Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Blood of the Moon ❯ ~Sweet Nothings~ ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Blood of the Moon
The cool dark midnight air gently ruffled my hair as I stared out the window. A group of wolves howled far out from the woods that surrounded our small village, singing to the moon in a chorus. I sighed, thinking of how peaceful it was here, but I knew it wouldn't last long. I could not tell the future, that was quite clear, but I did have a sense of reason. I could see, far off into the woods, that a large blob of people we're headed towards our little sleepy Hollow.
Our village was not named Sleepy Hollow, of course; I merely refer to it as such due to the fact that it always seems to have something-how do you say-lurking in the shadows.
I let out a deep tense breath that had been clutching to the walls of my throat. I could hear the deep troubled breathing of my parental figures down the hall. Why do I call them 'Parental Figures', you ask? Well, the answer would be because in their minds they never saw me as their child. No, I am not adopted, my mother did birth me; she was sleeping down the hall in the bed. Perhaps, it was because I did not look like either of them; nor did I look like my elder brother. That was why they slept so lightly and with such trauma.
Lukas was my elder brother by three years. Did you notice how I said 'was'? He was killed, perhaps a year ago, in a drug bust. He was not one of the seven men dealing with illegal drugs; oh no, he was much too courageous for that. He was the only Police officer KIA during the bust. He was only in his 22 summer, and had yet to propose to his girlfriend of four years.
I believe he was the only person out of my immediate family that considered me as such. He was a tall handsome young man. To anyone who just passed by him he would seem like a heartless ruffian, but inside he truly had a heart of gold. That was probably what led him to become a Police officer in the first place, his natural desire to protect the weak and defenseless.
But that was not why my parents had decided that I was not 'their' child. It was the fact that my hair and eyes where not the same as theirs. My hair, cut to shoulder length, was silver white; too pure to be blond. Everyone in my family has the well-known honey brown eyes, yet my eyes where a hybrid of blue with silver slivers to and fro. In the flock I seemed to be the black sheep. Heh, it's funny how I keep grouping us together even though we are miles apart.
It was at times like these that I was almost grateful that I didn't believe in love. Love was nothing but a myth to me. Nothing but an excuse for people to buy things or read fantasy books by some crackpot author. Nothing…
I continued to gaze over the horizon at the moon that hung low in the sky this night. Instead of the moon being its pure and innocent silver it was a light shade of orange. The bottom tip of the orb just gently brushed the shadow of the farthest tree's on the horizon. The Black and dark green mob of people seemed to be coming closer and closer, until I could practically feel the impending doom of an unavoidable change in my sudden future.
Love is nothing, it means nothing, and it is nothing but an empty word.
I silently watched the moon, wishing-no hoping-that things would change for the better.
But; Oh What Sweet Nothings.