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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 6 America x village x run

Why so soon to leave because my family going track us easily if just stay here

Ya I guess your right

this is probably the frist place they would check

Well lets get going

Were ?

away from here gon
Gon killua Kura pica and leorio went off to america

So killua

Ya gon

So if were heading to America

Dose anyone speak English

I do

Kurapica you do

Yes fluent

Ok then

thatís good


Ya gon wats up

I smell smoke and flames nearby its big

It could be a forest fire

No now I here screams itís a vilage come on [gon ran full speed in that dirction]

Hey gon wait up

Kilua you can keep up hey we trained together what you can do I can do

Your forgetting someone again

Kurpica can keep up to wait whereís leorio way back there[ end of chapter6]