Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 38 ( Chapter 36 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 38:
Vincent had led Seras into his office. When Seras had entered and taken a seat Vincent checked the hallway before closing the door. He paused for a moment to look at Seras before continuing on. She was just sitting there staring off into space, at really nothing in particular. Vincent knew that she was in deep thought when she looked like this. Every time she was thinking hard about something or in deep thought, she always had this small frown on her face. Her eyebrows creased, her mouth in a sort of pout. Vincent took in a deep breath, God she was so cute when she looked like that. Vincent felt that small pang in his chest when he thought about her for too long. He shook it away; this was not the time and continued on towards his desk. He did however always wondered what she was thinking about when she looked that way.
Seras was thinking of Lillian at that moment. All the times she had changed, personality wise that is. How she was able to stand up to people twice her size, vampires included. That first vampire Lillian faced a few months back, a normal human would have never survived that, and the beating she endured. Any normal human being would've had their skull cracked open. There was also how she seemed to heal so quickly afterwards. Was Alucard giving her his blood then? Even how Lillian was able to handle hers and Alucard's guns. How she was even able to jump off the second story staircase with ease.
Just what was Lillian? All Alucard would say was that she was a Hellsing. Just what the hell did that mean? She now knew her master; Alucard has been for god only knows how long, feeding Lillian, willingly or unwillingly, she didn't know, his blood. But still, has the vampire blood done that much for Lillian in this short space of time? Or was it because of what happened to Integra, what Alucard had done some how affected Lillian now and the reason why she and Alucard had been locked up was because…
Before Seras could finish her thought she heard a loud coughing sound, like someone had just cleared their throat. Once again she had been disturbed from her thoughts. She looked up to now find Vincent in his seat facing opposite to her. He had been trying to get her attention. She smiled nervously.
“Sorry Vincent. I guess I was thinking too hard again.” She laughed it off. Vincent returned her smile.
“That's quite all right Seras, you've no doubt had a long night. Shall we begin?”
Seras nodded and Vincent went into his desk drawers to pull out two small devices. Just like the first time he had done it, Vincent activated the first device, waited a moment before using the second to scan the room. Once he was satisfied, he took another deep breath before sighing once more. He looked over to Seras and smiled. She had another one of her cute looks again. This time it was curiosity mixed in with puzzlement. God he loved her. But now it was time for business. They would talk about each other later like they had been doing these past few weeks. Holding her in his arms gave him such comfort that he had never had in his life.
“Now we may speak. Your progress report Captain Victoria?”
Seras knew they were having another one of their `secret meetings'. It had been a week now since she was assigned the mission and still she felt uncomfortable about it. Spying on her fellow comrades just didn't fit the bill of being a captain in her eyes. But she had done it though, despite the guilt, the bad feelings, the shit she had found out while doing it, in the end she still had done it. However despite all the emotional shit she went through and the stuff she wished she hadn't learned, her efforts had been in vain. She had found no information of a spy in the Hellsing ranks. She had searched about sixty-five percent of the men and women and had found nothing. She sighed and looked down answering Vincent.
“Unfortunately Vincent I have nothing to report. This past week I have been observing, following suspicious people, talking to the troops and have found nothing. Nothing that indicates there is a spy in our ranks. I have not fully completed or surveyed every personnel here at Hellsing H. Q, so I'll keep on trying no matter how much I dislike it.” She mumbled lastly.
Vincent now sighed as she let out the breath he had been holding.
“Well I guess in a way this is good news and a relief but unfortunately it is also bad news as well. We still have a major problem on our hands. I do apologize for the discomfort we are putting you through Seras, honestly. However you are the only one we can count on. Truthfully, can you imagine Alucard performing this mission? Why, we would have no personnel left once he would be through with them.” Vincent laughed trying to lighten the mood.
Seras actually thought about that for a moment before her lips finally spread into a wide smile at the thought as she started to laugh.
“Yeah, I guess you're right.”
Vincent was still smiling also. He loved her smile and her laugh. Just what had he gotten himself into?
“Well now that we got that sorted, I believe it is time, for both of us for that matter, to retire. Shall we?” as he stood from his chair he prepared to deactivate the two devices.
Seras just simply sat there and stared at him. He reminded her so much of Walter. She did see so much of Walter in him. Not in looks though. Vincent had soft brown hair that was short with no ponytail. His eyes was a kind blue, they were like Walter's in a way however Walters were grey. Vincent also wore a different type of clothing. Walter had worn a butler's uniform while Vincent wore a black suit-like uniform with the Hellsing crest and coat of arms. Apart from appearances their personalities were so alike. Maybe that's why she was in love with him and cared so much about him. However she always felt a pang of jealousy when he talked about Lillian. Just as Integra meant the world to Walter, Lillian meant the world to Vincent. She would always enjoy their quite nights together though.
As her thoughts were drifting to the past, of Walter, a question struck her. How was Vincent related to Walter? She didn't know he had a child. Did he? If he did, he never once mentioned the child. There was just no conceivable way he could have had a child at Walter's age when she knew him.
“Vincent, just how are you related to Walter Dolneze?” she questioned. She just had to know.
Vincent was currently finishing up locking the devices in his hidden compartment in the desk draw while he answered.
“Walter Dolneze was my grandfather. Why do you ask?” he asked as he finished. It was a peculiar question to ask him.
Seras was still confused. It didn't help answer her real question.
“Did Walter have a child? But when? How? Oh, sorry Vincent, how rude of me.”
“No, no, it's quite alright Seras. If my math is correct, you no doubt knew him as an old man. No wonder you're curious to how he sired a child at his age. He didn't.” A smile was on his face as he watched a flurry of emotions cross over Seras face.
“But then how…?” was all she could say.
“It's actually quite a funny story that. He even didn't know he had sired a child until after you and Alucard were, ah…put to sleep. My grandfather, Walter I believe soon after received a very interesting letter in the mail from my grandmother. It must have been quite a shock for him finding out he had had a son, my father all these years. Apparently she had met Walter when it was I believe Hellsing had their first encounter with the Nazi's group previously known as Millennium. Obliviously they had had some sort of relationship during that time and my father was a `love child' from it I suppose you could say. Walter knew none of this because by the time she knew herself he had disappeared. I know all of this because my father told me of it. Many years later my grandmother had begun to grow sick and so she had tried to track Walter down. She finally did managed too however she died soon after that. When Walter finally received the letter, he was granted permission from Sir Integra Hellsing and my father came to live with the Hellsing's and Walter. My father was seventeen at the time. During his years here at Hellsing H. Q, Walter taught him everything he knew and when Walter finally died himself, my father succeeded him.”
Seras had been listening closely to Vincent's story.
“Wow, I never knew.” She answered afterwards.
“Tell me more about your mother and father Vincent. How come I never see them around here?” She asked afterwards. Vincent looked away.
“They are both dead.” He answered, sadness in his tone.
“Oh I'm so sorry Vincent. I didn't know, I'd never have asked.” She quickly exclaimed. She didn't want to bring up bad memories.
“No it's ok Seras. I don't mind. My father met my mother here at Hellsing and they had been married. They had me soon after, Vincent Jonathan Dolneze. My mother died soon after though. She died of a cancer, though sometimes I think my father blamed me for her death. She died when I was very young so I never knew her. I only have a few pictures of her. My father was very strict with me during my years of training. I've never had the love and affection I'd often wished for from him. My father died in one of the last major Freak battles defending the troops a few years back. I've been the Hellsing's retainer since then and have looked after Lillian since her birth.”
Seras thought about what he had said before answering.
“I'm sorry Vincent. But I'm sure your father no matter what still loved you with all his heart. I never knew my mother either. My father meant the world to me. He was the reason I became a cop. He was killed in action too, protecting the squad and surrounding civilians.”
Vincent put on one of those sad smiles.
“I guess we both haven't had the best of family life.” Seras nodded in response.
“Seras there is something else I've been meaning to ask you. I know you haven't known Lillian for very long, but have you noticed anything different in Lillian of late? Personality wise I mean. Do you know of anything that has happened to her or anything strange regarding her? Anything at all?”
Seras was shocked at his sudden question of Lillian. She had to look away though and bite her lip. What was she supposed to say? Alucard has been feeding her his blood probably unwilling to Lillian. It now seemed she either had a strong mental connection with her master or Lillian was a skitso. She just knew that would go down well.
Vincent continued on.
“The reason I ask this is because I've managed to pin point when she seem not her self at times. It all seemed to have begun when you however more likely Alucard was awakened.”
Seras still couldn't look at Vincent. She couldn't lie to him. He was demanding an answer from her. What was she to do? What was she to say?
“Seras please look at me. Answer my question.” Vincent stated.
Seras was really getting a bad feeling about this. Vincent's mind had suddenly closed up to her and she knew that was a bad thing. She knew Vincent had accepted Alucard however he didn't like her master in the slightest. If he knew what Alucard had been doing to Lillian, who knows what Vincent will do.
Vincent tone of voice had suddenly grown dark and cold.
“Alucard has done something to her hasn't he?” he questioned.
Seras still wouldn't answer. She didn't want to see Vincent this way.
“Hasn't he!? Answer me Seras. What has Alucard done to her!?” he began to yell.
Seras just began to shake her head, still not wanting to look at Vincent. How had the conversation turned out this way? She heard Vincent stand abruptly from his chair and storm over to her. His hands were on her shoulders and he was shaking her violently.
“Look at me Seras! Look at me! Now tell me, what has he done to her!?” he yelled.
Seras was staring fearful into his eyes. No longer were they his normal kind blue, they seemed darker now. She had never seen Vincent like this. She hadn't even once heard him raise his voice. His grip on her shoulders was so tight it was hurting her.
“Vincent please, you're hurting me.” She whispered out fearfully.
Vincent stared into her eyes and saw her fear, saw what he looked like, reflected in her eyes and he loathed himself in that moment for what he was doing to her. The one he loved. He saw his father and looked away, painful memories resurfacing.
“It's all your fault you little brat! You little demon! It's all your fault that's she's dead! You killed her! You took her away from me! I hate you…”
His father was shaking him so violently tears welled up in his eyes.
“Father please, you're hurting me.”
(End Flashback)
I'm not him damnit! I'm not him!
Vincent let go of Seras and took at deep shuddering breath trying to control his anger and the memories. He looked down at his hands to find them shaking in front of him. He glanced a look to Seras and found her still staring at him in fear. He turned away in shame whispering out,
“I'm sorry Seras. Please forgive me. I'm not like him…but I, maybe… Please believe that I've never meant to hurt you. I hope you believe that. I pray… You mean so much to me. However Lillian also means so much to me as well. I need to know what he has done to her. Obviously you don't want to tell me to spare me the horror and yourself of my reaction, my own fury, anger you'd just witnessed or that Alucard will not allow you to tell me. Either way, I will get to the bottom of this. It's best to go straight to the source.”
He took one last look at Seras still scrunched up in the chair before he sighed and turned away out the door.
Forgetting about Seras for now, he felt his anger intensifying as he thought of what Alucard could have done to Lillian and he welcomed it. He was tittering on the edge, never in such a very long time had he ever felt such fury inside of him. Maybe he was his father's son after all.
I'm going to kill you Alucard.
Vincent thought as he tightened his gloves before he began to run to the mouth of the basement.
“ALUCARD!” Vincent bellowed before the opening as he descended down the stairs, his pace steady and swift. His voice echoed of the walls carrying down the hallway.
Alucard looked up in response to his name being called out in such a manner. It was Vincent.
My, my… What do we have here?
Alucard sat quite calmly in his throne like chair as he waited for Vincent to come for him. He didn't have long to wait for there came Vincent stalking forward through the shadows. Alucard observed Vincent approach him at swift speeds. That even more so perked Alucard's interest.
When Vincent was before Alucard he stopped for a moment. The two men looked at each other in that moment, just a glance before Vincent seized Alucard by his collar and hauled him up off the chair knocking it to the floor in the process. Vincent threw Alucard to the wall harshly and Alucard's hat fell from his head and drifted down slowly to the floor. Alucard just looked at Vincent amused with his behavior.
“Bastard! What have you done to her damnit!?” Vincent spat in his face. Alucard only looked down at him through his glasses and laughed, enjoying the situation. It's not every night he's manhandled in such a manner by a human.
“Shut up vampire!” Vincent roared at Alucard, anything to stop that maddening laughter. Still holding Alucard up with one hand Vincent reached for Alucard's glasses and tore them off his face throwing them across the narrow hallway hitting the opposite wall, the glass shattering.
“Now that wasn't very nice.” Alucard answered in response. Vincent's eyes became only slits.
“Answer my question vampire.” He ordered darkly, his voice dangerously low. Alucard played the innocent and the devil, his trademark smile upon his lips as he answered Vincent's question.
“Why I've down nothing to her, if you are referring to Seras that is.”
Vincent tightened his grip on Alucard and raised him a little higher, an animalistic growl coming from his mouth.
“Not Seras-” Alucard cut him off, his eyes gleaning in the darkness of mirthless enjoyment.
“Oh that's right. That was you. It was you who hurt Seras wasn't it, Vincent. No doubt she still there in that very chair cowering in fear at your little… outburst shall we say? Would you like to know Vincent, I could tell you.”
“SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” Vincent screamed in frustration, flinging Alucard to the other side of the hallway to the opposite wall. Quick as a snake strike Vincent grabbed for Alucard once more and held him tightly, trying in vain to crush the man against the wall.
“JUST SHUT UP!” he snarled again.
Alucard continued on unfazed by Vincent's physical onslaughts. He was having too much fun to care. He had never seen Vincent in such a state. Vincent had always kept his true feelings below the surface. To see him now reminded Alucard of Walter and how he was in his youth. Alucard decided to stir the man up even more.
“My, my don't we have a temper? Just what would your father say, hmm?” Alucard queried, smiling of course. Vincent let go of Alucard abruptly, his head was down low and his fists were clenched tightly as he quivered with rage. Vincent's head suddenly shot back up and he glared right into Alucard's eyes; his voice low and dark as he answered,
“You know nothing about my father…”
Alucard met his stare straight on and answered in return,
“True, but all I need to do is look at you, don't we…Vincent.”
Vincent's eyes flared and the next thing Alucard knew was that he was on the floor, on his hands and knees. His left cheek was screaming in pain. With his right hand he reached up and touched his mouth. Blood stained his pure white glove when he brought it back down. Alucard's head snapped to the side and he looked up at Vincent snarling.
Vincent was smiling as he displayed his gloves to Alucard and when the candlelight hit them, he saw the silver.
“Pure silver, in it's finest form is etched all throughout my gloves. Fully blessed of course. Crude, but effective. Now tell me vampire, what have you done to Lillian?”
Alucard was still growling darkly up at Vincent. No longer was he amused, that a mere human was even able to draw blood from him just pissed him off. What a night he was having, first the fallen priest and now Vincent. He always knew that Vincent had a darker side that he hid from everyone. It was time he enlighten the human of his own darker side.
Alucard rose slowly from the ground, Vincent was watching him closely and found that he couldn't see Alucard's eyes any longer. His hair had grown to at least waist length in a matter of seconds. Vincent felt the room temperature drop and the candlelight was dimming. Alucard was releasing his shadow powers and as he looked up he saw Vincent back away so his back faced the wall.
That won't save you… Alucard mused.
Vincent looked straight on at Alucard, his eyes now visible, glowing in the darkness crimson red. Vincent just glared at Alucard daring him to make his next move.
Alucard smiled and met Vincent's challenge. Alucard disappeared for less than a moment and with the speed only a true no life king nosferatu could master, Alucard was before Vincent before Vincent's heart could even beat. Alucard then shot out his hair as swift as a snake and coiled it around Vincent's arms and legs making him immobile, shoving him up against the wall harshly. When Vincent could breathe and realize what had happened, shock didn't have time to register before Alucard's hands wrapped around his uniform collar and he hauled Vincent up even higher, his head almost touching the roof of the hallway.
“No human has ever bled me and lived mortal.” Alucard hissed out.
Vincent human reactions had finally caught up with what Alucard had done. His heart was working double time up in his throat with his chest heaving tightly. Though all of this was happening to his body and more Vincent didn't care. He only had one goal and that was to find out what Alucard had done to Lillian, even if it kills him. Vincent looked down at Alucard, glaring into his eyes. Trying to breath past his heart still thudding in his throat Vincent managed to gasp out,
“ I…don't…care. Tell…me…what…you've…done…to…her…b astard!”
Alucard only continued to smile up at him. Vincent reminded him of Walter when he was in his youth. But that meant nothing now. Vincent's resemblance to Walter would not help him now.
“Then you wouldn't care if I do this…” Alucard finally answered him as he smashed his right fist into Vincent's jaw. Of course Alucard didn't want to break Vincent's jaw, it was amusing in a way, hearing what came out of his mouth. So Alucard had controlled the punch just enough so it just wouldn't break or fracture the man's jaw but still ensuring it hurt the man greatly.
Vincent's head snapped to the side from the force of the punch. Vincent knew his lip was bleeding, he also knew that the inside of his cheek was bleeding as his teeth had ripped the tender flesh when Alucard's fist collided with his jaw and cheek. Vincent heard Alucard whisper is his ear,
“As you mortals say, `An eye for an eye'. In our case, blood for blood. Remember this human, you will live only at my sufferance!”
Vincent didn't have anything to say to that, he didn't even know if he could say anything at that moment. His jaw was just throbbing with pain; it had felt like an old castle stone had smashed into his face.
Vincent hadn't moved an inch and was a dead weight in the grip of Alucard. His face was still turned away from Alucard, as he also didn't want to move his head or neck as they too were in pain. No doubt there would be bruising around his face if he didn't see to medical treatment soon. Blood had also welled up in his mouth and he had to release it somehow. Vincent couldn't swallow the blood so he allowed it to dribble down his mouth, down his chin.
Alucard saw the blood dribbling down Vincent's mouth, chin and neck. He felt a sudden urge to lick it all away. To bite that soft tender flesh that promised more blood to gush out. Alucard could feel his hunger rise up like a beast inside of him. He heard Vincent's heart beat so fast and strong. He could even see his pulse pumping; seeing the blood flowing through Vincent's veins, just below the surface. Alucard could feel his fangs extend further, begging to pierce that tender promised flesh before his eyes. He hadn't sated his hunger in so long; he had to be so careful with Lillian earlier. Alucard could feel his control slipping ever so slightly but it was enough. Bloodlust was upon him and he could hear Her laughter in the back of his mind. Laughing at him. The woman who had been haunting his dreams once more. However in that moment Alucard didn't care. Alucard inclined his head ready to strike when he felt the presence of Seras enter the dark hallway.
“NO! No Master please stop! Don't kill him, don't bite him! Please don't hurt him anymore. Please…” Seras pleaded tumbling into the hallway on her hands and knees. For the last ten minutes since she realized what Vincent was going to do she had been trying to reach him.
Alucard glared at her when she entered, hissing, seething even in anger at her as she begged. She was always begging him for something. She was always spoiling his fun as well. Alucard stopped. His hunger had gotten the best of him, that hadn't happened in a long time. His first instinct was to beat Seras for interrupting him. However he remembered feminine laughter in the background. Mother Dearest? His bloodlust had receded but just like the tide it could come back at any moment. If it was Mother dearest playing with him he could no longer feel her presence.
The important matter still withstanding, he was still hungry and fresh blood was before his eyes. He looked back over to Seras who was watching him intently. He was annoyed with her interrupting him, yet again. However he did feel a small relief that with her arrival had stopped his bloodlust and no doubt broke the spell Mother Dearest had on him if there was one. He also felt a small sense of pride for Seras. He had been blocking her from entering the hallway when Vincent entered. He did not want to be disturbed. But here she was, in front of him, ruining his fun, his hunger once more. He knew she had been trying to enter his domain for some quite time and as it seems in his moment of weakness she broke through. Clever little vampire she is becoming.
When Alucard had stopped staring off into space and looked at her, Seras crawled forward on her hands and knees to get closer to him and Vincent. The tension in the air was thick and Alucard's shadow powers were beating down on her heavily. It had taken nearly everything she had to break through the barrier he had put up. She had felt the barrier slip for just a moment and she took the chance and gave it everything she had, phasing before them. She was now exhausted and drained; it being nearly dawn did not help. She had felt her master's hunger; his bloodlust for just a moment and it had terrified her. However she put all fear beside and spoke out to him.
“Master please don't let your anger, your hunger get the best of you. Please don't hurt him…” Tears were beginning to form in her eyes. This had to be one of the worst nights she has had since Incognito and Millennium. First the fallen priest then almost losing Alucard. Lillian and her personalities, the truth finally coming out from Alucard to what he had been doing to her. Vincent and his newfound dark side she experienced tonight and now this. Will this night ever end? She didn't know if she could take anymore. She kept looking up at Alucard as she tried to rise to her feet.
Alucard now had moved Vincent and Vincent was now pressed up against Alucard, close to his chest as he held him in his arms, cradling him like a close lover would. Vincent was facing Seras though he didn't look at her, his head to still to the side, neck exposed as the blood from his mouth still dribbled down slowly but steadily. Seras watched almost in awe at Alucard's long hair as it seemed to move on it's own, almost like it was alive in it's own right. It was hypnotizing in a way. Alucard was smiling at her and she was afraid of what he was going to do next. That smile of his had a sort of unspoken promise to it. That promise was always something that the beholder knew you wouldn't like, something dreadful and most times painful.
Through this all, still Vincent never moved or made a sound. He had made himself passive through it all.
“Vincent…are you alright?” Seras whispered out to him as she slowly staggered toward them, her knees barely able to hold themselves up.
“You always seem to have unpleasant timing, my Police Girl.” Alucard stated almost darkly though he was still smiling. Seras didn't know whether Alucard was amused or angered with her. Alucard was always an unsolvable paradox to her. She ignored Alucard and continued to look at Vincent. Still he hadn't answered her or even acknowledged her presence. She was growing more and more worried for him. Had Alucard done something to his mind?
Alucard was now annoyed, he wasn't used to being ignored in such a manner especially by his own servants. So he decided a little punishment was in order.
“Tell me Police girl, you've been with our dear Vincent for quite some time now. What does his blood taste like?” Seras only gasped in response stammering,
“You haven't, have you? Tasted his blood. Such control. Why I wage you haven't even marked him as yours, have you? Disgraceful.” Alucard was shaking his head side to side as he spoke. He stopped and looked upon Seras once more, letting his voice drop down to a husky murmur.
“Do you want to know…Seras?” Alucard was smiling wickedly and his eyes had an evil glint to them.
“I'll tell you…” Alucard whispered in that same voice. Seras eyes widened and Alucard struck, but not Vincent's neck. His mouth. Alucard kissed Vincent's mouth long and hard. He drank down all the blood in Vincent's mouth from his wounds as he kissed him and with his ever so long tongue licked up the remaining blood from Vincent's mouth, chin and neck.
During this Vincent was whimpering in pain by the onslaught and unwanted intrusion. He was furious with what Alucard was doing to him. He was trying to pull away but Alucard held him in deaths grip. His whimpers and pathetic attempts to free himself only seemed to excite Alucard even further and intensify the onslaught.
When Alucard's cold lips first touched Vincent's, Seras had collapsed to the floor, her unstable knees finally giving out. Alucard had invaded her mind and she was feeling, experiencing everything Alucard felt, touched, drank. Seras was in emotion overload; she just couldn't handle it all. It was like she was drowning in lust, pleasure, hunger and bloodlust. Not only was she trying to fighting Alucard's but now her own which she had been fighting these last few months. Seras was on her knees, her hands reaching upwards for something, her hands like claws as she shuddered uncontrollably. It was all flooding into her and no longer could she see or feel the surface in her mind.
Seras did the only thing she could. She let go.
When she did, she felt unbelievably powerful. When she looked over to Alucard and saw him still kissing Vincent she lost it and her own anger took control. Through this she had somehow found the strength to rise to her feet and she began to stalk towards Alucard her claws outstretched, screaming,
“How dare you touch what's mine!”
Alucard stopped and rolled his eyes upward to see Seras coming before him, a look of death in her eyes. He saw her own anger, hunger and bloodlust in her eyes and knew he had succeeded. He let go of Vincent and threw him at her laughing madly. Seras was surprised for a moment and then Vincent came crashing into her. They fell to the floor in a heap. Seras on the bottom was trying to scramble up in the sitting position. Vincent being a dead weight wasn't helping. Seras finally got into a sitting position and held Vincent tight and close to her, in a protecting manner, like you would a child.
She then looked over to Alucard her mouth wide-open, fangs extended in warning. She was waiting for his next attack but she found him only standing there, smiling at them. She hissed at him like a cat but he only laughed in response. He laughed full, long and hard. Seras was still cautious so she didn't move and only looked at him. When Alucard finally stopped laughing he burst out,
“Finally! It's about time Seras! Tell me how does it feel?” In her mind he continued on, whispering,
`Does it feel powerful? Pleasurable? Exciting? Look at him Seras, look upon what is yours, what belongs to you.'
Seras couldn't ignore the sweet words Alucard was whispering into her mind and looked down upon Vincent who she holding, cradled in her arms. Vincent was looking up at her his eyes wide.
`Isn't he beautiful? He's yours Seras. Why you've just saved him haven't you? Doesn't he owe you something in return? You should taste him shouldn't you? Mark him as yours, so that everyone will know he's yours. Protect him…'
Seras couldn't help but agree with Alucard and his sweet words. Vincent was hers and only hers. She should mark him so that everyone will know. She was hungry. She smiled upon Vincent and began to caress his neck gently with her gloved hand.
“My Vincent…” she whispered sweetly. She looked into his eyes and began to push at his neck to tilt it so she could strike. Her fangs extended once more and she began to lower her head.
Vincent's eyes widened when he realized what Seras was about to do. He moved his jaw. Praying he could talk.
“Seras?” he asked, fear in his voice. Seras stopped and looked at Vincent once more, looked into his eyes and saw the fear, saw herself reflected in the blues and blacks of his eyes. In that moment Seras seemed to wake up to herself. Inside something snapped and she was in control once more. She moved back and brought a hand to her mouth as she looked into the distance.
“Oh, my God. What was I about to do…?” she murmured. She then shot a look to Alucard to see him smiling at her, laughing inside.
“Alucard you bastard! Stay the fuck away from my head, why you…you…argh!” Seras finally exclaimed so frustrated with him.
“Come on Vincent lets go.” She stated and began to get up.
“No.” Alucard stated suddenly, his demeanor changed.
“Why not?” Seras seethed. Alucard suddenly dropped down, his chair materializing below him and catching him as he sat. His glasses and hat appeared also on his head, unbroken or damaged. Alucard's hair was back to its usual length. He slouched almost in a catlike way on his throne like chair. His legs were crossed out in front of him comfortably, his elbows resting on each side of the armchair with his fingers in clasped in front of him. You could no longer see his eyes from the wide brimmed hat and the tinted glasses. After a minute of silence he finally spoke.
“Because Vincent still hasn't got his answer. Do you still want to know, Vincent?”
Vincent moved up in Seras arms, moving forward as he spoke out harshly.
“Yes.” Alucard smiled and looked down at them both, he was practically grinning from ear to ear.
“Very well, I'll tell you. I have saved Lillian's life. You see because Lillian was born part vampire…”