Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Hellsing ( Chapter 13 )

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Seras sat in her chamber on top of the coffin she was supposed to sleep in. She had been dead for three months. For three months, she had not truly fed her hunger. Her crimson eyes traveled over to the little pieces of furniture she had managed to obtain. Integra had even allowed Seras certain privileges. She could go out into the city; where as her master had been banned from all human contact. Seras rocked herself and let her gaze fall on the blood packet for her. Growling she pushed off her coffin and stomped to the blood packet.
Her eyes took on a crazed look as her breath came in short pants. Seras' fangs lengthened, preparing for the attack on the blood packet. Her mouth lowered to the packet and she began to drink. A drop of blood escaped her mouth and landed on the table. Seras gasped and threw the packet away from her in disgust. Blood splattered against the floor and memories replayed in her mind.
Rio de Janeiro had been a horrible account for her. All the humans' blood painted the walls as she watched in shock. Blood squirted out from their wounds and onto her master's face. His long tongue licked up every drop of the liquid. His pleasure radiated off of him as he ripped them to shreds. Body parts decorated the halls like a demented Christmas scene. Puddles of blood tempted her, but she ignored her hunger. Elizabeth called out to her as the blood awoke in her.
Seras shook her head from the memory and fought back the tears. Her master explained that this was the color of war. War was blood and violence; there was nothing peaceful about it. Seras kneeled down and picked the empty packet from the floor. She tossed it in the trash and began to scrub the stone floor free of the bloodstain.
“Such a waste,” Alucard scolded as he walked through her door.
“I have trouble eating,” Seras confided.
“I will not have a weakened fledgling. You must eat,” Alucard reprimanded.
Seras sighed and walked over to her coffin. She sat down on the closed lid and sighed again. Her face was slowly lifted up to face Alucard's. His finger was on her chin holding her in place.
“Would you prefer a live source?” Alucard asked.
“No Master,” Seras responded. Elizabeth protested in her mind.
Alucard studied Seras as he turned her face from left to right. His crimson eyes were searching her face for something. Seras stopped her breathing and stared into his eyes. Everything seemed to stop around her. She knew those eyes were deadly, but they were also very beautiful.
“Pretty...” Seras mumbled.
Alucard remained silent before he broke out in laughter. Seras had drunk enough to allow her to blush.
“What are you feeling?” Alucard seriously asked.
“Umm…happy,” Seras replied.
“I have not had emotions in such a long time,” Alucard whispered.
“Emotions can sometimes be a strength,” Seras replied seriously.
“Interesting,” Alucard mumbled before he vanished into the shadows.
Seras sighed and leaned against the wall. Her master could be so confusing at times. He could be a maniac searching for blood, and in his own way, a poet. He claimed not to have felt emotions in years, yet he passionately spoke of his love for blood. Seras laughed and changed into her training clothes. Tonight she was working with the Wild Geese. She scoffed at the name of the group. Their captain had been helpful at the Rio de Janeiro. It was time to see what his men could do.
Covering the flame, he calmly lit his cigarette. His eye moved over to the corner of the room as he watched shadows gather. Seras stumbled out the shadows and slightly cursed her luck. All the men were watching as she jogged over. Grinning she stood at attention and waited for her orders. She and the new captain were the same rank, but she felt she would leave the training of his men to him. His long orange braid fell over his back, as he looked her over. His gaze stopped and she stood there confused by his actions.
Cigarette ash fell to the ground as she growled at him. He grinned and put out the cigarette when he heard her growl. His eye moved from her breasts to her crimson eyes.
“I offer you respect and I expect no less,” Seras growled as she glared at him.
“So you're really a vampire?” The captain asked.
“Pip, you just watched me walk through a wall,” Seras dryly said.
“Spoil my fun,” Pip sighed as he rolled his eye.
“I have been instructed by Sir Integra to help train your men,” Seras stated as she rolled her eyes. This guy was going to be a problem.
“Yes, I need to train them on the basics of a vampire,” Pip explained.
“Aim for the head or heart,” Seras simply said.
“We need target practice,” Pip clarified.
“How bout we use you as a target?” Seras grumpily mumbled as she put her weapons down.
Kill him
`Shut up Elizabeth,' Seras warned.
“My men are used to human opponents. We could use a better opponent,” Pip tried to smooth.
Kill him…he's mocking us
“Fine,” Seras grudgingly obliged.
She ran down the field and into the forest. Concentrating she told Pip to send his men at her. He jumped when he heard her voice in his head. Elizabeth insulted Seras from her mental barriers and laughed. The vampire watched in the shadows as the men cautiously approached the forest.
“She won't bite…will she?” One asked.
“I wouldn't piss her off,” Pip replied as he watched with interest.
Assembling into a team they sent two ahead. Seras reached inside her pocket and pulled out a red marker. Grinning, she prepared for teaching them their first lesson. She adjusted her eyes to the night and could see the body heat radiating off of them. Uncapping the marker, she crouched into the bushes.
“Lesson one: a vampire can always see you no matter how weak it is,” Seras shouted and moved to a new location.
“Live ammo, right?” One of the men called out.
“Lesson two: regular ammo doesn't do crap,” Seras warned and used the marker to draw a red line across on the men's neck.
The man fell to the ground in shock and grasped his neck. He pulled his hand away and stared at the red ink. Relief flooded him when he realized it was only ink.
“Red means your dead,” Seras scolded and stayed in a tree.
One of the men opened fire. Seras hissed as the bullet hit her arm. Moving up the tree, she jumped behind him and marked him with the marker. He cursed and she threw a bloodied bullet to the ground. Three men stood back to back, as they watched the area.
“Lesson three: a vampire can smell and hear you even if it can't see you. Always be on the defensive,” Seras warned and pulled one of the men into the shadows.
She bent the gun in half and tossed him next to Pip. A red mark was placed over his heart. The two remaining men of the circle cursed. Seras sighed and decided to give them an easy target. She appeared from the shadows and the man aimed. He shot off the gun and she dodged each bullet. Taking the marker, she made an `x' on his forehead. She put a red dot on the other man's head and watched them walk away. Four men remained; they were waiting on the edge of the forest.
“Lesson four: a vampire can control you mentally,” Seras warned as she threw the marker at a man.
He dropped the gun and caught the marker. Pip watched in interest as the man began to sweat. His eyes glazed and used the marker to make another `x' on his comrade. The other two men moved away from him. He made an `x' on himself and passed out. Seras stepped out of the shadows and picked up her marker. Smirking, she openly attacked the other men. They fired at her and dodged all the bullets. She went to mark her prey when one pulled out a cross. The cross shone, and she jumped away.
“Lesson five: holy objects can only do so much,” Seras whispered as she hit the object away.
Her skin hissed in pain and she quickly marked the last two. Grinning in accomplishment, she turned her gaze to the captain. Her crimson eyes sparked with mischief, her blood called out for fun. Pip stood there unafraid, she could smell his slight nervousness. It smelt like pineapple to her mixed with gunpowder. Smiling, she flashed a bit of fang and charged him. He rolled out the way and she missed her target. Hearing a click, she felt the barrel of the gun pressed against her skull. Cursing, she dissolved into shadows. He shot and the bullets went right through.
Pip stepped back and swatted the shadows away from him. They wrapped around his legs and knocked the gun away. Seras' hand reached out and drew a red smiley face on his forehead. Triumph shined in her eyes as she jumped away, the shadows vanished. His eye rolled up, he tried to look at the mark on his forehead.
“Lesson six, a captain needs to be prepared for everything,” Seras sang as she capped her marker.
“This better come off,” Pip grumbled.
“It's not permanent,” Seras assured.
Seras watched as the men gathered around them. The one that was passed out sat up and rubbed his skull. She sighed. Dawn would be coming in a few hours.
“Ready to face a real vampire?” Seras cheerily asked.
“Will the freaks be like that?”
“Some, but most have just strength and senses,” Seras replied.
She heard a thank god and smiled. Pip told the men to go to the range. Seras nodded and started to go to the range. He grabbed her by the forearm and was almost pulled along after her. Seras smiled sheepishly and stopped walking. He scratched the back of his head nervously and mumbled something.
“What?” Seras asked in confusion. She wasn't paying attention.
Kill him or at least have some fun
`Shut up,' Seras told Elizabeth.
“Would you like to go out for a bite?” Pip asked.
Seras glared at him with slight suspicion before she grinned. He offered a charming smile as she stared at him.
“It would be at night,” Seras warned, trying to dissuade him.
“Evening meals are fine,” Pip assured.
“I don't…eat like you,” Seras cautiously said. Pip paused and considered this for a moment.
“It could be a picnic,” Pip offered.
“Not a date?” Seras checked.
“It doesn't have to be,” Pip shrugged.
“Are you free tomorrow night?” Seras asked.
“Tomorrow would be perfect,” Pip assured.
“Then it's a…date,” Seras assured before she was pulled into the shadows.
Pip blinked at the empty spot, then he smiled. Seras blinked and glared at the vampire in front of her. She was back in the dungeon of her room. Alucard was frowning down at her as he leaned against the wall. Seras sighed in confusion and decided it was safer to let him speak first.
“What do you think you're doing?” Alucard calmly asked as he stared down at her. She gulped. Those crimson eyes could find anything if they chose to.
“Training the men,” Seras answered.
“First you were a target, and then you accepted a date,” Alucard refreshed.
“I was showing them what a vampire could do,” Seras assured.
“If that was true, then half would at least be maimed,” Alucard spoke as he watched her lean against the coffin.
“Sir Integra warned me against killing or feeding from `her' men,” Seras reminded.
“Then why did you accept this date?” Alucard inquired. Seras stared at Alucard in confusion.
“What's wrong with a date, my master?” Seras softly questioned.
“You don't date food,” Alucard firmly said.
“Pip is not my food,” Seras argued.
“He is lower on the food chain and you are dead,” Alucard reminded. Seras sighed.
“I just want something normal,” Seras sighed.
Alucard glared at her and pushed away from the wall. He raised her gaze to his by lifting her chin up. Alucard rubbed her cheek with his thumb and stared into her eyes. He looked confused and angry about something.
“Is being my fledgling not normal?” Alucard inquired.
“Realistically…no,” Seras answered.
“Remember that you are my fledgling, you belong to me and only me,” Alucard dangerously warned as he turned and opened a portal on the wall.
“So you won't share?” Seras teased, finding the situation amusing.
“I never share what's mine,” Alucard growled and left through the wall.
Seras' eyes widened as he left, the growl lingered in her head. She pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. It seemed like her unlife had just gotten more complicated. Her master had seemed serious about her question. She had just been joking like he was. Seras bit her lip and cursed herself in her head. Her master only joked about death and violence. Smacking her face, she groaned. Nothing could ever be simple for her.
Turning her gaze to the mirror, she watched her reflection change. Elizabeth was smirking at her. Seras growled at the woman who just laughed at her.
“Leave me,” Seras growled.
“Aren't you ready to accept the power I offer?” Elizabeth asked.
“You want my master and every human dead…so no,” Seras growled.
“All you have to do is accept me and then we can be one,” Elizabeth purred.
“I won't let a monster like you out,” Seras promised.
“Oh my dear Seras, you already have,” Elizabeth smirked.
“Go away,” Seras whispered.
“Once we become one I will,” Elizabeth promised.
Seras glared as her reflection went back to normal. She sighed and stared at the smooth surface.
`Mirror, mirror,' Seras thought as she opened her coffin. The sun was beginning to rise.
Author's Note: