Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Decisions ( Chapter 15 )

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“When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice.”
~William James
You're weak…
Holding his stiffening body to her chest she sobbed. Tears of blood ran down her face. The last of the living soldiers had left her alone with the captain. She yelled out as her eyes closed, she didn't want to see reality anymore. She didn't want to see his throat torn out. She didn't want to see the corpse of his murderer. Zorin Blitz had fatally wounded her only human friend; she had to watch another one close to her die. Seras crimson eyes flashed with anger as she stared at Zorin's corpse, it gave her a sort of comfort. Seras had taken Pip's blood after he died and then went to Zorin. Using Zorin's face, she scraped the woman's face across the wall much like butter to toast.
You hesitated…you're a failure.
Seras' crimson eyes opened in anger as she began to growl. His blood flowed through her veins. She was no longer the weak vampire. The dark blood within her veins had risen to the surface; she could feel her master with her. Her white hair had blood in it; it was stuck together in some places. Getting to her feet, she watched as her arms turn into the massive bat wings. Seras had a job to do; she failed Pip and the men, but she would not fail Integra. Running out of the hallway, she jumped through the window and into the night sky.
Let the blood flow through you…accept it…accept my power.
Seras growled as she pushed Elizabeth away from her mind. The woman growled her own rage before shutting up. The air was warm as she flew towards Integra. Her eyes narrowed as she landed inside the building.
`I can read the treachery within their minds,' Seras thought as she rushed to Integra.
“Where's Master?” Seras questioned as her arms returned to normal.
She raced through the hallways as she listened to footsteps echo closer. Her eyes began to tear as Pip's memories played throughout her mind again.
`I couldn't save you from Zorin...' Seras thought.
Turning the corner, she heard the sound of clashing metal. Integra was backed up against the wall with her saber held in front of her. The priest was adding more pressure to his blade as he continued his descent. Seras crouched low as she sprung for his neck, her teeth now like those of a shark's mouth. In one smooth bite, she ripped the back of his neck out. The priest's head fell to the floor with a satisfying plop.
“Welcome back,” Integra greeted as she caught her breath.
“Orders, Sir?” Seras calmly waited.
Integra raised an eyebrow; something had changed within the timid girl. The white hair and crimson uniform gave away a physical change.
“She's a true Nosferatu.” the Irish voice echoed throughout the room.
Seras gasped as stepped in front of Integra. No more of her friends or workers would be dying tonight. Father Alexander Anderson stepped out of the shadows. He held no bayonets. Seras prepared to attack as he stepped closer to her. His emerald eyes held a bit of grief within the depths.
“It seems Enrico Maxwell has gone off the edge.” Integra commented as she lit up a cigar.
“Gone mad with the power, he kills all without a thought.” Anderson confirmed.
“Just because one Catholic's gone over the edge, doesn't mean we accept strays.” Seras replied.
“Respect is earned,” Anderson assured.
“What of the other regenerators?” Seras inquired.
“Wouldn't trust them.” Anderson answered.
“Orders, Sir Integra?” Seras decided to ask.
“Work with Anderson; search and destroy.” Integra ordered.
A spark of darkness swept throughout Seras mind as she nodded. She could taste the blood on her lips. The craving for death was becoming intoxicating. Seras handed Integra a spare gun and ammo. Securing the room, Anderson and her both left. The enemy of my enemy is my friend; this was a time of war. Anderson remained quiet as they walked through the hallways. Seras growled and punched through the wall, she crushed a ghoul as she pulled it through.
“You've become violent.” Anderson observed as they ran outdoors. Seras darkly chuckled as watched her favorite memory play in her mind.
“I'm a vampire.” Seras easily answered.
“You're a strong one too.” Anderson mumbled as he pulled out his bayonets.
Seras grunted and let her crimson eyes scan the forest around her. The rest of the soldiers were still coming back to fight. Over a hundred regenerators surrounded them as her and the Anderson stood in the middle.
“You'd follow a power hungry man over the word of god?” Anderson yelled out, his anger was rising.
A few of the regenerators hesitated before they continued to stalk them. Seras sighed and shook her head as she dropped her empty guns. This would be an old fashion fight, with swords and hands.
“They say idiots follow other idiots.” Seras replied as she stood back to back with Anderson.
“We are allies Seras. I wouldn't harm you on purpose.” Anderson whispered. Seras tensed as the blood tears gathered in her eyes.
“Allies for now…maybe we can hold another future together.” Seras hoped.
Seras jumped into the air and seemed to float there for a minute before she spotted her first victim. Lunging back to the ground she landed on the regenerator's shoulders. Grasping his head on the sides, she used her weight to rip the head off. Footsteps sounded behind her as they body fell. Using the head like a ball, she threw it and crushed another's priest face. Blood splattered her face and she grinned as jumped into the fighting crowd of bodies.
Anderson was easily taking down the priests that refused to step away from the evil that Maxwell had gone into. Anderson cursed them to hell as he pulled a blade from his shoulder. A bullet shot past his face and into the other priest's head. The priest fell over with a loud thud. Anderson's eyes looked over at the person in suspicion before he truly smiled.
“Heinkel Wulf.” Anderson greeted as he punched another priest away.
“Maxwell's gone over the edge...” Heinkel mumbled as she shot the back of a head off.
Seras cursed as three priests fell on top of her. Struggling to remove the extra weight, she pulled free one arm. Another priest held down her free arms as she snorted. Even though she was dead, she could still feel the pressure.
See? You're weak!
“I'm not weak!” Seras yelled as her powers exploded off her body.
Standing to her feet, she grinned at the scene. Twenty bodies were impaled on the random spikes of shadows. The spikes cut through stomachs, heads, and hearts. Walking over to the shadow spike, she watched the blood twist down it. Reaching out with her tongue she licked up the crimson liquid. Seras snapped out of her trance and ran for the other remaining priests.
Enjoy the bloodlust; there's no shame in it.
`Leave me alone!' Seras repeated as she watched a female priest run off.
“Who's that?” Seras demanded, the instinct to hunt rising within her.
“That's Heinkel Wulf. She's one of the few allies we have left.” Anderson answered.
Just kill them all. You could be all powerful.
“Don't want power.” Seras mumbled out loud.
Anderson raised an eyebrow at her before he went back to fighting. Seras angrily reached over and ripped another throat out. Her body was beginning to tire as she fought on; she hadn't been drinking the blood around her. There was a taste here and there, but nothing filling like the captain's blood. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she watched another row of priests fall to the ground dead. Five had already backed down and taken prisoner until loyalty could be decided. Ten remained standing, willing to fight for their corrupted leader.
Seras charged and jumped for the tallest priest. His short brown hair reflected in her crimson orbs as she felt the metal slide into her stomach. He raised her above his head as he grinned up at her. She slid a few more inches down the bayonet. Coughing up the blood, she gripped the blade to keep from sliding. Reaching into his jacket, he pulled out another blade and brought it down on her. She closed her eyes as she prepared for her final death.
Seras crimson eyes snapped open as she heard the metal hit meat. Blood dripped down onto her face as she fell to the ground. Her eyes shined with wonder and excitement at the priest was ripped in half.
“Master...” Seras whispered as he tossed the body away.
“Death is not an option for you.” Alucard scolded as gripped the bayonet handle.
Seras gritted her teeth as he quickly pulled it out. He stared at the blade and licked it before tossing it away. Seras looked around the field to find all the priests dead, impaled or decapitated. She would have been creeped out if it weren't for the loss of blood and weird feeling inside. Seras lazily smiled as he scooped her into his arms and stood to his full height. She squirmed a bit when she felt water soak into her clothing.
“Why are you wet Master?” Seras questioned; the wetness chilled her own skin.
Alucard lightly chuckled as he continued to carry her. Seras noted that Anderson was no longer around.
“They tried to trap me on the ship with Rip Van Wrinkle. I killed her and Integra released the final seal.” Alucard quickly explained.
“Your full power.” Seras assumed as she relaxed.
We could have the same power if you release me.
“Voices inside the head will not do.” Alucard muttered as he walked through the door.
The sound of a cocking gun echoed in the room. Integra sat back in her leather chair with a cigar lit up. She raised an eyebrow as Alucard laid Seras down on a nearby couch. Heinkel still had her gun aimed at the vampire.
“Report.” Integra ordered.
“Targets have been silenced.” Alucard assured.
“And how are the grounds?” Integra inquired.
“Cleansed and secured.” Alucard grinned as he watched her scowl.
“Your butler's missing.” Anderson announced as he walked through the doors.
“Walter...” Seras whispered as her eyes closed.
Integra debated within herself as she stared down at Seras. The girl needed her rest and the grounds were secured. All the priests and remaining freaks had been destroyed. The remaining soldiers could handle the ghouls that were left over.
“Take Seras back to her chambers to rest.” Integra ordered as she exhaled the cigar smoke.
“Of course.” Alucard replied as he picked Seras up.
Their forms vanished into a dark portal. Heinkel sighed as she put the safety back on her gun. Anderson leaned against the wall and watched as Integra put the cigar out.
“Yumiko could go search the grounds for your butler.” Heinkel offered.
“Very well. Anderson and I will remain here.” Integra sighed as she threw out the cigar.
Heinkel nodded and left the room to join up with her friend. Anderson took a seat across from Integra. They had business to discuss.
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