Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Young Miss Hellsing ❯ Devinicus Rises ( Chapter 9 )

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She watched her older sister sit outside with the cigarette in her hand. She was thinking. Paige stepped outside and nudged Celeste's arm. “What are you thinking about cherries?”
“I got a lot on my mind peaches. I don't know where to go or what to do. I'm just out of ideas. All I can do is protect you and wait for the enemy to make a move.”
Paige looked down at the ground. She still felt foolish for letting Hartley take advantage of her. Now because of her foolishness, she put her family and friends in danger. “Oh no!! Celeste we have to get home! Jeremy might hurt mom and dad. We have to get them out of there.” Paige said frantically. Celeste dropped the cigarette in shock. She hadn't thought about her parents at all. “Jesus Christ you're right! Sage!!! We need transportation but home!”
“Right away Miss Hellsing.”
Sage threw one of her figurines outside of the window. As it fell to the ground, it grew and became a real live horse. Celeste's face turned white with fear. “I can't ride a horse Sage.”
“I can do it. Julian, stay and protect Paige, we'll be back soon.”
David helped Celeste onto the back of the horse and kicked the horse into a gallop. The horse ran toward Celeste's house and when they arrived, Celeste dismounted first and ran inside. When she got inside, all was silent. She pulled Vixen out of her bag and pointed it in every direction. Moving slowly, she went around every room and finally made her way upstairs. When she went upstairs, she opened her parents' door and found her mother asleep in bed. “Mom!!”
“Don't move Celeste.”
Celeste saw Jeremy step out of the shadows. He swiftly moved behind her and covered her mouth with one hand and held his cougar at Lily. “I'm quit positive you don't want to see her die Celeste.” Jeremy licked Celeste's neck gently then pulled her out of the room. As he struggled carrying Celeste down the hall, David had ran up the stairs to his sister's aid. Before Jeremy could move, David had wrapped his whip around Jeremy's foot and pulled him to the ground. Celeste took the opportunity to shoot at him but Jeremy rolled out of the way. He jerked his feet up, pulling David with him. He flew into Celeste and knocked her to her feet. David got to his feet first and helped Celeste up to hers. When she got up, she shot three more bullets at Jeremy but missed. He chuckled at Celeste then jumped out of the window. “Damnit! Come on David!”
“What's going on out here?!?! Celeste! David come over here!”
“We can't explain now daddy. Watch after mom.”
Celeste and David ran after Jeremy while Wesley stayed inside with Lily. As he walked toward his room with Lily, Victor came running down the hallway. “Mr. Farbrook, I heard noises down here. Is everything all right?” He asked. Wesley turned to Victor with an expressionless face. “It's all right Victor. Everything is just fine.” He replied as he loaded bullets into his gun.
From outside, Jeremy ran from David and Celeste while taunting them to follow. The two followed close behind but Jeremy was too fast. David's whip couldn't reach him and he was moving too quick for Celeste to make a hit. “Give up little girl!! You can't hit me.”
“But I can!!”
Paige stepped in the middle of the road and shot Jeremy in the head with her gun. He fell to the ground after Paige's assault then laid motionlessly. Paige spun the gun around her finger and ran to Celeste and David. “How was that for a fifteen year old kid?” She asked teasingly. Too many questions filled David and Celeste's head but they were too stupefied to ask. “Come on you guys say something.”
“Where the hell did you get that?”
“It was a present from me. I thought she might want to have something for protection. I call it, the Slayer.”
Julian walked up to Paige and she smiled at him. “So ya see, I can fight beside you guys now. I have a weapon too.” Celeste turned her gaze to Julian with a question for him. “Where are Sage and Alucard?”
“We were ambushed at Sage's apartment. Lance and Dahlia came there and attacked us. Only this time they weren't after Paige, they were looking for you Celeste.”
Celeste turned her eyes down to Jeremy Hartley's body and walked towards him. She kicked him and yelled for him to wake up. She knew he couldn't be dead with a weak shot to the head. “Open your eyes you bastard. What do you want with me?” Celeste asked eagerly. Hartley only laughed at Celeste and turned himself around to face her. “Every king needs a queen. When I plunge this world into darkness, you will be my mate.” He answered. Celeste's eyes narrowed. After all her suspicions, her fears were now a reality. Jeremy Hartley and Raphael Devinicus were one and the same. “I knew it! All this time Raphael. I knew you were walking the streets of the human world. There wasn't one second when I second guessed myself.” Celeste told him.
“So it's true. So the all this time you had the new breed of vampires work under your control. I finally figured out why the new breed turns to dust after feeding. It's because Raphael drains the blood from their bodies immediately go to Raphael. All he needed was a human body for his ghost to inhabit. After that it would be smooth sailing. Your time has come Devinicus.”
Raphael made no movement but the ground beneath them began to shake. Celeste moved backward against David while Julian held onto Paige. “You're right, petty human. The time his come for me to engulf this world in the flames of the underworld. I haven't done this for any human but this shall be a rare treat for all of you to see my true form.”
Julian saw that the ground beneath Raphael was turned red. He grabbed Paige and screamed at David to get Celeste away. David took his sister by the hand and followed behind Julian and Celeste. When they were far enough, they watched as flames engulfed Raphael's human body and swirl around him. Julian took his blade from his sheath and readied himself. Both Celeste and Paige checked for bullets while David cracked his whip. “Paige, stay behind me.”
“I wish I could stay that way but I'm involved now. We're a team.”
They watched together as the flames subdued and a man with long silver hair dressed in black stood before them. Whistling, Paige grinned at her sister. “For a bad guy, he damn sure is sexy.”
“Shut up Paige.”
“Hey hey come on it's just a thought. I'm on your side remember? Love, justice and all that clichéd bullshit.”
Raphael lifted his eyelids to reveal his dark black eyes. He took a step forward and everyone took one back. “Hm, Celeste… don't you find my true form to be desirable?” He taunted. Celeste snorted at his remark and shot at him but her bullet did nothing to him. Raphael only chuckled at Celeste's assault. “Celeste get out of here!”
“Don't run Celeste… you cannot escape our destiny.”
Celeste ran from Raphael and that only excited him. The ground beneath Celeste had begun to split. “Celeste we're coming.”
“Don't interfere…”
Raphael flew at Paige and grabbed her by the throat, choking her. Celeste ran toward Raphael but David held her back. Julian ran toward Raphael and picked up the Slayer. He aimed it at Raphael but Paige screamed in pain. “She will die…” He taunted him. Julian gritted his teeth and lowered his gun. “Don't hurt her.”
“As you wish then.”
Raphael threw Paige at Julian and darted for Celeste. He easily knocked David aside and grabbed a hold of Celeste's hand. “Ahhh!!!”
“Hush my beauty. It is time for us to fulfill our destiny.”
Raphael wrapped his arms around Celeste and disappeared into black flames. When everyone turned to see, they noticed that Celeste had been taken. “Fuck! Raphael has Celeste.” Paige swore.
“I guess we're too late Alucard. Raphael has taken Miss Hellsing already.”
Paige ran to Alucard and Sage, telling them what happened during the fight with Raphael. The two only smiled but it was Alucard who vanished first. “We have to follow them David.” Paige suggested. David nodded and went to follow them but he stopped dead in his tracks. “We forgot about our parents.” He said. Paige pulled her hands up to her mouth and gasped. The entire time they were chasing Raphael Devinicus they had neglected their parents. Julian, Paige, David and Sage ran back to the Hellsing mansion and went back to their parents' room. When they opened the door, there was someone lying in bed. Paige smiled to David and Julian. “See! She's all right. Mom is ok. Mommy, wake up. You have to wake up now. Celeste has been kidnapped.” Paige said to her mother. There was no movement in the bed. Paige tilted her head in awe. Was her mother is such a deep sleep that she couldn't hear her? Paige walked to the bed and with shaking hands, pulled back the bed sheets. “Ahhhhh!!!”
“No!!! Father!!!”
Julian and David ran to the bed, kneeling at the side. Paige had backed away in horror with Victor's blood on her hands.
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