Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Remorse ( Chapter 9 )

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“Don't think that I understand, I can't. Don't think because we're talking, we're friends.”
Sneaker Pimps (6 Underground)
Night 4
Ceres sat in front of Integral. Her hair was limp and flat against her head and her eyes were slightly dry from lack of blinking. Her ivory skin was pale. Integral sighed as she studied the girl. The run in with the Vatican had proven something she wished not to have proven. She wore black jogging pants and a loose dark blue shirt. The girl looked like she had been through hell in a hand basket, a crappy one at that. Integral pushed her glasses back up and noticed Ceres wasn't paying attention.
“Ms. Victoria, what happened with the priest?” Integral questioned again.
“Father Anderson has changed.” Ceres cryptically replied.
“So you know the priest.” Integral assumed.
“He's not the same…they changed him.” Ceres whispered as her left eye twitched.
“Would you like to be removed from the castle?” Integral offered.
“No!” Ceres sharply answered.
“I'll still pay you.” she offered again.
“No, I still have unfinished business.” Ceres replied, the life returning to her features.
“The priest will be returning tonight.” Integral warned.
“Good.” Ceres simply said.
“Are you sure of your decision?” Integral questioned once more.
“Father Anderson was my guardian as a child. He died that night two months ago, and I need answers.” Ceres explained as she vanished out of the tent and into the darkness.
Walter walked into the tent and placed a tray with a teapot and cup down. Integral sighed as she added her sugar and stirred. Walter smiled down at her and she raised an eyebrow.
“She has spirit.” Walter stated with a friendly smile.
“She also has a strong will.” Integral added.
“Reminds me of someone.” Walter said as he poured some more tea.
“Yes, she does have that Hellsing stubborn streak.” Integral agreed.
Ceres winced as she took each step to the top floor. Her teeth were clenched as the pain passed through her body. Reaching the top floor, she caught her breath and wiped the sweat from her brow. She could feel the shadows upon her again and looked over to see Alucard with a grin plastered on his face. Smirking in return, she stood straight and carried herself into her room. Kneeling on the ground, she pulled out her bag of goodies. Placing the black bag on the bed, she noticed Alucard watching her from the doorway. Rummaging through the bag, she pulled out a book and placed it on the bed.
Vampires for Dummies,” Alucard snickered as he read the title. She scowled at him and pulled the book out of his hands.
“That's a good book.” Ceres muttered as began to pull out various guns.
Two M23s and one 9mm later she found what she was looking for. She pulled out the 45 with a twisted grin of her own. Filling her ammo belt, she found she had only brought two rounds for the 45. Cursing her luck, she frowned at it. Loading the guns, she strapped the M23s to her thighs. She stuck the 9mm in her built and sighed as her stomach ached again. The anti-freak cannon was still at the top of the stairs, and it was loaded. Placing the bullets in her 45, she grinned at the irony. She wondered if she could really do it. Could she shoot him?
Placing the 45 on her back, she walked past the vampire and sat at the top of the stairs. This time she would have the advantage of distance and a highpoint. Still sitting at the head of the stairs, she wished she knew what she would do. Even thinking about shooting her guardian filled her with guilt. If only that night hadn't had happened, perhaps she would be cleaning the church up with him or at home watching the TV. Even though she already felt remorse, she knew this wasn't the time to act on it.
“Are you going to shoot him policewoman?” Alucard inquired with a smirk.
“I don't know.” Ceres answered as she kept her eyes on the door.
“It's not good to go into battle with indecision.” Alucard warned.
“Not everything has to be a battle.” Ceres growled.
“So you're saying he'll want to sit down over a nice cup of tea?” Alucard jeered mockingly.
Her cheeks turned red, as she took deep calming breaths. Wincing at the slight pain from her stomach, she cursed. The pain was becoming an annoyance that she sorely wished to be rid of. Her eyes remained trained on the door as she watched for her visitor. She had sought revenge for his death, and now found that karma was catching up with her. Pulling the 9mm from her pants, she figured she'd start small and see how much a regenerator could take.
`Can't think of him as family.' she scolded herself.
“The Judas priest arrives.” Alucard mumbled in mild annoyance.
The doors slammed open and he stood there with a psychotic grin. Ceres gripped the gun tighter and turned the safety off.
“I've come to free your soul demon!” Anderson announced as he drew two swords. Alucard snorted at this.
“Are you sure it's not your soul that needs to be released?” Ceres asked as she stood up and aimed the gun.
“I'm not the one bedding a demon.” Anderson growled.
“I am not sleeping with him!” Ceres huffed as her face turned red in anger and embarrassment.
“I saw the way he took your fallen body into the darkness.” Anderson warned. “God doesn't like liars.”
“Good thing he's not here.” Ceres stated as she fired the gun.
Anderson laughed as the clip emptied into his body. He threw the sword at her, forcing her to throw herself to the ground. Gasping as the wound in her side ached, she aimed the anti-freak cannon at him. Squeezing the trigger as his long legs carried him up the stairs, she fired. The bullet caught him in the chest and sent him flying into the wall. She saw the silver cross glisten in the moonlight and scowled. Reloading the cannon, she aimed at him and found him gone.
Seras squeaked in surprise, as suddenly a trail of scriptures wrapped around her body and raised her in to the air. Growling in annoyance, she smirked as he came rushing at her. His binding scriptures couldn't work on her. She wasn't a vampire or a shifter. Stretching her arms, she was met with a little resistance as she ripped through the scriptures. Catching herself on her feet she rolled out of the way of his swords.
“A monster is a person that has no remorse for his or her actions.” Anderson finished.
Rolling down the stairs, she came to a sudden stop as she gasped. Grasping her stomach, she stumbled to her feet and limped away. She could hear his heavy footfalls coming down the stairs as she limped to the back garden. The hallway seemed dark and longer then usual. Swords pinned scriptures to the wall as she limped down the corridor. Gritting her teeth she pushed herself harder. Pushing the door open she sighed as she was met with cool air.
“Did you want to kill him?”
The sword cut her shoulder as it embedded itself within a tree trunk. Her eyes widened in fear as she watched him walk through doors and into the night air.
“Do you really wish to kill him again?”
Pulling the M23 from her thigh, she aimed it at him and tried to harden her features. Dropping the act, she let all her fear and regrets show within her eyes. The gun was knocked into the forest and she backed away from him.
“God forgives all.” Anderson declared as he raised the sword.
“Do you feel any remorse for your actions?” Ceres asked as her temper rose.
“You are only a monster if you don't regret any of your actions.”
“I regret nothing.” Anderson growled as began to bring the sword down.
“Then you are the monster you spoke of so long ago.” Ceres whispered as she pulled the 45 from her back and hit his hand away.
“Your soul is the one that is damned!” Anderson called out as he retrieved another sword.
“My grandma told me there is a monster in all of our family line waiting to be woken.” Ceres confided.
Ceres eyes flashed crimson before turning to there blue. Her blood called for revenge as she aimed the gun. The priest ran towards her as she steadied the gun against her shoulder. The kickback on the 45 was going to be a bitch. Aiming at his heart, she pulled the trigger and let a tear escape her eye. The shot echoed through the woods as everything froze. He fell to his knees, then to his side. Dropping the gun, she walked over to his body. Picking up the fallen sword, she kneeled beside him.
“I'm sorry.” Ceres whispered as the tears fell unchecked.
Raising the sword within her hand, she brought it down. His heart was blown out and his head was separated from his body.
“Me too.” he whispered as his eyes closed.
Dropping the sword she picked up the cross that he gave her when he died. Yes, when he died. He didn't die tonight; he had died that night, so very long ago. This was just a monster in his form, tormenting his soul. She closed his eyes and wiped her tears away. Ceres was just putting down what should have stayed down; he was not her guardian.
“In the name of God, may your soul finally find peace…father.” Ceres whispered as she stood up.
Walking down the hallway, she stared at the scriptures as she passed them. Coming to the stairwell, she found Alucard sitting next to her fallen cannon. Walking up the stairs, she found that his eyes were focused on her stomach. Standing at the top, she found that her shirt had a black spot on it. Shrugging her shoulders, she fell to her knees and passed out. She had lost too much blood in such a short amount of time. Darkness consumed her vision as she watched Alucard's gloved hand reach towards hers.
“Forgive me father.” she whispered as she saw her guardian as he once was.
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