Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing ❯ Price of Fame ( Chapter 8 )

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Paige daydreamed about him all throughout school. Jeremy Hartley had won her heart over with just that one night. She was positive she was in love and now she wanted nothing less than to be with him. Soon she would see him again and they would go out to the park just like the night before. When the bell rang, Paige eagerly got out of her seat and raced down the halls and outside. To her dismay, Julian was waiting for her along with her sister. “Good afternoon Miss Paige.”
“Same to you Julian. Did Mr. Hartley call for me?”
“Not at all.”
Paige sighed and looked out the window with Jeremy fresh on her mind. The entire ride home no one said a word. Celeste was eagerly waiting for Sage to inform her of what had happened between her sister and Jeremy Hartley. One way or another she was going to find out. When they arrived at the Hellsing mansion, Celeste immediately went inside to her room and found Sage waiting for her. “Good afternoon Miss Hellsing.”
“Good afternoon Sage. What do you have for me?”
Sage walked over to Celeste's bed and sat there with her legs crossed. “When my little birdie came home last night it revealed rather disturbing actions between your sister and Jeremy Hartley.” She explained. Celeste threw off her jacket and sat down in front of Sage. “Such as?”
“The man seems to have a taste for little girls, especially those of his modeling agency. He's taking advantage of your foolish sister Celeste. He's leading her to heartache.” Sage said. Celeste stood up and walked over to her mirror. “Sage… you know this is a trap right? He's using my younger sister to get at me. He doesn't care if Paige dies or not. His main priority is me. Why he won't attack me straightforward I don't know.” Celeste said to her from the mirror. Sage only shook her red haired head at her. “Perhaps it could be because of Alucard?”
“Perhaps but my guess is that he doesn't know about him. Luck would be smiling down on me if that were the case but I'm not quite sure. I shall keep tabs on them if they decide to go out tonight. Alucard and I will be keep close watch on them both. Best believe that.”
Elsewhere, David sat with Julian and Victor while having tea. His parents had gone out to do some shopping and David had volunteered to mind his sisters. Knowing them they'd fight like cats and dogs while their parents were away. While they were enjoying their tea, David listened to Victor's story about the Hellsing family. He was amazed at his family's history but was stunned when he saw a picture of his grandmother. “Celeste looks almost like her, we all do. But if this is our family's honor to slay the undead then why won't our father take part in it?” David asked.
“Because your father is afraid. While your grandmother was imprisoned, she was raped. Your father was raised in a foster home. When we called with the information we never told him about the old Hellsing house. We had hoped that he would realize his destiny. I suppose Celeste is the one who will continue the family line.” Victor placed a hand on David's shoulder and gave him a serious look. “Tell Miss Celeste.”
“I will.”
David stood up and looked over at Victor's weapons of choice. There were swords, guns, axes and other types of weapons. “Go on pick one David.” Celeste had snuck up behind the three men quietly and that startled them. “Celeste!!! Can't you be normal for once?”
“Mmm normal is too boring. Anyway, tonight I'm going to be babysitting our little sister. Jeremy called and she has another photo shoot. Bastard is starting to get on my damn nerves.” Celeste walked out of the hidden artillery room that was hidden behind the bookcase in the study room. She was going to need full ammunition if she wanted to defeat Jeremy tonight. She had to release anxiety and fear for tonight was all or nothing. Celeste walked up to her room and locked the door to prepare for that night. She frowned to herself and eyed Vixen. If she were going to go into battle tonight, she would have to polish her gun.
Elsewhere in his office, Jeremy Hartley twirled a glass of sparkling Champagne. Once again he would be taking Paige out to the park but this time, he would use her to lure Celeste into his trap. Paige was fun to play with but her usefulness had ended and now it was time for the main course. He was definitely going to start what he finished with her at the hotel and this time, there would be no interruptions. A knock on the door halted Jeremy's train of thoughts. It was not only Dahlia but one of his male models Lance Morris. “When the time is right Lance, I want you to kill Celeste's two escorts. One was her brother and the other was her butler. Make sure their death is quick, we're on a tight schedule.” He said. Lance's handsome face produced a gorgeous smile. His green eyes glinted assurance. Lance was one of Jeremy's most skilled assassin vampires. Both he and Dahlia enjoyed playing with their prey but Lance was more into pursuing his victims. He mostly preferred women but Jeremy had taken away his sport and assigned him the task of annihilating David and Julian. Nevertheless they would receive Lance's most precious gift which was a quick and painless death. “Your orders are mine to follow lord Devinicus.” Lance replied humbly. Jeremy sipped his champagne once again. Yes, the pieces were coming together and tonight, Celeste and her family would fall to Raphael Devinicus' power. The thought of victory lingered on his mind and he could taste it. For now, all he could do was watch the sunset.
Dinner was quick for Paige since she only had a few bites to eat. The photo shoots she would be taking were going to be with Lance Morris. She gossiped with her friends about how anxious she was to be taking pictures with him. Many of them told her how they fantasized about running their hands through his long black hair and other dreamed about gazing into his gorgeous green eyes. ::: They can dream about Lance Morris all they want. He will never match up to Jeremy Hartley. :::
“Paige! Dahlia is here to pick you up!”
Paige finished the last touches of her make up and raced down the stairs. She smiled to Dahlia who returned her smile but it faded when she saw Celeste. “Dahlia! It's been too long. I've missed you.” She greeted as she walked down the stairs. “It has been too long.” ::: Too long that you have been living. Finally you're going to get what's coming to you bitch. :::
Even though Dahlia tried to hid her devious thoughts with her smile, Celeste could see right though her. “Don't worry about a thing Celeste. We'll take such good care of Paige she won't be able it breathe.” She assured. Celeste smirked at Dahlia and retaliated with a threat of her own. “And neither will you when I show you and Jeremy what I've done with the dress he's given me. You're going to die when you see me.” Celeste said with a smug look. “Ladies ladies, lets not keep Paige waiting. Have her back before eleven Dahlia.” Wesley told her. Dahlia agreed to have Paige back home at the given time and walked out the front door. Celeste turned away and walked upstairs to her room. Picking up her cell phone, she made a call to Julian. “It's time to go.”
“Draco, David and I will follow behind you, Alucard and Sage.”
Celeste nodded and hung up the phone. All the pieces were in place. “Where are they Alucard?”
“They are at the studio.”
Celeste picked up Vixen and loaded it. She was positive that she was ready to face off against Jeremy. Putting her jacket on, she jumped out her room window and ran out around to the front. Julian was waiting for her on his motorcycle. Celeste hopped on back and held onto Julian as he drove towards the studio.
Inside the studio, Paige had just finished taking her photos and went to see Jeremy before leaving. She looked over her photos with him hoping they were to his liking. “Beautiful as always Paige. Your beauty grows with every shot. Your facial features and you body movements are perfect. I'll never have any models better than you Paige.” He complemented. Jeremy took Paige's hand and led her over so that she could sit on his lap. She was so naïve. Getting a hold of Celeste would be difficult if she didn't have a stupid younger sister. Paige was easy to manipulate. A little promise here, a small complement there and she was his. He sighed to himself as he took her hand and kissed her fingers. “Such delicate hands you have.” He whispered as he continued to kiss them. Paige took her fingers away and gave Jeremy a gentle kiss on the lips. Her left hand held his and the right fell softly against his cheek. When the kiss was finished, she laid her head on his chest. “Are you ready to go to the park?”
“I have a better idea in mind.”
Jeremy unzipped Paige's dress and pulled it down. His actions shocked Paige and she grabbed the dress to shield herself. “What are you doing??”
“Getting a better look of my model.”
Paige stood up held the dress up so that he wouldn't see anymore. Jeremy rose up and grabbed Paige against him. “This is how you repay me for making your dreams come true? I've done all this for you Paige. I made you beautiful. I own you. If I want you I will have you. You're mine.” He said coldly. He pulled Paige in for a deep kiss before she could scream for help. He held her in place even though she tried to get away. She felt his hand sliding up her thigh to the rim of her panties. She tried screaming but his tongue was still in her mouth. She gave a moan of distress and bit down hard on his tongue. Jeremy screamed out in pain stood up straight. He balled his hand into a fist and prepared to hit her but a gunshot to the ribs stopped him. “What the fuck!” Jeremy screamed in anger. The bullets from Vixen and Jackal pierced Jeremy's body and he fell to the ground. “Paige are you all right?”
Paige ran to her older sister and buried her face in her chest and started to cry. Celeste pushed Paige back into Julian and commanded that he take her out. Julian nodded and ran to the door. When he opened it, Lance struck Julian across the face. “No one said you could leave.” He said as he stepped. Paige took Kitana from Celeste's hilt and slit Lance's throat. “Come on we have to get outta here!” Julian picked Paige up and followed behind Celeste, Alucard stayed behind with Jeremy. “And now you die, filthy maggot.”
“I beg to differ.”
Jeremy said standing to his feet. He eyed Alucard up and down. “You are an original vampire like me. I didn't know you had a master like I did.” He wiped the blood from his lip and smiled to Alucard, who held a straight face. “Who is your master?” He asked. Raphael said nothing and vanished before Alucard's eyes. The vampire growled and decided it was time to return to Celeste.
At Sage's apartment, Celeste nursed her sister, making her a hot cup of cocoa and wrapping a blanket around her. “I never knew he was like the Celeste. He was so good to me and seemed like he really cared. You were right all this time and I neglected you. This is all my fault.” Paige pitied herself but Celeste rested a hand on her shoulder. “Hey there its ok. As long as you're safe now we don't have anything to worry about. I'm just glad that son of a bitch didn't hurt you.” She said soothingly. Sage entered the room was Draco, David, Julian and Alucard. David immediately took his little sister into his arms. “Thank god you're all right Paige. You have to stay here with Draco and me so that Celeste can find Jeremy.” David said. Celeste stood up and walked towards the door but Alucard called out to her. “Vixen, before you go there is something you should know. The maggot vampire has a master.”
“Hm, that does pose as a problem. Who in the hell could be the Jeremy Hartley's master? Plus, I want to know why he would they be in control of vampire in the first place?”
Everyone stared at Celeste, who turned her sights out the window. More mysteries were unraveling themselves where they were not needed. With so many questions traveling through her head, all Celeste could do was take a pack of Sage's cigarettes and walk to the exit of the room.
Elsewhere, Jeremy Hartley had returned to his master's house with a look of satisfaction on his face. “I told you not to hurt the girl!”
“It's not my fault that her slut sister came to her rescue. You wanted me to destroy the Hellsing family and that's what I'm doing. Sorry if those two bitches get caught in the line of fire but you'll have what you wanted.”
The man sitting in his chair lit a cigar and smoked it. ::: Soon… soon Raphael Devinicus will destroy you and the Hellsing family will die. It's a shame you had to be caught in the fire Celeste. Curiosity killed the cat. :::
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