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Author's note: Sorry the ending was so abrupt, but my computer time is limited. So here's
another chapter for y'all! Oh, and by the way, I have to tell you guys about this. Malakai was a
character that came from some weird dreams I've been having. That's where I got him from.
Well, I told my boyfriend about these dreams, and he introduced me to Malakai! Malakai is one
of my boyfriend's friends. Insane world, right? I am currently in the confusing process of
getting to know a character from one of my fanfictions. Anyone wishing to say a few words to
Malakai, give me a holler and I'll pass it on to him!
Stepping out into the moonlight, Seras submersed herself in her thoughts. The quiet
around her was calming, peaceful. Malakai walked silently alongside her, gently probing her
So, maybe . . . Master does love me? Maybe it's just not in the way
I'd thought. I really should stop whining about how he never says he loves me and just try to
understand him better,
Seras thought as they walked along.
Malakai silently applauded her maturity. Still, he understood why she'd been so upset
about it . . . she was only nineteen.
"Hey! Will you stop listening in already?" Seras snapped, whapping his arm with the
back of her hand playfully.
Malakai smiled.
"Yes, ma'am."
"I'm just saying it cause . . . well, you don't have to. If you want to talk to me, then just
talk," Seras informed him.
His smile twisted crookedly, and she abruptly looked away.
What is with him and that look? I mean, Christ! Does he have to be so, so . . . uh . . . hot
all the time?! Normal guys would get all . . . offended by the thought of talking. But then again,
he's not exactly normal,
Seras thought.
Malakai laughed inwardly at that thought.
"Then we will talk, Seras Victoria," he said.
"O-okay . . . You know, my birthday is in two and a half weeks. I'll be twenty years old
then . . . wow. Time since I came here seems to fly on by me . . ." Seras replied.
"But not nearly as much as it will when you get older, Victoria, which reminds me . . .
why do they call you "Seras Victoria" when your fist name is Victoria, not Seras?"
"It's a military thing. Been that way for a long time."
"Ah. And . . . why did you freak out about a mouse in the hallway? It's only a little
mouse," Malakai said.
"Be-because there were mice at the-at the orphanage where I lived when I was a kid,"
Seras (no, not Seras anymore. She will now be called Victoria) replied quietly.
A pang of sorrow hit Malakai as he heard this. An orphanage.
"Your parents . . . died?"
"Yeah. About the same age you were when you lost your dad," Victoria observed.
"They were murdered. See, my dad was a policeman. Wasn't very popular with the ones
who killed him, as you can imagine. Bloody monsters came and broke into the house. My
mother shoved me into the closet. Told me to keep out of sight, and quiet. But I peeked out to

see what was happening. They killed Dad first. And then my mom. Then they . . . they . . ."
"If it hurts you, you don't have to tell me, Victoria. I don't wish to cause you pain,"
Malakai said softly.
"No, it's okay. I have to talk about it sometime. They raped her. Her dead body. I
couldn't watch any more. Then the police came and found me," Victoria said in a monotone.
Malakai was angered by this statement of a truth that never should have been. He
stopped her, taking hold of her upper arm. Her eyes were downcast, determinedly avoiding his
"I still remember . . . everything they said. They laughed . . . they thought it was so
funny, so damned fantastic and clever. I wanted to come out and stop them, but . . . my mother
had said . . ." Tears tumbled down her face.
He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her. He didn't know why he did, only
that he felt he had to. A strong urge to comfort this little fledgling, who was truly so innocent
and so undeserving of this pain she had been put through. Victoria's eyes widened, but her arms
moved around him to hold him, too.
"I'm so sorry. No one should have to experience things like that. No one, especially you,
should have to suffer so much pain . . ."
"Malakai . . . I . . ."
She buried her face in his chest, letting herself cry. He moved one hand up to stroke her
soft hair, gazing behind her but not really seeing anything.
"I wish I could just see them again . . . that's all I want. I've seen their graves, but . . . all
that really does is make me miss them more. I just want them to be proud of me, even after
everything I've done . . . I want to see them again"
"I know you do . . . but it's part of being human to miss the people you love."
Victoria looked up at him, wondering if he'd really said that.
"You are still very much human, Victoria. And that is something you should hold on to,
even when you become a true vampire. Once you lose it, it'll never ever come back, and that
would be the worst pain you could possibly endure," Malakai told her, wiping her tears away
with a light brush of his fingertips.
Victoria nodded.
I'll never lose it . . . I promise . . .
"Malakai . . . I . . ."
She rested her cheek against his chest, trying to find the words to express the confusion
she felt, trying to define her emotions.
" . . . I love you."
His eyes widened as these simple but incredibly powerful words spilled from her mouth.
"You . . ."
"I love you, Malakai. I don't know why, but I do. You're the only person who ever
listened to me. And I . . .I . . .I love you," she murmured.
A part of Malakai was so unbelievably happy to hear this. But the other begged her to say
"just kidding" or something, anything to make these words a lie.
"Victoria, you . . . are you . . . You can't say that to me. You can't be saying this to me.
You love Alucard. You can't . . . you mustn't . . ."
She looked up into his eyes, a determined expression in her eyes.

"I do love Alucard. So much it hurts, sometimes, but . . . my first love . . . doesn't have
to be my only love, Malakai."
"Not when you are a vampire in love with your master, Seras. Not when your master is
Alucard. You must not . . . you cannot love me," Malakai replied firmly.
"Are you saying . . . that you reject my love? That you don't want me to love you?"
He flinched. No . . . he desperately wanted her love. But Alucard . . . he couldn't betray
his friend . . . and if Alucard ever found out . . . the both of them would suffer. Him and
Victoria. But . . . he . . .
"No, Victoria. I . . ."
There was only one way to explain his feelings for her, but . . . that would mean . . . oh,
Gods . . .
"You what? Are you scared Malakai? Of my master?"
"Shut up! You have no idea what this means, do you?! If Alucard ever found out, he'd
kill you. And he'd hunt me down to the ends of the earth. I could not protect you if he found
out. I love you, Seras Victoria, but I can't give you love. Not if I want you to live. And I do.
Just please try to understand," Malakai snapped, becoming angry.
Fresh tears glistened in her eyes. She understood. But she couldn't just pretend that it
was all just the same as before.
"I know . . . I know . . . but . . ."
He pulled her tight against him. He buried his sensitive nose into her hair, eyes squeezed
"Damn it all . . . damn it!" he hissed.
He opened his eyes in alarm as a familiar scent suddenly arrived nearby.
"Alucard . . ."
The dark-haired vampire stood before him, a strange and rather unusual expression on his
face. Victoria spun around, eyes wide.
"Oh, um, hello, Master," she stammered.
"Hello, Seras. Care to join me?"
He held out a hand for her. She glanced up at Malakai, who watched Alucard warily.
She smiled and accepted his hand, slipping her arms through his and walking down the pathway
with him. She took a quick look back at Malakai. He stared after her expressionlessly.
Be careful what you say, Victoria. Be wary of him. He is your lover, but . . . he is our
worst nightmare.
Victoria turned back to stare up at her master's face. He seemed unusually calm, a fact
that somehow comforted Victoria, although stirring up feelings of alarm. The hairs on the back
of her neck raised up. She felt very alert. He didn't seem to notice, although he was indeed the
source of her tension. His calm was like the calm before the storm. She didn't like that feeling.
She was still very much in love with him, but . . . if he ever knew, all her love could not save her
or Malakai.
"Master? Where are we going?" she inquired.
"For a walk . . . nothing particularly special, unless you have something in mind?"
"No, I was just wondering."
His manner was drastically changed, for reasons Victoria could not see. He was calmer,
more . . . at rest than usual. The sadistic twist that usually showed plainly of his face was not
present . . . he seemed almost . . . human, suddenly.

After a few minutes of walking along the stone path that led back around the house to the
garden, they were surrounded by beautiful, sweet smelling flowers and plants. Where there were
not plants, such as white roses, and numerous other white flowers, there was lush green grass.
White flowers seemed to be the theme for this section of the garden, but as they moved on, the
colors changed to blue, yellow, red, violet. And last, in the "meditation garden", a vast mixture
of beautiful and vivid color that blended together smoothly and elegantly. He motioned for her
to sit on one of the smooth stone benches. Obeying silently, taking in the calm and serenity of
the garden, she began to really relax.
"Oh . . . it's so peaceful here. I actually feel at rest . . . for the first time in so long . . . it
smells good . . . it's beautiful . . . and . . . it's quiet," Victoria murmured.
"Yes . . . you like it, then?"
"Most definitely."
"Then perhaps we should come here more often, yes?"
Victoria nodded enthusiastically. Alucard grinned crookedly.
He sat beside her, an arm moving around her waist. She rested against him. Ten, fifteen,
twenty minutes passed in blissful silence, until loud footsteps came bounding down the path, and
a rugged, familiar voice spoke nearby.
"Oh, ye monsters. We meet again, it seems."
Alucard stood. Malakai came running into view, rushing to Victoria's side, looking in
the direction opposite Alucard. And who else but Paladin Anderson came striding into view,
bayonet in hand.
"Who the hell are you?" Malakai asked.
"I am a servant of God. An agent of his divine punishment. Who asks, ye freak?"
"Malakai, a vampire."
An angry snarl twisted Anderson's face.
"I come to destroy the lot of ye."
"How dare you come to this place, Judas Priest? You have a lot of nerve to intrude here,"
Alucard called to him angrily.
Anderson laughed.
"There is always a place for the children of God, Monster," he retorted.
"Then you won't mind being sent to your grave," came the cold reply.
Anderson rushed forward. Alucard drew his Jackal, moving to meet the mad priest's
charge. They clashed, and the fight was on.
"Oh, no . . . why did he have to come here? Now?" Victoria sighed.
This was an old, old score that was truly never going to be settled as long as the Judas
Priest lived. And it didn't seem he'd be dying any time soon. The skirmish went on for a few
moments before Anderson pulled a small, clear dart filled with a deep red substance and
slammed the needle into Alucard's throat. The startled vampire staggered back, then fell. He did
not rise again. Then , before any reaction was possible, the priest drew another and came rushing
to where Malakai stood protecting Vitoria. Malakai snatched the priest's wrist, pushing it back
ward, and away from himself. But the priest lashed out with a bayonet using the other hand,
causing Malakai to lose his grip and falter. The needle was immediately jabbed into his chest.
Malakai's crimson eyes widened before he collapsed as well. Victoria screamed. Anderson
ignored her for a moment, looking down on the two unconscious vampires. She crawled over to
their unmoving forms, tears of fear and anger coursing down her face. She looked up when she

heard footsteps. Anderson stood before her, towering over her.
"Don't you touch them," Victoria hissed.
A look of compassion softened Anderson's face as hot, salty tears fell from her eyes. He
knelt. She moved away from him slightly. Taking hold of her upper arm, he drew another dart.
"No . . ." she said in horror.
"It won't kill ye, Draculina. Just hold still," he replied calmly.
She flinched as the needle was pressed into her skin. She watched the red liquid drain
into her body. A sudden gut-wrenching pain came over her body. It felt almost as though he'd
injected silver nitrate into her blood. But it didn't burn her, as silver burned her skin. Soon, she
could endure no more, and she passed out. Before the darkness covered her eyes, she saw
Anderson smile.
"Go with God, my children,"he murmured, kissing the silver cross that hung from his
neck and walking away.
* * * * *
When Alucard awoke, he was lying on his bed, fully clothed. The lid was open, however,
and his master sat on his chair, one leg folded over the other, watching him.
"Well, good morning. I thought you'd sleep later than this. What with the sedatives and
all," she said.
He sat up, his head throbbing, and wondered why the light was so dim.
"What in hell has happened?" he asked.
"Anderson attacked, as you know, and injected a drug inside your body that is apparently
still under clinical trial. You see, the drug is designed to suppress the vampire population in an
extreme way; in short, to turn vampires into humans."
"Must I repeat myself?"
He stood, and when Integral unexpectedly handed him a mirror, he was greeted by his
reflection with many changes. His face was softened in expression, and his eyes were cobalt
blue, rather than red. He opened his mouth. His canines were the normal length of a human. Oh
"I see you're taking this rather well. I expected a tirade," Integral said sarcastically.
She had no idea.

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