Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Empathy ( Chapter 5 )

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“You don't know how you took it, you just know what you got.”
U2 (Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me)
Night 2
Ringing. Opening her blue eyes, she glanced at her surroundings and found that her alarm clock was screaming. Frowning she hit it to the floor where it promptly turned off. Sighing she saw that the sun would be setting in an hour. Placing her clock back on the mini table, she stood up and got dressed. She could feel it, there was something coming her way and fast. She couldn't sense the vampire anywhere near her. Frowning she pulled on a tight red shirt. She zipped up her black hoodie and pulled on a pair of black Adidas pants. Slipping on her shoes, she walked over to the corner of her room and picked up her newest toy.
Placing her anti-freak cannon on her bed, she loaded it with the 30mm shot. Kneeling to the floor, she pulled out her black bag and unzipped it. Reaching inside she let the sunlight shine for the first time on her M23 automatic pistol, checking for ammo she put the safety on. Refilling her ammo belt with the correct ammo for her new friends, she grinned into the broken mirror. The sun began to set and the last rays of light vanished from her room. Tucking her M23 into her pants, she gazed out the window. Howling could be heard, it echoed throughout the woods and into her room.
She reached up and grasped her silver cross. Her breath quickened as her mind raced with worried thoughts.
“Just wolves,” she reassured herself.
Turning around she dropped the anti-freak cannon and jumped in fright. In the doorway stood the damn vampire, Alucard. His smirk widened as his yellow glasses allowed the red eyes to be seen. The red hat covered most of his dark hair and part of his face. He leaned against the doorframe and tilted his head in amusement. Ceres looked up at him and wondered why he didn't come in. It was his castle; she knew she didn't have to invite him into a room. A smirk began to form upon her face.
The crosses were sealing him from the room, it was a good thing they were silver. Picking up her anti-freak cannon, she placed it on her bed and calmly pulled on her gloves. She ignored him as she did this simple task. Looking up she saw the frown marring his features. Slinging the cannon over her shoulder, she turned and looked out the window when she heard the howls. Returning her stare back to the doorway she found him gone. The howls drew her attention once again. Staring out the window, she found a dark figure weaving through the trees.
`Just a wolf,' she repeated to herself.
“Afraid of Lycanthropes?” Alucard asked as he appeared in front of her.
The M23 was pressed against his forehead as soon as he appeared. Ceres wondered how he entered.
“The crosses may block the physical entrances…but they don't block the shadows,” Alucard answered. Keeping the gun aimed she stepped back.
“Stay out of my mind,” she growled.
“Afraid of Lycanthropes?” Alucard asked again with a slight grin.
“I fear nothing,” she spat as her eyes strayed to the window.
“I haven't fed in three days,” Alucard whispered to her.
“Stay away from my neck,” Ceres growled as she heard the howls.
“There are so many other places,” Alucard mumbled.
“No feeding off me!” Ceres made clear as the howls increased.
“Afraid of Lycanthropes?” Alucard observed as she nervously looked out the window. His eyes widened as he caught the memory replaying through her mind.
Yellow eyes focused on the meal as it lunged. Ceres watched helplessly as she was pushed out of the way. White fangs were quickly stained red as they buried themselves into his neck. She screamed as the priest's mouth opened to scream, all that came out was blood.
“No,” Ceres whispered as she stepped outside the room and to the staircase. She placed the anti-freak cannon down and sat at the top of the stairs.
“What do you plan to do…sit and watch?” Alucard inquired with slight ridicule.
“Do you like blood?” Ceres calmly asked. He raised an eyebrow in question.
“How can you ask a vampire that?” Alucard wondered. “Blood is Blood, never waste it.”
“Then I hope you enjoy Lycanthrope tonight,” Ceres mumbled as the castle door was knocked down.
“So much damage,” Alucard mumbled underneath his breath with a smirk.
Ceres heard another howl and a gunshot. It sounded like Integral and Walter would have their hands full tonight.
“I smell fresh meat,” a voice hissed as the dust cleared.
Ceres would have blushed if she weren't so pissed. A naked man stood there in all his glory. His face looked like he would be middle twenties and his body certainly appeared that way. Ceres focused on the face as she frowned. His black hair covered his eyes and he appeared to be sniffing the air. His eyes focused on her and she saw he had both. This lycanthrope wasn't the one she searched for; he had green eyes in his human form.
“Who the hell are you?” Ceres demanded as she stared down at him.
“The priest's pet…or are you vampire bait now?” The wolf questioned. Frowning at his choice of words, she aimed the gun and fired at his knee.
“Holy shit!” He shouted as he fell to one knee, literally.
“There was nothing holy about that…now who are you? Or do I have to ask again?” Ceres coldly questioned as she cocked her gun again. His eyes slightly widened as he noticed his knee, it wasn't healing as quickly.
“Is that silver?” He growled in disbelief.
“Is that your name?” Ceres asked as she began to squeeze the trigger.
“My name is Hans,” the wolf quickly amended.
“How do you know about the priest?” Ceres demanded as she stood up.
“Everyone knows,” he stated in an amused voice.
“What was the wolf's name?” Ceres growled.
“He came back laughing about how he bested a priest,” the wolf informed amused by her anger.
“He also came back with one eye,” Ceres reminded as she walked down the stairs.
“He's after you, he wants an eye for an eye,” the wolf quoted as he began to laugh.
“Goodie, now what's his name?” Ceres asked; her tone was that of a bored child.
“Called himself Chris,” the wolf answered.
Ceres aimed the gun when she noticed he was tensing. She pulled the trigger and blew his elbow out. He cursed her as she walked outside. Reaching towards her, he only met gray material. Red eyes gleamed down at the wolf in glee. Ceres looked around the area when she heard a pained yelp. Running towards where Integral would be she fired her gun at a nearby wolf. Brains exploded from the back of the skull as it collapsed. Integral fired her Beretta into another wolf.
“You okay?” Ceres called out.
“Peachy,” Integral dryly answered.
Walter's string wrapped around a wolf's neck and neatly sliced the head off. Hearing a roar, she turned around and emptied the rest of her clip into the wolf. Quickly reloading she found Integral calmly watching Walter fight. Ceres watched as she raised the gun and fired another shot. Brains covered the gun as she turned to Ceres.
“Go back to the castle, we'll be fine here,” Integral assured.
Ceres nodded and fired her gun at an attacking wolf. It knocked her back into the castle sending her sliding along the floor. She was thankful there was no carpet as it pinned her down to the ground. Drool dripped from the fangs and it lowered its jaws to her neck. The gun had been knocked out of her hand and she wasn't sure if a human could feel its balls being smashed in this form. Going to poke it in the eyes she felt the weight lifted. Sitting up she watched as Alucard snapped the neck and tossed the body aside.
“Lycanthrope blood is a bit sour,” he stated as he smirked at her.
“Not a need to know thing,” Ceres warned as she fired at another wolf.
The good thing about wolves was once they were killed they went back to their human form. Sometimes the bodies would go up in a mystical flame and other times they just laid there. She heard a last long howl and watched as three surviving wolves vanished into the woods. Aiming she fired and heard a yelp, a smirk of satisfaction covered her face. Turning around she found the bodies from the wolves had vanished. Not willing to question her luck, she sat and leaned against the stairs. She wondered why she had let the vampire feed on that wolf. It wasn't all because of hate towards the lycanthrope.
Snorting in disgust she frowned at her thoughts. She couldn't believe she could empathize with a vampire. Hunger was something she knew all to well. There were times she tried to starve herself to death. Crossing her arms, she shook her head. Even if his food was a liquid diet, no one deserved to starve to death…well a second death. Standing up she walked to the bedroom and sat on her bed. That short battle had only taken up two hours of her night, she still had to seven am with the vamp.
“Vampire bait,” Ceres mumbled in anger as she walked back into her room. The nerve of that wolf only enforced in her mind that she had to get her revenge.
Refilling the ammo belt, she sighed in relief. Not that much ammo was wasted on the wolves. She clipped the talkie back to her belt and sat on her bed. Staring at the wall she let her head drop into her hands. Biting her tongue so she wouldn't yell out in anger she squeezed her eyes closed.
`I won't cry,' she whispered into her mind as she squeezed her eyes tighter. The memories were coming back in full. They taunted her even more, those dying eyes, those yellow eyes that promised death.
“Get out of my head,” Ceres growled as she pulled at her hair.
“I was not in your mind,” Alucard stated as he entered the room.
Her eyes snapped open and she aimed the gun. She wouldn't let him find out about her memories. Those were smoothing that would remain hidden until she received her revenge. Those crimson eyes studied her and she sighed at her weakness. The empathy was beginning to take root within her soul. Narrowing her eyes in anger at the vampire, she wished to blow his heart out, but she didn't think that would kill him. Right now was not the time for a confrontation. Lowering the gun, she went back to staring at the floor.
`I'm empathizing with a vampire…what would Father Anderson say?' Ceres wondered as she continued glaring at the floor.
“Yes…what would your priest say about your situation?” Alucard whispered in her ear. Not bothering to move she let his words linger in her mind.
“That is none of your business,” Ceres warned.
“It is my business when Lycanthropes attack my castle,” Alucard warned back.
“Revenge,” Ceres calmly said as she squeezed the butt of her gun.
“Revenge is such a wonderful thing. There is so much blood and hate involved…it's invigorating,” Alucard darkly said as his crimson eyes gleamed in wonder.
Standing to her feet, she left the room, not caring to hear anymore on revenge. Walking to the window she first met Alucard at, she stared at the moon. The wind blew her short hair back as she leaned against the wall.
`Why did they come here?' Ceres wondered. Growling in anger she turned the talkie on and broke silence.
“Sir Integral,” Ceres hid the anger.
“What is it now?” Integral demanded.
“How did the Lycanthropes know I was staying here?” Ceres asked. She could feel the shadows watching her, but at this point, she didn't care.
“What makes you think they came for you?” Integral questioned.
“A werewolf by the name of Hans said another wanted an, `eye for an eye',” Ceres answered.
“Hans?” Integral whispered in shock. “Did you kill him?”
The shadows took Alucard's form as he grinned at her ran his tongue over his fang.
“Why?” Ceres asked back.
“You didn't let the vampire feed. Please tell me you didn't,” Integral groaned.
Alucard's grin turned into a dark smirk waiting for Ceres to answer.
“No, I blew his brains out before the vampire could reach him,” Ceres assured.
“This is good and bad,” Integral began. “You just killed the second in command of the local pack.”
“Oh well,” Ceres mumbled.
“This is serious,” Integral growled.
“Then I'll take care of it. Permission to leave the castle in the day?” Ceres asked.
“Fine, but don't cause any more damage,” Integral warned as she broke the connection.
Ceres smirked as she looked up to see the vampire staring at her. She fidgeted under his gaze as she wondered if he was still hungry. His creepy smirk returned as he raised an eyebrow.
“Why did you lie?” He asked, daring her to lie to him.
Ceres frowned; she didn't want to admit she could empathize with him. When you start to empathize with something you begin to lose the will to kill or hurt it.
“It is known of her business what I chose to do,” Ceres simply answered, that was part of the truth.
Ceres walked back to her room and sat on the bed again. She began to wonder if she could pull staying up all day and night. It was still too dangerous to sleep at night with the vampire around. Yet, she had business to attend to in the day. Sighing she laid down and rolled over to her side. Empathy was not an emotion she needed to have towards a vampire of all creatures. She sure as hell knew the vampire would have no qualms about draining her.
“Life is so annoying,” Ceres muttered to herself.
“Then why not give it up?” Alucard whispered.
Ceres rolled onto her back and looked up to the ceiling. There the vampire was, his upper body floating within a black portal above her. Muttering show off she wondered if by letting her eat or drink would make him stronger. The book did say that vampires became stronger after feeding. Frowning up at him she wondered if her choices would constantly come back to bite her in the ass.
“I don't give up,” Ceres declared. He seemed to pondering this answer.
“Death is not the end, it is only the beginning,” he offered.
“The beginning of eternal damnation,” she mumbled, quoting her guardian.
“How do you know that what I live in is an `eternal damnation?'” He mocked.
“Having to hide in darkness seems like a damnation to me,” Ceres pointed out with a smirk.
“Never aging,” Alucard whispered
“You have to watch friends and loved one pass away,” Ceres countered.
“But you've grown used to that,” Alucard observed.
Ceres eyes narrowed as she aimed her gun at him. He laughed at her and she pulled the trigger. His head exploded and she rolled off the bed and onto the floor as his body landed on her bed. Empathy could only take you so far; when it turned into something else that you had to worry. She cursed at his body for ruining her bed sheets. She watched as the headless body sat up and began to reform. He frowned at her as she growled in response. The blood was still staining her bed.
“You ruined my sheets,” Ceres coldly pointed out.
“Such chaos, you have the makings of a vampire,” Alucard assessed. She aimed the gun at him and scowled. Her face was going to be in a permanent frown or scowl if she didn't start smiling more.
“I won't ever become a vampire,” she promised.
“The teachings of the priest still haunt you?” He questioned. Ceres scowl deepened.
“I'm not a monster,” Ceres hesitantly said.
“There is a monster within all of us,” Alucard whispered as he vanished within the shadows.
Lowering her gun, she stared at the bloodied sheets. It was going to be a long night.
`There is a monster within all of us,' she heard again.
Pulling the sheets off her bed she sighed in relief when she saw the blood had not reached the mattress. The sheets and comforter was ruined though. Balling the sheets up she threw them into a corner. Looking at her fingertips, she saw blood on them. Wiping it on the wall, she laid on the naked mattress. Sheets fell from the ceiling and hit her in the face. Staring at the sheets in amazement she scowled and chucked them onto the floor. She would not accept help from a monster.
`Am I a monster?' She briefly thought as she stared down at the fallen sheets.
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