Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Blood of the Moon ❯ Alluring Aroma ( Chapter 4 )

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Blood of the Moon
Alucard bent over and generously picker her up, making a note not to touch her shoulder. He had to admit that her blood did possess an alluring aroma that he had never inhaled before. A few humans, throughout his life thus far, had attained a diverse scent or an engaging quality about their blood. But this girl was different even among those miscellaneous few.
Now that there were no more ghouls, and the leader now dead, he had time to study the girl. Her looks were unique, for a human. Her hair was pale silver that was cut an inch or so above her shoulders. When she was awake, he noticed that her eyes were an ocean shade of blue, with silver specks, and a dark ring surrounding. Her skin was a cream color, and her jugular pulsed in her neck steadily. Her pink lips were set in a small frown despite that the rest of her face was calm and serene. To most humans, she must be seen as either a rare beauty, or an odd freak.
Seras had finished off all of the ghouls and walked up to Alucard with the pale girl in his arms, ghoul blood tainting her yellow uniform. She curiously glanced at the girl and lightly tilted her head.
"Is she the only survivor, Master?" Seras asked resting her large gun on her shoulder.
"Yes she is, Police girl." Alucard chuckled, "We're going to bring her to headquarters to be treated."
"Treated at headquarters, why would you want to do that, Master? Is the girl special?" Seras asked studying the girl again. Alucard laughed at her for a moment.
"Smell her scent, Police girl, tell me what she smells like." He ordered. He cradled the girl on his right arm and tilted her head towards him with a gloved hand. Seras bent down to the girl's slender neck and inhaled through her nose. She paused for a moment and quickly jerked away as Alucard pulled the girl out of Sears's reach, he didn't want Seras to bite her. Seras was still a new fledgling and had yet to taste human blood. She stared slightly wide-eyed at the girl.
"S-She smells like… flowers, a foggy night, fresh baked sweets, and…she smells like my mother." Seras face became thoughtful. "All of my favorite smells."
"Interesting..." Alucard said ominously and started walking back to the soldiers, who were securing the perimeter.
"Why do you ask master, what does she smell like for you?" Seras asked Alucard, catching up to his long strides. Alucard gave her an amused look from under his glasses.
"What makes you think I'd tell you, police girl." he teased and disappeared. Seras pouted and gave a deprived look to the space her master had just been in.
"It was worth a try…" She mumbled and quickened her pace.
Alucard strode up to the little group of jeeps and soldiers, proudly. He walked up to Pip Vernedead, the leader of the 'Wild Geese'. He glanced up at Alucard, respect and fear radiating off of him like a tidal wave. Then he noticed the odd girl in his arms.
"Who iz dis Alucard?' Pip asked in his thick French accent. "Iz she a survivor?"
"Yes-" Alucard was cut off by Integra yelling at him through the speaker on his headset.
"Alucard!! Get back here now! I need to talk to you!" She ordered. Alucard could hear her clenching her teeth.
"Yes, my master." He replied into the set and quickly took it off, in fear of another outburst. He glanced down at the girl and then to Pip, who was examining the girl. Alucard hesitated from the look on Pips face, but he didn't really have a choice. He held the girl out to him. "I'm leaving this girl in your care. I want her at Hellsing Manor in one piece and within the hour. Is that understood, 'Pip'." Alucard gave him a look from under his glasses. Pip gently took the girl in his arms and gulped.
"Yes, sir. She'll be fine." He said and turned towards the Wild Geese trucks. Alucard began melting into the shadows and took another look at the girl. He had a feeling things were going to get more interesting.
Four of the Wild Geese members sat in silence in one of the Hellsing's large hummer tanks. Pip had ordered them to bring the survivors to the Hellsing manor. The survivor in this case, was the young white haired girl with blood staining her dark green tank top and shorts. She was lying in the backseat, a lone young guard sitting at her feet making sure she was all right.
"How are you holding up, Jimmy?" one of the three men in the front seats asked, glancing back at him. Jimmy quickly glanced from his three comrades to the sleeping girl.
"Why do you think Captain Pip was so concerned that we keep this girl so safe?" Jimmy asked openly studying the odd girl. One of the guys laughed.
"Didn't you see the captain talking to that vampire guy Alucard? He probably scared him when he told him to get the girl safely to Hellsing." Jimmy bit his lip and nodded.
A loud howl reached the ears of the three men. The hummer/tank was a couple miles from London, they could already see the glittering streets and tall buildings, but they were still making there way out of the forest.
"What the fuck was that?" the soldier in the passenger seat asked taking out a gun.
"Ah Evan, your getting' all jumpy. Calm down, its just a wolf." The driver said glancing at him with a grin. The young man, Evan, shook his head and placed a hand on his forehead.
"Yeah, your right. I'm probably just tired. I didn't get enough sleep." He chuckled in a tired voice. Another howl pierced the darkness of the woods, even louder then before. After a moment another eerie call echoed the first. Then another. Then another, until the loud cries of the night seemed to surround them from all sides.
The young man in the back glanced around at the surrounding forest, suddenly very paranoid. He heard a soft 'Mm' and turned his head to the girl at his left. Her mouth opened and her eyes opened a sliver.
"…For…me?" She whispered so softly that the young man had to strain his ears to hear her.
"What the fu-" The driver was cut off as a tremendous force hurled against the side of the vehicle. They were all flung to the right as the driver veered in that direction from the force.
"WHAT TE FUCK!?" he screamed as another impact, twice as hard as the previous one, slammed into their left side. The force as so great that it caused the vehicle to teeter on its right tires. The soldiers glanced at the surrounding dark forest, which was getting thankfully thinner as they approached the outskirts of London. Through the trees they could see large sleek forms dashing alongside the vehicle on both sides.
The young girl's body fell from her position on the seats and into the floor between the driver's seat and the backseat. At that time the vehicle landed back onto all four tires. The driver sped up the vehicle, now reaching 85 mph. The young man in the backseat scooted over and proceeded to try and pick the girl up off of the floor. The vehicle was attacked a third time; this time they could see what was barraging them. Five large wolves, all different colors of brown and black, with gold eyes, came at them.
The young man in the back leaned forward, trying to keep himself from falling back, took a firm hold of the girls arm and attempted to pull her up. All five wolves let out deadly howls and growls and together rammed into the truck, causing it to rock dangerously, then fall onto its side. As it continued to skid the men in the front hung onto what they could as the drier tried to do what he could. The young man in the back still had a grip on the girl and was holding onto the seat with his other hand. He tried to pull the girl up closer to him but a serious of loud clanks caught his attention. Four of the wolves jumped onto the still skidding truck. Two of them went at the hood, while two ripped open the backseat door. The young man's head jerked up as two of the large canines leered down at him with a steely hate. Suddenly they lunged at him, iron fang bared and sink into his head and shoulders. He let out a muffled scream as they unmercifully yanked him out of the truck. As one severed his upper body from his lower, the other, with surprising gentility, took the girls shoulder in his mouth and brought her up to his side. With the help of the other they nudged the girl onto the ones back-
Just as the car stopped skidding, it exploded. Most of the men were flung from the car and so were most of the wolves.
After a few moments two of the men awoke, lying just inside the streets of London, a few feet from the burning hummer, and with multiple injuries. Lifting his heavy head Evan quickly skimmed the surrounding area. There was a half eaten body lying discarded next to the wreckage, another hanging out of the window, and the corpse of a wolf lying in pieces in the wreckage. 'Bastard was probably the one who blew the gas tank.' The other man quickly pulled out a radio from one of the pockets on his belt and yelled into it.
"Headquarters!!? This is team Geese B! Come in!!" He yelled franticly.
"Team Geese B, this is Hellsing Headquarters. What's your status? Over." They replied in a slightly static voice.
"We've been attacked. Repeat. We've been attacked! Just outside of London on the-" The man was cut off by a brown wolf clamping his pearly teeth around his neck. Blood oozed out of the gaping wound and the wolf chomped right through his neck, severing his head. Evan began hyperventilating at the sight and attempted to drag himself in the other direction. He got two arms lengths away, before he a large weight was thrust upon his back, squishing him to the pavement. He slowly turned his head around and screamed as a set of jaws ripped into his back.
"Team Geese B!? Come in!? This is Hellsing Headquarters. Report your status!? Come in!?"