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“I love you Alucard. I've never been in love like this before.”
“Please don't call me that Alucard. You can call me Celeste. We're going to be together forever. You and I will never separate.”
“Celeste you and I… we couldn't possibly spend eternity together. You're a human and I'm a vampire. You're a child of light. We can't.”
Celeste shot her bright red eyes open and looked around the room she laid in. She was reminiscing again. She didn't want to think about Alucard anymore. She was one of Armand's nymphs. The life she had left behind meant nothing now. “Still thinking about the old days Celeste?” Armand asked. Celeste turned over to look at Armand. Why was he always so nosy? Her thoughts were none of his business. He didn't know it but she didn't join his side to help his vision come true. She joined for other reasons. She wanted to use Alucard to destroy her family and friends. They didn't matter anymore. No one did.
From the castle courtyard Thelessa paced back and forth. She didn't like the idea of Celeste joining and him using Crescent Star against Ezminé. Crescent didn't deserve his attention. Thelessa had been in love with Armand for years. As his first nymph you'd think he'd love her most but no. He was no interested in the Hellsing girl. “I have nothing to fight for.”
“That's not true. What's happened to you Thelessa? The Thelessa Aeris I know sounds nothing like this.”
Ezminé approached Thelessa with a worried look on her face. She could see the anger that hid the sadness in her eyes. She was Armand and he had neglected her for so long. “Thelessa why are you letting him hurt you like this? Look at what he's doing to you. You've always been strong.” Ezminé said.
“You don't understand Ezminé. I've loved him for long but he was too busy because he wanted you! Next it was Crescent and now it's that Hellsing bitch. What am I to him? Am I just an asset?! Shit why the fuck am I talking to you?!”
“Because I want to give you a reason to live.”
Thelessa pushed Ezminé out of the way and walked inside the castle. As she did she crossed Armand and Celeste. The older vampire stopped a few feet away as the two came closer. “Thelessa, there you are. I want you to go back to the temple and take out Talya. You did a marvelous job of poisoning her but now it's time to finish the job.” Armand commanded.
“Why don't you send Celeste or Crescent to do it?”
“Because I don't want them to hurt my sweet Crescent Star and Celeste will stand beside me. You're the best at what you do. Do what you must to wipe out your enemies.”
Thelessa nodded and disappeared into the shadows while Armand watched. Thelessa had been useful but now her usefulness had come to its end. “Karma, be a dear and find Sylvia. When you do, kill her.”
“With pleasure.”
Back at the temple Paige, Julian, Sage, Kurama and Yusuke prepared to leave to take on Armand for one last showdown. As they prepared Paige stood outside with a cigarette in her mouth. She often wondered why Celeste smoked every once in a while but earlier found that it had calmed her nerves. She took a hit and exhaled the smoke from her mouth and nose. “You know that's bad for your health Paige.” Sage said as she stepped outside.
“Yeah why don't you join the club?”
Sage lit her cigarette with Paige's and leaned against the red pillar. The two smoked their cigarettes in silence until Sage put hers out. “You know, whatever happens when we go I'll be honored to know that I've fought by the side of a Hellsing.” Sage said. The two women grabbed each other's hands and squeezed them tightly. They would go into battle together without fear of dying. “No matter what happens we must set my sister free.”
“Yes. Let's get going.”
As the two turned back they were surprised to see Thelessa standing at the top of the stairs. They stopped a few feet away from her with their power suppressed. “In a rush to die?” Sage asked as the glass daggers in her hand grew in size.
“No but I'm certain you are. Armand is preparing Celeste and Karma to destroy you once you get there. I can get you inside. I can get you to where Ezminé is being held. Also, if you want to free Celeste you'll have to spill her blood… all of it.”
Paige pointed the Rosé at Thelessa's head but Sage attempted to take it out of her hand. “Let it go Paige!! Thelessa isn't lying!!!”
“No!! She was behind this too!!! Let me kill her!”
Sage took the gun from Paige's hands and pushed the English girl aside. Thelessa wasn't lying. Once Armand marked someone they were his entirely until death. Celeste only one chance of living and the only way she would was if they spilled her blood. “Thelessa why are you helping us?” Was the questioned that Sage wanted answered more than any other. The blue haired woman looked away from Sage and at the morning sky. “I don't care what Armand does to this world as long as I can be with him. I've loved him for so long and to see him with other women just hurts so much. There isn't anything else I can do to make him see how much I care. I love him just as much as you do Sage.”
Sage pulled Thelessa into her embrace and hugged her tightly. “How did you know?”
“That first night when you came. I saw the hurt in your eyes so I just guessed.”
Paige tilted her head in confusion but shook it off after a while. Who was Armand to Sage?
“Paige Armand is my little brother.”
“WHAT!?!?!?! THAT BASTARD DICKHEAD IS YOU WHAT?!?!?! You should definitely kick his ass!! Just smack the shit outta him for all this bullshit he put us through!” Paige had earned herself a smack on the back of the head from both women. That was an unnecessary opinion that wasn't funny or needed. But now that Thelessa was on their side they had a good chance of putting an end to Armand.
From inside Julian and David paced back and forth as they waited for Sylvia to return. Talya was going to die unless Sylvia returned. Little did they know Sylvia was being held up in Welgaia by Karma Blade. The nymph had easily defeated the high order of Welgaia and was looking to silence the silver haired angel. “Princess Harue.”
“Karma Blade. I can't let you walk away from what you've done.”
Karma drew her katana and held it at Sylvia's smiling face. She knew she didn't intimidate Sylvia but she didn't back down. “I like to various weapons when I fight. For now, I think I'll use these.” Sylvia spun two razor sharp discs around her fingers. When she stopped she easily caught them between her fingers without injuring herself. “It's all right if you want to walk away.”
“Walk away? Hahaha! The only thing I'm going to walk away from is your rotting corpse after I've destroyed you.”
Karma and Sylvia sprinted at on another and clashed their weapons together. They tried to push the other back but the other was just as strong. Karma threw the two discs to the side and banged her head against Sylvia but as the girl fell, she kicked Karma in the shins. Once she was on the ground Sylvia pounced on her and tried to cut her throat with the disc but Karma pushed her back. “You can't kill me that easily.”
“I know. I wasn't expecting to.”
The two women dashed at each other once again throwing on punch after the other, hitting their opponent with their weapons and blasting one another toward the ground. “You're good Blade. Maybe better than I expect.” Sylvia complemented as she wiped the blood from under her eye. Karma smiled as she wiped the blood from her nose. Sylvia wasn't either but her skills would never match Karma's. “I never thought that a half human, half demon could have so much power.” Karma wondered.
“I've trained my mind and body to overcome every task that comes my way. I did what I had to do for my people.” Sylvia explained. Karma merely laughed at Sylvia. The training she had done was for her people but Karma did it for survival. Karma was the last of a vampire noble family and had Armand not have recruited her she would have died with her parents. “You know nothing of pain and struggling. You don't know what it's like to be hunted because of what you are. People can't help what is in their blood. The only way to suffice the enemy's anger is to have your blood spilled. My family has done nothing wrong! Nothing at all to deserve the slaughter they went to. And to make matters worse I witnessed it all. I watched from behind a cherry blossom tree as my mother, father, older sister and young brothers were slaughtered. They were killed because they were nobles. They did nothing wrong! But that didn't stop the enemy for killing them. I remember it as if wasn't six hundred years ago when it happened.”
Sylvia dropped her guard to listen to Karma recall the final days of her family. It would have been the perfect chance to strike but she couldn't. Not when the enemy wasn't prepared to meet their doom. Perhaps listening to Karma's story and directing her pain at Armand instead of Paige and her friends would assist them. “Karma?”
“It was six hundred years ago when my family was slaughtered…”
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