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Lil Lovely Angel:
“Finally, my showdown with the infamous Alucard has arrived. I've been tingling all over just thinking about what I'm going to do to you. I'm going to severe you limb from limb then make you into one of my slaves. You'll be with your mistress but no longer under her control. You will be under mine and mine alone.” Armand tightened the tie around his neck and pulled his gloves up. The moment he'd been waiting for was now. There was no time for mistakes. Karma had failed, Thelessa had failed but he looked at it as a relief. There was no deadweight now. Victory for him was insured. Still, there was one more offered to be made. “Sage… you know if we fight one of us has to die. I never had any intentions of slaughtering a family member but I cannot allow my enemies to halt me in my quest for a better life than what I am living now. I ask you to join me.”
“I will never join you Armand and you know that! Do you see how I live? I am able to live amongst the humans in their world. You are able to walk in sunlight just as I am. There is no need for us to dominate their world. I have friends, human friends that have shared their world with me. They aren't afraid of what I am and they don't resent me for it. You can live as I do.” Sage hoped that her worlds would alter her brother's perceptive of the human world. He found need to take the world they lived while she found comfort in that world. They had always wanted the same thing as children. A world isolated from darkness, where the sunlight would dance upon their faces and the beauty of a world doused in light was theirs to live in but not theirs alone. But as the years went by their paths separated until both were too far long to see where they had began. Blood and family meant nothing now. Siblings and friends had been turned against each other all thanks to Sage's brother. “Alucard…”
“Mercy is just a figment of the imagination now Sage. Armand must die for what he's done.”
And before Sage could stop him, Alucard open fired on Armand with Jackal and Joshua. Armand smiled when he saw the bullets come his way. With his fangs bared and giant sword (like Siegfried's in Soul Calibur) ready to strike down his enemy, Armand stepped into the battle without sympathy for whomever he was preparing to kill. The two vampires darted at one another with sheer enthusiasm in their eyes. “Alucard!!!”
“Sage… there are no friends and family on the battle field. Just that adrenaline rush that keeps you going until the battle is set.” Yusuke prepared his Spirit Gun and aimed it at Armand. He hoped to take him down just long enough for Alucard to finish him off but an elbow to the back of the neck from Sage threw off his aim. The younger boy turned angrily to Sage only to see her hold a sword made of glass in her hand. “I won't let anyone kill my brother. Battle or not his is my kin and I will not let you take him away!!!” Sage thrusted the sword at Yusuke but missed him barely. She was able to make a deep cut on his side the made his blood gush from his wound. “Sage! You stupid bitch!”
“Call me what you will but I won't let you kill my brother!”
Elsewhere, the battle between that began in Ezminé's room had broken through walls until it was in the grand hall of the castle. Thelessa had kicked her sister's pet demon dog through three rooms and onto the main floor. The battle had continued but it was favoring Crescent Star and Thesella.
“You ok Tallie?”
“Hell dude. These bitches are hard to get. Not even one of my attacks is able to connect. Friggin A dude.” Talya was growing more and more irritated with Crescent Star. The beautiful, cocky nymph dodged every attack she sent her way and added a supercilious comment with it. Talya had to keep her anger in check but with every miss she wanted to pounce on Crescent and snatch her tongue out. “The great Yoko Kurama has surely picked a ditz to be a mate. What a dud you are Tallie girl.”
“You shut your mouth you harlot!”
Crescent sucked her teeth at Talya's name calling. She could call her everything under the sun but it wouldn't change a thing. Talya would be dead soon and Ezminé would follow close. Once she was done here she'd go to join Armand in assistance to finishing off the great Alucard. “Ez isn't there a way to beat this slut?” Talya whispered. Ezminé turned her head to Thelessa and Sylvia. They weren't progressing with their battle at all. Thelessa was having just as hard a time with Diablo as they were with Crescent Star. Just then an idea hit her.
“Talya do you think you can send more silver feathers at Crescent Star?”
“I've been doing it all night chickadee I think I can dish out a few more. Silver angel feathers fall from the Heavens and strike down my enemy!!” Talya's summoning caused a white light above them to break the darkness. The angel feathers soared down at Crescent but once again the nymph ceased control of the feathers and dispelled their holy magic. “You never learn do you?”
Ezminé knew that Crescent was going to send them back at them with the power of darkness so she called out to Sylvia. “Harue she's throwing them back!!”
“Let her do it! Get out of my way!!”
Sylvia gave Thesella an elbow to the nose that kept her down for a few minutes. It gave her enough time to run towards Talya, jump in front of her and dispel the darkness from the darkness from the feathers without touching them. “Oh holy light purify the evil from these feathers!” Sylvia's holy light purified the feathers and just in the nick of time. And since she dodge the feathers the next person in the line of fire was Thesella. “Ahhhh!!! Crescent stop it!!” The frightened girl commanded.
“I can't!!! I don't have control over it anymore!!”
Thesella prepared herself to be struck by the feather but the faithfulness of her demon dog Diablo saved her life. It was he that jumped in the way of the feathers, protecting his fear stricken master from destruction. “No!!!!! Diablo!! Crescent Star you imbecile!!”
Crescent growled down at the other women and prepared to blow them to the dark abyss. “I will slaughter you all!!!”
“No you won't.”
Ezminé darted at Crescent Star and stopped just below her. She back flipped up and kicked Crescent Star in the chin, sending her flying upward into the sphere of her own attack. “It's going to explode!!!”
“Angel's halo protect us!”
Sylvia covered herself, Ezminé and Talya in the halo but they noticed that Thelessa was missing. “Thelessa!!”
“I'm coming!!!”
Thelessa ran for the halo but she feared she wasn't going to make it. “Thelessa…”
“I love you big sis. I'll remember to wipe my mouth when I feed on the other damned souls in hell.”
Thesella shot a dark flame at her older sister that threw her into the halo seconds before Crescent's sphere exploded. The four women stood together as they waited for the smoke to clear. When the fog finally lifted there was nothing left but Crescent's blood splattered everywhere and no remains of Thelessa's twin sister. “Thesella… Thesella… she's dead. This is all Armand's fault.” Thelessa murmured. She tried her hardest to fight back the tears but the spilled over her eyes. She was the last of the nymphs but she wasn't alone. Thanks to Princess Ezminé's comforting arm she would never be alone again.
That night wasn't the only one torn apart that night. Celeste, Paige and David had all been locked in combat. Even with Paige and David's strength combined it wasn't enough to take out Celeste. The vampire's blood that coursed through her veins had enhanced her performance in battle, making her stronger and more resistant to attacks her siblings sent her way. Even demons would have been down from some of the attacks that Paige made. “It's as if she's immune to everything we do. What will it take to take her out?”
“I don't care what it takes but I refuse to see my sister under the control of a vile monster anymore. I swear on my name as a Hellsing this will all end tonight.” Paigey Paigey… it's time for one of us to die. There will only be one Hellsing daughter at the end of tonight.” Celeste smiled a devious smile at her younger sister. She had always hid in her shadow and tonight she would demonstrate, no, remind everyone why she was the superior of the Hellsing sisters. “Don't hold back Peaches.”
“Don't die quick Cherries.”
The two sisters dashed at one another and hit the other squarely in the face. Celeste was the first to retaliate by grabbed Paige by her hair and throwing her to the ground. When she lifted her foot to stomp on her younger sister Paige lifted her own foot up to kick her back. Celeste stumbled back while Paige jumped up to her feet and punched her sister hard in the stomach. Celeste was surprised at how powerful Paige was. She had been trained by the right person. Perhaps Sage had done well in training her but it wasn't going to be enough. She slammed her fist so hard on the ground that it cracked. Paige tried hard to avoid the cracks but when she stepped back she missed a step. David rushed to help his sister out of the hole but Celeste stood in his way. “You want to join her?”
“Celeste… I love you but this time I hurt you I won't apologize.”
David cracked his whip beside him and sent it at Celeste but she dodged it as she ran forward. What she didn't count on was him pulling the whip forward and wrapping it around her waist. David tightened his grip on the whip, causing thorns to slide out and puncture his sister. Celeste gasped when she felt the thorns prick her but that was nothing compared to David wrapping more of the whip around her neck then unraveling it from around her neck. Now that she was down David attempted to save his sister but she had fallen so far down the hole. “Paige!!! Paige!!!”
“Why don't you join her dear brother?”
Celeste threw her fist at David but her attack failed when Ezminé caught Celeste's fist. The beautiful princess held Celeste's hand up as she spun around and kicked Celeste's elbow out of its socket. The demonic girl howled in pain after the attack. She stumbled away to repair her broken elbow but Ezminé tripped her when she slid into her. “Don't wonder too far Celeste. We've got to get you back to normal.” Ezminé told her. Celeste growled as she struggled to get to her feet. “You can't kill me Ezminé. None of you can. I am immortal and you are not. Your lives are mine!!!”
David prepared for Celeste to attack him again but instead she turned her gaze to Ezminé. Try as she might, every attack Ezminé made failed and she was knocked off her feet by Celeste's iron fist. David threw his whip at Celeste once more but this time she caught it and yanked it forward. “David… David get up.”
“He won't be going anywhere except into his grave.”
Celeste's cool remark sent a chill down Ezminé's spine. She couldn't just murder her brother, not in cold blood. He was her family! Celeste had shown no mercy for her family. She wrapped David's whip around his neck and began choking him. The look Celeste gave as she strangled was inhumanly horrifying. Even when Ezminé tried to stop her Celeste knocked the princess aside. “Don't interrupt me. Your turn will come princess.”
“Celeste please!! You can't do this to you brother. You love him, I love him. Let him go!!!”
“Then you will be with him in hell.”
As David began to lose consciousness a white light shot at Celeste, knocking aside from David and deep into the ground. Ezminé ran immediately to David's side to shake him awake but she didn't have to worry. David coughed and tried to sit up but couldn't without Ezminé's help. “She's still alive. Paige!!!”
From the cracks in the ground rose Celeste's younger sister with her beautiful pure white angel wings sprouting from her back and the white light of the heavens surrounding her. Celeste narrowed her bright red eyes in disgust. So what if she had a fancy bright light surrounding her it didn't matter. She was going to die in angel form or human. “It won't change anything Paige. I've beat you up all your life and that's not about to change here or anywhere else. Tonight I'll lay you to rest!!!”
Celeste moved so quickly that Ezminé couldn't keep up with her but Paige was able to. The attack she was going to use to blow her to pieces was thwarted when Paige caught her hand and squeezed it until it snapped. Celeste let out a cruel shriek when she felt the snapping in her wrist. When she tried to attack again but Paige caught her hand and snapped the other wrist. “Paige!!! Paige!!!”
“I love you Celeste.”
Ezminé and David watched as the white light began to burn brighter and brighter. Paige was concentrating all over her energy for something but they didn't know what it was. When the light died out Paige and Celeste were lying on the ground facing each other. Celeste was the first to open her eyes and to David and Ezminé's happiness, her eyes were not red but a beautiful deep blue color. Happy tears ran down David's face as he ran to his sister. He watched as Paige sat up and hugged Celeste. She had the same tears running down her face as he and Celeste did. The three Hellsing siblings hugged each other with sheer joy pulsing through them. When they separated Celeste walked over to Ezminé to take her hands. She held Ezminé's hands softly as she looked deep into her pink eyes. “You gave my family hope. I owe you all the thanks in the world.” Celeste said through her tears. She hugged Ezminé so softly that it made the princess cry. She knew her parents were watching her from Heaven. They were proud of her. “We're not done yet. We still have Armand to take care of. I'll do everything I can to put an end to this forever. When it's done I want to come back with you guys.”
“Mainly David.”
Ezminé chuckled at Celeste's teasing. She was right though. She did want to return to the human world with her brother. She never knew real love but she had many years ahead of her. That'd be enough time to learn all that David needed to teach. “Let's go save the world Celeste.”
“I like how that sounds, right Paige?”
“Hell yeah! Defending love, justice and all that other bullshit!”
The four of them left the room to find Alucard, Sage, Yusuke and Armand but when they entered the room they found themselves not in a room but on a cliff. On another cliff Alucard and Armand were locked into battle while below them Thelessa, Sylvia and Talya were busy fighting off a horde of demons that Armand had summoned to obliterate them. “They need help!”
“Ezminé it's about time you showed up!! Sage turned traitor on us and is now locked into deadly combat with Yusuke!! When we showed up Armand sent his demons to destroy us.” Talya said from below. Ezminé turned to her friends only to see them smiling. David had suggested that he and Ezminé assist Talya and the other girls while Paige tried to talk some sense into Sage. “Alucard needs me. When you guys are done meet up with Alucard and me. We'll finish Armand with one strike.”
“Here I'll give you a hand.”
Ezminé grabbed Celeste's hand, spun around and hurled her over the other. Celeste waited until she had soared through the skies enough to call for Alucard. When she was in the right position she called him. “Alucard!!!”
“It's about time Young Miss Hellsing brought you back.”
Alucard caught Celeste but he held onto her as he dodged the attacked coming from Armand. “Where have you been?”
“Don't question your master just kill him!!”
When Armand saw that Celeste was once again human but how?! No one was able to break the curse that he placed upon her. Nothing would severe his hold on her. He'd endure Alucard's beatings just until the time was right. “Alucard finish him off!!!”
“What are you planning to do Armand? Even though the odds are stacked highly against you I doubt you'd surrender this easily. What are you planning to do?” Alucard asked. The vampire knew that Armand was up to no good but what was it. It wasn't until he pointed at Celeste did he know that it was her that he wanted. Celeste writhed in pain and screamed like a banshee. “No!!! I thought I saved her!!”
“Armand's curse runs deep Paige. There's only one thing that can be done.”
Yusuke and Sage stopped their combat to look at Celeste's transformation. As Sage watched in disbelief Yusuke blasted her with his Spirit Gun to knock her unconscious. “Stay down you stupid bitch.” Yusuke ran toward Celeste but Ezminé stopped him. He “You must not get near here.”
“But we can't get leave her!”
Thelessa looked down at her axe then back at Celeste. There was something that could be done but it was cost her life. What did she have to live for? Armand's Nymphs were already dead. Thelessa just had to go join them. “Ezminé. I'm sorry for everything I've done. Please, be kind to my last wish. Send Armand to me after I'm gone. I will always love him.”
Ezminé couldn't believe what Thelessa was saying. She was going to throw away her life when there was still so much for her. She couldn't see that. Everything that Ezminé saw she couldn't see because it was clouded by her love for Armand and the loss of her family and friends. Life wasn't worth living anymore. “Goodbye Ezminé.”
“Thelessa don't!!!”
Thelessa twirled her axe one time before dashing toward Celeste. Alucard was busy restraining Armand when Thelessa ran past. She lifted her axe and brought it down on Celeste, making a huge gash starting from her right shoulder to her left thigh. The blood spurted out of Celeste's body and onto Thelessa, burning her like an acidic rain. It melted the flesh from her body until it burned her vital organs from her body. “Celeste!!!”
“You will die now!!!”
Armand rose his arm to strike Alucard but the Yusuke shot on more Spirit Gun through Armand while Paige and David took him down with silver bullets. The vampire lord was wounded badly but no one cared. They were too concerned about Celeste until the ground beneath them began to quake. “Wh-what's happening?” Talya asked as she held onto Sylvia.
“Armand is planning to crush us. Yusuke we've got to get out of here.”
Talya and Sylvia spread their silver wings and gathered David and Yusuke as quickly as possible. Ezminé and Paige stayed behind to check on Celeste but there was nothing that could be done for her now. “She's going to die. There's nothing we can do for her. Paige we have to leave!!”
“No!!! I can't leave her!!! That's my sister!!! That's my sister!!! Celeste!!!!”
The horrified Paige was dragged away by Ezminé out of the castle. Even though she struggled Ezminé overpowered her and carried her out of castle. “Alucard.”
“What are you going do now Sage? Your brother's half way to hell now.”
Sage looked down at Armand then looked back at Alucard with a smile. He knew what her choice was and yet, he didn't smile back. “I've missed Helena. It will be good to see her again. Celeste's family-”
“They'll have to live with it if they want her alive. I'm taking her home.”
Alucard scooped up his master and walked out of the castle to join Celeste's family and friends. They all waited together outside waiting for Alucard. When he arrived Celeste was in a comatose state with her eyes opened enough to see the blood in them. “Alucard!!!”
“It has to be this way Paige.”
Paige shook her head in disbelief. Her sister was damned for the rest of her life because of Armand's curse. “It doesn't have to be this way. I can save her but it won't be permanent. It won't be much but I can do it for a price.” Everyone looked at Ezminé with shocked faces but agreed to pay her price. They'd need it to save Celeste from a cruel life of darkness.
About Two Months Later…
Paige spun around in her mirror as she put her makeup. Tonight was the big party and she wanted to look her best. As she began to put on her eye shadow Ezminé pushed her aside. “I still have to put on my lipstick on move over!”
“Hey don't hog the mirror!”
“Both of you move we need to achieve perfection!”
Talya and Sylvia jumped in front of the mirror and began to do their makeup as well. Things had changed over the past two months. Sylvia had set Ezminé free from her vampiric bonds and gave her a human life. Ezminé had learned to live the way Paige did. Her mother had allowed her into their home and her relationship with David had flourished beautifully. Unfortunately Celeste wasn't able to escape the curse entirely. Paige finished her makeup and went downstairs. Before she could walk outside she went downstairs to the basement were Alucard lived. She had not found her sister but her servant. Alucard had smiled the usual smile to her and tilted his hat to her. “Good evening Alucard.”
“And a very good even to you Miss Hellsing and Young Miss Hellsing.”
Paige looked to her side to see Celeste standing beside her. Her gentle blue eyes looked at her but they were that way for now. Celeste led two lives now. By night a vampire and by day a human. It was the spell that Ezminé placed on her. Alucard had given her his blood so that the spell would take affect. It seemed that everyone was able to live with Celeste's choice. Everyone that is except Paige. “Paige, there are choices in life that we don't have any other option but take. If we want to live we have to do things to each it. No matter how sorrowful it maybe. I am here with you, mother, David and Julian. I always will be here with you.”
Paige smiled as she hugged her sister. She thought she'd want time with her monster so she left to return upstairs. Now that she was gone, Alucard could speak to his master about the heart of all matters. “I don't like this.”
“Neither do I Alucard but this is my choice. I want to live with my sister, brother, mother and friends. If it means being human in the sun and a daughter of darkness under the moonlight then so be it. There is nothing that can be done for me. I can look at the bright side and always know that you will always have half of me.” Celeste came closer to Alucard and took his lips into a heated kiss. She saw things from a different point of view now. She could live forever with her beloved Alucard. Nothing was going to stop her from her enchanted future with him. “I must go my darling. I will come to you later tonight.”
When Celeste left Alucard remained where he had always stood. Celeste had found something that Alucard never wanted her to discover. Comfort. Comfort in a form that he never wanted any of his masters to find in a life that he lived. He could care less about any other person but Celeste was different. He had found something in her that he'd never found with any one else. He loved her.
::: The great Alucard, King of Vampires has fallen in love. What laughter. :::
“I never thought I'd have to see your face again Morrigan. I was hoping you understood what I said two thousand years ago.”
The vampire Morrigan stepped toward Alucard with a devilish smile on her face. The red haired beauty was dressed a black dress with long flowing sleeves, a cross choker around her neck and black bracelets. Her red hair was pinned up in double buns with a crown sitting before it. “It has been too long Alucard. The ministry is very angry with you. For too many years you have served the humans. Acting on their every command like their dog, yet you feel no shame whatsoever. You used to be free my darling. You were our king. But now the ministry has grown tired of the new life you lead. We will be gathering on the night of the red moon. Six months from now we will converse over your future among us, whether it is king or member. The vampire race is dwindling and yet you do nothing but obey every word our enemy commands. Carmilla-”
“Carmilla is and always will be a harlot. She seduces men and women to obtain whatever she wants. In all the years we've known her she's wanted to be queen of the dead. She, Lillith and Lestat have all been scheming to take over every since Akasha had sat among the other gods as the Goddess of the Dead.” Alucard remembered very well what had happened three thousand years ago. Akasha, their undead queen had ascended to the heavens to join the other gods. When she did she named Alucard king of the undead but the ministry she left behind has become upset with Alucard's choice. He had abandoned them to serve a human family, a family of vampire hunters. Alucard knew very well that Morrigan and the other council members knew of the new breed. They were filth compared to the ancients that still walked the darkness as well as the Earth. For years Alucard fought the new breed but to the ministry he was spilling the blood of his brethren. That could not continue any further.
“You will be charged with high treason Alucard. That is what I've come to tell you.”
Morrigan disappeared from Alucard's sight as she walked into the darkness. Morrigan's announcement had no effect on Alucard. Let the ministry try overruling the goddess Akasha. She had charged him with that duty because he was her most trusted servant. But Alucard's loyalty to the Hellsing family had questioned his loyalty to the ministry. What was more important? His master or the ministry?
“Celeste!!! Come let's get going!!!”
“The fireworks are going to start!!”
Celeste rushed over to her friends in the garden. Tonight they were going to set aside all troubles and celebrate great friendship. Yusuke and Kurama had come all the way from Japan. Talya and Sylvia had provided fireworks. When Talya and Sylvia finally set the fireworks off everyone sat together to watch the spectacle. The battle was won once again. There were casualties along the way but their deaths were not in vain. Everyone was together once again. With all troubles behind and good times ahead there was only one thing to say. And Ezminé was proud to say it. “Baby on your own you take cautious step! Do you wanna give it up? But all I want is for you to shiiiine!!!”
“Shine down on me!!! Shine on this life that's burning oooouut!!!”
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