Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Transylvanian Concubine ❯ Seals ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Dead, their sighs, their songs
they know what they do is wrong.”
Rasputina (Transylvanian Concubine)
Night 6
The air had a certain chill upon it that made Ceres shiver. She sat upon the stairs and stared out the doors at the moonlight upon the floor. Pondering what she would do was all her mind was capable of. Her crimson eyes narrowed as they took in the night as a human would take in daylight. Leaning her head against the staircase banister she sighed. She couldn't hear him approaching, but she could feel him near. The sun had set only an hour ago and he was approaching her. Moving her orbs, she looked out of the corner of her eye to see him standing there, facing the doorway.
“What is on your mind?” Alucard asked as he let his crimson orbs drink the moonlight.
“Nothing worthwhile master,” Ceres softly answered.
“If it was nothing then you wouldn't be sitting here,” Alucard stated as he kept his eyes on the moonlight.
“Did you betray your master?” Ceres suddenly asked. He didn't look at her, but he did raise an eyebrow.
“What makes you ask that?” He demanded.
“I was thinking about the seals...” Ceres honestly answered, knowing that he could read her mind.
“Yes, I know of a way to break them,” Alucard mused with a smirk.
`Only one of Hellsing blood can remove them,' Ceres thought as she cracked her knuckles.
“Would you free your master?” Alucard inquired as he stared down at Ceres. Her eyes widened as she thought about it. Would she free him?
“I suppose,” Ceres sighed as she looked away from his gaze.
“The seals will fade within a month's time,” Alucard commented.
“Are you trying to test me?” Ceres bluntly asked.
“Why would you think that?” He asked back with a smirk. She glared at him before she moved down one step.
“What will you do if you are free Master?” She finally asked.
“What would you do after years of starvation and imprisonment?” He questioned back.
`Oh god…he'll go on a killing spree,' Ceres thought as her face paled. Her hand lightly pressed against the talkie turning it on.
“I will break the seals,” Ceres answered.
He kneeled beside her and grabbed her chin. Using her chin, he turned her face to his scrutinizing look. If she could sweat she would have done so. Fortunately she was dead and did not possess such body functions.
“How do you plan on doing that?” Alucard asked as he kept her gaze.
“I have a hunch,” Ceres muttered.
“You must give up your humanity. You are not of that world any longer,” Alucard informed as he grinned.
`Will I become a monster if I do?' Ceres thought as she looked away.
“You are already a monster,” Alucard whispered.
`Yep, I have the best moral support in world,' Ceres dryly thought before she stood.
“I'm going to go find the weak point in the seal,” Ceres mumbled as she stood up and walked down each step.
Alucard tilted his head up and grinned as he watched her go. Within that body there was a monster waiting to be released. The right motivation would bring that out if he played his cards right. As if hearing his thoughts she turned and gave one last weak smile before walking out of the castle. Leaning against the cold wall she sighed and held her forehead in the palm of her head. Snow began to fall around her as she took a few unneeded breaths. Bringing the talkie up to her face, she closed her fist and shattered it. Confusion had truly set in and she didn't know which path to follow.
The talkie crunched under her feet as she pushed away from the wall. Walking ten feet from the castle, she stared at the ground in confusion. Her blood called out to her, demanding that its master be released. Licking her dry lips in concentration, she kneeled and pushed the snow away from the ground. Smirking in triumph she had found an area where the grass was burnt at least two inches wide.
`This must be the seal,' Ceres thought as she found the corner of a pentagram.
Clearing away more of the snow she found some runes. Following the line of the pentagram, she figured that it must cover the entire castle grounds. Leaning back on her heels she began to think about how she would do this. Touching the pentagram corner she pulled her hand back as it felt like something burned her. Biting her lip, she smiled to herself.
`Too bad they don't have a book that explains this. I think I'd need a `How to break seals for dummies,' Ceres chuckled at the thought.
“Blood of my blood,” Ceres whispered.
If the seal had merely burned her then it must have been forged of something holy. A light bulb lit up as an idea came to her head. Everything was always the opposite. Light had the dark, and holy had the unholy. She had the blood of the holy and unholy, maybe she was a contradiction. Opening her hand, she dragged her nail across the palm and let the blood well up in the deep crimson gash. Pressing her hand to the seal, she hoped her hunch was right. She looked at the snow around the castle and watched as it melted, the seal revealed.
Her palm sealed with nothing more then a faint stain of blood to show the cut was there. Holding her hands above the seal, her eyes turned a deeper shade of crimson. The seal pulsed a dark red as her expression twisted into something akin to amusement. The blood in her veins flowed, pushing its influence through her mind.
“Well, well, well, looks like the dog got trapped,” Ceres mused as her voice became silkier, filled with arrogance.
“Ceres stop this instant!” Integral yelled as she fired at the vampire. Walter was positioning his strings.
“Who are you?” Ceres asked as she flashed her fangs.
“Ceres you will cease this action or be silenced!” Integral yelled.
“Oh I see; my host knows you. I would kill you if she wasn't so damn whiney about it,” Ceres voiced as she cut through the string. Grabbing the ends of the string, she slammed Walter into Integral and wrapped them up.
“Who are you and what have you done to Ceres?” Integral demanded as she struggled against the string.
“I am Ceres' ancestor. You may call me Elizabeth,” the woman answered as her eyes narrowed.
Turing back to the seal she scratched it away leaving an opening. If the circle wasn't complete then anything could get out. Her fangs gleamed in the moonlight as she watched him emerge from the castle. His eyes narrowed at Ceres when he smelt the change in her. Something wasn't right about her.
“What have you done to my fledgling?” Alucard growled as he approached her.
“You haven't changed a bit…except for that ugly outfit,” Elizabeth remarked through Ceres body. Integral growled and worked her hand free of the string.
“Though you may be in her body I still have control of you,” Alucard warned.
“Her body is as wonderful as mine was, she will destroy you just as I once did…only this time it will be permanent,” Elizabeth hissed as she jumped away from the circle.
Integral cut her hand on the string and placed her bleeding palm where Ceres once had hers. The seal pulsed a faint blue before the energy shot up from the ground. It coiled around Ceres' neck and threw her from the circle. She hit a tree and Elizabeth faltered in her control of the body. Ceres grasped her head and screamed as she forced her blood back into submission.
You need me…I'll be back.
Sighing as the voice vanished her eyes widened in horror. Alucard pulled against the blue coils that held his wrist. Integral removed her hand and Ceres could only watch in horror as he fell to his knees.
“With blood I bind you to the Hellsing name,” Integral called out.
The coils released his wrists and began to circle around the top of his white gloves. Grinning, he thought he was free from his prison and binds. His grin turned to a growl of anger though as he felt the energy burn its way through his gloves and onto his hands. The Hellsing seal was upon him. Removing his glove in irritation he found, much to his displeasure, the seal branded into his skin. Ceres got to her feet and ran to where Integral sat, still tied to Walter. Walter couldn't seem to get the string untied. She looked from her master to her still bound boss in confusion.
Ceres kneeled next to Walter and tore the string with her hands. Standing up, Integral turned to Alucard who still stood there. Ceres looked on in confusion.
`Stay where you are,' Alucard whispered within her mind. Her eyes widened and she nodded her head.
“You are bound to the Hellsing blood now. What is your response?” Integral asked.
“What are your orders, master?” Alucard responded through clenched teeth.
“Walter, prepare the copter. We leave for the Hellsing manor at dawn,” Integral said with a smile of triumph.
“Yes Sir Integral,” Walter responded as he left.
Integral turned to Ceres and looked at her with no interest. Ceres looked to her master as he just stood there observing.
“You will be returning to Hellsing manor I assume?” Integral declared.
“Yes Sir Integral,” Ceres answered as her eyes shone with confusion.
“Know this, if you feed from my men then I will kill you,” Integral calmly warned. Ceres eyes widened in shock before she nodded in understanding.
“Both of you meet me at the copter before dawn,” Integral added as she vanished into the woods.
“I'll kill you if feed off my men,” Ceres muttered under breath.
Turning around she faced her master. Sighing she looked down in shame. Her blood told her she had failed to free him. Elizabeth mocked her from the back of her mind.
“I have failed,” Ceres acknowledged.
“You have not failed. My plans have just been hindered,” Alucard replied with a smirk.
Ceres looked up with a bit of hope and smiled at him. Her smile wavered when she heard Elizabeth mocking her weakness. Turning he walked back into the castle and left her alone. Ceres looked up into the sky and realized that it had stopped snowing. Sighing she walked back to the castle to pick up her stuff. Reaching for the banister, she pulled her hand back as she was shocked. Looking at her palm in confusion, she noticed that the tattoos were gone.
That power is not needed with the power I can give you
Shaking her head, she blocked out Elizabeth's purr. Ceres ran up the stairs and started to pack her belongings. Making sure she had packed her items and had gotten all her weapons, she hurried downstairs to see Alucard with a coffin on his shoulder. She shivered at the sight of it and noticed his smirk.
“What will we do now master?” Ceres softly asked.
“Serve until she meets her fate,” Alucard answered with a grin. Ceres tilted her head and sighed. Somehow, that insane grin was becoming comforting. He raised his eyebrow and she wondered if he heard her thoughts.
“Will I have to sleep in one of those?” Ceres asked as she motioned to the coffin.
“Short amounts of light may not bother you since you are newly dead, but this is the safest bed for you now,” Alucard answered.
`What's next in my life?' Ceres thought as she walked out the door with Alucard.