Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Release ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Never wanted it to end this way my love my darling, believe me when I say to you in love I think I'm falling here.”
Ozzy Osbourne (No More Tears)
Integra ran a hand through her hair as she hit away the remains of the cigar. Her blue eyes studied the paladin in front of her as she went over her choices. Yumiko had reported finding Enrico's body mutilated. Integra sighed again, the problems were adding up as the sun rose. Her blue eyes gazed out her window as she listened to gunfire go off every five minutes. Reaching into her cigar box, she found it empty. Resisting the urge to call for Walter, she crossed her hands on her lap. Anderson sat up straight and stared at her with his own piercing eyes.
“What is it that you want from Hellsing?” Integra immediately asked.
“Section 13 is gone, the Vatican will deny out existence and exterminate us,” Anderson began.
“This is not my concern,” Integra coldly stated.
“I can match up to any monster you put me against. Yumiko and Heinkel have very good skills,” Anderson commented as he kept eye contact.
“Would you really work for a Protestant?” Integra curiously questioned.
“I am willing to offer our services to Hellsing if you can give us shelter,” Anderson laid out his cards. He had no choice; he had to look after whoever was left. It didn't matter if he worked for the enemy; there was no enemy when you were next on the list to be hunted.
“What guarantees of loyalty can you offer?” Integra questioned as her eyes hardened.
“I only have my life to offer,” Anderson claimed as he glared at her.
`There's something more,' Integra thought.
“You may stay here until we work out the edges,” Integra agreed with a bit of distrust.
`That's all I need,' Anderson thought.
“Thank you,” Anderson said as he stood up.
“Feel free to roam,” Integra commented as she watched him leave.
The doors to her office closed as she watched his form vanish. Opening up a drawer, she found another box of cigars. Pulling the box out, she reached for her phone. She would have to deal with the rest of the living soldiers. Most of Millennium had been destroyed, but a few were still out there. She had a feeling that everyone would want raises.
Seras sighed as she rolled over in her coffin. Her crimson eyes opened as her the smell of blood drifted to her. Pushing a button on the remote the lid to the coffin slowly lifted. Sitting up she swung her feet to the floor. Her eyes roamed through the darkened room in confusion. She couldn't sense anyone around her, but there was a familiar tickle on the edge of her mind. Concentrating on the dark figure, she watched as the candles brightened. Ivory skin reflected in the light as the figure daintily waved her hand.
“Morning love,” Elizabeth purred as she sucked on the blood packet.
Seras jumped to her feet and prepared to attack. Elizabeth rolled her eyes and quickly appeared behind Seras. Placing her hands on Seras' shoulders, she pushed the girl to her bed. Elizabeth then stuck a packet of blood into Seras' opening mouth before the girl could protest. Smiling at her quick work, she took Seras face in her hands and smiled at the girl.
“I have good news and bad news,” Elizabeth sighed as she leaned back.
“How...? Where did you come from?” Seras demanded as she pulled the packet from her mouth.
“That is a good question,” Elizabeth mumbled as she smirked.
“Are you even real?” Seras all but yelled.
“Sadly, not yet. The good news is that I'm going to be free, the bad news is that you can't do anything about it,” Elizabeth said slowly, grinning.
“Explain this,” Seras growled as she began to finish the blood packet.
Anderson sighed as he walked into the library. He scanned the rows of books until he found the one he was looking for. He grimaced as he pulled the book from the cobwebs and dust. It felt like old leather, but the markings told him it wasn't leather. Human skin had a special way of aging when used for covers. He ran his rough fingers over the burnt lettering and walked over to a chair. He opened the aged book and sighed as he blew away the dust. It was written in Latin, a language he had taken to learning for a hobby.
The Book of Sinners,” Anderson mumbled as he searched for the pages.
He grinned as he found the picture of the woman he had been searching for. Elizabeth Bathory, the true history of when she had been damned. There were many things about historical figures taken out of the books. The true nature of humans could be very disgusting. He read through her bloodline and his eyes widened. Seras Victoria was freshly written at the edge of the line. His eyes narrowed as he wondered about the girl.
Seras may be a vampire, a child of darkness, but he knew her first. He searched the book and found that it went over the curse through her bloodline. His eyes wandered to the sky and found that the moon was fading. Licking his lips in nervousness, he read on. He pinched the bridge of his nose and growled. The girl was in for some trouble if what the book said was true.
“Hellsing is deciding to keep strays,” Alucard's voice echoed through the darkness.
“Why did you turn her?” Anderson growled out as his temper flared.
Green eyes roamed the darkness as the heavy footfalls of boots echoed. Anderson knew that those crimson eyes were tracking his movement. Laughter erupted around him as he spun around. Alucard's body was shadowed by the darkness as his grin spread across his face. Those orange glasses did not hide his crimson eyes tonight. Both of the men stared at each other, sizing each other up.
“She was on her death bed thanks to you,” Alucard decided to toy with human. Anderson felt the guilt hit him; he growled and focused on his anger.
“You know of her bloodline,” Anderson accused.
“Her bloodline is a problem, but the power she has is worth the trouble,” Alucard explained.
“If Elizabeth becomes free…then all will truly die,” Anderson warned as he dropped the book.
“Elizabeth has no means of escaping,” Alucard assured with growing annoyance.
“Elizabeth has completed most of the ritual already,” Anderson softly said. Alucard's grin fell from his face as he began to scowl.
“Explain,” Alucard demanded.
“Elizabeth needs her bloodline mixed with a Hellsing bloodline. She also needs to have a fledgling from her vampiric blood bring across another. The said fledgling has to go through some horrors and drink the blood of a willing victim,” Anderson explained as he kicked the book towards Alucard.
“Anything else?” Alucard asked in boredom.
“The victim has to willing,” Anderson growled.
“That will never happen, no victim is truly willing,” Alucard mocked as he began to vanish into the darkness.
Elizabeth kissed Seras' forehead as the young vampire groaned in pain. She pushed Seras onto her back and stared down at her.
“Any minute now,” Elizabeth purred, “our souls will merge.”
“Vampires don't have souls,” Seras mumbled.
“You do because you're of my line, and I have a soul because they could only destroy my body and bind me,” Elizabeth answered.
“What do you plan to do?” Seras weakly asked.
“I will make us the strongest and the most beautiful,” Elizabeth whispered in glee.
“Master is the strongest,” Seras mumbled.
“Once we come into power…he will be the weakest,” Elizabeth promised as she fell into Seras.
“I'll kill myself before I let you free,” Seras darkly promised.
Elizabeth laughed as she began to merge within Seras' soul. Seras frowned as she found herself darkly chuckling.
“To late,” her voice whispered.
`It's time to come to our power.'
Integra cursed as the building shook. She bit her cigar in half as she pushed away from the desk. She ran over to her window and stared out at the cloud of rising dusk. Seras shook her white hair from the dust and shot off into the air. The moon came out off hiding as she stood on the roof of a truck. Her crimson eyes drank in the light and she laughed. She looked down at her outfit and frowned as she glared at the thing.
She ran a hand over her body with a grin. A crimson tank top replaced the uniform as leather pants formed around her legs. She laughed as she turned her gaze on Integra. Her crimson eyes sparked with something dark and unknown.
“Finally,” Seras smirked as she stretched.
Integra calmly opened her window and stared back at Seras.
“What is the meaning of this Seras?” Integra demanded.
Seras tilted her head in confusion as she watched Integra. Sighing she looked at part of the Hellsing mansion. The sidewall and part of the ground was blown up. Seras grinned and shook her head.
“I got a bit carried away,” Seras answered.
“A bit?” Integra dryly repeated.
“How about you shut up and I won't kill you right away?” Seras offered as she grinned.
The rest of the cigar fell from Integra's mouth. Her cheeks flushed in anger as she shot a death glare at the girl.
“Alucard!” Integra yelled.
Seras smirked at Integra's intense emotional change. Alucard appeared from the shadows, standing between Seras and Integra. Seras looked down at him with a superior smile.
“You called?” Alucard calmly said as he studied Seras.
“What is the meaning of her behavior?” Integra demanded to know.
“Meet Seras' other half,” Anderson introduce as he ran into Integra's office.
“Now you've ruined my introduction,” Seras scolded with a frown.
“She's awakened,” Anderson growled.
“The Bathory bloodline has been released,” Integra sighed as she reached for a cigar.
“I only need two things,” Seras began.
“You will remember who the master is,” Alucard warned.
Seras crouched down and grinned at him.
“I have always been the master you pathetic dog,” Seras growled as her fangs lengthened.
“Seras!” Anderson called out.
Seras turned her head towards Anderson before she glared at him.
“Why would she listen to you?” Seras questioned.
“Seras, it's safe to come back,” Anderson tried to coax. Seras throw her head back and laughed at him.
“We only need two things, before we become perfect,” Seras explained. “We need Hellsing's blood and Alucard's death.”