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Disclaimer: Kohta Hirano owns Hellsing, I do not for I am not that insane. However, I am just borrowing the characters for a bit. This fan fiction is not being made for any profit, just personal pleasure.

By: Elf

“Awaken, my Integra, awaken.”

It was cold and the sound of bombs were ringing heavily in her ears, like a drum beat. The arid stench of smoke permeated her nostrils as well as the coppery sweet tang of blood. Save the blood scent wasn’t as repulsive as it should have been.

In fact, it was enticing, making her entire body thrum with need. She tingled with awareness as she sat up. She began to open her eyes to see a pair of white gloved hands take them off.

Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing looked around.

Everything was suddenly clearer than it had been before. Her vision was so sharp she could make out tiny details in the rubble surrounding her, such as a piece of graffiti representing someone’s view on anarchy. Fires flicked in the back ground as the siren still sounded.

She sat up, expecting more pain than she did.

“How do you fair, My Integra?” a familiar voice asked in her ear as those slim fingers that just removed her glasses curled upon her shoulders. The voice was just as mocking as it had ever been, however, there was a touch of possessiveness in it. She felt thick hair caress her cheek as her servant brushed his cold skin against hers, cheek pressing into cheek.

Alucard was laughing. His chest rumbled with each guffaw. Integra turned her head to look at her vampire and scowled.

He smiled at her, ruby eyes glowing in the firelight. She grew even colder at that delighted look. His fingers dug slightly into her shoulders as his cheek rubbed against hers.

“Well, my Integra, how do you feel?” Alucard asked, his fangs flashing in a wicked smile that made things lower in Integra’s body clench. Also noted that he wasn’t calling her his master, but referring to her in such a possessive manner was unforgivable. She shoved him away and glared at him, her lip curling to reveal fangs of her own.

Integra snapped, “Stop referring to me as if I was your pet, Servant. Remember your place here, Alucard.” Despite her harsh words there was a cold knot of dread in her heart. A heart she was quite disturbed to find that it wasn’t beating. It was still and she was cold and aching and everything was sharp and intense.

And the hunger was rising, calling, beckoning her to the pale lines of Alucard’s throat from under that huge crimson bow he wore around his neck.

Alucard rose to his feet. He guided her up as well and turned her so they could face each other. She glared up at him and he continued to grin triumphantly.

She looked down at her blood splattered white gloves and ran her hands over her suit. She frowned as she saw the gaping, bloody hole in the center of her chest. Something that should have been a death wound, but it wasn’t.

“Dear God,” she whispered as she looked up at Alucard in horror. She balled up her fist and shouted, “What the bloody hell have you done to me?” Then she threw the punch at the Aristocratic slope that was Alucard’s nose.

The blow rang true. Alucard stumbled from the force of it. His body shook with mirth as he raised to look at her.

His eyes gleamed like rubies as he asked, “How do you feel, my Integra?”

“Cold,” she said automatically, taking a step back from him. She studied where his pure black hair curled against the whiteness of his shirt before it lead into that ridiculous tie of his that he wore. Just brush the hair aside, remove that sodding article of clothing and . . .

“You bastard,” she hissed, glaring at him, “You . . . HOW DARE YOU?” She threw another punch at him and it again connected. Then another and another, yet her hand did throb in pain with each blow. She screamed as she tackled him to the ground, continuing to hit him as she screamed at him.

All the while Alucard laughed.

His shadow grew and formed tendrils that shot up at Integra. She growled at him as they caught her around the wrists and waist. Easily, they lifted her from Alucard as she continued to growl and gnash her new fangs at him.

“Immortality suits you, My Integra,” he all but purred as he leaned close to her, his nose almost brushing hers. His hand strayed to the bloody hole in her shirt. A frown crossed his handsome features as he touched the smooth skin underneath.

“Those bastards payed a hundred fold for this,” he said with odd solemnness as his red eyes met hers.

Integra vaguely remembered what happened. She and Anderson had been overwhelmed by Millennium’s forces. And Walter . . . The Major will pay for that, I swear it, Walter. Then there was Millennium’s Captain. Between the Captain and Walter, Anderson couldn’t protect her. Not that she needed protecting, yet he was a Regenerator and she was not. Then the wound came.

She remembered Anderson screaming her name in his thick accent. Remembered him leaving Walter and the Captain to rush to her aide. Alucard had sensed the danger he was in and immediately materialized to her side.

Save he was too late.

Alucard’s hand ran to the place on her throat where he bit her. She shivered as she remembered those icy cold lips against her flushed skin. Remembered what the touch of him was like as he held her against him and growled.

He hadn’t given her permission, hadn’t asked if she wanted this. He just had. The Seal should have kept it from doing it, yet . . .

Which meant in some part of her subconsciousness Integra wanted this. Wanted the cool kiss of Alucard’s lips on her throat. Wanted immortality with him of all people.

“Dear God,” she whispered.

Alucard laughed as his shadows let her down. He ran his hand up to smooth her hair back from her face. She smacked his hand away with a tiny snarl. She narrowed her now crimson eyes at him as he continued to grin madly at her.

She snapped, “You’ve wanted this. You’ve wanted this all along, you bastard!” She smacked at his hand and glared up at him. “You wanted to turn a Hellsing into a vampire since my great-grandfather bound you to my family over a hundred years ago! Why the hell did you turn me, Alucard?”

“You are more amusing than your father ever was, Integra, among other things. Not to mention you fascinate me to no end, and for a creature of my age . . . Well, it is hard to find something that enthralls me as much as you do,” Alucard answered as his full mouth quirked up in a winsome smile.

Integra snapped, “But your challenge is over. You won, Alucard. You turned me, but I will not feint and call you Master because you so wish it. I was your master since I was a child, and the tables will not turn with this change of events.”

“Oh, of course not, My Integra, which makes you even more fascinating than you imagine,” Alucard replied as he jerked his cravat free and pulled down his shirt collar. Integra stared at the marble pale column of his throat.

She took another step closer to him and took off her blood stained gloves. With a grimace she let them fall to the ground. She needed a bath, a change of clothing, and what Alucard was offering at this moment.

“Hellsing has fallen,” she said quietly, gritting her teeth, “I have no heir, Walter is gone and I am now one of the damned.”

Alucard’s smile was dazzling as he tilted his head to expose his throat. He said, “Oh no, My Integra, I think Hellsing will become stronger than you could have ever imagined, or will you cling to your humanity like Seras did, or shall you let go and become a real No Life Queen?”

“Your No Life Queen?” Integra snorted dryly, “I doubt it.”

Alucard laughed, a rich and slightly frightening sound. Or at least it should have been frightening. Again, it made lower places tighten with need.

He replied, “I don’t want to possess you, Integra. That was not my intention. No, my intention was to make you what you should truly be, achieve your full potential. Destroy your enemies and keep your country safe. Some knights wear dark armor, Integra. Will you, or do you wish to find Anderson and see if he can put your earthy remains to rest?” His lips quirked up at this as he watched her, looking all to pleased for her taste. Yet he was right.

She closed the distance she had put between them. The same distance she had been putting between them since she was thirteen. “One last thing before we finish this dance you started all those years ago, Alucard,” she said to him as she met his eyes.

He smiled and asked, “And what is that, My Integra?”

She placed her lips on Alucard’s cool skin, right above the artery that would have been pulsing had he been alive. Then again, he was alive. More alive than anyone she’d ever met. More alive in death than he had been in life.

“I am still your master,” she whispered before she bit him for the first time, drinking deeply and accepting her full potential.

The End . . .

I’m sorry if Alucard is a little OOC here. While Integra is easy for me to nail, her subservient vampire isn’t. As always feedback is welcome!