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Lil Lovely Angel: We're once again drawing close to our finish. Yes, yes we are almost there. Lets make this one count!
There wasn't anything else that Sage could do expect walk into battle with Paige. She looked up at the shining white moon before putting her cigarette out. She loved Armand dearly but he had to be stopped. He had Ezminé and Celeste. “Thinking about your brother Setsuka?”
“Isn't it obvious Thelessa? He is my brother. How would you feel is you had no other choice but to kill Thesella? She's your twin sister.”
Thelessa stiffened when she heard Sage bring up Thesella. Her twin was still under the orders of Lord Armand. She hadn't told her that she was coming here. She had to warn Thesella somehow. “When do we leave?”
“As soon as Harue gets back.”
“I'm here Sage. Thelessa, there's something you should now. Armand sent Karma to kill me.”
Thelessa's face remained expressionless. She knew that Sylvia had killed Karma. There was nothing she could do. “Thelessa, it's what she wanted. Her family was-”
“Slaughtered when she was a child. I know. She told me everything a few nights after we first met. Her mother will take care of her now.” Thelessa said. Now that things were drawing to a close, Thelessa grew more and more fearless. She knew she was going to die if she went into battle against her master. At least the act of betrayal she was preparing to commit would be a big help. She only hoped that the actions she was going to commit would not affect Thesella.
Elsewhere, Paige sat alone on the roof of the temple. In a few moments she was going to have to take her sister on. She looked down at her gun that trembled in her shaking hands. Was she really ready? To do anything to save her sister? Could she really slay her older sister? “I don't want to kill my own sister. There has to be a better way.”
“There is no other way young Miss Hellsing. If you're not going to do what needs to be done to save your sister then there is no reason for you to wield that gun of yours.”
Alucard appeared beside Paige but this time he didn't wear his usual confident grin. His red eyes peered down on her through his sunglasses. “If you're not going to do what it takes then don't even think of going.”
“I'm willing to do whatever it takes to save my sister! I love Celeste and I'd do anything for her just as she would for me.” Paige pulled her knees closer to her chest as she sank deeper into her thoughts. It was going to happen tonight. One way or another one of them was not going to die. Talking to Celeste was going to do them no good. It was kill or be killed. There was no turning back now. “Are you ready Miss Hellsing?”
“Ready to look death in the eye and risk my life for love, trust, justice and all that other bullshit? Yeah I am. Will you side against me my monster?”
Paige rose her hand up so that Alucard could help her up. The monster grinned as he helped the silver hair girl up to her feet. “The night awaits us Miss Hellsing. The fun is just about to begin.” He said with a grin.
“You couldn't be more right Alucard. Let's blow these bitches to hell.”
Paige and Alucard joined Yusuke, Talya, David, Kurama and Julian and prepared jump through the gateway that would lead them to Armand's castle. Their objective was simple: Free Celeste, save Ezminé and take down Armand. It sounded simple but was far from it. Someone was going to die that night. “I'll wait here for you. Don't die on me. I want you back.” Kurama hugged Talya and kissed her cheek tenderly while Julian did the same to Paige. “Are you sure you guys want to stay behind? We could use your help.” Paige asked.
“Nah, this is something you gotta do on your own. I love you Paige. Come back home in one piece. For your mother's sake.” Julian kissed Paige's hands and finally her lips. He had faith that Paige would return home with her sister. He stepped aside and watched as Thelessa opened the gateway to Armand's castle. When it was ready to be passed through, Paige stood before the portal and rose her gun to the sky. “In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation!! Amen!!”
Paige turned to the portal and leapt inside. She soared down the gateway with her comrades following close behind her. From behind Thelessa held out her hand and opened the exit to the gateway and what Paige stepped into was a room swallowed in pure darkness. Both Talya and Sylvia lit pure white lights in their hands. Their lights swallowed to reveal Crescent Star and Thesella sitting in the corner of the room. “Sis!”
“It's not true!! Tess you betrayed us.”
“Yes she did. There you have it Thesella. Your own sister betrayed Lord Armand and mainly you. She brought the enemy here. That should be all the proof you need.” Crescent couldn't have planned it any better. Thanks to Thelessa bringing Paige and her entourage of fools, she couldn't have figured a better way to exploit Thesella. The two sisters was going to destroy each other and finally she was going to finish off Ezminé.
“Tess how could you do this to Lord Armand? He took us in he loved us when we needed it. Armand saved you from the one who made you the way that you are. How could you betray that?” Thesella questioned. Thelessa looked away from her twin sister and down at the ground. It was true what Thesella was saying. When she was younger her mother had married her off to a nobleman that was a vampire in disguise. He transformed her into what she had been so many years ago: An unstable, bloodthirsty, demonic monster. She had escaped and slaughtered her own mother, men, women and even helpless children. She was a rabid animal that murdered for the pure joy of murdering. It was Armand who released her from her blood lust and insanity. “You are a traitor Thelessa.”
“Then let me be such. Stand aside Crescent and Thesella! Armand must die!”
Crescent didn't move aside but she raised her hand to light a burning flame. It grew in size until she was certain it would wipe them out. “Good bye Thelessa.”
“Thesella don't let her do it!”
“I'm sorry Tess.”
Just as Crescent was going to launch the flames at Thelessa and her friend Ezminé kicked open the room door and tackled Crescent Star to the ground. Paige cheered when she saw the black haired girl take out her former best friend. Sage's training made some improvements. “That's right Ez get her!” Talya cheered.
“Ezminé is weak! She won't last long against me.”
Crescent Star hurled her flames at Ezminé but the dark princess was faster than her. She rushed toward David and tackled him out of the way of the fire. “Ezminé!”
“I knew you'd come for me. If we die tonight I'd be honored to know that I died beside you. Let's kick it to this bitch together.” Ezminé helped David up and turned to Crescent Star. The devious green haired girl frowned when she saw the two stand together against. It didn't matter. Neither one would be able to live after her assault. “David let me handle this. You should help your sister. Thelessa and I will hold up here.” Ezminé smiled a reassuring smile to David. With that smile, she promised to come back to him alive. “Go.”
“David we'll make sure she comes back to ya. You go on ahead.”
Talya and Sylvia stood by Ezminé and Thelessa. They'd stay back to take out the last remaining nymphs while Yusuke, David, Sage and Paige searched for Celeste and Armand. When they left Thelessa, Ezminé, Talya and Sylvia stood back to back. “Before we get started I wanna say that I'm sorry for being such a bitch to you Ezminé. You're not a traitor or a weak whore. I'll let you get free hits off me when this is over.” Thelessa said as she drew her axe. Ezminé nodded and turned her eyes back to Crescent Star. “It alls ends tonight Crescent. I hope your ready because I'm going to kill you. You're dead!!!”
Meanwhile Paige, Sage, David and Yusuke searched for Armand and Celeste. Alucard had already gone to find his master but failed to answer Paige when she called him. The team came to the grand ballroom in the castle be stopped when they saw that they had two directions to take. “Paige and I will go left. You and Yusuke go right. Don't die ok?”
“Same to you David.Yusuke let's go!”
Yusuke and Sage ran up the stairs on the right while David and Paige ran up the stairs to the left. The two siblings came to a long corridor with only one door at the end. It was a huge silver door with a golden handle. Paige and David approached the door and looked at each other. “Paige… no matter what happens in there-”
“Don't worry about me David. You and I are going to bring her home.”
Paige and David pushed the door open together to reveal the Hellsing Courtyard. Paige stepped inside with a confused look on her face. Had they returned home? Everything was as it had been back home. Her mother's flowers, the big apple tree, grapevines and the patio that Victor, Julian and David set up last summer. “I thought we'd finish everything where it all began.” Celeste appeared from behind with Kitana in hand. David quickly loaded the Lazarus while Paige prepared the Rosé. “Celeste...”
“Paige. I never thought it would come to this. All this time I thought you and I would fight side by side but now we have been forced to fight one another. In the end one of the Hellsing sisters will emerge victorious. Are you ready?”
Paige held the Rosé at her sister but she also wielded the Vixen. If she was going to slay her sister tonight she would do it with the aid of her own gun. “Celeste, no matter what happens tonight I'll always love you.” Paige wiped the tear from her left eye and rose her sister's gun. “It all ends tonight.”
Lil Lovely Angel: All right, I'm going to leave it right here. This too was inspired by My Immortal by Evanescence. Just a few more chapters and then we're all done here. Getting excited!