Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Destruction ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Smiling like a Cheshire cat”
Seras grinned as she fully faced Integra. Her hands began to glow a pale white as Integra fell. Anderson caught her and laid her on the floor. Her breathing was even and Seras chuckled. She inhaled the air and licked her lips.
“Blood is not the only means to drain a person,” she commented as she inhaled Integra's energy.
“Seras, this isn't you,” Anderson pleaded as he stared out the window.
“You're right…this isn't me,” Seras replied as she lunged towards him.
Seras flashed her fangs as she soared through the air. It wasn't necessary to kill the priest, but he was in their way. Anderson pulled out two bayonets and blocked her fists as they came towards his head. She hissed and pulled away from the blessed metal. Growling she caught movement from her left. Shadows wrapped around her little body as she struggled out of the darkness.
“Alucard,” Seras hissed.
“You will behave,” Alucard warned as he tightened his grip on her.
“I was going to make your death quick since Seras has an attachment to you...but you've just ruined that!” Seras growled as she sliced through the shadows.
She dove for him and pushed him down. The ground exploded around them as dirt and debris flew everywhere. Seras bit into his neck and tore out his throat. His eyes widened in amusement as the pain sent jolts through his body. Seras licked her lips as she jumped away from his body. The shadows exploded from his body and attacked her like spears. Seras laughed as she pushed them away with a thought.
“I have years experience over you,” Seras laughed as she impaled him through the chest.
“You have to fight the evil!” Anderson called out. Seras jumped away from Alucard as the scriptures bound her powers.
“Damn you all!” Seras hissed as her eyes flashed crimson.
You can have my body, just leave them be!
`Seras, I need Integra and Alucard's death to complete my power,' Elizabeth explained.
You're powerful enough now!
`Don't try and tempt the devil,' Elizabeth warned.
“Seras, you will obey your master,” Alucard warned as he punched her to the ground.
“Seras isn't here,” She mocked as she attacked him.
Seras jumped to Hellsing roof and looked through the window. Integra's life was fading too slowly for her tastes. A lock of her hair fell from her head as a thin line of blood trickled down her face. Seras reached up and broke the string, the cut on her cheek quickly healed. Her crimson eyes gazed at the woods and she frowned.
“Welcome back Walter,” Seras greeted.
Walter stepped out from the shadows. His black hair covered his crimson eyes as he held the gloves up. The timid nun followed behind him as her glasses slid down his nose. Heinkel appeared next to Yumiko with a smile.
“The control chip was fried when I electrocuted him,” Yumiko shyly explained.
“Where is Sir Integra?” Walter demanded as he stared up Seras.
“Here to be with her in her last moments?” Seras asked with a grin.
Walter growled and quickly made a run for the mansion. When he vanished into the house Seras turned her attention back to Alucard. Her crimson eyes softened before she once more hardened them. Anderson tossed more scriptures to her.
“Enough foreplay,” Seras growled.
Her dark energy sparked around her as the scriptures exploded into black flames. The papers fell to ash around them as she raised her power levels. Seras gathered a ball of shadow to her hand and held them in front of herself. She stared into the black with an insane grin.
“You should appreciate darkness,” Seras coldly commented as she sent the black orb towards Alucard.
Alucard swatted the black orb away with look of boredom. Seras growled as she formed more energy balls with in her hands. Alucard sidestepped a few before yawning.
“All these years and you're still weak,” Alucard commented with a grin.
“Weak!” Seras yelled as her body formed into shadows.
She yelled as a giant Black Panther jumped from the shadows. It opened its eight crimson eyes and bared it fangs. Alucard raised an eyebrow and grinned as he felt her power levels raise. She smirked at him as her panther roared.
“Too shy to play?” Seras mocked.
Leave them alone!
“Shut up,” Elizabeth growled as their familiar attacked.
Alucard released his own familiar and dodged the panther's claws. He growled as he sensed Seras' energy peak out from Elizabeth's own power. She was in there, trapped within barriers. He scowled at the options open to him, not many.
You can have the body…just leave them!
`I will not rest till they're all dead!' Elizabeth shouted to Seras.
“I will not hesitate to destroy you,” Alucard warned.
Elizabeth grinned as she looked over at Alucard; he had caught Seras' attention. Seras remained frozen in her darkness.
“So you don't care for the girl?” Elizabeth questioned.
“That is none of your concern,” Alucard growled as the panther bit his dog.
He doesn't care…
`Not even a little,' Elizabeth enforced.
I really am nothing to everyone.
`You're everything to me…I need you…I want you,' Elizabeth purred as she caressed Seras' mind.
Kill them…I don't care.
“Finally,” Elizabeth shouted in triumph.
Alucard's eyes narrowed as Seras eyes bled crimson. The white vanished from her eyes as crimson remained. Her fangs lengthened past her lower lip as she snarled at him. Cracking her knuckles she grinned, her fingernails lengthened to claws. The Black Panther vanished back into her body as she jumped down to the ground. A thin coat onyx coated her skin as she approached Alucard.
“This is your last chance to give Seras her body back,” Alucard warned as he conspicuously smiled.
Seras softly laughed as she grinned down at him. She shook her head as her chest rose with each dark chuckle.
“Seras has given herself to me, she will not be back until I am finished,” Elizabeth informed.
“She would never do that,” Alucard firmly announced with his own grin. Seras grinned and shook her head.
“So sure of yourself,” Seras taunted, “you left her.”
“What are you talking about?” Alucard asked. He was becoming irritated.
“You don't need her the way I do. Why would she side with someone that doesn't want her?”
“She is mine,” Alucard warned.
“She doesn't understand the ways of vampires, you have to remember her human emotions are most appealing,” Elizabeth laughed.
Alucard narrowed his crimson eyes as his own familiar vanished into the shadows.
“She thought she was nothing, but to me she is everything.”
“What thoughts have you distorted?” Alucard demanded.
`He thinks we're crazy,' Elizabeth cried to Seras.
Take them away...take them all away...
“It's time for you to go,” Seras whispered in demonic glee.
The shadows rushed around her as they formed above her head. Elizabeth took full control of the body as Seras closed her mental eyes. Alucard stood still, ready to attack if need be. Elizabeth laughed as she sent the shadows towards Alucard. Black flames engulfed his body as Seras opened her eyes in the last minute.
What have I've done?
“Finally, we're almost free,” Elizabeth laughed as she watched the flames burn.
I keep causing more deaths.
“Such a beautiful night and event.”
I can't let her continue.
Elizabeth's eyes narrowed as she felt Seras rise. The girl was becoming brash in her actions.
No more death.
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