Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Blood of the Moon ❯ ~Bedtime Stories~ ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Blood of the Moon
A long time ago when the Moon and Sun were God and Goddess in human form, there lived a gorgeous young man in a small village at the foot of a mountain. The mountain was the highest mountain in the world and was the closest place to the Gods and Goddesses. The young man was the most fare of all the men. He was also very charming, witty, and intelligent. With his looks he could seduce anyone into doing his bidding. It was often suggested that he was not human. But he never paid any attention to the jealous ramblings of the other men. He often sought out solitude in the lush forest covering the mountain.
One night the young man came upon a beautiful hot spring near the top of the mountain. Noticing that his long walk had made him quite sweaty, he stripped down and into the spring. As he lay there completely content he was oblivious to someone watching him.
The Goddess of the Moon had come down to the mountain to escape the Sun God and his constant harassing. She wistfully walked through the woods until she came upon the young man in the springs. As soon as she had seen him she fell in love with him. She was quite unsure at first for she was an innocent Goddess and had never had such thoughts or feelings for any man before. After a few moments of frantic thinking she finally decided that she wanted to at least meet the man. She turned into a large silver wolf and approached him.
The young man was of course alarmed by the large silver wolf but quickly regained his senses as he remembered that there were never any wolves on the mountain. He believed it to be some nymph playing a trick with him and devised a quick plan to unmask her. He beckoned the wolf over and grinned as it came right next to him on the shore. He gently reached out and stroked her beautiful fur and asked her where her pack was. He invited her to sit next to him and she did. He stroked her head and back until he knew she was completely entranced. Quickly he lifted the dog and hurled her into the water, knowing that whoever it was would have to change back to help from drowning. The Moon Goddess came out of the water, soaking wet. She stared at him with shy silver blue eyes as she coyly played with her hands. The young man horrified at what he had done to the Goddess wadded over to her and asked her if she was all right and apologizes for doing such a thing. As he looked into her eyes he suddenly fell deeply in love with her. He embraced her and voiced to her his undying love for her, as she did to him.
Suddenly they heard the Sun God calling for the Moon Goddess. She told the young man to come back to the springs tomorrow night and that she would meet him here. He agreed and they parted ways until the next night but every time they met the Sun God would come calling for her at the same time and she would have to leave with him.
"Must you go, my love?" The young man pleaded sadly at another nights end.
"Yes my love, the Sun God has his mind set for me to become his, and I can not refuse if he calls." She explained teary eyed.
"Is there no way that you could refuse him?" he asked. She shook her head and he embraced her.
" I swear to you my love that I will find a way for us to be together." He promised as she departed with the Sun God. The young man thought and thought of any possible way that he and his love could be together but nothing would come to him. Finally in his darkest hour The God of Darkness came to him.
"My poor boy, perhaps I could be of assistance to you?" The God of Darkness proposed to him.
"Oh Please, wise kind God," the young man begged, "I implore you, I seek for a way that my Beloved and I may be together without that wretched Sun God coming for her?!" The God of Darkness thought for a moment.
"Why yes my boy I have the perfect answer for you! I shall give you my powers and with that you may fight the Sun God for the right to your love." He said resting his hand on the boys shoulder, "But if you do you may never be human again." The young man confidently agreed and the God of Darkness lent him his powers.
The Sun God had constantly interrogated the Moon Goddess about her whereabouts, but she would always say that she was just out walking alone. He believed her after she wooed him a bit with her eyes, and he let it lie. Then one night the young man appeared at the top of the mountain challenging the Sun God to a battle for the Moon Goddess. The Sun God, enraged to find that the boy had been wooing the Moon Goddess on her walks, hastily agreed. They both fought brutally and passionately. The Sun God used his powers of light, Holy powers and symbols. The young man used the powers that the God of Darkness gave him. He shape shifted his body and lashed out with long fangs. In the end the Sun God had beaten him down, but the Moon Goddess in fear of her loves life gifted him with the gift of eternal life and youth. Enraged at what she had done the Sun God told the young man
"I shall spare your life boy, but you shall never enter my light or you shall die!" With that the Sun God took the Moon Goddess and cut off her only way to Earth. In fear of the Sun God forcing himself on her, she permanently positioned the Earth between them forever so that he may never reach her.
The young man realized he would never be with his love again and was heart broken. But as he went on he realized that he could not eat or drink and had odd cravings for raw meat. In desperation he called the God of Darkness.
"What is wrong young one?" the God of Darkness asked appearing to the young man.
"Wise, kind God of Darkness, what is happening to me? I can not eat or drink, I have an odd craving for bloody meat, and I can not enter any churches!" The young man explained begging the God of Darkness.
"I told you that taking my powers might change you. You are not human anymore, you are a creature of darkness, forced to walk by night. A Damned Soul is what you are boy. The Sun God will not let you enter his light or any Holy place or touching anything or symbol of God. You must drink the blood of others to survive, or you will wither like a flower. You may not be alone if you choose, you may trade blood with a human and turn them into one of the Damned." The God explained, "You are the first of a new race my boy. Tell me, what will you call your species?"
The young man thought for a moment, "We shall be called…Vampires."
The young man, now understanding what he was and what he shall do, left the God. He walked out into the night staring at his beloved thanking her for her gifts upon him. He vowed that if he cannot be with his love then at least he should gaze upon her when the Sun God turns his back over the horizon.
Unknowingly to the young man the Moon Goddess, silently mourning pricked her finger and let a single drop of her blood fall onto the earth. She swore that if she can never be with her love, then he might find a piece of her on Earth to be with.