Hunter X Hunter Fan Fiction / Hunter X Hunter Fan Fiction ❯ hxh contuined from last ep ❯ 5 ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 5 killua x friends x leave

Killua whats wrong

Ya your shacking

M…m- …. my family there alll going to be after me ill be killed

What do you mean they’ll kill you for protecting gon

Knowing my family they will

Everyone in the room was full of shock

Leorio said then we will have stick together ! All of us against them is a better chance we will all have to
Stay near killua

Killua chuckled

You might help if you were training not studying in medical school

Why you grrrrrrrrrr

Im joking relaxe

Leorio chaced killua around

Everyone laughed

So gon how ya feelin said kurpica

Actualy I feel even beter than before and I feel stronger I don’t know why

I know killua said if we infuse some of are nen into you theres a chance you’d surive

Just like back at aunt mitos

Yep gon I saved ya

Thank you so much with a small tear in his eye

Oh please not this again that’s embarrassing

So gon can you stand now

Gon got out of bed and said ya im fine now

Good we got to get out of here
End of chapter 5