Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Freedom ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“My life has been a nightmare, my soul is fractured to the bone
If I must be lonely, I think I'd rather be alone...”
Stabbing Westward (Save Yourself)
Seras watched the black flames as they continued to burn. Elizabeth snorted at how weak Alucard had been. She turned her attention to the window and saw that Integra was fading faster. Her grin spread across her face, everything was going according to plan. Elizabeth reached up and grasped their heart as it tightened in pain. She stumbled backwards as it painfully squeezed again. Her eyes widened in worry before she cursed the pain again.
Elizabeth fell to her rear with a hard thump. Her crimson eyes were wild with worry. Her claws became normal fingernails and the fangs returned to their normal size. Falling to her back she clutched at their heart as it tightened again. Muttering `no' Elizabeth hit the ground with her fist. Her crimson eyes narrowed in anger as the pain continued to stab at their heart.
“What are you doing?” Elizabeth hissed as she pushed herself to her knees.
Taking back my body.
“It's too late to go back...they're all dead and gone,” Elizabeth sneered scornfully.
Seras hesitated in thought before she scowled. Determination flashed in her eyes before she reached out to Elizabeth's soul. Seras grasped onto the black energy that was Elizabeth. Seras snapped her own energy back with a hiss; it was so evil it burned her. Gritting her teeth she grasped onto the energy and pulled with all might. Elizabeth cursed the girl as their body went into a coma like state. Integra sat up gasping for air as she felt her own life return to her. The black flames continued to burn, as the body lay dead to the world on the ground.
Seras grinned in victory as she stared at the white room around her. Elizabeth was angrily pushing herself to her feet. She had a crimson dress on; her eyes were a darker shade of crimson. Elizabeth growled as she stomped over to Seras. Pulling her hand back, she smacked Seras to the floor. Seras backed away from the enraged woman as the blood trailed down her mouth. Elizabeth kicked her away and continued after her.
“What have you done?” Elizabeth demanded, as her eyes flashed with hate.
“You're trapped here...in this void,” Seras answered as she stood to her feet.
“Stupid girl! You stupid, weak, pathetic girl!” Elizabeth ranted as she slowly advanced on Seras.
“Welcome to your freedom,” Seras greeted as she glared at Elizabeth.
“After I protected you...”
“You've been nothing but a curse,” Seras growled.
“I gave you a reason to live...”
“You tried to kill my Master and everyone else!”
“Time to die,” Elizabeth growled as she lunged at Seras.
Seras squeaked as she dodged Elizabeth's attack. Elizabeth calmly stood back up and laughed. Seras began to back up; she didn't want to take her eyes off the crazed woman. Elizabeth's presence became more demonic by the second.
`How do I kill her?' Seras seriously thought as she kept backing away.
“Once you're dead I'll have your body and truly be free,” Elizabeth sang as she charged Seras.
Seras hit the ground and cried out in pain. Elizabeth wrapped her hands around her neck and began to strangle her. She laughed as she continued to choke her. Crimson clashed against crimson as they both stared at each other.
`You know a vampire can't be choked to death.' A male voice calmly informed.
Seras glanced around the room and smiled in relief. A crack had formed on the wall. Shadows were leaking through as crimson eyes stared at her.
“Master,” Seras whispered.
“He's dead...pretty soon you'll be joining him,” Elizabeth growled with a grin.
`Not fighting back?' Alucard questioned within her mind.
`How do I kill a monster?' Seras questioned back.
`Like every other monster,' Alucard answered.
“That helps,” Seras mumbled as she clawed at Elizabeth's face.
Elizabeth pulled away and grasped her bleeding face. Seras quickly pushed her away and began to think. Elizabeth quickly healed her wounds and stalked Seras again.
`Elizabeth's a monster…but she also is a soul,' Seras quickly thought.
`How do you destroy a soul?' Alucard questioned as his body formed in the room.
“Blood is not the only means to drain a person.”
“Feed on the soul,” Seras mumbled as she faced Elizabeth.
“Very good,” Alucard congratulated as he watched her.
Elizabeth grabbed Seras by the hair and pulled her to herself. Seras quickly turned around and bit Elizabeth in the neck. As quick as she could she forced her energy into her own body. Elizabeth laughed as Seras tried to quickly drain her soul. Seras grinned when she felt the soul weakening in her grasp.
“You will never be rid of me,” Elizabeth promised as her soul became weaker. Seras pulled away and pushed the woman to the ground.
“I can try,” Seras muttered.
“I will always be with you,” Elizabeth taunted as she began to fade. “I will always be the evil in your mind.”
“And I'll be there to push you away,” Seras whispered as the room faded.
Seras slowly opened her eyes and tried to pull away. Strong hands held her in place as her vision returned. Smiling despite the pain in her body, she gazed up at her master. Alucard reached out and smoothed her bangs from her face before he stood with her in his arms. Seras had a thoughtful look before she reached out and touched the seals on his hands. They quickly vanished and she passed out. A grin spread across his face as the dark portal opened behind him.
“Seras!” Anderson called out in worry.
Alucard vanished with Seras into the darkness. Integra weakly sat up and stared at the flames as they vanished. Her front lawn was destroyed, but so was one of biggest threats to the world. Anderson growled and ran a hand through his hair. Integra reached into her box and pulled out a cigar.
“Where did they go?” Heinkel asked as she studied the damage.
“Probably to that castle,” Integra commented as she lit the cigar.
Anderson sighed as he made his way to the door. Walter stood in the shadows waiting for an order. The mind chip had been damaged, but he didn't return to his human self.
“Where are you going?” Walter calmly asked.
“Back to the castle,” Anderson commented.
“You'll never release her soul or whatever it is you plan,” Integra informed him.
“I plan to...visit someday,” Anderson commented before he vanished.
Seras yawned as she stretched. Panic flooded her senses when she felt her hands connect with something hard. Her eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness around her. Using her strength, she threw the lid to the coffin open. Not bothering to breath, she studied her surroundings. She was back in the castle basement again. Stepping out of the coffin, she weakly stood up. Running a hand through her hair, she sighed as the cold air brushed against her. Closing her eyes, she was relieved to find that Elizabeth was no longer in her mind.
She stumbled around in the dimly lit basement until she found a chair. Sitting down she noticed a goblet. She sniffed the air and her fangs lengthened. Looking over the rim of the goblet, she stared at the crimson liquid. The smooth surface taunted her as she reached out for it. Pulling her hand away, she sat back in the chair.
“There is no shame in hunger,” Alucard whispered in her ear.
Seras quickly turned around and smiled. He was stepping out of the shadows. He smoothly walked over to her and laid his hands on her shoulders. She relaxed when she didn't feel any dangerous emotions coming from him.
“Master, where are we?” Seras questioned.
“Home,” Alucard assured as he picked up the goblet.
“Home,” Seras repeated as she drank from the goblet.
Alucard smiled as he watched her drink. She was weak from the battle, but she would be powerful. The potential in her left him waiting in anticipation. Seras finished the blood and licked her lips. She turned her gaze to Alucard and stared him in the eyes. His face slowly moved towards hers as she sighed and closed her eyes. His cool breath tickled her lips as she fully realized.
“You need to rest,” Alucard whispered to her.
He led her to the coffin and helped her back into it. He sat on the edge and played with bits of her hair. Her eyes began to drift close as she felt her body relax for its sleep.
“Do you love me?” Seras quickly questioned. He froze in his actions as he stared down at her.
“Vampires feel other things,” Alucard vaguely answered.
“Oh,” Seras mumbled a bit disappointed.
“But you are mine,” Alucard continued as she fell into her sleep.
He smiled as he closed her lid. He sat down beside the coffin and stared at it in slight wonder. He had eternity to show her what it meant to be a true vampire. Human emotions were different then vampires, she would learn that love was just a concept. Smirking he tilted his hat over his eyes and reclined in the chair. His smirk grew when he thought about how long eternity would be.
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