Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 33 ( Chapter 31 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 33:
Lillian was heading back from the kitchen to her office once more. Victory was hers! In her arms concealed her most favorite and true weakness ever, ICE CREAM! Yes the true genius she was! Heh, heh. Alucard was out of the house and Seras was too. Grace was confined to her room and Vincent was off doing…doing…well whatever he does best! Sigh. Lillian looked down in her arms, holding the huge bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, smothered in sprinkles.
“I can't wait to eat you can I? No I can't, you most beautiful thing in the world.” She spoke to it lovingly. As soon as her two vampires left the house, Lillian finished her report and then hightailed it to the kitchen while Vincent wasn't there. She wasn't supposed to have ice cream until after supper but heh, stuff that!
Lillian was an expert in the kitchen now though. The drawers and cupboards are now labeled and everything. She didn't know why though, probably for some stupid idiot who doesn't know where spoons, plates and bowls are. Morons.
Lillian paused for a bit in the hallway and took in the silence. No Alucard, no Seras and no Grace to have to worry about. AND ice cream. Oh it was too good to be true. Lillian marched the rest of the way to her office, smile on face, grinning ear-to-ear singing,
“I scream, you scream we, as in me, screams for ice cream!”
BANG, Alucard's gun went as the freak fell dead to the ground.
“And another one bites the dust hey master.” Seras spoke as she watched her master kill another freak.
“These human freaks are a insult to any true vampire. Can't even take one lousy bullet. Weaklings the lot of them. No challenge at all and I'm growing bored of this continuing target practice.” Alucard answered her as he shot another freak dead.
“Are all the ghouls dead yet Police Girl?” Alucard asked her turning around. Seras looked around saw one still moving, shot it and nodded her head.
“Yep!” Seras smiled. Alucard only grumbled.
“What are you so happy about Police Girl?” he asked her, she was in a good mood. Seras smiled and answered,
“Because I fought with Lillian's human (she started calling her that now) and I haven't got in trouble nor punished yet.” Alucard raised an eyebrow at that. Seras continued on.
“So well I figure that if I'm out here, still on missions that means I'm not going to be confined from duty!” Seras raised her gun up and shot another freak from the side of her without taking her eyes off her master.
“So you'd rather get shot Police Girl?” Alucard asked her taking his last blood pack from his coat pocket and opened it up. Seras face fell.
“Shot?” she asked hesitantly. Alucard turned away from her now and continued on down the hallway drinking the blood packet.
“Yeah, Lillian mentioned something about that earlier. She still needs you on active duty because our on going pest problem. However you still need to be punished, and our Lillian is not very creative when it comes to punishments. Don't worry Police it doesn't really hurt any longer after the fiftieth bullet.” Alucard was smiling from ear to ear, back turned to Seras. He loved stirring up his fledging.
“Fif…fif…fiftieth?” Seras mumbled out gripped by events yet to come, almost dropping her gun. Alucard was laughing now, full and hard at Seras's fear.
“Master!” Seras whined at him,
“You're joking right, right! She isn't really going to shoot me! Is she?” Seras asked hopeful and praying Alucard was just having a go at her. She was right next to him now. He looked down at her.
“Well I'm getting punished for it Police girl so why…”Alucard was unable to finish his sentence as down in the middle of the hallway stood Paladin Alexia Anderson. She looked up at him and continued to walk down towards Alucard, into the room they were now occupying. Alucard smiled, finally a challenge worth fighting for.
“It's about time you showed up vampire. I was beginning to think you wouldn't show.” The paladin spoke. Seras was in shock; she was the spitting image of Alexander. She had not met the paladin but only heard of her through Alucard. Fear quelled in Seras stomach as she remembered the last couple of battles they had with him. But he was dead now, master had killed him, so he should be able to kill her too. Still Seras felt an uneasiness she had never felt before.
“You're on protestant soil, catholic and we can't be responsible to what may and will likely happen to you.” Alucard said once more drawing his guns, this was going to be fun.
“Shut up you demon from Hell! Tonight I come for your head and vengeance for my father's murder! All who oppose us are heathens in the eyes of God and all stand equal in their damnation. Amen. Prepare for judgment vampire for you will be residing in Hell for all eternity!” she screamed at him. Alucard only smiled, perfect.
“Releasing control art restriction to level two. Hold release until target has been eternally silenced.” Alucard spoke. The paladin smiled now, the rat had caught her bait. She started speaking in Latin quickly, chanting her scripture. Alucard felt confused before realizing something, Seras was still behind him, oblivious to everything. Paper flew out of the paladin from somewhere and knives were embedded deep into the walls attached with the papers. It hit Alucard what she was doing, absolute holy magic was being summoned-police girl. He turned around to Seras, faster than the human eye could follow and pushed her away from the room with his strength.
“Seras, run!” he yelled at her. The shield went up incasing the room and Alucard was confined, he doubled over in pain from the holy magic attacking his system. Seras watched from the entrance of the room, she couldn't breathe; just being near it was causing her pain. Master she thought, he, he had pushed her out of the way, protected her.
The paladin was smiling evilly now, she had him. Seras watched in horror as the priest raised her arms and threw her bayonets at Alucard. Numerous swords pierced Alucard's body and burned him.
“MASTER!” Seras yelled, arm reaching out for him from the outside of the barrier. Alucard looked over to her,
Run, Seras! Run now!
What could Seras do? She obeyed her master and phased out to get help-Lillian.
Alucard could feel his strength wavering, being sucked out of him. He looked up and smiled at the paladin, his legs barely able to hold himself up from the pressure the barrier was creating.
“Ready to die vampire?” she asked him.
Alucard only smiled as he fell to the floor.
Lillian was just nearly at her desk when the pain hit her. She dropped her bowl on the desk and gripped her chest.
Alucard? Lillian thought. The pain she was feeling now was tremendous but familiar as well, she could feel something on top of the pain that she knew about but couldn't recall it at this moment. It was Alucard reaching out for her wasn't it? But it was so weak, all she could feel was the pain but that was now gone too. Lillian didn't understand, she could still feel Alucard's presence through the seals in her mind but the door in her mind that was usually open was shut.
Was Alucard hurt? But that would be impossible; he was only on a freak mission, target practise to him. Lillian sat on her desk and subconsciously grabbed for her bowl of ice cream. Lillian thought on some more. The Vatican isn't here, I would have been informed if not by them but by my own people. Lillian couldn't seem to reach out to Alucard any longer and this was worrying her. Her heart felt heavy. Lillian reached down and grabbed her spoon, spooning a bit her ice cream; she raised it up to her mouth to take a bite.
Seras phased into her office at that precise moment. She gripped onto Lillian's desk for support.
“Lillian…master…Alucard…in…trouble& #8230;hurt!” Seras gasped out, breathing heavily. Lillian dropped her spoon before she was able to take a bite and stood up.
“Seras take a deep breath you look like you're hyperventilating, though I don't know how that is even possible but speak to me properly. What's happened to Alucard?” Lillian ordered, fear gripping her stomach, Alucard. Seras straightened herself up and spoke once again.
“Master is in trouble. The paladin attacked us. She, she's going to kill Alucard!”
“Shit!” Lillian said with feeling. Seras was still trying to regain herself, the barrier had weakened her and she used most of her powers simply trying to get here as fast as she could. Lillian shoved everything off her desk. Her ice cream fell to the floor, now forgotten.
“Computer, activated centre consol on desk. Password, `hurry up and give me my guns!'” Lillian spoke into her earpiece.
Password confirmed, releasing centre consol. The computer spoke. The front of her desk released and Lillian grabbed her shotgun, other handgun and sword. She strapped them on and faced Seras who was frozen in shock at the desk, absently pointing at it.
“Do you know where he is being kept? Is it far?” Lillian demanded. Seras woke up to herself now following her out of Lillian's office.
“Yes and it's not far.” She answered back.
“Good, you're going to have to directed me by car.” Lillian stated. Lillian turned back on her earpiece to contact Vincent.
“Vincent, I'll be going out for abit. Some sudden business has come up that requires my attention. Protect the house and Grace and keep an eye on my personal tracer. If I'm not back or have not made contact in two hours come looking for me. Lillian out.”
“Yes my lady.” Vincent answered and Lillian was out the door. There was already a car at the front so Lillian decided to pinch it. There was a nagging thought in the back of Seras mind which she couldn't quite focus her thoughts on it. It was important but she couldn't remember it quite now. Lillian walked up to the driver's side of the car.
“Seras hop in the passengers side to direct me. I'll drive.” Lillian spoke. Seras paled, and yes it was possible in this instant. It had finally hit Seras. She remembered master's warning about Lillian and her driving. The passenger's door opened and the car started up.
“Lets go Seras now!” Lillian yelled at her. Seras gulped quite loudly and got in.
Dear god let us get there in one piece. Seras prayed.