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“The darkness overspreads like a permanent plague.”
Linkin Park (Frgt/10)
Evil In My Mind
Day 3
Blue eyes slowly opened to the wonderful darkness. Inhaling the crisp air, she got to her feet and slipped on her slippers. The red silk bathed her ivory skin, as a robe was draped across her body. Her long dark strawberry blonde hair was pulled from her robe and left to lie against the middle of her back. The servant bowed and left the room. Glancing into the mirror the figure ran a hand over her ivory skin in satisfaction. The skin was still smooth and silky to the touch.
Walking across the hall to her dressing room, she found two servants waiting to clothe her. She didn't bother with a corset; she found her smooth stomach didn't need something like that. Her hips were well defined and her breasts were perky as it was. One of the servants held out a crimson dress and let the countess examine it. Nodding her head in approval the servant dressed the young woman carefully. The servant had heard rumors about the countess before she came here.
“Lady Bathory,” a servant girl cautiously called out.
“Yes. What is it?” Elizabeth Bathory inquired in mild annoyance.
“You husband has returned from his trip,” the servant answered.
“Very well, you may go,” Lady Bathory, replied dismissing the servants.
Staring into the full-length mirror, she admired the color of the dress. She spun around and couldn't help but be in awe of her own beauty. Pushing her breasts up, she smirked at her curves and smooth skin. She may be aging, but time would not dismiss her beauty. Turning from the mirror, she walked into the hallway to join her husband for dinner. She frowned at thought of the meal and continued walking. The bastard would soon be taken care of if she had anything to do with it.
Seating herself, she watched as her husband entered the room. His dark black hair and brown eyes were beautiful for her to behold. However, his good looks would not keep her from her main mission. She had plans to attend to this night. He came to her side and kissed her cheek in greeting before he sat down.
“My lovely Elizabeth, how have you faired?” He asked in concern.
“I have faired well my wonderful husband,” Elizabeth answered with a forced look of love. “And you?”
“The journey was long, but the church has agreed to come to our lands and help us in our time of need,” he answered.
“Wonderful,” she muttered.
Her smile turned into a smirk as she watched the cook nod his head and bring out their dinner. He placed the stew in front of them and Elizabeth dismissed him after he poured the wine. She calmly sipped at her stew and smiled as her husband downed his wine. Putting his goblet down he picked up his spoon to eat the stew. Dropping the spoon, he placed his hand against his forehead. Everything became blurry as he looked over at Elizabeth.
“Something is amiss,” he muttered as he fell from his chair. Licking her lips in anticipation, she looked over to see him on the floor.
“I believe you're not well,” Elizabeth voiced in glee as she walked over to him.
“It was you?” He whispered in betrayal as his breathing became shallow.
“Shh, can't have everyone knowing,” Elizabeth whispered in a scolding manner.
“Why?” He chocked out.
“I have big plans to keep my youth for all eternity,” Elizabeth explained as his eyes lost that spark of life.
Placing her husbands head in her lap she began to force the tears. When she felt herself ready, she yelled for the guards. They all rushed in to see the weeping countess holding her husband close. They took his body away and she continued to cry as one of them questioned her. She explained that he had acted strange after drinking the wine. None of them questioned why she had no wine. They immediately went into the kitchen and dragged the cook away. The cook blamed Elizabeth as she smirked at him.
The guards left her alone and she walked down to the dungeon with a look of amusement adorning her features. The tears had vanished and she was skipping down the stone steps. She came upon her only friend in the basement. Looking to her friend, she nodded to her. Elizabeth turned her attention to the young servant was bound to wall in chains. Elizabeth looked upon the woman's naked body and knew it was nowhere near as beautiful as hers. Her friend placed the whip in her hands grinned.
“Is she a virgin?” Elizabeth questioned her friend.
“She is my master,” the woman assured.
“Perfect Lilith,” Elizabeth whispered as she walked to the young servant.
Lilith watched in excitement and her red eyes gleamed at the sight of blood. The whipped cut into the girl's body. Deep gashes filled with dark crimson, splattering Elizabeth. Smiling, she rubbed the blood against her skin and moaned. Dropping the whip, she bit into the woman's neck and tore away the flesh.
“Release your darkness, let your lust for blood bring about the change,” Lilith whispered. Instead of Elizabeth rubbing the blood against her face, it was Ceres. Her eyes were a deep crimson, glazed over with her lust for blood.
Quickly sitting up, Ceres fell to the floor and grunted in pain. Scrambling to the far corner of the room she panted heavily. Feeling her face, she made sure there was no blood on her. Calming down, she crawled over to the bed and pulled up the soft sheets. Wiping the sweat from her brow, she sighed and thought of dream. Falling backwards, she let her head hit the pillow. Staring up at the ceiling, she noted that there was a little bit of light escaping the closed curtains. Touching her stomach, she noted that it still hurt.
“Father Anderson,” Ceres whispered as she reached over for the talkie. Searching for the right channel, she turned the volume up. “Sir Integral, please answer.”
“Ms. Victoria where are you?” Walter's voice responded.
“What do you mean?” Ceres questioned.
“Father Anderson left the castle saying that you were the devil's concubine and he took you into his darkness,” Walter worriedly replied. Reaching for the cross, she found that it was gone.
“I'm safe and still in the castle,” Ceres assured.
“Do you need assistance?” Walter asked.
“No,” she looked around and found that it wasn't her room, “I'm fine.”
“Sir Integral wishes to speak to you later on,” Walter informed.
“Very well,” Ceres sighed as she turned the talkie off.
Studying the room, she found the black coffin in the corner. Raising an eyebrow, she wondered if Alucard was in there. It would be so simple to open it and the curtains. She could have barbecue vampire. Snickering at the thought she decided against it, the vampire was proving to be entertaining. Rolling to her side she found she couldn't curl up into a ball because of the wound on her stomach. Fighting back the tears she found herself feeling betrayed.
`Did he just leave me here to die?' She thought as she curled up into a ball. The wound reopened and her satin gown began turning red. Ignoring the pain, she watched as Alucard appeared at the side of her bed. The coffin hadn't even opened. He gently pushed her onto her back. She wondered what he was doing.
“Why did you reopen your wound?” He seriously asked.
“Why are you out in the day?” Ceres shot back, the blood loss making her dizzy.
Frowning he pushed up her nightgown and removed the bandages. The wound was small, but it was deep. She had been lucky that it missed her vital organs. Sitting on her bed, she yelped as he licked the wound. Ceres looked down, wondering why he couldn't use towels or something. She had read somewhere that vampire saliva had healing properties. The salvia was used to seal the wounds on the neck so they would heal and leave no mark that blood had been taken.
“The Judas walks the earth,” Ceres sang as he continued cleaning the blood. “The blade cuts my skin.”
“What are you...?”
“The darkness is again, hallow kisses set me free,” Ceres finished as she began quiet down.
“Blood of my blood can raise me,” Alucard whispered to her.
“You know the poem,” Ceres mumbled.
“Flesh of my flesh can bind me,” he continued.
“Soul of my soul can set me free,” Ceres finished with a yawn.
“What's the rest policewoman?” he softly asked.
“Innocence taken by fate, a cruel hand opens the eyes,” Ceres began with a yawn, “Flesh bounds me to this existence, blood bathes me.”
“Is there more?” Alucard questioned rewrapping her wound.
“An act of god can be turned,” Ceres finished.
“Beautiful.” he whispered.
“Demented poem, isn't it?” Ceres murmured as she blinked.
“It is a prophecy, not a poem.” Alucard corrected.
“A forked road in my view…which road shall be chosen?” Ceres mumbled as she rolled over and snuggled into Alucard's side.
“You have chosen already…you just haven't walked it.” Alucard whispered down to her.
“Lilith…help me,” Ceres mumbled as she slept.
“Elizabeth Bathory, you have been charged with crimes against your country and god.” the man spoke. She spat at him and smirked.
“There is no god here.” she snarled as they took her away.
“You are to be locked into your castle for all eternity.” the man stated as he left.
She laughed as they sealed her doors with brick. The windows on the lower level had been bricked in as she laughed at them. Elizabeth promised them death as they walked away. They had left the window in the towers unsealed. They figured if she jumped, she'd die. Running to her tower window, she glared daggers at them.
“I don't need your god!” Elizabeth screamed at them as they vanished.
Sighing she walked down to her dungeon and sat in the dark depths. Kicking the tables over, she growled in anger. The bodies of her victims had been taken from the castle depths. The bowls of blood still lined some of the tables. Dipping her fingers in the blood, she raised her hand to her mouth and licked the blood away. Looking at her reflection in the blood she laughed. Suddenly scowling, she smacked the bowl away from her. The blood sprayed against the wall.
“I will not die down here!” Elizabeth growled.
Her first child was still out there with her husband's family. She had no doubt they would taint her child's mind with lies of how her mother was crazy. Cursing the man who sentenced her to this permanent residence, she promised revenge. Then, the sound of soft footsteps drifted down the stone steps. There stood Lilith, dressed in a translucent light green dress. Her crimson eyes gleamed with sorrow as she embraced her master.
“You wish for revenge my master?” Lilith softly asked.
“Yes, I wish to damn them all.” Elizabeth said with hateful resolve. Lilith nodded, knowing she owed her master this. She had freed her from that damn prison underneath the castle. Elizabeth had fed her and taken her in like a daughter, she understood what it was to be locked up.
“Lilith…help me.” Elizabeth whispered.
Lilith took her master by the hand; and drew her to her own body. Moving the hair from Elizabeth's neck, she breathed in her scent. Her fangs grew as she rubbed them against her pulse. Elizabeth moaned as Lilith sunk her fangs in. Elizabeth could feel the life drain away. Lilith took her wrist and forced her own blood into the dying body. The deed was done and the Bathory line was forever damned as she drank the unholy blood. The guards had found her in the morning, dead. They left the body in the cell to rot. They left their positions and Elizabeth escaped into the night with Lilith when she rose to her unlife. Elizabeth bathed in blood as she destroyed each one that had condemned her.
Reaching Romania, she had helplessly watched as the king had Lilith impaled. Lilith's body shattered into dust as the sun rose. Killing the king for revenge for her imprisonment, she promised him as he died that she would come for his son. Laughing, she vanished into the night. The son had taken the throne when she came three years later. She turned him. Not wishing to kill his line, she wanted to damn them to same loneliness they had left her to.
Leaving the son, she searched for her daughter's line. Her daughter had been dead for twenty years now. She searched for her daughter's son. Living the decades in loneliness she found herself waiting on a cliff for the sun to ascend. Hellsing's father had caught her. She was bound in silver chains since nothing but the sun would kill her. The sky began to lighten and she let her laughter ring out as she turned to dust.
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