Hunter X Hunter Fan Fiction / Hunter X Hunter Fan Fiction ❯ hxh contuined from last ep ❯ 2 ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 2 secret x worried x lllumi


Ya gon whats wrong.

nothing ………… [with a worried look ]

Ok! Something’s up tell me now .

Yesterday I saw some one

Ya and

It was Your brother lllumi he told me something.

Huh what are talking about

What did he say
….. He said that in two days he would kill me
are you series if so we have to stay close because when he has a target he will .. Kill it !

Why didn’t you tell me before

. I don’t know I .

you’ve got be kidding me gon if i knew earlier I could have done something

Ok well just fall asleep now you’ll be ok for now .

Gon with a worried face said I guees your right.

Ahhhhhhhhh good moring gon as killua was in his bed looking over. Huh weres gon . Gooooonnnnnnnnnn!!!! Oh no what happened . Whats this a note . It says
Hello brother you beater keep an eye on gon because im coming for him he is my target gon will die.

Over my dead body killua said to him self . He herd a nose from the hall way it was gon. Hey killua you called me? ..
pheww you scared me gon
Lets get something to eat . While in the kitchen [smash ] a window broke it was llumi . Hello gon time to die end of chapter 2