smiled reassuringly to them. “Don't you worry about your mother. She's in good hands. You two just focus on the goal ahead and that's bringing back Celeste.” He told them. Paige and David nodded and took off to join Ezminé and Julian outside. “We're all ready to go Ez!”
“Ok them. Let's go!”
Ezminé took Julian's hand and ran toward Paige and David. She grabbed Paige's hand and she grabbed David's. The four of them disappeared in a shining pink light and flew through Ezminé's warp hole. When they were thrown out, they found themselves in a dark alley in the middle of the night. Paige blew her silver tresses away from her face and looked around. She couldn't believe that she was in Japan. She ran out of the alley and looked outside. Tokyo was full of lights and music. She could definitely get us to living here.
“Come on you guys. You gotta see this. It's so beautiful here!”
David, Julian and Ezminé joined Paige and looked up at the bright lights. She was now more amused with the human world than ever before. Nightlife was far more enchanting than the daytime. People came out dressed in beautiful clothing yet revealing clothing. “Now that we're here, our first priority should be to find Sage. I wish mother gave us an address but we'll find her. Come on you guys lets go!” Paige ran down the street with her brother and friends close behind. David could only smile knowing that Paige's spirits had been lifted. Disregarding what Alucard had said, Paige was indeed a Hellsing and would find the strength to lead them to their lost comrade.
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