Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Whatever You Became ( Chapter 7 )

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“All around me are familiar faces, worn out faces.”
(Mad World)
Whatever You Became
Night 3
The night turned her skin icy as she sat on the balcony of the castle. Staring down into the forest, she heard silence. Her thoughts were slow and the memories weren't taunting her anymore. Everything was silent, even the vampire had vanished. She snorted at that thought and rested her head in the palms of her hands. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she sighed into the night, her breath turning to mist. Turning her blue gaze to the forest, she heard a crunch. Dismissing it as a squirrel, she sighed again. There had been to many sighs within the past nights and day.
`What have I become?' Ceres wondered as she stared into the night.
Early today she had killed without remorse. Still, remorse had not taken its toll within her soul. Frowning she thought of what Alucard had said. She had enjoyed the hunt and the kill. Something within the past nights had changed her; she was slowly becoming a monster. The sight of blood had aroused something within in her, some type of longing that craved blood. Biting her lower lip, she wondered if it was the blood flowing through her veins.
Her grandmother had explained that all the she had an ancestor that was evil. Looking at her hands, she imagined the blood on them. Was it possible that the evil hadn't vanished from her bloodline? It had been a century or two since the woman had been killed, the blood in her veins should have vanished by now. Clenching her fists Ceres knew it wasn't true; the same blood flowed through her. Evil can travel through generations waiting to be waken; it must end with her bloodline. Everyone was dead, but her. The evil wasn't gone yet.
Hearing the crunching again she watched the figure walked towards the castle doors. The talkie fuzzed to life with Integral's voice.
“The Vatican has sent someone to inspect the castle, give him a tour.”
Silence filled the room once more as Ceres stood up and walked over to the talkie. Integral had sounded pissed and hateful about the Vatican. Pulling on a black sweater, she replaced her sleeping pants with jeans. Walking outside her door she saw Alucard leaning against the wall in front of her. His hat was tipped down; all was hidden but his smirk. Ignoring the smirk, she walked to the stairs and stood at the bottom of them. The door had started to open and she let the candle drop to the floor.
Ceres had finished her daily chores at the church. They had traveled to Britain to talk to one of the catholic priests about the reconstruction of the decaying church. The priest had left to Vatican City to discuss his plans with someone else. This left Ceres and Father Anderson to care for the church. Ceres had walked outside to stare at the full moon in awe. The moon was the sun to all the creatures of the night. Squinting her eyes, she noticed there was red on the moon. A hand touched her shoulder and she jumped back and yelped.
“You gave me a fright,” Ceres panted as she clutched at her heart. Father Anderson chuckled at this and looked up at the moon.
“How's the apartment coming?” Anderson asked her.
“It's quiet, but I don't spend much time there,” Ceres answered.
“The force is that demanding?” Anderson asked.
“Yes…no…I just try to stay on call as much as I can,” Ceres explained.
“You aren't hiding from something?” Anderson questioned in curiosity.
“Just the silence of the apartment,” Ceres whispered. Anderson placed a hand on her shoulder and gently squeezed.
“You are always welcomed in the house of god,” he assured.
“Comforting, that's why I come her and help Sister Isobel,” Ceres replied.
“Why are you here today?”
“Sister Isobel spoke of your visit and I decided to stop by and say hi,” Ceres happily said.
“It's getting chilly,” he whispered as he led them into the church.
Turning around to close the door Ceres frowned when she saw a man in a beige trench standing in front of the church. Anderson had not noticed the man as of yet.
“May I help you?” Ceres suspiciously called out. Anderson turned around and saw the strange man.
The man laughed as he dropped the trench coat. Ceres began to blush as she looked away. He was nude and apparently not caring. She heard Anderson gasp and she removed her hands. His body twisted and cracked as he fell to the floor and howled. She watched in disgusted amazement as his skin ripped and stretched with his body. Dark brown fur sprouted from his pores as his mouth turned into a muzzle. His eyes turned from blue to yellow. Baring his fangs he howled.
Yellow eyes focused on them and she could tell he saw them as a mea. It lunged at them with its jaws open and fangs bared. Ceres watched helplessly as she was pushed out of the way from the beast. White fangs were quickly stained red as they buried themselves into his neck. She screamed as Father's Anderson's mouth opened and blood bubbled from it. The wolf pulled away and howled in victory as Ceres watched in horror. Flashes of her father's death came to her and her eyes narrowed in determination.
Reaching behind her, she pulled the silver crucifix from the table. Candles fell to the floor and went out as she pushed herself up and charged. Screaming her own fury, she buried the tip of the crucifix into its right eye. It howled in pain and knocked her into the benches with its massive paw. Grunting in pain, she looked up to see it crash through the oak doors and into the night. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out her phone and called for help. Her chest ached and she could feel the bones screaming in pain as she moved.
Taking her coat off she pressed the material to her Father's neck. The blood stained the beige material, as she whispered no. She could her the helicopter and feet rushing towards them. He smiled at her as the blood stained his lips. They came in a put them both on a stretcher. Tears filled her eyes as they were placed on the copter. The workers hooked him to a heart monitor, cut away his outfit, and cross. One of the workers placed the silver cross into his hand as they began to work. The heartbeats were coming further apart as they worked on him.
He held the cross out to her and she began to cry harder. Ceres caught the cross as he went into shock. Crying out she tired to reach for him. They held her down and gave her a shot to relax her. The copter landed and his heart monitor flat lined. The rushed him off the copter and watched the scene play out.
Two men in dressed in gray priest robes took his body onto a black copter. Ceres groggily broke away from the hospital men and ran towards the other priests.
“Where are you taking him?” Ceres demanded as her vision blurred.
“It is not your place to know,” she heard whispered before she blacked out.
“You can't be,” Ceres whispered as she stared at the man in the door. The candle was raised back up to her as Alucard stepped from the shadows.
“Ceres?” The priest asked in shock as she pushed the candle away. Taking a few step closers her smile wavered as tears rolled down her cheeks.
“Father!” Ceres cried out in joy as she embraced him.
Everything was the same; something had gone right in her life. He was still the same tall man with the green eyes and blonde hair. He hugged her back before she pulled back and stared up at him in question. He smiled down at her.
“The Vatican made me a regenerator and placed me in Section 13,” Anderson explained.
“Why didn't you tell me you were alive?” Ceres whispered in hurt. For two months, she had mourned and wallowed in depression over her guardian's death. There was no funeral and the church had not responded to her questions about the body.
“I've been in training,” he began. “I've been trained to silence the damned souls of the undead.”
“You couldn't have called?” She huffed.
“Section 13 is a very…secretive part of the Vatican. I was going to try and contact you after this mission,” Anderson tried to smooth.
A shot rang out and Anderson fell to the floor. Ceres turned around in disbelief to see Alucard holding her M23. The barrel still smoked with the shot he had taken. Her eyes moved from the body to the vampire.
“What the hell did you do that for?” She screamed as she grabbed her gun.
“Monster, all ye kind need to be sent to hell,” Anderson spoke as the bullet fell from his forehead. The wound sealed and Ceres dropped the gun in disbelief.
“What have you become?” Ceres whispered.
“I am a tool of god. I am a regenerator,” he firmly spoke as he pulled out for to knives and made a cross.
“I am not the only monster,” Alucard laughed as Ceres leaned up against the railing for support.
“A monster has no remorse…and I regret that Ceres has to watch this,” Anderson angrily stated as he charged.
Anderson brought the blade down and blood splattered against Ceres cheek. Her eyes were wide in shock as she reached up and touched the blood splatter. Looking at the crimson liquid, she knew something wasn't right. Looking back up she watched as a sword impaled Alucard through the chest. She followed the blade to the hand and the face. Those kind green eyes were filled with hate and malice. His smile was twisted in a smirk as the wound gushed blood. Alucard punched the priest away as he removed the sword from his body.
Thousands of swords imbedded themselves into the walls with scriptures. Looking back down at the blood she shook herself. She didn't know where her reason came from, but she knew she had do something else one of them would be killed…again. Anderson had his sword drawn and was charging at Alucard as he stood there with a smirk. She saw him killing the wolf that pinned her, the fresh sheets, and the already drawn the bath. Her empathy had turned to something she didn't have time to figure out yet. Anderson's kind smile flashed in her mind as stood in front of Alucard.
Coughing up blood she smiled at Anderson as the blade went into her stomach. His green eyes flashed with worry, replacing the madness that had taken over. He pulled the sword out of her stomach and she grimaced in pain as she fell to her knees. The blade fell to the floor as he growled at Alucard in anger.
“This is your fault vampire…what have you done to her to make her protect you?” Anderson growled.
“Forgive me father…for I have sinned,” Ceres whispered as everything went black.
`Whatever we became…we both are no longer human,' Ceres thought as darkness took over.
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