Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 36 ( Chapter 34 )

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Chapter 36:
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Lillian was bent over in pain. From Seras view it looked as if the bayonet had gone through Lillian's chest, through her…heart.
Lillian paused for a moment and breathed, just breathed. In and out, in and out. She straightened herself again, the blade now fully visible sticking out her back. She bent her head and took a closer look at the blade that was through her shoulder blade before turning back to face Alexia.
Alexia just stood there still in her battle pose staring at Lillian in bewilderment.
Lillian's eyes widened before she finally yelled,
“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” she then grabbed the side of her jacket,
“YOU'VE JUST RUINED MY FAVOURITE JACKET!” she practically screamed.
Seras simply shrugged now.
She's fine. May the gods have mercy on the priest now though, because Lillian sure as hell will not. Seras though before turning back to tend to Alucard.
“What?” Alexia mumbled out still bewildered as she straightens herself up once more. Lillian started to pace now, practically fuming. Her left arm had become limp and her muscles around the wound were beginning to spasm, the pain now just setting in. She paused once more to scream at Alexia,
“You bloody freaking bitch! My favourite jacket! Look at how much blood has seeped through it! Vincent is going to kill me now! Not to mention he'll now through it out! And the wound! Do you know how much physiotherapy I'm gonna have to endure! Man it fucken hurts!” Lillian started her pacing again. Jhgjg
Alexia still stood there in shock.
Was the wench insane? Did she feel no pain? Why wasn't she screaming out in agony or begging for her life? And what was with the jacket? It was just a piece of clothing? All these questions and confusion was giving her a headache. She looked over to Lillian once more who was still screaming and fuming over her jacket. Lillian then suddenly stopped and looked at her. Her eyes were brightening, the red flecks becoming more visible and clearer. They were boring holes in her mind!
Those eyes! I can't stand those eyes! Alexia thought, her anxiety growing. She clutched her remaining bayonet tightly to her body and crouched down lower her battle stance.
“Vile demon! It's time to finish you off you little wench!” Alexia screamed as she lunged towards Lillian. Lillian saw her coming and yelled in response,
“Bring it on bitch!” Lillian threw her sword down to the ground, its hint facing up; the sword itself imbedded in the floor and drew her handgun with her good arm from the small of her back. She fired into Alexia who was running straight for her. Lillian shot Alexia with her wicked and precise aim, once in the forehead, once in both shoulders for payback and fired the rest of the round in her heart.
Alexia was pushed back from the impact of the bullets and her own momentum. She crumbled to the ground, shivering slightly. The bullets were mercury based so they were slowly but surely poisoning her system. She was completely defenceless, her body twitching in reaction to the poisoning. She would need more time to heal, time that Lillian wouldn't give her. She was done for, she mused as her thoughts loomed to her demise. Lillian was slowly walking towards her now and all she saw was her death in her eyes and in her smile, it was not a nice death either.
Lillian drew her sword from the ground and continued to walk up to the truly fallen priest, her left arm-hanging limp from her socket, while still smiling ever so sweetly.
“Pay back's a bitch is it?” Lillian laughed at her. Alexia rolled her head to the side not wanting to face her.
“You…you cheated…” alexia mumbled out. She then coughed up some blood as her lungs were damaged also from the bullets that were riddled through the top half of her body. Lillian laughed again as she bent down towards Alexia, moving Alexia's head to by her chin to face her.
“This coming from you fallen priest? Don't make me laugh. No doubt you ambushed Alucard and then sealed him before he could even fight back. Then no doubt started to drain him as soon as you were able before you tortured him. You took the cowards' way, no honour what so ever, you don't even deserve to live, do you? As for me, I live in the 22nd century honey and I use what weapons that are available to me. There's no shame in that.”
Alexia was staring at Lillian no with all the anger and malice she could put into that stare.
“I'll kill you wench, I'll kill all of you. Just you wait. I'll, I'll have my vengeance.” She slurred out, blood down her chin now. Lillian crouched down even lower; the fallen priest was no threat now.
“Sure you will. What pathetic last words fallen priest. Honestly, look at yourself now fallen priest. How pitiful you are now. You're a waste of breath, you don't even deserve God's grace now do you, why you don't even deserve to live, do you? You say I'm a monster, a vile demon, but what does that make you? You sure aren't human and now why you're not even a priest anymore. Are you ready to die? Ready to repent for all of your sins? Judgement awaits you fallen priest.”
Seras now looked over to the battle scene and saw what Lillian was about to do. Lillian had raised her sword above her head, ready for the final blow.
No! Lillian! Seras screamed in her head.
Tears began to fall from Alexia's eyes, down her cheeks as she mumbled out,
“I, I don't wanna die…”
Lillian's eyes widened slightly at Alexia's words before she smiled evilly and answered,
“Really? Then my dear, you should have never been born…” Lillian raised the sword even higher now, ready for the finally blow to end it all when Seras screamed,
“NO…Lillian don't do it!” Seras was by her side now, holding Lillian's hand and the hilt of the sword so she couldn't bring it down and cut off the fallen priest's head. Lillian's head snapped up and she glared at Seras for stopping her make the kill.
“Why Seras? Why? Why shouldn't I kill her for all she's done? What she was going to do? Haven't you seen what she did to Alucard? She could have killed him damnit! Or does that mean nothing to you? Does it? Should she not pay for the sins she has committed with her very life?” Lillian exclaimed.
Seras looked so sincere, practically pleading, begging even with her eyes to Lillian not to do it.
“But that's not you Lillian, that's not you…” Lillian moved back in shock. Seras eyes were watering once more.
Why was Seras begging for the fallen priest's life? I don't understand. Lillian was asking herself.
“What do you mean, that's not me? You don't even know me! I am me! She is the enemy Seras and I will show no mercy to my enemies, not to no one!” Lillian yelled.
Seras was still holding on to Lillian's hand tightly. Refusing to let go, the tears now falling freely. She moved closer to Lillian, staring right into her eyes, which still held red flecks through them.
“Where's Lillian? Where is little Lillian?” she asked softly.
“What are you talking about Seras? I'm right here!” Lillian was demanding. Seras now just shook her head repeatedly, whispering continuously,
“No, no, no…where's little Lillian? Please, Lillian, please Lillian, please…”
Lillian sighed out loud, let go of her side of the sword and stood up. She looked down at Seras in disgust.
“And this is why you will always be weak Seras. Why you will always be nothing more than Police Girl…”
Seras looked up in defiance and retorted,
“Well it's better than being a cold hearted, sadistic and cruel murderer!” Lillian's eyes became slits and still Seras stared up at her, not willing to break the staring contest of wills.
“I am what I am Seras. At least I'm not lying to myself, hiding from my nature nor running from the truth.” Lillian answered her coldly and will malice. Seras now stood up and faced Lillian head on.
“I really very much doubt that Lillian, I very much doubt that.”
Alucard opened his eyes again as he regain conscious once more and saw an out of focus view of Seras and the one she was talking to. He mumbled out,
“Lillian? Where's my little Lillian?”
Both Lillian and Seras turned around to Alucard.
“Alucard!” Lillian yelled.
“Master!” Seras echoed.
The fallen priest now lay forgotten on the floor as she was unconscious now herself, the poison taking over. Seras on the other hand ran back to Alucard's side once more.
“Master are you ok?” she asked. Lillian was now just staring at Alucard like she was truly seeing him for the first time.
“Alucard?” she whispered out hesitantly. Alucard was trying to look at her, his vision still not cleared yet. When his eyes finally met hers, Lillian felt a searing pain go through her head. She grabbed and held her head with her good arm tightly, almost ripping out her own hair. She could hear the little girl again. She could hear her laughing again!
“Argh! Go away you little brat! Go away!” she yelled out loud.
“Lillian?” Alucard mumbled out again, now trying to refocus her again, his eyes couldn't take the movement yet.
Lillian's head snapped back up and she calmed, breathing deeply. Her eyes returning to her original blue once more.
“Alucard?” Lillian asked again hesitantly. She looked over to him slumped on the floor leaning against the wall and the she rushed to his side. Seras was a bit weary at first but when she saw Lillian's eyes, she breathed a sigh of relief; they were blue again.
Lillian was checking Alucard over with her good arm, seeing his wounds for the first time. Alucard's eyes were still out of focus; he looked delirious from the blood loss and overall basically looked like shit.
Lillian steadied his face once more, turning his chin so he faced her before she nodded and then slapped him across the face, hard and fast.
“You bastard! (Slap) How dare you make me worry like that! (Slap) Did I not tell you she was dangerous! (Slap) did I not warn you about her and not to let your guard down! (Slap) I distinctly remember telling you to beware of her vengeance and how it could fuel her! (Slap) Didn't I? Didn't I? (Slap) Are you listening to me vampire?” (Slap, slap, slap.)
Seras was just frozen in shock at what Lillian was doing. Lillian was now fanning her hand, waving it up and down because it was stinging now so hard. Alucard however, merely smiled a small weak smile while whispering out,
“I…I told you…you…like to…slap me around…master. Heh…heh…heh.”
Lillian's eye began to twitch.
“Why you little…” Lillian warned while raising her hand once more to slap him again, hand closed this time when Seras finally had enough sense to intervene on Alucard's behalf.
“Lillian I really think that's enough now.” She said grabbing Lillian's hand. Lillian now turned to her.
“Seras, he must be fine if he's able to make wise cracks like that.” Lillian remarked. Seras sighed while turning to look at Lillian more closely.
“But Lillian, he's-THERE”S A SWORD STICKING OUT OF YOU!” Seras exclaimed in the middle of her sentence, just realising the sword was still there. Lillian moved her head and looked over to the sword sticking out of her body before looking back at Seras.
“Nar, Seras. And here I though I was just showcasing the latest accessory in fashion tonight.” Lillian drawled on.
“Oh, heh, heh. But doesn't it hurt?” Seras asked hesitantly. Lillian only continued to stare at her, eyebrow now raised.
“No Seras, I only have a blade sticking out of my body, I can't really feel or use my whole left arm, but hey, of course it doesn't bloody hurt! Honestly what kind of question is that?” Lillian yelled at her, her voice escalating with each word.
“Ok, ok, you don't have to get all snappy about it, geez.” Seras mumbled out. Lillian only fumed more.
“Do you want me to pull it out?” Seras now asked. Lillian's eyes only widened. She stood up and just stared at Seras before answering,
“Yes Seras, do pull it out for me. Pull it out so that my blood may begin to gush out everywhere and then so I can collapse from blood loss and shock. What a wonderful idea Seras, please do. Jesus girl, have a bit of sense.” Lillian replied, her words dripping with sarcasm. Seras closed her eyes and scratched the back of her head saying sheepishly,
“Oh, yeah, heh, heh…”
Alucard had turned his head to the direction they were talking, his ears perked up when her heard the word blood.
“Blood? Yes, need…blood.” He mumbled out. Seras turned back to him,
“Oh, my gosh! That's right, you need blood master!” Seras then started to look around the room before her eyes finally settling once more on Lillian, her eyes pleading once more with her. Lillian's own eyes widened.
“Why are you looking at me like that Seras?” Lillian asked suspiciously as she stared to back away slowly. Seras just sighed. Closed her eyes before opening them again and asked softly,
“Please Lillian, he's really weak at the moment and so he needs fresh blood.” Lillian stopped in her tracks.
“What do I look like to you Seras, a walking blood pack? Wait a minute, don't answer that. I don't wanna know.” Lillian sated while ribbing her head with her good hand.
“Please Lillian, I would do it if I could, but I'm a vampire and can't provide him with what he truly needs. Please Lillian he really needs you.” Seras pleaded some more.
“Don't you guys normally carry extra blood packs with you?” asked Lillian trying to find another way out of this.
“No. he had drunk his last one just before we were attacked. Besides it needs to be fresh, human, warm blood. Your virgin blood would only help him further and speed up the process. Also with you being a Hellsing and his master he won't have to take as much as he normally would have. Please Lillian; you've given your blood to him before.” Seras kept on begging. Lillian was now shuffling from foot to foot, her anxiety growing.
“Yes but not the amount you're talking about and well he really isn't in the right state of mind to not bite my neck off now is he?” Lillian argued. Lillian turned to face the other way so she wouldn't have to see Seras puppy dog, begging eyes. Seras then yelled out while pointing out,
“Lillian, your shoulder! You're bleeding!” Lillian turned to face Seras once more.
“Yes Seras I believe we've already established that there is a freaking sword sticking out of my shoulder, thank you. Let's move on shall we?” Lillian stated sounding more and more aggravated.
“No, no, no. You don't understand. Vampire's tongue and saliva have healing properties.” Seras explained.
“So…” Lillian answered still not getting it. Seras sighed again; she had to spell it out for her.
“Don't you see? If we pull out the sword, your blood would begin to gush out; blood in which Alucard would be able to feed off and then he would be able to heal your shoulder. So then your shoulder would be fully healed, besides how would you explain your wound to your human, - I mean Grace? Think of the physio therapy Lillian, the months of physio therapy you would have to do if you don't let Alucard heal it now.” Seras said in a cheery voice. She had Lillian now. Lillian was contemplating her decision. How would she explain it to Grace, she was blonde but not that blonde! And the physio therapy! Dear god no. Nothings worth that aggravation!
“You have a point there…” Lillian mumbled out. Seras smile and thought a small `yes!' Lillian was still thinking the pro's and cons of the situation when something hit her.
“What about my jacket? Could he fix my jacket as well?” Lillian asked hopefully. It was Seras turn now to just stare at Lillian. Lillian backed up shaking her hand.
“Ok, ok, ok. So he's not a miracle worker. But what happens if he bites me or, or takes too much of my blood? What then, Seras?” Lillian asked.
“I'll be here to prevent that from happening Lillian. Don't worry; I won't let it get that far. Now come on Lillian let's get it over with and quit your stalling. You are his master and therefore you are responsible for his wellbeing. Alucard would do the same for you if your positions were switched.” Seras was becoming impatient now. Lillian laughed.
“I know he would. Ok let's do this. But if he does bite me, mark my words Seras; it's on your head.” Lillian stated coldly. Seras only nodded and the stood up and faced Lillian. She walked over and grabbed Lillian by her good hand to position her properly on Alucard. Seras then quickly without Lillian realising too late ripped her jacket in two so that Alucard could reach the wound better without so much clothing in the way. Lillian's skin was so pale; it was like milk, when Seras saw the wound she filched, ouch, was all she could say. The wound had begun to bleed a little more as the sword was moved slightly with the pulling of the jacket. Lillian had screamed when this happened before turning her head to glare at Seras.
“FUCKEN HELL SERAS!” Lillian yelled at her. Seras mumbled an apology but Lillian didn't hear it. She could feel cold air on her back and shoulder now and she looked down. Where was her jacket? All she was wearing was her tank top and her pants. Why Seras even ripped Lillian's spine sheath that held her short sword. Lillian then saw her beloved jacket in pieces in Seras hands.
“YOU BLOODY BITCH! YOU”VE FULY WREKED MY JACKET NOW! Oh you're going to pay dearly for that Seras!” Lillian threatened.
“It was already ruined beyond repair Lillian. No use crying over spilt milk is there? Come let's get you sitting in master's lap so it's easier on both of you.” Seras stated as she began to push Lillian down, the ruined jacket now on the floor.
After a few more minutes of moving Lillian around on Alucard's lap, so he was in a better position to feed off her, it help she was small. Lillian's bitching also continued with Seras becoming quite annoyed and was almost ready to bite Lillian's head off herself,
Jeez what a little brat! Seras thought constantly. They were finally ready. Lillian took a deep breath to steady herself emotionally and physically.
“Are you ready now?” Seras asked. She was about to pull out the bayonet. Lillian took another deep breath.
“Ok. Yes I'm ready.” Seras grabbed hold of the hilt, ready to yank it out when Lillian yelled,
“Too late.” Was Seras answer as she pulled it out. Lillian screamed loud and hard enough to wake the dead, Seras ears were ringing. Lillian was glaring at Seras now with all the hatred and malice she could muster in that one glare. If looks could kill, Seras would have been dead before a dropped pin would hit the floor. Lillian was now yelling out obscenities of every language she knew, most dirty English ones.
Seras thought, `Ok…' before gently pushing Lillian against Alucard's chest and then sent a mental thought to Alucard telling him it was time to feed. Lillian was still yelling obscenities when Alucard's eyes snapped opened.
Fresh blood… he could smell fresh blood. -No, virgin blood! It was cascading now down Lillian's arm. His canines extended to their full length, he was famished, no starving!
Oh it smelt so good! Alucard opened his mouth and locked his jaw around Lillian wound.
Lillian who was still yelling obscenities at Seras hadn't realised Alucard moved and when his lips first touched her skin she abruptly stopped and then leaned more closely to Alucard as she sighed out loud. Alucard's tongue was now lapping up all of Lillian's split blood around her shoulder. Lillian's eyes had closed during this. Alucard then moved up again to the wound itself and started to bite down harder. Lillian's eyes flew open,
“He's biting me Seras! He's biting me!'” she yelled out. Seras then mentally sent him a message to stop biting Lillian. It was difficult, Alucard just started to growl at Seras for the intervention. Seras had to calm him down and quickly. She didn't need him going bloodlust on her.
“It's ok master, its ok. No biting now, just suck the blood, that's it now. Feels good doesn't it, tastes good. No biting now, just suck it gently…” Seras whispered softly to him. Alucard seemed to have heard her because Alucard's grip loosed on Lillian wound and she quieted once more, her eyes closed again.
Alucard could feel his arms and legs again; his wounds were beginning to rapidly heal themselves. Alucard then wrapped his long arms around Lillian tightly, drawing her even more closely to him. She tasted so delicious and familiar, he mused to himself as he smiled. She was his and no one else's…
Alucard could feel the seals once more, even more so now as they held him in place. Their link was rea-established but because she was willing the seals did nothing to prevent him from doing what he was about to do.
Over the years Alucard had begun to feel the seals weakening, ever since Integra was the master of Hellsing. Because both Integra and now Lillian loved him in their own way, the seals had weakened dramatically. The seals work from the mind frame or will power of the current head of the house, his master. And because Integra and Lillian didn't want him to be kept locked up and treated like a mere animal and slave, the seals had responded and therefore weakened.
No doubt now, when Alucard was up to his full strength again he could break the seals himself and do what he wished with the heir of Hellsing. However, he'd wait and bide his time some more. After all time meant nothing to a creature such as himself. His revenge against the first Hellsing, Abraham Von Hellsing would be far sweeter if he was still bound by them very same precious seals he created to bind him to Alucard.
Oh yes, far sweeter… His plans were beginning to take more shape.
Alucard ventured into Lillian's mind once more and saw a little girl running past him, trying to catch something that was always ahead of her. The after he saw a much older Lillian chasing the little one, yelling out, `come back here you little brat!' Her eyes were red.
Alucard mused to himself; Lillian would make such a good vampire. He then saw another Lillian a far older version, siting down. She was crying while still smiling a small sad smile on her face. Lillian?
Lillian herself was starting to drift into unconsciousness. She had opened her eyes and closed them a few times now, but it was getting harder to open then again another time. Alucard was still feeding off her. She had never felt so close to him like she did now. But she was on the edge of unconsciousness from the blood loss, and that wasn't a good thing, her heart kept beating, pumping faster and faster.
“Seras...? Alucard...? That's… that's…enough…” Lillian just managed to whisper out. Seras nodded her head in agreement.
“Master! No more! That's enough!” Seras yelled her command.
Alucard's eyes flew open once more, his link with Lillian's mind disconnected. Lillian's shoulder was now completely healed. He released Lillian and turned her to face him now. He held her chin in his hand and looked at her, smiling.
“My master. Haven't we done this before?” he mused and the laughed. She looked at him in the eyes to help focus herself. Now that he had stopped drinking she could concentrate and didn't feel like sleeping again, though she was still tired. Her arm didn't hurt any more so that was good. He kept his side of the bargain.
“Bloody vampire. Never again, do you hear me, never again. Now get off me.” Lillian said, her words slurred. Alucard's smile only widened.
“Of course master. However it is you who is on me.” He answered back. Lillian looked around.
“So I am. So I am. So get off me, me.” Lillian stated. Alucard let go of Lillian and she staggered to her feet. She rolled her shoulders and neck before holding her head with her hands.
“Argh…my head.” Lillian grumbled out. Seras held her breathe for a moment but when Lillian didn't `change' or collapse from pain, Seras breathed a sigh of relief.
Lillian then turned back around to face Alucard. Alucard got to his feet like he was pulled by strings and Lillian growled at him for looking so good,
“I hate you vampire, you know.” She stated.
“I know.” Was his answer back, still smiling of course. He felt terrific with Lillian's blood flowing through him now. While Lillian on the other hand looked and felt like shit. Alucard's hat and sunglasses appeared on his face as he looked over to the fallen priest who was still lying unconscious on the floor.
“What do we do with her?” Alucard asked. Lillian looked over to her and merely shrugged.
“She can go back to the Vatican dogs for all I care. She is nothing more than a fallen priest now.” Lillian moved closer to Alexia and looked down at her as she tapped her earphone activating it. Time to report in.
“Vincent come in. This is Lillian, do you copy?” Vincent answered almost immediately as he was in hi office waiting impatiently on the edge of his seat for her call for the last two hours.
“Yes Lillian I copy. Thank God you're ok. It just passed over the two hour mark; I was just about to send in the reinforcements. Your life sign kept on shifting in and out. It was very peculiar. Was the mission a success? Is everyone ok?” Vincent demanded on the other line.
“Yes Vincent, the mission was a success. We are all fine, for the most part. We are on our why back to base. Can you please patch me through the direct line to the Vatican Section 13? Thank you Vincent.”
“Yes, Lady Lillian.” Vincent answered before he transferred the call.
Theodore answered after the first few rings.
“This is Bishop Theodore speaking, whom is the one I am speaking to?” Theodore's voiced sounded through Lillian's earpiece.
“Hi Theo. This is Sir Lillian Hellsing you are speaking to.” Lillian answered.
“What in God's name do you want Hellsing? Do you have no decency? Do you even know what the time is woman?” the bishop yelled out on the other side of the line.
“No, no I don't. And no I don't really care Theo. Listen closely bishop of the Vatican Special section 13 and listen good. You have one hour to collect your fallen priest trash and any other of your operatives here in protestant territory. She disobeyed the treaty and was punished severely for it. However she was not executed for it, she was not worth my time really. One hour bishop. If she is not gone with the rest I will allow Alucard to run lose seal free with no restrictions and every Vatican operative remaining on protestant soil will be dead before dawn. Do you understand?” Lillian stated coldly.
“How dare you threaten us, we…” the bishop went on. Lillian cut him off.
“Theo, shut up! And Alucard don't smile like that, you'll give all the children nightmares for the rest of their lives. Now I'll say one last time. Do you understand bishop?” Lillian answered very darkly.
“I understand…” he replied with all seriousness.
“Good. Fifty-nine minutes remaining bishop, you better hurry…” Lillian hung up.
“Will I really get to go out a play?” Alucard asked still smiling widely.
“Of course you can Alucard. Provide that if they are not all gone by the time limit, sure.” Lillian answered. Seras was just staring at Lillian in shock. She was serious.
Lillian was holding her head once more and started to stumble a bit. The blood loss was finally catching up to her.
“Lillian are you ok?” Seras asked concerned.
“I'm fine Seras, I'm fine. Just a little dizzy that's all.” Lillian answered. Seras then looked over t the corner where the bags of Alucard's blood still lay.
“Master, what about you're bags of blood?” she asked.
“Master?” Alucard asked. Seras turned back to Lillian. Lillian just waved her hand.
“Do what you want with them Alucard. It's your blood after all.” She answered. Alucard raised an eyebrow. He knew that the king's scientists have been demanding that Lillian give some of his blood to them for study.
“Don't you want it for their experiments?” he asked. Lillian turned back to Alucard.
“Alucard, gone are the days when you are treated as a slave, a simple lab rat for study while I'm head of this house. The blood is yours, do what you want with it.” Lillian answered. Alucard smiled and nodded his head. He waved his own hand the blood bags disappeared.
Lillian started to move forward to collect her weapons but the room started to spin when she took her first step. Her knees felt weak and she also felt that they wouldn't hold her for much longer.
“I don't feel so hot…” Lillian mumbled out. Her head was starting to spin more and she was seeing double of everything. She laughed softly.
“Bloody vampire. I think… I think… I'm going to fain…” Lillian didn't finish her sentence her mind closed down and she fell to the ground. Alucard was right at her side and caught her just as she was about to hit the floor. He then wrapped Lillian up in his arms and whispered softly,
“My little Lillian…” Seras went over to pick up Lillian's sword and gun. When she looked back over to see Alucard, she had found he had slit his wrist and was pouring some of his blood into Lillian's open mouth.
“MASTER! What are you doing?” she yelled in shock. He just continued on feeding Lillian his blood.
“What does it look like I'm doing Seras?” Alucard stated.
“But don't you know what is doing to her!” Seras exclaimed. Alucard only smiled.
“Of course I know. It's been my plan from the beginning. Though there has been some complications.” Alucard stated. His thoughts drifted back to when he was in Lillian mind and more importantly to the older Lillian who was crying. She just looked up to him like she knew he was there when their link was broken by Seras.
“So it's true then master. What happened to Integra when she was with child affected the baby as well. Was that apart of your plan also?” Seras asked realising it all now.
“Yes…” Alucard whispered out. He had stopped feeding Lillian now.
“Mark me on this Seras; I will have my ultimate revenge against the Hellsing family for what they did to me. What HE, did to me…” Alucard stated.
Are you watching Abraham? I hope you are. Ready to watch it all fall…hehehehehheh. Alucard mused to himself as he looked at Lillian, Abraham's last descendant of his line, is now of my line. Alucard looked up and faced Seras as she stood there in shock.
“Yes Police Girl. Lillian is my blood granddaughter…”
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