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Author's Note: So, chapter fifteen. I honestly never thought I'd get this far, or get so many
reviews! To all my readers, including the ones who have not yet reviewed, thanks for sticking
with me! On with the chapter!
First and foremost, Victoria was nervous. She did not know what to expect when Sir
Integral called them to her office two days after their examinations. She secretly hoped they were
being summoned so that Sir Integra could tell them the results, but she knew perfectly well that
there could be a number of reasons. Standing beside Alucard in front of Integral's desk, she
stood quietly as the young leader of Hellsing sifted through the documents laid out on her desk.
Finally, Integral spoke.
"As I'm sure you know, the substance injected into your bodies by Mister Anderson
caused a metamorphosis which made you human. We now know some of the specifics of this
substance, its effects, and possibly how long it takes to wear off," Integra began.
"It wears off?" Victoria said.
"Yes, Seras, it does. But we will discuss that momentarily. The effects are, as I am sure
you've guessed, temporary. However, by altering a few of the chemicals, we can make it
permanent. We are still studying it, however. I have contacted Enrico Maxwell regarding his
brazen methods of testing this substance, which we will now be putting to use for our own
purposes. I am sure that a servant of God such as him will not object. The chemical makeup is
altered for use on the different genders, and for vampires of different power and skill levels. And
the dosage is increased depending on how long you'd like the subject to remain in this altered
state. The dosage used on Alucard and Malakai was increased dramatically, in comparison to the
dosage injected into your body, Seras. It is, however, temporary, as I have said before. You,
Seras, will return to your former state of being in less than a week, whereas we believe it may
take Alucard and Malakai approximately nine or ten days. Oh, and Seras, I have filed a
complaint on your behalf as to the behaviors of the young doctor whom you encountered during
your stay at the research facility. He will not be with us much longer," Integral finished.
"Oh, um, thanks. But why?" Victoria asked.
"That sort of behavior is intolerable. I won't have any member of my staff harassing you
in such a crude manner, Officer Seras. Human or not," Integral replied coolly.
Victoria smiled and thanked her again.
"Is that all?" Malakai asked the knight.
"Yes, for the moment. You may leave," Sir Integra said as she returned her full attention
to the paperwork on her desk.
The minute they left the room, Alucard turned to Victoria.
"What `harassment'?"
Malakai glanced back and forth between the two of them. Victoria shifted
uncomfortably, unsure as to whether she should tell him or not. God only knew what he might
do if she did.
"What harassment?" Alucard demanded, more insistently this time.
Malakai suddenly appeared alarmed and, covering Victoria's mouth with both hands,
exclaiming, "DON"T TELL HIM VICTORIA!!"
Alucard and Victoria burst into laughter, and Malakai grinned. Victoria smiled and

moved his hands away from her mouth. Victoria stuck her tongue out at him and he returned the
extremely childish gesture. Alucard kissed Victoria on the side of her head, making her blush,
and the three of them continued walking down the hall.
Malakai suddenly spoke, "I am so bored right now."
Victoria expressed her agreement. Even her Coheed and Cambria cd couldn't amuse her
lately. She sorely missed going on missions with her men. At least then she had something to
occupy her restless mind. Then, Malakai suddenly headed for the door, and Alucard and Victoria
followed, curious. He opened the large wooden doors and stepped out into the evening air,
inhaling deeply. Then he walked to his right a few feet and began climbing the trellis.
"The roof?" Victoria voiced her thoughts aloud.
Again they followed him, carefully watching their feet so they didn't slip or ruin the rose
vines that crept up everywhere. The startlingly random behavior Malakai displayed did not seem
to faze Alucard at all. Victoria at last reached the top and hoisted herself up onto the roof. She
looked over to see Malakai staring up at the moon, which would be full tomorrow.
"The moon?"
Malakai turned to Victoria, eyes sparkling.
"Yes," he smiled, "the moon."
Victoria nearly jumped out of her skin when Alucard said from behind her, "Of course,
Seras. Malakai is pagan, remember? One of two things he worships is the moon."
"Well . . . it makes sense . . . he was a vampire, after all . . ." Victoria murmured, lifting
her gaze up to the glowing moon. She noted the way Malakai seemed to delight in it, in the soft
silvery rays that shone down on them. Letting her legs simply fold beneath her, she sat down.
Staring up at the moon suddenly made her feel small. But somehow, she felt relaxed. Her legs
would not support her, and she really didn't care. She just wanted to look up at it forever. She
never wanted day to come . . .
"It feels good, doesn't it?"
She tilted her head to look up at her master, who was leaning over her slightly, on his
knees. She nodded, unable to summon the will to reply with words. Alucard smiled and leaned
forward, kissing her before shifting to sit beside her. Her eyes did not leave the moon again.
"It's all . . . insane . . ."
"Everything . . . it's so surreal . . . almost like . . . something from a dream . . . I shouldn't
be human . . . but . . ." the words left her slightly parted lips in an almost lazy manner.
Suddenly, for a brief instant, it all came flooding back. She felt the power surge through
her, and the keen vision only a vampire could possess returned to her eyes. And then it
disappeared. She gasped.
"What . . . happened?" she asked her master, as though he would know what she had just
Alucard smiled.
"We are part of the moon, Police Girl," he murmured, "We are called children of the
night, but really, we are more strongly connected to the moon. If we do not have at least a small
amount of moonlight shining down on us, we become uncomfortable. I have often been unable
to sleep during the new moon.
"We may be human now, but even the drug that the Judas Priest injected us with cannot
hide what we really are. We are vampires, Seras. Forever."

"Forever . . ."
"You told me it was insane, Police Girl, but remember what my master said . . ." he
leaned in closer, his breath blowing softly against her ear, "It's only temporary . . ."
A/n: Sorry it's so short but it's getting there, okay? Still nothing serious going on between Alu
and Seras but, as I said, it's getting there. Love doesn't magically appear in a day, Mm-kay?

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