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Transylvanian Concubine
Dreams/ Flashbacks
Stressed Words
“In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished in eternal damnation. Amen,” a woman said as she waited in the cool of night.
The yellow moon waded in the crimson sky as it watched the land below. Its eerie light shone down upon the snow of the cold country. Ice blue eyes hardened at the monstrosity approaching. Raising the 9mm to a perfect headshot, peach slender fingers gently squeezed the trigger. The ghoul turned to dust at the first impact of the silver bullet. Its black holed eyes and mummified gray skin were forever gone in a pile of ash. A frustrated growl escaped the thinned and firm lips of the blonde.
“Sir Integral,” an aged voiced said, hiding the concern so not to anger the blonde.
“That was the second one, who's the next challenger?” Integral asked as her blue eyes studied one of the dulled spikes. “Walter?”
“The next choice is a young woman of Gypsy descent,” Walter began to explain.
“Female?” Integral asked with a raised brow.
“Her name is Ceres Victoria, she is also an ex-cop,” Walter finished as he handed Integral a paper. Integral dusted her gray suit off before she took the paper from Walter's gloved hand.
“Ex-cop?” Integral asked as she read the file.
“She was forced to a leave of absence when she witnessed her guardian killed,” Walter explained.
“Is the girl of sound mind?” Integral asked.
“Very sound of mind…she aware of vampires and lycanthropes,” Walter said, trying to sway her choice in favor.
“Is she a virgin?” Integral asked.
“But what?” Integral inquired.
“She has a gift,” Walter spoke.
“What type?” Integral asked.
“She can control lightening to a various degree,” Walter stated.
“Various degree,” Integral repeated, she seemed to catch all the catches.
“She can't fully control her ability,” Walter said as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Wonderful. I can tell you want her here…do you think she'll make a difference?” Integral seriously asked.
“Her family line begins at the same time of Elizabeth Bathory,” Walter said immediately gaining Integral's full attention.
“How soon can she be here?” Integral asked.
“By tomorrow night,” Walter said as he bowed and walked off.
Integral frowned and gazed up at the yellow moon, it had red splotches on it. She turned her attention to the old castle. If possible, she frowned even more. Ever since the first Hellsing had failed, it had become a mission to destroy the creature within those walls. The first Hellsing was not a total failure; he had managed to bind the creature within the walls. Unfortunately, the seal used to bind the creature was fading…and fast. When the seal faded the creature would have one chance to break the seal, he would have to find someone of the blood that sired him and of the blood of Hellsing.
Integral smirked as she put her white gloves on, there was no one else of Hellsing blood but her left, she was the only one left of the great line. She'd shoot herself in the skull before she turned vampire. Walking closer to the castle walls, she reached out and touched the stone inscription. It had one day appeared, neither she nor Walter had a direct fact about it. She had a feeling this inscription held a type of key to what she wasn't sure of. She ran her gloved fingers over it once more before she turned and walked away.
Blood of my Blood,
Can raise me,
Flesh of flesh,
Can bind me
Soul of my Soul,
Can set me free.
`I'll find you, just like my ancestor did. Only I won't just kill your maker…I'll silence you forever,' Integral promised as she disappeared into the woods.
“Blood of my Blood,” a voice darkly laughed.
Sort blue eyes snapped open from a dream filled sleep. Pushing themselves to a sitting position, they stared up at the hole. Running a delicate ivory tone hand through strawberry blonde hair with a sigh, they softly cursed. Looking up at the hole, they noticed the edges blackened and a perfect view of the blue sky. Sighing they rolled off the bed and onto their feet and groggily made their way to the bathroom. Looking at her reflection, she bared her teeth. Reaching over she began to brush; tracing her human fang with the toothbrush, she shook herself from the action.
Rinsing her mouth, she smiled her pearly white smile and began to wash her hands. She let the water run over her palms and stared at the tattoos that always be there. A thin lightening bolt on each palm would remind her everyday that she was not normal. She frowned at the marks wishing they would go away, but at last, they would remind her of herself and her heritage. Turning off the water and drying her hands she walked towards her dresser, it was her mother's. The mother she had never known because she died during labor, she was electrocuted. Sighing she pulled out pair of fingerless black gloves.
The gloves weren't cotton or leather; they were a special type of rubber that wasn't a conductor. They stopped all conducting of electricity she could form or borrow. She quickly pulled on a scarlet sweater and dark blue jeans before she ran to the corner of her room. She picked up her backpack and threw it on her bed. She checked her supplies and gave a faint smile of satisfaction. Walking to her mini-bookcase she stared at the picture of herself and her father. Her father was dressed in his cop uniform and she was only six and on his shoulders. She forced a smile out trying to show him she was happy. She ran a hand through her hair and sighed again.
She eased a true smile out at some happy memories that were beginning to fade with time, nine years she had last seen him. Nine years since he had been declared deceased. She could almost hear his voice telling her to take one step at a time. Packing the picture frame in her pack she sat on the edge of her bed. She stared at her gloved hands and tried to summon her power. She received squat and was happy about it. She looked up when she heard knocks on the door. Three even knocks. She ran over to the door and opened it.
She smiled at the aging man who appeared to be in his early forties late thirties. He wore a black business suit and a monocle over one eye. She briefly wondered if his vision was bad in that one eye. Shaking the notion in her head, she bowed.
“Ceres Victoria I presume,” he stated more then asked.
“Yes and you are?” Ceres asked and answered.
“I am Walter of the Hellsing organization,” he introduced.
“I'm already packed,” she said.
“Very good, then lets be leaving,” he said in an even tone.
She nodded before she picked up her backpack and a small handbag. Walter offered to carry one and she politely declined. She started to walk towards the staircase going down when she noticed he was going to the roof entrance. She followed him to the roof where she her ride. A black copter sat on her apartment roof with the gold lettering of Hellsing on the side. He placed her bags in a secure cabinet before he seated himself in the pilot's chair. She sat in the chair next to him and buckled up.
She noted that the engine was silent. Turning her attention outside she watched them rise from her roof, and she briefly wondered if there was anyone watching. Ceres sat back and stared out the window at the passing buildings, it had reminded her of the previous copter trip. She was being rushed to the hospital alongside the corpse of her guardian. Slightly shivering she reached up and grasped the silver cross that hung from her neck. It had been two months since that day.
“Was that cross a gift?” Walter asked. She stopped grasping the plain silver cross and looked over at him in surprise, most didn't ask about her treasure.
“More like a memento then a gift…thought you could call it a gift,” She answered. Ceres went back to her silence and Walter noticed the girl saddening at each moment.
“Why did you sign up for the Hellsing project?” Walter asked in attempts to take her mind off the sad moments.
“Personally, I need the money and for a friend,” She answered.
“It's all for quick cash?” Walter asked.
“No…I'm hopping to prove something to myself and find connections,” She answered.
“Connections…what type?” Walter asked in slight confusion. Ceres sadly sighed as she looked back out the window.
“I'm hoping to find the Lycanthrope leader in Romania,” Ceres truthfully said.
“Lycanthrope,” Walter repeated while wondering how much this girl knew.
“It sounds crazy…but I know what I saw. I saw a man change into a large vicious beast,” Ceres explained as she turned her gaze to her hands in her lap. Walter looked over and noticed her fists were clenched tight, he was about to say something, but she began again.
“I didn't have my gun on me when it happened…I was in church and it didn't seem right to bring a gun into a church. The man was waiting for us in the nude at the front of the church. He changed into a man wolf before I could blink. He lunged and my guardian pushed me away and took the attack. Father Anderson got his throat torn out and I sat in shock and watched. I finally grabbed a large silver cross and stabbed it in the eye. It knocked me away and broke three of my ribs. I called for help and it vanished…but it was too late.”
“He protected you,” Walter tried to justify; he could tell the girl blamed herself.
“I don't need the situation sugarcoated, I should of acted faster and not froze…I guess that's why I'm still nicknamed kitten on the force,” she sadly said, a hint of resentment coated her voice.
“Things happen for a reason,” Walter said out of experience.
“He died on the copter…but before he did…he pressed his silver cross into my hand and then the Vatican took his body,” Ceres explained. Walter remained silent knowing the girl was contemplating the events.
Ceres leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes. She let the ride to Romania lull her to sleep. Before she fell asleep, she wished that she was safe in her dreams, but in reality, wishes don't always come true.
“Daddy!” A ten-year-old girl frantically whispered. Pushing open the squad car door, she left it open as she stood outside. She stared at the building in hesitation before she shivered; a chill always seemed to be with her.
“Go on up,” a voice darkly urged as whisper on the wind.
Her blue eyes widened and roamed the surrounding area, searching for the faint voice. Goosebumps formed and she quickly ran to the open door. She listened to it squeak as the wind blew. She knew her father told her to stay in the car no matter what, she also knew he followed a person into the building. There was a woman being forced along with a male and he was off duty but closest to the area. A light bulb on a string swung back and forth, as it flickered every now an then. She swallowed the lump in her throat and walked forward into the darkness.
She came to a set of rotten steps and she held her breath, she could her talking. Breathing normally, she carefully walked up the steps. She counted twenty steps before she came to the first door. Voices became clearer as she neared the second doorway; the door was smashed up. She peered around the corner and held in a gasp. Her father was on the floor with both his arms bent in weird angles. Her attention turned to the man who let the woman fall to the floor.
A red liquid trail ran down her neck, as her eyes were open in shock. The body was limp, and Ceres knew that this wasn't good. She looked down and saw her father's gun by her feet. She reached down and picked it up. She watched the man grab her father by the hair and pull him up to eyelevel. She squeezed the handle and clicked the safety off. The man tore her father's throat out before she could react. He threw him down as blood gushed out. She ran to his side with tears in her eyes. The police sirens were there. The man laughed.
She stood up and pointed the gun at the man. His red eyes danced in laughter as he stared at her.
“He's scum,” she heard the voice whisper.
She cocked the gun and the man's eyes flashed in fear his fangs still elongated and coated in blood.
“Kill the maggot vampire,” the voice whispered.
The man growled and crouched low preparing a strike as she hesitated.
“Kill him…it's only fair,” the voice persuaded.
She glared at the creature and emptied the rounds into his chest. He yelled as the bullets punctured his heart. The cops entered as his body exploded into a pile of dust and she let the gun hit the floor.
Author's Note:
Obviously, this is AU, this is also my first Hellsing Fic attempt so please tell me if I should continue or not.