Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Blood of the Moon ❯ The Pick of the Litter ( Chapter 3 )

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Blood of the Moon
It had all happened so suddenly. I barely had time to think about what I was doing. The black and green blob had suddenly seemed to accelerate as it got closer and closer to the village. For some reason I hadn't noticed it until it was nearly upon us. The only thing that had knocked some sense back into me was the high-pitched screams from the little house farthest out into the forest. With that alarm everyone had run outside to see what was going on, everyone except for myself. I watched silently from my room in the attic at the scene before me that would quickly turn disastrous.
As the first gray skinned person came into the village I realized two things: First, many of them where the inhabitance of the village to the east and two; they where not human. Besides their skin being an unnatural color they also seemed to be much to disoriented. Like they didn't have a brain, Oh…and that they where eating the villagers. Not all of the villagers, all of the men and older women, all of the younger woman and some male children where held aside and saved.
Like pieces of fine meat that where best to be eaten last. Or for a higher ranked cannibal.
But the disgusting scene, satin red blood covered the green grass along with scattered dead bodies that where still being fed off. The hot iron scent of blood filled my nostrils as more and more monsters ganged up upon the unarmed villagers. It all happened so fast I missed most of it. But I did catch glimpses of things. Rotting teeth sheathing into soft flesh. Gray messes of people lunging at the villagers, obviously in shock. Limbs being torn off of bodies and gnawed to the bone.
You will notice how I didn't call them innocent. I don't believe that anything is innocent, let alone this group of backstabbers-but I digress.
The Monsters came closer and closer to my house, tearing their teeth into people all the way, and setting some others aside. I mentally slapped myself for not realizing sooner that they were coming towards my house. In a panic I silently slipped from the attic to my parents room to find that they had went outside with all the others. I ransacked my fathers' side of the closet until I found a fairly good-sized bronze case. Lifting the lid and fidgeting into the deep red velvet lining, I grasped the gray 9mm that had once belonged to my elder brother and scrambled back into the attic with some ammo in my pocket. I shut and locked the door to my room just as the first monster entered the main doorway of the house. They must have been able to sense me because they were all surrounding my house, covered in the blood of my fellow villagers. I curled into a ball at the foot of my bed as they searched the house. They sounded like mice through a wall until they were right beneath my door.
I couldn't tell if they were breathing or not, but I could hear them bustling into each other any everything else. I could still faintly hear people screaming and struggling outside of the house, with the occasional squirt of blood from zombies sinking their teeth into a corpse. I heard a bang of gunshot and then…
"GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Zombies came slinking into the room from the floor. I barely had time to react before their clumsy clumping bodies shoved me over to the wall…and straight out the window.
I screamed.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" And thought that these were to be my last moment on this earth as a plummeted towards the earth, and the mob of bloodthirsty ghouls that lay beneath me like a pool of water. Suddenly I felt a jerk and found myself intertwined in the hands and arms of the zombies directly below me. I shrieked again as they pulled me down and shoved me along. Many of them came millimeters from me; strangely sniffing me as if I were a rich wine. I was pressed together with a handful of other people around my age or a bit older. There were also one or two little children. We all stood there, rigid as stone, with a wall of blood-covered monsters to our backs. Yet little did we know, the real monster was standing in front of us. He looked about 23 years of age, and a pompous full-of-himself-jerk to boot. He stood in front of the full harvest moon with two ghouls behind him, as bodyguards I suppose. But as he stared at us, I noticed that his eyes. His eyes were a blood red. An image ran through my head in a flash.
A black shadow, clothed in spun blood stood just beyond me holding out a long black gun. He lifted his head and stared at me intently with the most hellish, fiery, red eyes that had ever gazed on the world. And in a flash. It was gone…
"Hello all," He smirked arrogantly, snapping me out of my thoughts. "I'm in quiet a hurry today so im going to skip most of the formalities. I'm Jack, I'm here to rape you, drink you dry, and turn you into one of my ghouls." He motioned to the urchins behind us. My eyes widened at the thought of becoming such a thing. Along with my glorious luck, as he paced on deciding where to start his little banquet, he stopped on his heel and began wildly sniffing the air.
"What is that scent?" He asked keeping his head high in the air. "What is that fucking…*groan*scent!!?" he said even louder then before; his voice suddenly taking a darker tone. He jerked his head back and stalked over to the top of the line; a fierce and lustful gaze in his crazed eyes. He forced the girls head back and took a deep inhale of her neck. Then he made an incision on her shoulder. When it wasn't the scent he was going mad for, he sliced their throat and threw her to the ghouls. He did this down the line until there were three of us left, one young boy, a woman in her 20's, and I. The entire scene disgusted me, that a man could be so sick and twisted, for a smell!! The blood was just too much for me, I felt like I was going to be sick.
"There are only three of you left." He huffed standing five feet away from us, "One of you is the luscious scent that's driving me mad. And the other two…are ghoul food."
I stiffened as he stalked forward and reached out. The woman screamed as he grasped her by her collar and forced her into him. She screamed and thrashed so wildly that he had to push her to the ground and force himself on top of her. I glanced around at the ghouls, who were too busy feeding to notice us, and the man who was attempting to restrain his frantic pray.
I turned to the boy beside me, who was slightly panicking, and motioned to the forest with my head. The labyrinth of oak and cedar trees' lay perhaps a half of a mile ahead of us, drenched in the white moonlight. I checked back on the man, whom had his face buried in her neck, with her screaming at the top of her lungs.
I turned to the boy who was staring at me with wide frightened eyes, and mouthed 'Go'! I took off running with the boy a foot or two behind me. Unfortunately, the world, and perhaps karma, hated me this night and we became downwind of the- I didn't know what to call him at this point. He was borderline necrophilia slash Vampire impersonator.
I glanced back from our running at about half way through the field. His head shot up and eerily turned and transfixed on me, as his ghouls raced towards us in a jumbled heap. I gasped and turned back towards the embracing forest, a mere 500 Ft from me. I felt a sting of pain as something sharp pierced my skin and grazed the top of my right shoulder. I let out a startled screech and fell over, seeing a large piece of sharp broken glass covered in my blood, lying on the grass. I whimpered slightly as I pressed my hand to the wound and rolled over staring at the sky.
'The sky…' I thought, and noticed that the once pure white moon had been stained red, like blood, creating an aluminous eerie red light throughout the night. I transfixed my eyes upon that so intently; that I didn't even hear the boys strangled screams, and the heavy footsteps that approached me. I let out a loud painful, 'Ahh' as I was lifted up by my shoulders, above the head of Jack. I jerked out of my thoughts and stared down at Jack, who was staring at me with a drugged lustful look on his face. I groaned and tried to kick him in the face, but he grabbed my legs and brought my heavily bleeding shoulder to his face. He inhaled deeply then looked up at me.
"Your blood" He moaned pressing me into him, "smells to wonderful." I felt him press his throbbing manhood against my stomach as he licked and kissed my neck.
"So tantalizingly delicious and sweet. Such soft skin." He grabbed the side of my neck; "I can't wait to fuck you, and drink all of your blood, tearing that long soft neck of yours wide open in the process." My heart stopped for a moment as he continued licking my neck, and feeling my back and waist. I screamed as I felt his tongue trail across my cut. He let out a long hard moan, rubbing himself against me more vigorously. Just as I felt him tug at my pajama pants…a gun shot rang out, and a bullet whizzed past Jacks head and mine. He and is disgusting tongue froze. He turned his head around and stared back heatedly at a man behind him. I groaned and lolled my head to the side glanced over his shoulder, my vision slightly blurry from the blood loss.
A man in a long read trench coat and a large rimmed hat stood perhaps 15 feet away. I stared at his yellow glasses in a daze and found his red glowing orbs behind them.
"What a mess you've made you little cretin." A dark and powerful voice called out, reaching my ears. "It's to be expected of such an impure little leech." I made eye contact with the man. His eyes were a rich crimson red, matching the moon. He stared back at me with an unreadable expression.
"Who the hell do you think you are you-" He was cut short by the man in red firing at him, a bullet grazing his side. Jack howled in pain, dropping me to the ground on my back. I cried out as my shoulder hit the ground causing it to bleed a little more. A small hot tear escaped my blue silver eyes and gently rolled down the side of my face. This was just not my night.
As the mission had started Alucard knew exactly what kind of mission it was going to be, a young new vampire going on a rampage, not being able to control his own bloodlust, nothing of much interest. Oh well, hopefully he'd at least get a good fight out of him.
With Seras Victoria, his one and only fledgling, along side him they came up upon the large group of ghouls. Seras had been with Hellsing for a while and had started warming up to everything that went on in the Hellsing organization. She still refused to drink blood, which was slightly annoying to Alucard. She chose to be a vampire she knew what that entitled when she agreed to it.
"Police girl," Alucard said to her, "can you take care of these ghouls?" She stared out at the mob of them and thought for a moment.
"Yes, Master, I think so." She said taking out her 13mm Baerlks gun and aimed. "But what are you going to do, Master?" She asked.
"Me? I'm going to finish off the main problem, I have a feeling tonight's going to be a very interesting Night-" Alucard stopped and glanced up at the sky. Confused, Seras did the same and gasped. The moon had suddenly turned a bright red color, bathing the area in an eerie red glow. Seras glanced up at Alucard, confused at why the moon was red and found him grinning wildly.
"A very interesting night." He said and melted into the shadows, leaving Seras to do her duties. He reappeared on the other side of the ghouls and scanned the area spread out before him. The vampire was clutching a young girl in his arms, sniffing and licking at her neck. The only reason Alucard could tell that the victim in question was a young girl is due to his keen eyesight, otherwise he would have thought her an elderly woman with her white hair. They stared at each other for a moment; her silver blue eyes seemed to sparkle at him with a moment of recognition. Alucard took out his gun Jackal and gave a warning shot past his head. The boy turned around and leered at him for interrupting him. He saw he was tightly pressed against the girl and hand a finger in the waistband of her pants.
"What a mess you've made you little cretin." Alucard called out grinning at the boy, "But It's to be expected of such an impure little leech." The boy turned around more.
"Who the hell do you think you are you-" He was cut short as another bullet was shot at him, deeply tearing up his side. He screamed and dropped the girl, groping at his side. Suddenly Alucards senses went crazy. The most tantalizing sent gifted him. He felt the feeling he got when he stared at the full moon, when he was first turned, when he tasted his first virgin blood. It all washed over him at once and it was amazing. He took in a deep breath of the scent and walked towards it. He gingerly stepped over the boy's body. Alucard stopped short of the young girl lying on the ground before him. She was perhaps 20 years old, and her odd silver hair was short and framed her oval face. Her right shoulder was bleeding, not enough to cause her to die quickly from blood loss but it was deep enough for stitches and would need to be treated soon.
Alucard realized that the girl's blood was what was clouding his senses. "Tell me, what's a young pup like you doing amongst the undead?" Her eyes rolled out of her head and set their sapphire gaze on his ruby stare. She let out a small laugh and smiled at him.
"I'm the pick of the litter that everyone wants." Her voice was tired from the stress of the night and the continuing blood loss. "Are you the dog catcher, or are you undead too?" Alucard broke eye contact with her and laughed. He could tell right now that this girl was odd.
"I am a Nosfaratu, a true Vampire, my dear girl." Alucard said proudly to her, grinning.
Suddenly he turned around and grabbed the boy by the throat and squeezed his windpipe. He choked and gasped for breath as Alucard bared his pearly rows of fangs and hissed menacingly at him. He lunged at him and gouged his fangs into his shoulder, tearing the skin and veins. The boy's blood flowed down his awaiting throat until his life's blood was gone, and he turned to ash just as Alucard dropped him. He turned back to the girl who was wide eyes at what had just taken place in front of her.
"Nosfaratu…"She repeated and started blacking out. Alucard grinned wildly at her, once again limp body. He let out another booming laugh. As soon as she had seen him kill the whelp her heart rate had slowed down again, as if killing him gave her a sense of relief and comfort. He shook his head, amused, and contacted Integra telling her to have a bed and a doctor ready in the medical ward upon his return.
"What have you done this time, Alucard."? Integra huffed from the other end of the line; Alucard could already see her scowl.
"Nothing, my Master, I've simply found a stray that needs tending to."