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In the name of God, impure souls of the living

Dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen


Audience: Hellsing fans who know the story and like a warped sense of humor.

"Fire! Miss Victoria. Take the shot!" urged Fergusson.

"Yes! sir!"

Followed by the bang of her halconnen cannon, the crowd of ghouls disappeared in an explosion of dust.

"Good work Miss Victoria. I believe we've got them all." Fergusson said. "In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen"

He moved to use the radio, to call sir Integra to tell her that their targets had been silenced.

"Sir!" came Seras' voice over the walkie talkie.

"Yes? Miss Victoria." Fergusson replied in a strained voice. `She always does this after the job a job. She seemed to need some sort of reassurance that what she had done had been right. Why can't she just fucking understand, that the Hellsing organization only kills the bloody vampires and ghouls that are a danger to the Queen and her fucking country?' Fergusson thought in his head as he prepared himself for the same talk that always followed the completion of the job.

"Ghouls! We didn't finish them off. Sir! I don't know if I can!!" she sounded slightly hysterical against the sound of the ghouls. The sound that always gives Seras a look that says she going to cry.

If someone had been there with him, they would have sent the look of relief on his face. "No fucking talk anytime soon' He thought in triumph.

"…What am I going to do?! They're attacking our men commander."

"Pull yourself together Victoria!" Fergusson yelled.

"Victoria! Victoria?!"

Seras threw her walkie talkie away, the batteries where dead, it was useless, like the dead bodies of her team. They would soon become ghouls.

Feeling like bursting into tears, she picked up a machine gun and turned around to face the ghouls and do what she had to do.

Suddenly, out of no-where, a ghoul stood up, right in front of her and grabbed her, moving in to bite her. She pushed it away, but in doing so, it ripped the sleeve of her shirt off. She screamed in frustration. She wasn't dreading what she had to do now, she was looking forward to it. The ghoul had pissed her off and he was going to pay a thousand fold.

"Bloody pig!!"

Her eyes turned black and a shadow seemed to cover her face. Her uncontrollable vampiric side had taken over, like when the Valentine brothers attacked with their ghoul army.

She sprayed the ghoul with bullets out of her machine gun and he disappeared in a cloud of dust and a moan that was half a scream. She then turned to the other ghouls and shot them, killing ten in a matter of seconds. When she ran out of ammunition, she killed them with her hands. `This is actually fun!' she thought through her trance.

With only twenty ghouls to go, Arucard showed up. Immediately (as if someone had flicked a switch) she snapped out of her trance.

"Master? What are you doing here?" She asked in a tiny voice that totally gave away the fact that she greatly admired, and even loved him.

Instead of answering, he shot the rest of the ghouls with his `anti-freak' Jackal.

"Stop it! why do you have to be like that!" She said in a voice that was no longer filled with love, but filled with rage.

"…I could have finished them! Why do you always have to come in and make me look like I can't do anything!"

Her eyes brimmed with tears and she tried to beat him with her little fists. He just stood there looking down on her with a pitiful look on his face. It didn't hurt him. The wall that seemed to be holding her tears at bay broke down and she started crying with the frustration of it all. Arucard grinned down at her,

"I'm only having fun, Police girl" he provoked tauntingly, emphasizing the words `police girl'.

"Stop it! You know I hate you calling me that." Her voice sharp, angry. Her tears now forgotten.

"I do have a name you know" she added pointedly.

She tried to hold a glare, but the look that Arucard gave her made her form a weak grin. As if she suddenly remembered something, she looked around, then, seeing that no one was there, she whispered (in an uncertain kind of voice) ,

"Is it…" she began, "…is it ready? The plan I mean.."

"You know the answer to that, Police girl"

"Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh!" she screamed right on que. "Damn you! You bastard!' She picked up one of Alexander Andersons swords that just happened to be lying around, and swung it at Arucards head. He stood back just out of the swords reach and stood there grinning in an insanely annoying way as Seras got her balance back.

"Why Police girl…" he began, but didn't get to finish, because this time Seres' aim was true. His face still grinning fell off his body and rolled away.

"Bloody Pig." She spat on his face

She sat down, waiting for Arucard to regenerate, feeling somewhat deflated. Within a few moments, he was back to himself. He had an amused look on his face and he ginned that gorgeous grin of his, down at her.

"You're fun." He said.

His words rea-woke her fury and she jumped up, sword raised, and cut off his head again. His face lay on the blood-soaked muddy ground. His grin infuriated her, so she kicked his away.

As if she had just realized what she had done, she looked in the direction of her masters' head.

"Master? I'm don't know what can over me, and I swore I'd never cry at a crime seen master. Master!"

She collapsed onto the muddy ground. Tears of overwhelm trickling down her face.

Integral gasped. `Arucard was dead! Her beloved was gone and it was all that stupid bitches fault!' Her mind ran in turmoil. `He can't be dead! He just can't!' She told herself to calm down. `He'll regenerate in a few minutes' she reassured herself.

A few minutes later, Arucard still hadn't regenerated. Panic overtaking her sense; she stepped out from behind the army tank to confront Seres.

She appeared out of nowhere and the shock of seeing Integral standing there made her worry. `What had she seen? What would she say or do? Will I be kicked out of the Hellsing organization? What was going on and why hadn't Arucard regenerated yet. He's done it before, what the hell is taking him so bloody long?!' Seras' mind was filled with confusion, she tried to calm herself, `don't jump to conclusions, she's probably only just arrived…'

Seras stood up, brushed off her uniform and turned to address the most powerful person of the organization, Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing.

"Sir Integral, I…I" Seras stuttered, her strength failing miserably under Integral's stare.

"You Bitch!" Integral said. Seras' eye grew large, `maybe she did see what happened!' she thought in a panic. She waited for Integral too continue but she didn't have too, Integral was off and racing in a heavy stream of insults and things that weren't the sort of thing she'd say at all.

"…Just because he didn't like you, you go and…" she faltered, "…and kill him. Well he loved me and, and you could have respected that, but instead you go around wearing your little mini skirts and tight tops, your, `uniform.' Where's your self respect anyway? We have no room in the Hellsing family for a vampire who has no self respect and can't even look after her own unit!" She paused for breath, and to collect her thoughts.

"Did you really think that he could love you? He thinks you're pathetic, you've heard him yourself! You would have never won him over, never…" She stopped.

Seras stood back in shock. `Integral! Showing emotions! Feelings! What was going on?'

Seras' disbelief must have shone on her face, she hadn't really taken in what Integral had said to her, she was a bit unnerved by it all to tell the truth, `and why is Integral looking at me like that?' she wondered.

Integral had the look on her face of someone who knows something that other people don't know.

"Unlocking power restriction to level A," Integral began, liking the look of confusion that she saw on Seras' face. "Unleashing artrostrictons to level 1, the Cromwell power realize is in effect." She stopped; waiting for something, Seras' mind ran in circles with questions. When nothing happened, Integral's smug look changed to a look of annoyance.

"Acknowledge my approval! Arucard! Arucard!"

Still nothing happened and once again Integral's expression changed, to worry. Fury overcame worry and she pulled out her pistol and with her hand trembling slightly she raised the gun and pointed it at Seras' head.

"Sir Integral…" Seras began with a panic "…he's not de.." She didn't get to finish because Integral had cut her off. Ignoring her last statement, Integral stated screaming and going way out of control.

"You killed him, and you're going to pay a thousand fold. Seras Victoria" She said her name as an insult.

With that, she pulled the trigger once, twice, six times. The silver bullets formed a dotted cross on beginning on her chest and ending on her forehead. She fell over with a gasp, she coughing up blood, blood was everywhere, on the ground and `now on me' she thought. `I wonder if Hellsing will pay for the dry cleaning?' She was falling, disappearing into a vast hole of blackness. "Master" she whispered feebly.

Integral looked down at Seres with a kind of grim satisfaction. "Pathetic" she said.

She was dying. Dying dying dying. Fading into the darkness.

No wait, it was getting brighter and the pain of where she had been shot was disappearing. She regained conciseness and the first thing she saw the look of horror on Integrals face.

`What is going on?!' Integral thought in a panic `I shot her six times with those bloody expensive silver bullets! She should be dead!!'

The fully healed Seras had an advantage. While Integral was getting over the shock and at the same time trying to appear calm, she walked over to Integral, reached out to for her gun that she was still holding and said, knocking Integral out of her thoughts that for once in her life, showed on her face.

"Oh" Seras said, "Sir, there seems to be something wrong with your gun, the end's all bent" with that she bent the end of Integrals gun so that the barrel was pointing upwards. She ginned. Integral glared back .

Integral was fuming, `That's it!' she thought `that bitch is going to die!'

Seras' grin faded as she saw Integral pick up her Halconnen Cannon that Seras had left leaning up against a crate of ammunition.

Integral strained a bit under the weight of the 30kg weapon but managed to hold it up against her hip, the barrel pointed squarely at Seras' chest. She didn't wait for Seras to speak, she didn't want to hear the bullshit that she would most likely say, and besides that thing is heavy.

She fired, the shock of the discharge pushing her back several meters. Seras screamed and disappeared in the same kind of explosion of dust that she herself had seen the ghouls disappear in.

Integral stood triumphant over the remains of Seras Victoria which was nothing but a settling pile of dust.

"I knew you'd be a problem, right from the start. But now, you're gone, and Arucard is mine! My own……my precious!"

When she mentioned Arucards name, she remembered that he was…

"Dead? Really Ms Hellsing, You should know me better that that."

She turned around quickly, her hair actually moving under the weight of all the hair spray that she used. She saw Arucard emerging from the shadows.


With all dignity forgotten, she ran to him, expecting to see his eyes filled with love, like hers was, and his arms open, waiting to catch her in an embrace. She looked into his eyes as she hugged him. He didn't return her look of love or her embrace. He just stood there waiting for her to unpeel herself from him. Her pride was hurt and she felt embarrassed at her short burst of emotion. She let go of him and stood back a step or two. Angry, she lashed out at him, but he just ignored her.

"Where the hell have you been?' She demanded.

He didn't answer.


He glanced around the clearing, as if looking for something. His eye's came to rest on Seras' canon which was lying in the mud beside Integral. Something clicked inside his head and he understood. At that point he spoke.

"What have you done to her!" It wasn't a question.

It was timed perfectly. Integral was just about to blow her cool. But it wasn't exactly what Integral wanted to hear. In fact it would change her life forever.

"Who? Seras Victoria? I thought that's what you wanted me to do, remember?" She said all this quickly, in an uncertain, nervous voice, as if she was back with her father and he was asking a question that she didn't know the answer to.

"Now we can be together forever! Just us. This is what we talked about?" She rushed on

How pathetic.

Arucard was furious and as he often did, he told her the truth, in his trade mark way. Blunt and mockingly, without sympathy.

"Did you honestly think that I could ever love you?" He mocked.

"Do you know," he continued, "my names a bit of an enigma as well, except mine doesn't mean `filthy English sow'." He grinned in a sick kind of way, as if it was a joke.

"Don't you realize what you've done! I loved her! Not you! You're a lazy, stubborn piece of filth! No. You're lower then filth, you're just scum. Don't you feel ashamed? I thought scum could at least feel shame." Arucard seemed to grow with each word he said, his voice telling the emotion that he felt with crystal clear certainty. The truth.

Integrals eyes where glassy, "But…I thought…" she faltered, for probably the first time in her life, "…you loved me."

"Me? Love you? Are you insane? Have all these years of suppressing your emotions gone to your head?"

Integral couldn't hold it in anymore, she let out a sob, then pulled out her other gun that was tucked into her belt under her very un-flattering men's ka-kea colored suit. She held the gun up to her head, gave one last heartbroken look at Arucard, then pulled the trigger. She fell down as if in slow motion and came to rest on the blood splattered muddy ground.

The clouds vanished and the illusion of the pile of ash that had been Seras' remains disappeared, and her laughter pieced the silent night.

Stepping out of the shadows came Seras Victoria; Arucard looked fondly in her direction and joined her in laughter.

"Nice." He said as they parted from a kiss.

"You really think so? I'm not sure if I'll look good carrying that on my conscious. I'm a strong girl but I'm not that strong…."

"Police girl…" He began in a loving voice.


"I do love you, you know"

"'I know," she replied, then as an after thought, "master."

They looked at each other and laughed.

After Seras had finally drunken Arucards blood on his request, he had realized what his true feelings where for her. She was very much a vampire and once she was free from his control she had embraced her new side almost immediately.

Fergusson gasped, he had watched the whole event from under a pile of dead men that where beginning to stir as they turned into ghouls. `Arucard and Seras had killed Sir Integral, his only love, and what's worse; Arucard now has full, unlimited power! Sir Integral realized them to get him to come back to life when she thought he was dead!!!'

Fergusson watched them walk away, Arucard a good head and a half taller then Seras, and Seras carrying her seven foot canon. `Those two will be indestructible, I must do something!' His thoughts strayed to the Vatican's special section thirteen and there human regenerator, Paladin Alexander Anderson. `Maybe he will finish them off; I never did like their attitude, fucking Victoria and her complaints. And bloody Arucard and his mocking attitude to sir Integral…'

Arucard turned, and touched his hat at Fergusson who would have jumped a meter in the air had he not been under half a ton of dead bodies.

"What a beautiful night."