Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Necrology ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“The devil's laughing, in your face
Give me another taste, yeah”
Rob Zombie (House of a 1000 Corpses)
Seras twirled around in front of her mirror as Elizabeth growled at her in annoyance. It was rather irritating to be stuck as a shadow of your former self. With a roll of her eyes, she vanished leaving Seras alone. Sera sighed in relief and pulled on her crimson shirt. The colors of her clothing really brought out the ivory of the skin. Looking towards her table she decided that she would leave her guns. Baring her teeth at the mirror she checked for whiteness.
Grinning at their perfection, she gave a thumb up. She ran through the door and jumped through the ceilings till she reached the men's rooms. Licking her lip in nervousness, she reached out and knocked on the door. She heard a curse and a bit of rustling. The door flung up and Pip stood there with a smooth grin. Seras gave him a smile and said hi. He grinned and picked up the basket before he stepped out of the room and held an arm to her.
“Wait a minute,” Seras warned.
“What is it?” Pip asked.
Seras picked him up and took him to the kitchen. His eye widened as they fell through the floor and landed on a counter. He was a bit shaken; the shadows were cold. He watched as Seras walked over to a red fridge and opened it. She pulled out a bottle that had her name on it. Smiling she sent a mental thanks to Walter; he was too good at times. Seras walked over and smiled at Pip sheepishly. He questioningly looked at the bottle. She held it out of view and he raised an eyebrow.
“Food,” Seras simply answered.
He nodded and led her out of the kitchen. They walked around the back of the building to the backyard gardens. Seras smiled as she watched him take out a blanket and lay it evenly on the grass. He held out a hand and helped her sit on the blankets. Seras held back her giggle; she had never had a date or been on a picnic. Pip set the basket in-between them and snatched the bottle of out of her hand. He pulled out two glasses and poured her the blood.
He corked the bottle and sniffed at the blood. Pip handed her the blood, it didn't really have a smell since it was cold. Seras awkwardly smiled and held the glass in her pale hand. She watched as he pulled out a sandwich from the basket. Her sweat dropped when she saw it was a foot long.
`Is he trying to tell me something?' Seras thought in dismay.
He took a bite, and chewed after offering her some. She shook her head no and took a drink from the liquid. He gazed at her as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the blood. No matter how disgusted she was by it, it felt and tasted good. Her crimson eyes slightly opened and she began to blush. Pip was watching her like she was a movie. Licking her lips, she swallowed and pulled the glass away.
“What's it like?” Pip asked.
“Being a monster?” Seras asked back.
“No, drinking it?” Pip clarified as he set the sandwich aside.
“It's the best thing in the world, to a vampire I mean,” Seras honestly said.
“Have you ever had it from the source?” Pip questioned.
“No…and I don't want it,” Seras said seriously.
“Why not?” Pip asked some more.
“I feel like I'm stealing something,” Seras explained as she lay down on the blanket and stared up the stars.
“Even if it's donated?” Pip asked.
“I don't know,” Seras muttered.
Pip sighed and leaned back after moving the basket from in between them. Seras inhaled the night air and could smell Pip beside her. He had a sent of pineapple to him. Seras rolled to her side and faced him. She smiled and reached out to his hair. Studying the braid, she began to hum as she felt its silkiness.
“Do you have to die a virgin to become a vamp?” Pip softly asked.
“Yeah,” Seras sighed as she smiled.
“So I'd become a ghoul?” Pip tried to joke.
“You don't act like your master or any of the freaks. Why is that?” Pip asked.
Seras set the braid down and rolled onto her back.
“I don't like bloodlust, but I can be just as bloodthirsty as any of them,” Seras assured.
“Must be a sight,” Pip muttered as he reached out and took her cold hand.
“What's that supposed to mean?” Seras asked defensively.
“You rage must be beautiful,” Pip clarified.
“You wouldn't say that if I was on your throat,” Seras snorted.
“You can have my throat anytime,” Pip offered. Sera rolled her eyes and lightly chuckled.
“You don't know what you're dealing with,” Seras calmly said.
“You may be a vampire, but you're a female,” Pip answered.
Seras decided to give the boy the chills. She rolled over on top of him and nuzzled his neck. He inhaled her hair and smiled as she let her long tongue tease his pulse. Her fangs lengthened and she lightly scraped his neck. Something in the back of her mind told her the perfect spot to bite. She kissed his neck and applied a little bit of pressure. He groaned as exposed more of his neck to her. Seras grinned before she sighed and pulled away. Pip opened his eye and watched as her fangs went back to normal.
“I am not just a woman any longer,” Seras firmly explained.
“I don't think you'd harm me,” Pip confided. Seras smiled at him and hugged him.
“Integra told me that if I feed from her men then she'd dust me,” Seras said as she grinned up at him.
“It could be a secret,” Pip whispered.
“Fang marks are visible,” Seras frowned.
Pip grinned and reached into the basket. He pulled out a knife and nicked the vein at his elbow. Blood immediately welded up at the spot. Sera panicked and shook her head.
“I never agreed,” Seras protested.
“I could bleed to death if you don't hurry,” Pip sang.
Seras frowned and licked the little blood puddle. Covering the spot with her lips, she smiled as the warm liquid slid down her throat. It was amazing; it awesome; it was...really arousing. Sucking at the spot, she softly moaned and licked it so it would heal. She didn't want to take too much from him. He felt the spot and smiled at her. Seras lightly smacked him on the shoulder before she lay back down.
“That was better then sex,” Pip commented as she blushed.
“Pervert,” Seras growled.
“Isn't it intoxicating?” Pip asked.
“Very, and that's why it's dangerous,” Seras, explained.
“How so?” Pip asked.
“Your blood holds everything of you in it, I can even tell everything about you,” Seras answered.
“Approvable identity theft,” Pip sighed.
“I know a lot more about you,” Seras confided.
“Hope it didn't make you blush too hard,” Pip joked.
“Dirty boy,” Seras teased.
“I'm painted black,” Pip joked right back.
“You taste good,” Seras whispered as she closed her eyes.
“Interesting,” Pip whispered back, closing his eyes as well.
You've seen his death
`Leave me alone,' Seras growled to Elizabeth.
Just take him now…save him the pain.
`You're not one for mercy killings.'
I know…I'm just hungry
`Leave me for now,' Seras sighed as she opened her eyes.
Her eyes wandered over to Pip. She reached out and moved a stray piece of hair from his face.
`Can I watch my friends die…again?'
“No need to worry,” Pip whispered.
Seras held back the tears and rolled onto her stomach. She didn't want to feel the emotion anymore. Looking over at him, she knew that she couldn't turn him. Too many things went against it in her logical mind. She was only a fledgling, and he wasn't a virgin anymore. Reality had to be sad at times. It also sucked and bit hard to the point of screaming in frustration.
I could turn him for you…is that what you want?
`He's not a virgin.'
So, you have thought about it.
`He's a friend…would you want to watch a friend die?'
You've seen my memories
`I won't turn him.'
I could give you the power. You could overthrow Alucard and have Pip all to yourself.
Seras sighed as she closed her eyes. The offer was tempting; it was like holding a piece of meat to a starving dog. Sadly sighing, she accepted the reality of it all. She didn't want the power, and she wouldn't damn Pip's soul to her curse. Thinking of overthrowing Alucard sent a pain to her heart as well; she didn't even think about it anymore. He was demented, but still kind to her. Alucard had also given her a life that she would never have dreamed of. Even if she had to watch friends die, she would enjoy her time with them.
`Why does the thought of Alucard dieing hurt me so much?' Seras wondered.
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