Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Monster ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Gotta be what the nightmare made me, gotta be gotta be what I see.”
Soil (Breaking Me Down)
Day 2, Night 3
The smell of urine was never something pleasant to the human nose. Staring from across the street the bar reeked with urine. Blue eyes narrowed as she wondered if she the monster here, trying to live as a human. Once upon a time, she used to believe that she was the good guy, the one that saves people. She had killed those wolves without a second thought, was that the monster in her or the need to survive. Reaching to her chest, she grasped the silver cross for support.
“Father,” Ceres whispered as she knocked on the door even though it was open.
“You know you can just come in,” Father Anderson replied.
Ceres walked inside his office and smiled at him through sadden eyes. His eyes lost the mirth as he wondered her troubles. She had been living at the orphanage for four years without trouble. She sighed as she crossed her ankles.
“What makes a monster?” Ceres calmly asked as she stared at her hands.
“Why ask such a question?” Anderson asked.
“A kid told me that I was a monster,” Ceres answered.
“Who told you this?” Anderson asked in slight anger.
“I don't want to be a tattletale, but I want to know what makes a monster,” Ceres explained. Anderson sighed as he leaned back in his chair to think.
“A monster is the vampire that killed your father,” Anderson began.
“You believe in vampires?” Ceres questioned in shock.
“As a man of god, one needs to not live in ignorance. Yes I know that there are abominations out there,” Anderson answered.
“What about werewolves?” Ceres questioned.
“Anyways, a monster is that vampire that killed your father,” Anderson stated.
“My powers killed my grandfather, does that make me a monster?”
“Do you regret that your powers killed him?” Anderson asked.
“Of course, I still cry about it,” Ceres stated a bit offended.
“A monster is a person that has no remorse for his or her actions,” Anderson finished.
“I don't regret killing the monster that killed my father…if I could…I'd kill him again,” Ceres spoke with such hate.
“Did you want to kill him?”
“No, but…”
“Do you really wish to kill him again?”
“I guess not,” Ceres sighed. Anderson raised an amused eyebrow and she smiled. “No.”
“You are not a monster,” Anderson assured.
“My grandma told me there is a monster in all of our family line waiting to be woken,” Ceres confided.
“There is a monster in all of us, but it's your choice if you wake I or not,” Anderson explained.
“I think she didn't mean it in all of us, just my line,” Ceres stressed.
“You are only a monster if you don't regret any of your actions.”
`I don't regret killing those wolves,' Ceres thought as she walked towards the bar. `People change, some boundaries have to be crossed.'
The bar went silent when she entered. She took a seat at the front where the bartender was serving. Her tank top showed off her breasts and her leather pants seemed painted on. She needed information, and scum responded to flirting and skin. She was only showing, she would kill herself before she consorted with the monsters. The bartender eyed her and she wondered if he would serve her or not.
“What do you want?” He asked in his deepest Romanian accent.
“Give me a vodka shot,” Ceres responded. He cleaned out a glass and poured her it. Setting it in front of her, she picked it out and stared at the clear liquid. Father Anderson would be rolling over in his grave right now. She downed it and didn't bother to choke or cough afterwards.
“What's an innocent girl like you doing here?” The bartender asked.
“I'm looking for some action,” Ceres vaguely answered and he raised an eyebrow.
“What type?” He suggestively asked.
“Lycanthrope,” Ceres whispered. The bartender tensed and turned away to look over at the crowd. He leaned in towards her and shook his head.
“That type of action is a death threat, the local pack is angry,” he claimed.
“I know…but I have a score to settle,” Ceres whispered.
“Who you looking for?” He questioned.
“I'm looking for a Lycanthrope named Chris, he has one eye and is American,” Ceres described.
“He's the newest pack member, I've seen him around and heard he's looking for a girl,” the bartender explained.
“He's looking for me and I plan to meet him,” Ceres plainly said.
“This character hangs at the hunting grounds, a few miles north from here,” he explained.
“Thanks,” Ceres said as she paid for her shot and left a generous tip.
Grinning to herself, she began to walk along the path north. She silently promised that she'd killed the bartender if he lied to her. Checking her long trench, she made sure her guns where in place. Sighing in mild annoyance she knew she'd have to walk all the way north and then had back south again to the castle. Silently thanking Walter for the coffee, she focused her senses on the surrounding as she walked.
The forest was silent as she continued walking to the north. The path turned more ragged as she continued. Looking up to, the sky she noticed the sun was hiding behind some clouds like usual. After what seemed like hours, she noticed a carcass on the ground. It was freshly killed. The blood was still flowing and flies currently buzzed around it. The smell of death hadn't invaded the area yet. Walking past the carcass she ventured into the woods.
A crunching sound echoed throughout the woods as she stopped. It sounded like normal footsteps; there was no extra weight in the steps. Smiling she knew that if they were out her they weren't changed. This gave her an advantage; a lycanthrope was more vulnerable in human form then wolf. They still had the advanced strength and senses, but they didn't have those layers of fur and tough skin. Turning around she smirked as she faced the owner of the steps. Today was going to be a good day.
“What's a girl like you doing out here?” The man asked. He wore a patch over his right eye and had black hair, blue eyes. She would never forget those eyes.
“Are you Chris?” Ceres calmly asked as he tilted his head and tried to remember her.
“Yes…and you are…” he trailed off.
“My name is Ceres Victoria…or your kind refers to me as…the priest's pet,” Ceres introduced. His eye narrowed at her and she watched as he bared his fangs.
“You're that little bitch who took my eye,” he growled as he placed her face.
“And you're the bitch that killed my guardian,” Ceres stated as she pulled her M23 out.
“An eye for an eye,” he growled as he lunged at her.
She fired and cursed when the bullet hit his shoulder. He was sent back to the ground. He quickly jumped back to her feet and knocked her to the ground. Her M23 was sent to the sidelines as she clawed at his wrists. His hands were wrapped around her thought as she gasped for air. Eyes narrowing she pulled of her right glove and pushed her hand into his face. The warmth of the power surged through her body as she sent it out of her hand. He was thrown back into a tree with a grunt.
Rolling to her side, she grabbed the M23 again and jumped to her feet. Turning her cold blue gaze on him, she saw that his skin on the face was charcoaled. His eyes flashed yellow as he began to growl at her. She heard the skin rip and knew he was shifting. Aiming the gun, she fired and hit him in between the eyes. His brains painted the tree and she smiled in satisfaction, she didn't have any remorse.
The howls began and she muttered a curse, she was surround. There were two wolves and four humans. Six on one seemed fair to her as she began to fire. The Lycanthrope disease was only contagious in wolf form from a bite or scratch. When the carrier was in human form the mixing of blood could only cause it, unless the carrier was male and had sex with a female. Quickly dropping the M23, she pulled out her second M23 and began to fire. Blood covered her as one head exploded.
The sun was setting as Integral watched the woods. The dusk was too silent for her liking. Aiming her Beretta at the sound of a crunch, her face remained stoic. Lowering the gun when she noticed it was only Ceres she frowned. She stood ten feet away from Integral. Steady dripping could be heard coming from the girl. Her hands were white tank top was a rusty brown color and her hair was matted to her head in blood in sweat. Her trench coat was torn in various places; it was even missing a sleeve. Ceres walked past Integral leaving a trail of blood in her wake.
Dropping her trench coat in a darkened corner of her room she began to undress. She was covered in blood and didn't care if anyone saw her naked. Picking up her towel, she walked to the bathroom and found that the tub was filled with hot water. Looking at her reflection she scowled in annoyance. A human had clawed her face and it was crusted over. Her nails held flesh underneath them as she dipped her hands in the tub. Her face remained impassive as she felt the shadows shift. Raising her gaze to him, she saw Alucard staring at her in what could be dubbed as anticipation.
“Crimson suites your ivory skin,” Alucard stated as he stared at her form. She stepped into the water and watched as it turned a slight pink.
“Though your eyes hold no regret I can sense your burden,” Alucard began as he leaned against the tub. Ceres chose not to respond as he continued. “Are you burdened because you killed all those Lycanthropes…or are you considering that you loved the kill and name that a burden?”
“My likes and dislikes are of no concern to you,” Ceres coldly whispered as she began to scrub the blood from her hair.
“Don't deny it…I could smell the arousal on you. It was fading, but it was there,” Alucard whispered.
Ceres went to duck under the water, but stopped when the hand held her chin. She stared at the wall ahead of her and scowled as he stared at her check. Leaning in closer, he licked the blood from her face. She shivered as he released his grip and vanished into the shadows. Looking down at her reflection she turned her head and saw the pale ivory skin. Trying to figure if the shiver was from disgust or pleasure she hit the water surface sending ripples through her reflection.
`Monster,' she thought as she scrubbed harder.
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