Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Decisions ( Chapter 10 )

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“Reincarnation of the eternal soul
This struggle forever in our blood boils.”
Shadows Fall (Of One Blood)
Day 4, Night 5
Fuzzy. Opening her eyes, she found everything to be fuzzy. Groaning as she sat up, she found her world spinning. Lying back down she stared at the ceiling and focused on her stomach. There was a slight ache to the wound, but it didn't hurt as much as her soul. She wanted to curl up in a ball, but decided that wouldn't be wise. The wound was still tender and just waiting to be ripped open again. Reaching up she ran a hand through her hair and sighed.
“God forgives all.” Anderson declared as he raised the sword.
`Last night will haunt me for the rest of my pathetic life,' Ceres thought as she stared at the ceiling.
“Your soul is the one that is damned!” Anderson called out as he retrieved another sword.
“Maybe I am damned...” Ceres whispered as she blinked her eyes.
Turing her head to the side she looked at her reflection in the cracked mirror. Her eyes held circles and her skin was pale. Sighing, she turned her head to the right and looked out of the window. The moon was slowly vanishing beneath the clouds. Closing her eyes, she reached up and covered them with her hands. She wished that her reality was just some horrible nightmare that she would wake from. Shaking her head, she knew that this wouldn't be the case. Pulling up her bloodstained shirt, she found that her stomach was wrapped in fresh bandages.
`He only did it for the blood.' Ceres told herself as she rolled her eyes.
Deciding she was tired of lying in her bed, she rose and grunted at the sharp pain. The ache on her stomach was met with painful resistance. Sensing the shadows moving, she kept her eyes on the bed. Her face remained calm as weight was added on the corner of the bed. Looking up she saw the familiar red trench coat. Alucard sat with his front to her, one leg on the bed with one foot on the floor. His foot was on her bed with his hands crossed at the knee. His glasses were missing along with the hat. Ceres had a feeling there was something he was keeping to himself.
“Very good policewoman.” Alucard congratulated.
Figuring he read her mind or emotions, she sighed in annoyance. Looking up into his crimson eyes she glared at him before she began to wonder what he knew. Grasping her neck, she felt for any wounds. Relief flooded her as she realized no marks were there. His smirk widened as he sat there and watched her. Realization set in as she reached down to her stomach and pressed her hand to the wound. Bringing her hand back to her eyes, she stared at the bloody palm and fingers.
“Why won't it close?” Ceres whispered to herself.
“It won't heal because of last night's activities,” Alucard informed. Her eyes lost their look of shock; they took on a look of realization.
`I'm going to die.' Ceres calmly thought. Alucard raised an eyebrow at her calm attitude. Slightly chuckling she wiped her hand on the bed sheets.
“Never thought I'd bleed to death in front of a vampire.” Ceres whispered as she watched the bloodstain grow.
“Do you want to die?” Alucard asked.
“What human does?” Ceres shot back.
“Would you accept a gift?” Alucard whispered as pressed his fingers to her stomach.
“What gift?” Ceres questioned knowing what he was asking. He pulled away his bloodied fingers and licked them, savoring the taste.
“Don't be coy.” he scolded.
Looking down at the bed, she saw her sheets were turning red from her blood. Wishing she could suck it up and put it back in her, she sighed. Closing her eyes, she wondered if she could accept this gift. Would she? Her body was steadily growing weaker from the blood loss as she sat there thinking. Not opening her eyes, she scowled in her mind.
Ceres stared at the tattoos on her hand and sighed. They had been there a month now. Her powers came through her hands and very rarely from her whole body. Her grandmother sat at the kitchen table writing something in that black book of hers. Ceres raised her head to get a better view, but soon sighed and gave up. Her grandmother looked up and forlornly smiled at her. Ceres wondered what had her grandmother in such a state of unhappiness.
Grandfather had left them because of the fire. Ceres looked away in shame as she wondered if it her grandmother blamed her for the fire. Ceres knew that it was her fault; her powers went crazy and started the fire. Bringing her gaze up to her grandmother's, she swore she saw a bit of crimson within those blue orbs. Closing her black book, she sighed and seriously looked at Ceres.
“Have you had the dreams?” Her grandmother asked her.
“They're not memories?” Ceres questioned.
“They are memories carried within our blood from our ancestor.” Grandmother answered with a haunted look.
“Why was she so evil?” Ceres curiously asked. The grandmother sighed and seemed to be thinking.
“She didn't see what she did as evil.” her grandmother carefully responded.
“How could she not see those crimes as evil?” She questioned.
“Everybody has their own views on what's good and what's evil.” Her grandmother carefully explained.
“How do I get her out of my blood?” Ceres asked seriously.
“You can't, she'll always be with us until our line dies.” grandmother sadly stated.
“Is there anything we can do?”
“The blood in your veins will taunt you even more when your father and I are gone.”
“Why?” Ceres worriedly asked.
“The blood grows stronger when it is not split into different people.” she explained.
“How can she be silenced?” Ceres asked as she imagined the evil woman.
“She will only be silenced with our ends, but you can never awaken your blood.” the grandmother firmly warned.
“What do you mean?” The confusion spread on her face as she stared at her grandmother.
“You can never awaken your blood because then you'll have to truly face her.”
“I don't understand.”
“Death is not the end of everything.”
“Would you awaken your blood? Would you accept death?”
Ceres was not lying on her back as the blood continued to seep out. She thought of how the blood in her veins called out for life. It didn't want to die; she didn't want to die. Could she lay here and end her family line's evil? She could feel him so very close to her, awaiting her answer to his question.
`Am I willing to awaken my blood?' Ceres questioned herself mentally. `Am I willing to die?'
“Will you accept my gift?” Alucard whispered to her.
Ceres sat in her own growing puddle of blood as all the questions rang through her head. Finally, she was able to answer one question.
Author's Note:
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