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The Castle
Flashback/ Dreams
Staring at the old castle she sighed, it wasn't what she had expected. She had grabbed her bags and walked outside to a tent that apparently had a heater in it. She had been disappointed to find that the castle was a little more worn down. She had seen pictures of it and knew that it wasn't going to be a picnic. Strangely enough, the dull spikes sticking from the ground didn't scare her, she felt as if she'd scene worse. She had been seated inside the tent and was now watched a blonde hair woman called `Sir Integral' collect some items.
As if psychic the blonde looked up at Ceres, she slightly gulped and nervously smiled. The woman seemed bored and a bit tense. Ceres had been startled to find someone with the exact blue eyes as hers and she wondered if the woman was startled. Shrugging it off for another time to ponder she watched Integra closely. She clasped her hands together with her elbows on the table.
“I suppose you're wondering exactly what you're here to do,” Integra calmly said as she stared through her glasses at Ceres.
“I know this is Vlad's castle or better known as Dracula,” Ceres said. Integra raised an eyebrow and wondered if the use of present tense was a mistake or not.
“You seem like a smart girl, so I'll let you in on something. This is not a game show or some fake reality TV,” Integra seriously began. “I am a descendent of Van Hellsing and I am searching the castle for the real vampire.”
“Cool,” Ceres said knowing that this was the truth.
“If you can aid in the capture or destruction of this vampire then I will pay you…but know that you are risking your life,” Integral warned.
“I risk my life as a cop and have nothing that will miss me if I'm gone…but I have my own reasons for doing this,” Ceres stated as she stared at Integral.
“I find that people that have a reason to live fight to stay alive,” Integral said.
“I have reason…just not one I want to share,” Ceres calmly said as she blinked.
“Very well, but there are a few things you should be aware of,” Integral began.
“Garlic doesn't work, the only thing that does is silver and holy objects,” Ceres said as if repeating a code of life. Integral raised an eyebrow and truly wondered if there was more to this young woman.
“I suppose you know to aim for the heart or head and to stay away from the basement.” Integral questioned.
“Knew the first but not about the basement,” Ceres said as she stood.
“Do you have weapons?” Integral asked.
“I knew that this wasn't a ghost hunt so I brought in my own weapons,” Ceres assured.
“Very well,” Integral said as she passed a talkie to Ceres. She took it and clipped it to her belt. “Channel seven is the link Walter and I are on.”
“What do you want me to do exactly?” Ceres asked.
“Try and find where the vampire sleeps and any information…but don't touch the seals,” Integral said as a final warning.
Ceres nodded and walked out of the tent and towards the castle. The sun would set in a few hours. She could the other woman's eyes on her and she wondered if this vampire hunting made the woman so cold. Deciding not to think about other people's lives, she returned her focus to the castle. She stood in front of the massive door and she noticed the metal rings to pull open the door. She reached for the ring, but stopped when she noticed writing on the wall. She traced the writing with her fingers and stared at it.
“Blood of my blood, can raise me. Flesh of flesh, can bind me. Soul of my Soul, can set me free,” Ceres repeated as she pondered the writing.
`Where have I heard this?' She thought as she really concentrated on the words. Her eyes widened in recognition, she remembered.
“Innocence taken by fate, a cruel hand opens the eyes. Flesh bounds me to this existence, blood bathes me. An act of God that can be turned,” she repeated from memory.
`My grandmother had this written in a book…but what was the rest?' Ceres thought as she glared at the writing.
“Ceres, are you going in?” a voice came through the talkie. She jumped, as she was startled, she frowned and answered.
“Yeah…just admiring the words,” Ceres said as she imagined the Integral rolling her eyes.
As expected, there was no answer from Integral. Ceres pulled open the door and found that the wood was lighter than it looked. She gazed around her surrounding and took note that there was a stone staircase leading to the second floor and that there were three dark halls. One hall to the left, one right, and one down the middle behind the stone staircase. She walked over to go down the hall to the left and found that it wasn't that decayed by time. There was an old fashioned kitchen with a fireplace like stove. She noticed a wooden door and went to touch it. Her fingers gently touched the wood and she shivered, deciding to declare it a pantry she left.
She went down the middle hall and found that there were other rooms, but an old and dying garden was in the back. Thinking it was strange; she didn't bother with the right hall. Standing on the first stair she wondered if she should seek a bedroom on the second floor. Deciding she could be safer since the window was higher up she passed a room with a hug and moldy tub and finally a decent room. The curtains were red and torn and it looks like the frame from a bed was falling apart. She checked the closet and deemed it safe with no secret entrances. She placed a cross over the door to be safe. She closed and locked the window and placed another cross.
Sighing she unrolled her sleeping bag and pulled out extra blankets, she had a feeling she'd be up all night. She touched the plain silver cross on her neck and sighed. Pulling her small handbag to herself, she unzipped it. She pulled out her .357 python and 9mm. Placing an ammo belt around her waist she put loaded the guns and put them each on their own side with matching bullets. She finally pulled out her last resort weapon, even though she had more guns with silver bullets.
Her tanto was a last resort she would use if out of bullets. The handle was made out of silver wrapped in black leather, the blade was the cross she used to stab out the eye of the lycanthrope that attacked her and killed her guardian. She promised to kill that Lycanthrope with the tanto even if it would kill her in process it was a promise. The blade was also dipped in holy water as an added bonus. The sheath was mad out of oak and some other stuff she didn't care about. She strapped her tanto to her right side out of the way of her guns.
She placed a cross on the entrance to the room for good measure. The room began to darken and she looked out the window. The sun was setting. She didn't know if she felt relieved of scared, but she pushed the emotion aside. She was not to leave the castle for a week. Taking a deep breath, she stepped outside her new room. She glanced to the sides and didn't notice anything strange. She didn't go down the hall she was in all the way, so she decided to do that first. Taking a candle from a nearby table, she lit it and began to walk to her right. The darkness was comforting in knowing that so far that was all there was.
She let her right hand trace the wall as she walked. She found no other doors on her side; she made a mental not to check for secret rooms in the morning. She came to an open window and she stared outside. The moon was already full in its glory while it sat in the red sky. Ceres tilted her head and thought that it must suck to be bound to the night all the time. There was another hall to her left so she leaned against the wall to her right. The candle blew out as a stray stream of air came in. Cussing to herself, she removed her gloves and stuck them in her pocket.
Holding the candle close to her thumb and index finger, she prepared to try and make a spark. No one was around and the lighting wouldn't be strong enough to break a hole through the ceiling. Counting to three she snapped and nothing happened. She snapped another three times in frustration and growled when nothing happened. Becoming more annoyed she heard chuckling from within the shadowed hall. Stopping her actions, she focused in on the darkened hall. She knew it wasn't Integral and Walter, they had told her they wouldn't enter the castle without contacting her first.
“That's not the proper way to light a candle,” a voice whispered in her ear. She froze and dropped the candle. This same voice told her to kill the vampire when she first saw it kill her father.
The safety was off of her gun, but she couldn't tell where he was. She didn't want to risk pissing the thing off by drawing her gun and firing blindly, she wanted to make sure every shot counted
“Very wise police girl. It's good not to attack when you don't know where your prey is,” the voice congratulated.
She frowned, the voice wasn't supposed to congratulate her or know her reasons. Her eyes widened briefly as she thought about her situation.
`Shit…he can read minds,' she cursed in her head as she backed up to her left away from the dead.
“Cussing isn't becoming for you,” the voice scolded.
“Invading my privacy is becoming for you,” she shot back.
She could of jumped out of the window in shock. He was laughing openly at her. Ceres frowned not liking that he thought her a joke. Focusing in on the laughter she noted that it was coming from all around her. Her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to think quietly, if that was possible. The hallway to her left seemed like a good idea so she took another step to brace herself. The laughter had died down and she lunged ahead to the left hallway in attempts of escaping the crazed voice. She could have sworn she saw a grin in the shadows behind her. The laughter started again and she kept running.
`What is this thing…a hyena?' She thought as she ran, the laughter was about to drive her crazy. She then noticed it died down to a very dark chuckle.
“I am not a scavenger, but I am a predator,” the voice stated. Turning to her left again she stumbled as she hit a broken table.
She was on the second floor with a crazed disembodied voice. The window in front of her was looking good right about know. Ceres briefly wondered if the glassless window had been put there for her to jump out of. She knew she wasn't supposed to leave the castle, but she wasn't leaving, leaving. She was just temporarily jumping out of the window until she could get another plan. The window was approaching faster and she decided what to do. She lunged through the opening and into the night sky, the moonlight behind her.
Her blue eyes quickly noted the stars and the snowy ground before reality hit her and hard.
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