Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Piss me off and Die ❯ Chapter 39 ( Chapter 37 )

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Chapter 39
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Alucard watched with predator eyes as he told Vincent of his own relation to Lillian, that Lillian was part vampire. Vincent, still sitting almost in a collapsed way in Seras's arms attempted to move up in a sitting position. Seras still had her arms wrapped around him in a shielded manner which made Vincent's job harder. Seras had all her concentration on Alucard, afraid of what he would do next. Alucard's mood tonight was chaotic he would change from one emotion to another in an instant. She was afraid for Vincent because for some reason she could feel that Alucard's hunger was almost out of control. In a way, he seemed on the brink of going into a frenzy, and yet he gave the impression he was calm too, on the outside that is.
What had perplexed her even more so was this faint, but still clearly there, scent coming from him. It was like a sickly sweet liquid smell. It reminded Seras of honey apples, fresh and crisp just ready to be bitten. She was becoming confused and almost disoriented by the smell now. The more she concentrated on it, the stronger it got. Her eyes were looking past Alucard now.
Something had now caught Alucard's attention. It was Seras, she was slightly swaying, and the pupil in her eyes was shrinking very slowly. Alucard smiled,
He whispered through her mind. He was about to continue, but suddenly Vincent whispered almost groaning out.
Vincent was still trying to move into a sitting position in amongst Seras arms. However, his hand then suddenly slipped on her clothes causing him to crumble back down in a heap, his own hand knocking his already tender jaw. Vincent cried out in pain and Seras suddenly snapped out of her reverie, the scent of honey apples forgotten.
“Oh God Vincent are you alright?” cried Seras.
Seras was all over him again trying to support him by keeping him up right. Vincent however was trying to save his dignity by vainly attempting to bat her away with his hands; his efforts were futile of course.
Alucard, who was watching this with an amused expression on his face, suddenly started to laugh out loud, his hand slapping down on his knee with glee.
“Master!” Seras seethed venomously, her eyes filled with aggression and hate towards him.
Alucard stopped laughing; his laughter was gone in a slipt second, it didn't even appear he had laughed at all. It was like someone had flicked a switch and Alucard had turned dark, cold and cruel once more. His eyes shot into Seras filled with his own aggression and disgust for her. Seras back down instantly, assuming the position of a submissive by looking down towards the ground. One fleeting glance from Alucard said enough,
`Remember who is Master here…'
Seras just didn't know what to think of Alucard tonight. It was like he was insanely happy about something; you wouldn't think he had almost died tonight, by being drained and crucified. But then there was all the blood Lillian had given Alucard, resulting in her collapsing afterwards. Was it Lillian's Hellsing virgin blood that was affecting him this way? Just how much had Alucard taken from her? How much had he given back? That was the question that really frightened Seras.
Seras allowed herself another glance towards Alucard and found him serious once more, his legs crossed over one another, his hands placed in his lap, fingertips touching. He was staring out into the distance, like he was caught in some deep thought or memory. His eyes were almost sad in a way and so she found herself thinking about just what he was thinking about that moment. Was it Lillian or Integra?
“Alucard, I'm pregnant.” Integra stated staring out her office window.
She was standing there, just gazing out into the distance. Her arms were crossed in front of her, her back to the room. Dusk had now settled itself in amongst the sky. Alucard smiled he had just entered moments ago.
“As you have told me before, my master.” He answered, his voice whispering throughout the large room.
Integra turned to look at him. Alucard was dressed in is normal attire of his red suit, his glasses and hat absent though. She looked down at her growing abdomen. Her hand began rubbing circles around it. She was three months pregnant now and still could not believe it, didn't want to believe it. However her morning sickness, diet habits and her extending waist line proved all. She looked up to Alucard once more.
“Yes, yes you're quite right Alucard. I do seem to repeat myself often nowadays.” Integra headed for her desk now to sit.
“However I believe it is time to have `that' discussion now.” She stated, her face betraying nothing.
Alucard's demeanour had changed. His face darkened as he stood to his full height, the room growing colder.
“Yes master, it you mean by `that' discussion of when and how you will incarcerate and bound me once more to the desolate fate of imprisonment. After all, why not? This is how you Hellsing's repay loyalty and faithful service.” Alucard stated harshly in anger.
“Alucard you will not take that tone with me. Now I want to state here and now that I had no intention of locking you away once more. However my bastard of a husband has gone behind my back once more. I have just received an order from the Protestant Knights on behalf of her majesty that before the child is born you are to be locked away and imprisoned once again. My husband,” Integra spat out, with spite and hatred.
“Put foreword that since Freak attacks has died down considerably there is no use for you. Also that when the child is born there should be no vampire influence while he or she grows up. Therefore when the time comes for them to take over the organisation he or she will not be semimetal or privy towards vampires. It is the Hellsing's heir responsibility to kill vampires not live with them.'' Integra stated in disgust. She looked up once again to Alucard's face, continuing on.
I personally believe it to be a bunch of bollocks. However because her majesty is gravely ill at the moment, the Protestant Knights have taken it upon themselves to act in her stead resulting in myself being over ruled.”
Integra stopped and took a deep breath; there was more she needed to tell him. She looked at Alucard and could see the anger in his face, why she could actually feel it vibrating from him. She had to look the other way she spoke next.
“Alucard, the order was for Seras as well.”
“What?” Alucard bellowed,
Integra, Seras will not be able to handle confinement! She is too young, too weak. She would either come out mad and crazed, worse than a freak or fade! You can not do this to her!” Alucard raged.
Integra glared up at him.
“Don't you think I know this Alucard! Do you think I want to do this? Do you? I haven't got a choice.” She sighed.
“Don't give me that Integra, you always have a choice. Seras has given nothing but all of herself for you and your precious organisation and this is how you will repay her loyalty and service? By sentencing her to her death!” fumed Alucard, in rage and anger.
“What will you have me do Alucard? Please tell me, you always seem to have an answer for everything!” she retorted sarcastically.
“Kill them. Order me to dispose those backstabbing traitorous bastards!” suggested Alucard, in all seriousness and venom.
Integra crossed her hands in front of her, her head down. Her voice was soft, almost distant in a way.
“Alucard you knew this day would come, that Seras would have to face this as well. What were you going to do about her?” Alucard looked taken back for a momment before calming himself down and shruged,
“In truth, I actually never expected Seras to live this long. However my little servant has managed to impress and shame me countless times. But she is still mine and I will protect her Integra, I will do anything to protect what is mine…mark my words.” Alucard stated darkly.
With that said Alucard backed away into the shadows, his body bursting into shadow bats dancing around Integra's office before they all went through a dark portal in the wall. Integra stood up and yelled out before the last bat left, afraid of what he was going to do,
“Alucard! I order you not to leave the manor grounds! Do you hear me! You bloody vampire! That is a direct order!”
When all the bats had left Integra sat down and sighed out loud. Let the vampire have his little hissy fit, for all she could care. Though she was worried, the seals had seemed different lately. Could she still control Alucard now that she was pregnant? Her eyes glanced over to the letter with the Queen's seal on the envelope. The royal order.
What was she to do?

Grantham was currently sitting in his chair in the library thinking about Integra, how his was being treated and his revenge. he took a long drink from his brandy. Ever since Integra the bitch became pregnant she had ordered him out of her room. Fucking cow. It didn't matter though, now that she was three months pregnant he only had six more months too wait. Grantham smiled cruely.
No doubt she has received the order now and those two degenerate vampires will be imprisoned. Yes Integra would never disobey an official royal order. He had her. Everything was going his way. Now after the baby was born all he had to do now was kill the bitch and Hellsing would be his. The big bonus being that through his heir, he would control Alucard.
Oh that thought was delicious, he grinned to himself. After Integra was dead the first thing he'd do is discharge that old butler and get rid of that so called son of his then have the female vampire executed.
Grantham started laughing out loud, as he took another swig of his brandy. However the laughter soon turned into a chocking fit.
“Good God, control yourself Grantham.” He said to himself banging on his chest.
Lately he had been having a lot of chest pains; however he somehow always seemed to forget to see a doctor. No matter though, he'd be better soon. It was just the stress of living here in this mad house. Grantham kept on telling himself.
He continued sitting in his chair staring into the fire, brandy in hand for a few minutes more before a huge gust swept over the room and the fire was somehow blown out. The lights also went out and a winter's chill seemed to come over the room, encased in darkness.
Grantham's brandy dropped from his hand as he stood up suddendly, causing the glass to crash down on the floor, shattering into a million pieces spilling the remaining brandy everywhere.
“What the? Is anyone there? I demand you show yourself immediately! Alucard I swear if this is another one of your pranks, I swear I will have your head!” Grantham yelled out shaking a fist to the air.
“Will you now? Empty threats of a dead man.” Alucard laughed in the darkness.
“Does that mean your threats are meaningless Alucard? You are after all a dead man.” Grantham chuckled back in attempt to show bravado.
“Bravado won't save you human!” Alucard hissed in Grantham face. Grantham was taken back in shock at Alucard's face appearing right before him, he mumbled incoherently in fear, unconsciously taking a few steps back. Alucard followed him, taking a step when Grantham took a step.
“You are now going to tell those fools of yours to revoke that royal order now aren't you human, or suffer my wrath.” Alucard stated darkly, his voice so harsh it could of cracked glass.
Grantham stopped moving, his chest puffing out as he stated proudly,
“Aha! I knew you were going to pull a stunt like this so I also told those fools of mine as you so blatantly stated that if I was to come back and attempt to null that order to take it as a hint that you were either controlling me or threatened me enough to do so; Therefore resulting in your immediate imprisonment or with hope your execution. No Alucard I've thought this through, you will be imprisoned whether you like it or not. Integra would never disobey a royal order. Hellsing will be mine.” He boasted with glee.
Alucard stopped and started laughing full long and loud towards the roof. When he was finished he turned to Grantham once more and was smiling even more evilly that it shook Grantham's disillusioned strength causing him to cower once again.
“So you've thought of everything have you little human? But what if I decide to kill you and every other fool on the council? What then? Who would give down the orders then? How will Her majesty be manipulated then?” he questioned while stating the obvious, hunched forward with a sadistic grin on his face, one eye only visible as his hair was covering the other.
“Well tell me human, come on and tell me!” he shouted at Grantham, his voice holding a growl to it. Grantham was flinching with each word spoken, Alucard was a monster, he was monster.
“You…wouldn't…dare…you…you&# 8230;monster…” he mumbled out quietly still trying not to succumb to the vampire, his eyes never leaving Alucard's.
Alucard only laughed in response, yet his laugh was harsh and its pitch was so high Grantham had to cover his hands over his ears.
“Monster am I, well now was that a challenge human?” Alucard asked wickedly moving toward Grantham again.
Grantham was cowering in fear now, the whole room was black and the only thing he could see was Alucard crimson blood red eyes boring holes into his own. The vampire's presence in the room was so strong he felt like choking and his shaking legs was not helping, he felt like they were going to collapse in his next step. Grantham then felt his legs hit the back of an armchair in the room. He yelped in fear when he bumped into it.
Alucard's smile widened, his fangs now exposed. He took great pleasure in torturing the human, his fear was intoxicating, though never would he touch its putrid blood.
Alucard pushed Grantham forward, making him fall into the seat. As soon as he was down Grantham cried out,
“You can't touch me Alucard! The seals, yes the seals prevent you from touching me. And, and, and if you cause me any harm, Integra is ruined!” he whimpered, cowering with his hands above his face.
Alucard only laughed in response.
“Don't you feel like we've had this conversation before human?” he laughed in his face, remembering the last time.
Now I'm going to tell you a little secret. Promise you won't tell?”
Alucard didn't wait for a response as bent down to whisper something in Grantham's ear. Grantham's eyes widened in response, his whole body went cold. Alucard then straighten up and whispered out, his voice carrying throughout the whole room.
“You've been a very, very naughty boy…” Alucard then broke out into laughter, Grantham still frozen in his seat watched what happened next.
Alucard who then walked into the centre of the room was still laughing sadistically as his hair grew long and his clothing melted and changed around him. The sigils that bound Alucard appeared below him in crimson red, ascended up around him before it broke into five pieces and faded. Alucard then stopped laughing and slowly turned towards Grantham once more appearing like a demon from Hell itself.
`Impossible…' Grantham mouthed, barely a whisper. Alucard's grin widened.
“You promised not to tell remember. Hmm… You see human, when Abraham Hellsing the bastard sealed me he could not foresee that having a master who was female and pregnant would, upset if you will the seals. After all there are two beings inhabiting the one body, two hearts and two different types of blood now. So the blood oath surrounding the seals is broken, resulting in the seals as you've seen is now broken. My power is my own for the moment. ” Alucard then held up his gloves and found the sigil still upon them.
“However I am still bound as it would appear. So I have no doubt that the seals will indeed restate if you will, once Integra has had the child. But until that time…well lets just say I'm going to have a little fun and you are such an amusing little toy… Cromwell, sic him.” Alucard stated, his voice almost purring out.
Grantham fear escalated when he saw three sets of eyes open up next to Alucard, blood red just the same as his. Next came a mouth filled with sharp teeth and a long tongue.
“Oh my God... heaven save me.” Grantham whispered pleading.
He then watched in horror as a huge form of a dog appeared with the eyes and mouth. The dog then seemed to smile at him before it then came bounding forward and leaped into him. Alucard watched in amusement as Cromwell's form disappeared into Grantham, seconds later causing the human to convulse into screams.
Scream all you want human, no one can hear you.” Alucard laughed.
Be careful though Cromwell, don't kill the human yet. His heart is so delicate after all.” Alucard laughed some more.
He then approached Grantham and caught his head his hand. Knowing that the human could hear him still, Alucard reached down and whispered in his face seductively,
You scream like a symphony…”
Alucard then laughed once again, enjoying himself imensly as he made his way over to the grand piano housed in the library and started to play Beethoven while Grantham screamed the night away.
End Flashback
“Alucard! Alucard! Are you listening to me?” Vincent croaked out trying to get his attention.
Alucard had been lost in his own thoughts for a few minutes now and Vincent was impatient.
“What human?” Alucard seethed out, now his happy thoughts now broken.
Vincent who was unfazed by Alucard's outburst had now moved into the seated position once again and whispered out hoarsely,
“It's impossible, you lie Alucard. How can someone be born part vampire, vampires can't have children and I know for a fact you haven't touched Lillian's mother.” Alucard smiled in response answering Vincent's statement.
“I didn't say half vampire boy, I stated part. It isn't Lillian who is half vampire, it was her father.” He stated as a matter of fact.
“What?” was Vincent's reply.
“How? He was, he was…”
Vincent mumbled off, his mind spinning and then the realization hit him; the anger, the bloodlust that would consume him from time to time, how he even died for that matter. There was just one thing he didn't understand. He looked up at Alucard and asked softly,
Alucard smiled again before settling down as it appeared in a more comforting position before continuing on to begin the story.
“You would remember this Police Girl as it happened over seventy-five years ago on a beautiful full moon night…”
Flashback into the past
“Integra, I most strongly protest!” Walter argued. Integra turned to face him,
“My decision is final Walter. I am going out tonight and nothing you can say or do will stop me.” She stated in a clear and definite tone.
“But Integra, you have now reached your sixth month of pregnancy. It is not safe for you and the baby. Please see reason.” He pleaded with her.
Integra merely shook her head.
“Walter I will accompany the men on this mission merely as an observer as I have always done before, nothing more.” Her face softened into almost a distressed look.
“I have to get out of this house. I'm practically going insane being waited on hand and foot with this maternity leave. I, I just need some fresh air. So prepare my car at once.” She then finished firmly, stating an order.
“Very well Sir.” He answered.
Walter still wasn't convinced and assured of her safety however he gave a small tense bow and started for the door. Integra called out to him, her dear friend and confidant for many years after seeing the worry in his eyes.
“Walter I'll be fine. Your son shall accompany me and he has proven himself to us on many an occasion.” His back towards her, he nodded and left the office.
When the door had shut Integra sat at her desk and took a deep breath, steadying herself. Alucard emerged from the shadows then.
“Do you believe your decision wise, Master?” he questioned.
She turned to him, her usual glare for him apparent.
“When I want my decisions questioned by my own servant Alucard I'll inform you, however until that day I suggest as always to keep your comments or questions to yourself.” She answered coldly.
Alucard raised an eyebrow, his annoyance showed, bowing lowly he replied while disappearing in the fashion of the way he came.
“The decision as always is yours…Master.”
When he had left Integra opened a drawer to obtain one of those `health' cigarettes Walter only provided for her now. They were putrid, vile things really however like any vice; they still offered her a bare minimal comfort. She turned in her chair to view the outside scenery of her office window. The full moon shown high in the sky, there were many clouds gathering though, they might be in for some more rain tonight she mused.
Integra finished the cigarette/cigar in a few more drags before she got up to leave the office and prepare to leave. She didn't know what all the fuss was about though, she was merely going out on a mission to observe, not to attend as she had always done, paperwork permitting. This pregnancy could be damned for one single night, she missed the action and her rotten power hungry husband fuelled her need even more. Integra walked out of the office looking down at her swollen abdomen, thanking God she only needed to fall pregnant once.

The mission was located in a small town just outside of London. It had recently rained and a misty, damp fog had settled itself over the town and surrounding forest, the moon's light could barely be seen through the clouds. The mission objective was simple enough; search and destroy. A particularly old and run down town house close to the forests edge had been discovered recently as a nesting spot for a few freaks. Some townspeople had started to go missing, later to be found dead and drained. The ones that were not mutilated before repair rose as ghouls. It was then that the Hellsing Organisation had been informed and a unit sent out immediately.
Seras, who had assumed the role of current commander until a replacement for Ferguson could be found, had decided to lead the mission with tactical assault unit Three. It was only expected to be a short battle; however Alucard invited himself to join anyway, no doubt to protect Integra if anything.
Fifteen minutes into the mission and everything had seemed to be going well. The unit had defeated the ghoul support in the house and silenced two of the four freaks detected. The remaining two freaks had seemed to have fled into the surrounding forest in an attempt to escape. The Hellsing organisation was hot on their heels.
Integra was currently sitting backseat in her Rolls Royce, intently listening in on the communication network radio and monitor. All missions were now to be recorded and so an officer was equipped with a small camera now, attached to their shoulder. Soon each member will be equipped with one. Integra was watching the monitor closely insuring she was keeping constantly informed of the situation. Alucard was beside her, though not too close, he didn't want another tongue lashing from her. Walter's son Damien was in the driver's seat acting as driver in Walter's stead. Seras's voice could now be heard over the radio,
“Right, the targets have just entered the forest. Stick together men, the fog is thick so everyone be careful. Be wary of surprise attacks. Let's get this done quick and clean. Move out, go, go, go!”
“Yes Sir!” came the response. Minutes later the men began talking.
“Jesus Christ its cold tonight.”
“The fog is so thick I can barely see my own weapon!”
“Stay calm men, remember stick together now.” Seras tried to steady them. Minutes later and deeper into the forest an officer yelled out,
“Movement up ahead!”
“Shit what was that noise?” one freaked out. Seconds passed before another officer answered him.
“It was just an animal Jacob's, keep it cool man.” Some stifled laughter sounded out through the men at Jacobs's fright and secretly their own.
Alucard turned to Integra and sneered.
“Humans scare so easily.”
Integra not bothering to glance back and glare at him, her concentration fully on the radio and monitor answered him curtly,
“Alucard, if you have nothing of importance to say, then keep your big month shut.” Alucard smirked in repose.
Touchy, he thought. Integra's moods since her pregnancy were chaotic and she angered much easily now. However Alucard being Alucard just couldn't resist stating his next comment,
“Oh, and here I thought you considered facts as important, Master.” He stated in all seriousness, however the smirk on his face ruined the effect.
“Alucard…” Integra warned darkly. The men's comments continued.
“There's a small clearing up ahead. Proceeding with caution.” One stated.
“What's that smell?” another asked almost choking.
“Movement up ahead!” the other yelled. Ghoulish sounds could be heard over the radio now.
“Ghouls ahead!”
“Target acquired!”
“FIRE!” Gunshots sounded.
“This blasted fog is making it hard to bloody see them!” one yelled out.
“How many targets present!” another asked shouting over the noise.
“I see five ghouls,-No six!” the other answered. Snarls could now be heard and Seras yelled out,
“Female freak sighted! Begin pursuit!”
More gun shots were now heard and an `humfp' sounded before Integra saw one of the men fall to his knees and drop to the ground. Seras voice could be heard once more,
“Target is armed! I repeat, targets are armed! Proceed with caution!” the men's voices became frantic as each men yelled out or fired in response.
“I can't see a God damn thing!”
“Oh God what was that?”
“Stick together men!”
“The enemy has more ghoul support in forest!”
“I don't wanna die like this!”
“Gibbs! Gibbs are you there? Answer me!” Seras demanded.
More gunshots and screams sounded throughout the forest, the fog making it hard to tell friend from foe. Alucard turned to Integra,
“It seems it was worth while I accompanying you after all. Shall I go help our little sheep master before they're all gobbled up by the wolves?” he asked laughing at his own analogy.
Integra turned her head and nodded once. Alucard smiled widely, his fangs exposed as he pulled out his Casull and Jackal from his coat, the sigils on his hands glowing faintly.
Time to play good Shepard,” Alucard smirked. “Releasing control-art restriction to level three. Hold release until targets has been eternally silenced.” Alucard stated before disappearing to enter the battle.
Minutes passed with screams, bullets, yells, shrieks, cries, snarls and groans echoed throughout the forest.
“The symphony of battle!”
Integra heard her servant cry out into the night with delight, his bullets sounding like cannons being fired.
“Alucard has entered the field!” Seras voice sounded over the radio.
The screen on the monitor was unclear and Integra could only practically see the thick fog and some surrounding foliage. Integra's blood however ran cold when suddenly the officer who was carrying the camera got shot and fell towards the ground. Integra could see the blood flowing out of him, some of it splattering the camera lens. Seras voice came over the radio next.
“Mike! Where's Mike? Can any one see Mike?” she demanded.
Moments later Integra saw two ghouls slowly moving forward towards the camera, towards Mike.
“No…not again…” Integra whispered to herself, remembering the Valentines brothers' incident.
Integra didn't think, she acted. Forgetting that she was pregnant, forgetting everything but the situation at hand, her only thoughts were that her men needed her. Integra grabbed her gun, checked the bullets, cocked it, loading the chamber and turned off the safety before getting out of the car to head into the forest.
When the side door had opened, Damien turned around in alarm to see Integra hoping out of the car.
“Integra? Integra!” he yelled out to her.
Integra ignored him as she was already out of the car now and headed in the direction of the forest and the on going battle. Damien, quickly getting out of the car, still yelling out for her,
“Sir Integra! Sir Hellsing wait!”
He rushed around to the side of the car where Integra had got out of, searching for any sign of her. But the fog was so thick he didn't know what direction she had actually headed for.
“Walter is going to kill me!” he mumbled under his breath quite distressed.
He then got back into the car, grabbing the radio, in attempt to contact someone.
“Hello, is anyone out there?” No answer, only static.
“Listen to me, Integra is out on the field! I repeat Sir Hellsing is out on the field! Report? Somebody answer me!” He yelled into the mouth piece.
Still no answer, communications it seems was down.

Integra's heart was beating rapidly, her adrenalin rushing through her body fast. Her finger was on the trigger as she swiftly went through the forest. Her thoughts solely on her men and the enemy at large. The fog seemed to be clearing somewhat and minutes into the forest Integra had found a body lying on the ground in a Hellsing uniform.
She advanced slowly, observing the ground lay out, checking for enemies before she approached the unmoving body. She looked down to see a hole through his chest, blood now pooling around his body. Integra said a silent prayer for him, knowing she could nothing for him now and continued on towards the sound of gun shots and battle.
Minutes later Integra reached a small clearing; she looked up at the sky to see the full moon once again, the clouds now slowly parting. It was then however that the baby moved quickly, kicking quite hard. Integra bent over clutching her abdomen. The realisation hit her then. She was pregnant and out on the field where an on going battle was taking place, endangering not only herself, but her unborn child, the next heir to the Hellsing Organisation.
How could she be so stupid! She belittled herself. She decided quickly to turn around and go back to the car and safety, Seras and Alucard would handle everything. Before she could turn and leave however, a rustling sound had come from just ahead. Integra automatically raised her gun in response, ready to fire. Moments later a lone ghoul came out of the trees and started to slowly move towards her. It was a dead townsperson. Integra aimed and fired at the approaching ghoul twice, once in the head, again in the heart. The ghoul went down.
Integra waited a few more moments and once satisfied that it was now truly dead, she lowered her weapon. Integra now again turned and began to head back to the car, it wasn't two steps later however, when she heard a single shot that sounded out through the night, close too. A moment later though, Integra felt pain- a searing hot pain in her lower regions, followed by a wetness that now accompanied it. Integra slowly looked down at her belly and placed a hand where the pain was. She then brought it up to her face, the moon now finally clear of the clouds, flooding the clearing with moonlight. Integra saw her hand coloured dark, stained, stained with blood- her blood. Shock had now settled in, she had been shot. Integra crumbled to her knees, now unable to support her before moments later collapsing fully on the cold wet ground. Her body was beginning to go into convulsions.
“A...lu...card…” she mumbled out, barely a whisper, her voice screaming out his name in her head.

Alucard had just shot down the last remaining freak when the pain hit him. He heard Integra screaming out for him in his mind, she was hurt. Alucard roared out her name before he summoned all his power to reach her side, the sigils practically burning on his hands, the same image shinning blood red above him.
Seras had heard her master's cry and turned to face the direction in whence it came.
“Master?” she muttered confused.
Something wasn't right she thought. It was then that through the marks she shared with Alucard she felt his fear. Seras's eyes widened in disbelief,
Integra!” she cried out and started running.

Alucard found Integra lying in a pool of her own blood in the forest clearing seconds later.
“Integra!” he cried out in shock.
He was at her side moments later.
“What in the Seven Hells are you doing here?” he demanded in anger, as well as bewilderment.
He went to his knees and lifted her up slightly, now holding her in his arms, cradling her against him. Integra was looking up into Alucard's eyes, his glasses gone. Her own eyes were wet and misty with held tears. She was reaching for him now, trying to grab a hold of his collar.
“The…baby…the baby…” she mumbled coarsely, barely even a whisper.
Alucard surveyed the scene, noting the dead ghoul before he looked down to check on her wounds and condition.
“The child is fine for the moment Integra,” he spat out. “You however are not. You've been shot master, below your abdomen and you are bleeding out rapidly. You are dying Integra.” He stated emotionlessly.
Integra closed her eyes and moaned softly in pain and desolation, a single tear falling from her eye. Alucard grabbed her by the chin, her eyes flying open, his own eyes now boring holes into them as he spoke,
“It's time to make the decision Integra. You and your baby are both going to die in less than fifteen minutes. You are too far from the nearest hospital and your human medication. Only your unborn child need die tonight if you say yes. Hellsing will continue on and you'll be able to uphold your family's mission. If you don't, both you and your child will die tonight. Do you really mean to let Hellsing fall into the hands of that human power hungry pig?” he questioned.
Integra's eyes shown with fury at his words.
“Decide master. Live or die.” Alucard stated fiercely, almost shaking her.
Through their mind link Alucard could hear her thoughts and feel her emotions. He felt her pain, fear for not only herself, but more importantly for her child. Her anger at her stupidity, her will and need to protect her child at all costs. He heard her thoughts about his offer, what it would mean, what she would have to give up, her pride, dignity and freedom. How could she call herself a Hellsing if she said yes? Could she turn her back on God?
“I…can't…no…” she whispered to him, knowing that he wouldn't understand.
And understand he did not.
How could she refuse him now? Why would she, on the brink of death refuse him all for a simple namesake? An old and bitter memory resurfaced suddenly, Alucard becoming lost in the past. Alucard remembered when he stood there, facing his most hated enemy, Abraham's stake through his heart.

`This is something you'll never understand Count, for you lost it many, many years ago.' Abraham spoke to him.
`It was taken from me!' Alucard retorted back, seething at the man who stood there calmly, looking down at him like a parent would do to a child who was lost.
`That I have no doubt, my dear Count and so I pity you, I really do.'
`I don't want your pity Abraham! She loves me!' he sank to his knees, looking out into the distance. `She loves me…' he whispered.
`And so would you take it from her then?' Abraham questioned. The Count looked up at him, lost in memory,
`No…never without permission.' He answered. Abraham now crouched down to Alucard's level and continued on,
`Face it Count, she rejected you, couldn't accept you and that is why you lost.' He stood again `And this you'll never understand.'
Alucard looked up at Abraham Von Hellsing with pure hatred and malice.
`We shall see Hellsing. I promise you next time, you will lose everything, mark my words mortal. You will die soon old man and I will still live on, you can't kill me. You have defeated me this night, but only a true man can kill me in which we both know you are not.' The Count smirked at him.
It was Abraham's turn to smile down at him now.
`So true my dear Count and so as I can not destroy you, instead on this very night I shall bind you. For I know, my dear No Life King that you have lost your wings.'
Alucard began growling darkly up at him, Abraham paused before continuing on, reaching in his coat for a book.
`To repent for your sins you shall be bound to my family as our servant. Your power restricted and your true form banished into Hell, but what am I saying, you can't access it without your wings anyway. You will serve each master Hellsing of each generation and the seals that I bind you with will prevent you from doing harm to any human without permission. You are no longer a Prince. You have lost your Kingdom and therefore your Kingship. You are no Lord of any court now and tonight I shall strip you of your title as Count. You have nothing now, you have indeed lost.'
Abraham flicked open his book and began reciting the incantation needed to begin the ritual. Alucard struggled in vain, he screamed out to Abraham in retribution,
`You can't do this to me Von Hellsing! I will have my revenge! Your family will be mine and there will be nothing you could do to stop me! You will be dead, a corpse rotting in the ground, with insects feeding off your dead flesh! While I still live and go on, plotting my vengeance in which your whole family will suffer because of you and your deeds. Isn't that why God gave you this mission Abraham? Mark my words mortal i shall have my revenge!' Abraham paused for a moment as the sigils appeared below the Count.
`I told you you'll never understand and you never will.'

Alucard was brought back to the current time with Integra now gripping his shoulder tightly. The memory becoming lost once again.
“I can't Alucard… I can't lose my baby… Please…” Integra whispered in desperation.
Alucard looked down at her still confused. The memory of how Abraham, her ancestor defeated him still fresh in his mind. The old man was right though. He didn't understand and still hasn't. His beloved Mina had rejected him, choosing death over him and now Integra was making that same decision. Why?
Alucard stared into Integra's eyes, trying to find some sort of answer, but instead he felt an emotion from her that he had never known her to feel before, his own only a forgotten memory. The emotion was despair.
Integra was looking up into Alucard's crimson eyes, her own shinny with tears as they finally fell. She was fading fast. It was then Alucard thought of an idea, an idea that might work to his advantage either way. However if successful, he would be breaking one of the most sacred laws of his kind. But to receive his ultimate revenge against Abraham and the Hellsing family, the risk was worth it.
“Integra, Integra!” he shook her as she was beginning to lose consciousness.
Her eyes flew back open and she tried focusing on him.
“Listen to me Integra; I have an idea to save you and perhaps your baby without turning you in to a vampire. I will feed you my blood without taking any in return. Not enough blood to turn you into a vampire, but enough to heal your wounds. My blood is powerful enough for this. However, I don't know how this will effect the baby as it has for my knowledge never been tried before. It may kill the baby, change it slightly or the child will remain the same, I do not know. But you will still live. Do you understand? What is your answer?” he pressed on. Integra nodded her head, mouthing the words,
“Do it…” Alucard smiled, his fangs exposed.
“Yes, my master.” He answered, slicing his wrist, allowing some of the blood to drop into her mouth.
When he felt it was enough, he moved his still bleeding wrist to her wound, chuckling to himself,
“I have awaited the night for many years my dear Integra, to share blood with you. Though I must admit I never dreamed it would be like this.” He laughed.
Integra turned to him, one of her usual scowls on her face. He laughed even harder. It was now time for the next step, to make his blood now in her body, heal the wound.
“Brace yourself Integra, this may hurt, a lot.” He warned her.
Alucard then allowed his hand to become unsolid, forming it into black tentacles shooting out. Giving no warning, he then shoved his hand into the wound, his whole hand sliding through her body with ease, meeting no resistance.
Integra screamed out in pain. Alucard continued on, now able to feel his blood mixing with Integra's, feeling the vampiric blood destroying the human cells and multiplying its own, Alucard then sent the mental order to heal. Minutes later the bleeding had ceased and the vampire cells had regenerated the internal damage. The wound was slowly closing up and bit by bit Alucard pulled his hand out of Integra's body, his other arm holding her as she convulsed.
Five minutes later the healing process was completed. Not wanting to waste any of Integra's delicious blood, his tentacles had consumed the blood on her body and Alucard changed and lengthen his hair to consume the surrounding blood that pooled around them. Integra was unaware of this as she had finally lost consciousness, she was stable though, as was the baby. It was only a matter of time now to see if his blood had made an effect.
Alucard now held Integra in his arms and stood, it was only then however did he feel another presence in the clearing other than his and Integra's. It was Seras. Alucard was unaware of how long she had been standing there at the edge of the clearing, nor did he really even care.
“Report back to the men Police Girl and perform clean up. Do not inform anyone of what you witnessed tonight. Understood?” He stated with his back to her. Seras nodded in response.
“Yes… Master.”
End Flashback
As Alucard finished his story, Vincent just sat there in shock and amazement. Taking it all in, he looked up at Alucard who was staring off into the distance, still reminiscing the past it seemed.
“So Integra's child survived then.” Vincent stated. Alucard looked at the man, his eyebrow raised. A glass then appeared in Alucard's hand, filled with a crimson liquid formed by the shadows. Alucard took a sip before answering.
“Yes. The child lived on in Integra's womb, to be born two and a half months later. Seras and I, who were supposed to be imprisoned before the child was born, never were. Integra visited the ill Queen herself soon after her attack. Integra explained that enemies were after her and her child's life, which they were mind you, and so the Queen revoked her last order of Seras and I being imprisoned until after the child was born and safe, so to speak.”
“Did the blood change Sir Integra?” Vincent then asked.
Alucard was now swishing the liquid around in his glass as he continued on answering Vincent's questions.
“For a time. However a few months later she returned to her normal state.”
“And the child?” Vincent asked, now more interested than ever.
Alucard looked directly at him, smiling as he answered,
“Now that was interesting. The unborn child had changed while still in Integra's womb, stirring up quite a controversy. As you see the baby was born with-”
“-black hair.” Vincent finished.
His mind reeling, Vincent remembered the late master Hellsing clearly. He had Integra's blue eyes with raven black hair, the same colour as Alucard's. Alucard grinned widely,
“Now you're catching on. Though I did not sire the child myself, he did, in truth become my by blood son. When I had feed Integra my blood, containing my vampire essence and DNA, while still in the womb, the two DNA merged making the child, if you will, half mortal and half vampire.”
Vincent's eyes widened in response.
“So what, Sir Michael Hellsing was some sort of Dhampire then? But I thought they were only of legend.” Vincent stated.
Alucard only smirked.
“They are. It is our most sacred law not to mix the blood between humans and vampires, after all why would you mix your DNA with cows, your food. Any Dhampire found is to be immediately killed; however they are rare as only a first generation vampire can make a Dhampire.” Alucard stated.
Vincent stopped him,
“Wait a minute; did you just imply that you are a first generation vampire?” Vincent asked flabbergasted. Alucard's smile only widened further.
“Oh my lord, then that would make you, the Queen, Mother Dearest's bloodchild,” he then turned around in Seras's arms and looked up at Seras continuing on, “and you Seras, a second generation vampire.”
Seras looked taken back.
“Huh?” she answered, this was news to her.
What did being a second generation vampire mean? Alucard locked eyes with eyes for a brief moment,
`You will understand in time, Seras…' was his answer to her.
Seras just nodded her head in response, still curious though. Vincent had resumed asking more questions again.
“But then if Sir Michael was a Dhampire as you say, why did he die so young? Aren't Dhampire's supposed to be blessed, or cursed if you will with immortality like vampires, or at least long life?”
Alucard merely sat there and considered the question, taking a minute before he actually answered it.
“To be honest, I don't know the answer. After all, a Dhampire never lived long enough anyway. My theory though is that the DNA in his body was conflicted. After all vampire cells are dead, so to speak, and human cells are alive. There must have been a point when the both could not supply or support each other and therefore resulting in his body simply giving out. The only way to have actually saved him would have been to replace or supply more vampire cells into his system, in effect completing the transformation into a vampire.”
“Couldn't you just of supplied him more with human cells to replace the vampire ones instead of killing him anyway and turning him into a vampire?” Vincent queried.
“No, vampire was in his blood, in his DNA strand. The boy had my black hair, small incisors,” Alucard laughed, “a tendency to bite and draw blood when he was young. Through observation and tests, that were later destroyed from records, we found out he also had increased speed, strength, agility and senses. No, trying to replace his vampire DNA with human would have killed him permanently.” Alucard answered.
“You said earlier that you had saved Lillian's life. How, by turning her into a vampire? Killing her anyway? Do you even know if she would have the problems as her father?” Vincent questioned, anger in his voice.
“Lillian is for most of the part, a vampire whether you like to believe it or not. Since my awakening, the blood oath and binding between us, Lillian's vampiric side if you will, has woken up. She is now developing increased strength, agility, stamina, regenerative powers and other vampiric traits. It's in her blood, it's who she is and as her by blood grandfather I will insure no harm comes to her.” Alucard stated fiercely.
“But she doesn't know, does she.” Vincent stated.
“No, she doesn't.” Alucard answered.
Vincent now attempted to stand, Seras still supporting him. Vincent's jaw was killing him, and though he could speak, it was now taking his toll on him. The pain was beginning to cloud his mind. He needed medical treatment and soon. Straightening himself up, he turned and faced Alucard once more.
“She's not to know Alucard. She can't know that she is practically half vampire and that you are her grandfather. Which by the way, did you have anything to do with Grantham's death?” Vincent asked suspiciously. Alucard's smiled widened,
“No. The poor human's heart had just given out not soon after Integra had the child. Strange wasn't it.” He answered; grinning as he remembered Grantham's face when he saw the child had black hair No one in Grantham's or Integra's family had raven black hair. Seras also couldn't help but smile, actually knowing the truth. Vincent continued on,
“As for supplying Lillian with your blood Alucard, you are to cease this at once, do you hear me.” Vincent stated fiercely.
Alucard merely slowly blinked once,
“I'll do as I wish human, you do not order me around. Lillian freely accepts my blood, it is apart of the blood oath that binds me. It keeps the seals and me under control.” Alucard laughed.
“But it's changing her drastically; her personality for one is all over the place!” Vincent argued.
Alucard only shrugged in response.
“It is only a phase, a transitional period. It will end soon and all will be right. Now go, leave me in peace, dawn has already past and I am tired.” Alucard stated annoyed.
Seras tugged on Vincent's sleeve, knowing just how cranky Alucard gets when dawn has set in. She too was now tired and just wanted to sleep. Thankfully Vincent complied, now heading up the hallway to the entrance of the dungeons, calling out as he walked,
“We will discuss this later Alucard.”
Seras faced Alucard and bowed at the hip stating before she started to follow Vincent.
“Have a good day master.”
“You too Police Girl.” He answered seductively, knowing just where she was going to sleep the day away and with whom.
Seras, knowing what he was actually implying, blushed bright red and increased her pace, as she heard Alucard's laughter following her footsteps.
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