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Chapter 3 - Ordinary

2 weeks later...

On a mountain road somewhere in USA, it was the crack of dawn...the rays of the sun had slowly begun to dimly illuminate the forest and the mountain sides and the streets itelf...from here one could tell it was autumn due to the various colors of the leaves on the trees and many leaves on the road itself...

the subtle sound of the wind mixed with the chirping of birds, and other animals...all seamed to have come to a cease as a half second later...the mountain seamed to have filled with the sound of an's roar was deep and raspy, rough yet mixed with the screaming of tires, coming around a fast left hand corner at high speed was the Camaro Z28...sounding different from before...on the outside one would notice the right height sat lower than the car cleared the corner onto a short strait one noticed the mufflers were different, instead of having a rectangular end, they were larger and more round...immidately suggesting it was a different type...

inside Kile matrix, wearing a gray shirt with blue genes sat in a dark blue racing grade bucket seat, as he unshifted a gear...this time with more smooth progression from 2nd to 3rd similar to his father, he slams on the gas as the car continues to accelerate, not long he unshifts into 4th gear before reapplying the gas...his face showed concenration...his eyes narrowed and focused, concentrating on the road ahead...everything seamed to blur past him doing well over 100 mph...

these new parts..."

he thought unshifting into 5th...

the car runs so much better compared to before..."

A turn comes up a fast uphill right hand bend...he pressed the brakes as the car weight shifts foward...Kile didn't feel as affected by the G-forces as before thanks to the multi-point harness seatbelt set he was wearing as he downshifted gear by gear...still rough on downshifting as he felt thru the stick and noticed by the revs...he lightly applies the gas as he turns in, as he approaches the apex, he applies more gas and as he clears it gives full throttle as he unshifts into 3rd as he gets on another short strait before...

"...I feel more confidence in this car...I feel more and more comfortable with it..."

A sharp left hairpin bend going downhill on a steep decline comes up...

He brakes again..downshifting into 2nd, he goes for the far outside of the turn before immediately going for the far inside to the apex, nearly hitting the guardrail as he presses the gas pedal all the way coming he unshifts again into 3rd gear...


A half hour later...the Z28 Camero was pulling back into the track and into the garage...Kile had noticed that his father and another person, of Caucasian decent standing not too far off, this man was wearing a black shirt with blue genes...on the back of the black shirt read "BACK OFF!!", he was nearly bald, as he turned Kile had noticed he was wearing sun glasses, they were talking about a few things before the man could hear John say "see you around then" just as Kile finally parked the Camero in the garage he got out...John turned in Kile's direction...

"So son..." John started... "How does the car feel now?"

"It feels great dad!" Kile answered... "Whatever you did, it feels so much more stable, I can step on the gas more without worrying about losing traction and I can corner so much more compared to before. Do all cars equipped with these parts handle like this?"

"Actually son, the reason why your car handles like that besides the parts, is because the way I set up the car is the chief reason for why it runs the way it does."


John sighed... "As a person he's intelligent, when it comes to cars he's just an idiot..." he thought... "...Kile, when parts like a racing suspension set, or a transmission or whatever is put on, it doesn't automatically make the car run better, it's up to the user or mechanic to setup the car the right way according to the skill of the driver in addition to the conditions before hand so it can run fast."

" you're saying that even though the parts are purchases, it was your imput into just how they're the reason why my car runs like it does?"

"Yes. You just may get something yet...The setup I gave you is best for beginners..."


"Yes, even with all that you've learned, from when you drove all those Go- Karts, even when I let you drive the GT-S and 240 when you were what?...12...14...up and down the mountain route between home and that still have a long way to go...the Camero is a much different machine than the Trueno or 240..."

"Trueno?...I though it was a Corolla..."

John nearly lost balance al la anime at his mistake... a anime sized sweatdrop would have made things more obvious...a rare out-of-chracter moment for this racer...

"...I meant Corolla son."

"Why did you say Trueno anyway?"

"...I...I was thinking about a different car...that's all..." He replied... but then thought... "Yes...maybe different...not so compared to the US and Japanese versions...the same car that I lost to...but it wasn't the was Bu--"

"Uh dad?" Kile said interrupting John's slight trance "Yeah?"

"I guess mom was right when she said I'm like you when you were younger, that sounded like that car did remind you of something else..."

"It's really noting to get concerned about." He replied trying to close that subject a bit...

"Ooookaaay dad." The son replied confused at his father...

"Whatever son, tonight the track time is going to be a little limited."

"Huh? Why?"

"Because son...last week another team challenged us to a downhill and on the mountain, in addition to a feature drag race...heh...we'll just use the drag race as an apatizer...the real fun will be the actual runs up and down the mountain. The battle will be tonight at 11:00 PM."

"Another team?"

"Haven't you notice how often other racing teams know about us and take us on?"

"Yeah far as I know...your team is the best as far as racing goes..."

"Heh...maybe, we are fast but sooner or later...we gota quit and leave the job to the next generation."

"Next Generation?...wait a mean someone like ME?"

"Of course. I can't keep racing forever and someone needs to replace me sooner or later, and why not my own son?" John replied...maybe Kile was a bit slow on the person thing as well as this seamed like new news for him to take on all at once...

"B-But...I can't be like you!...I'm not skilled enough!"

"Not yet son. It's been only 2 weeks, and 2 days but you've gotten more in hang of this car, compared to the 3 months it took me to get used to the Corvette Stingray..."

"But dad...that car was made in the 60's...this is the 90' today are easier to drive..."

"Wrong, many cars are easier to drive, your Z28 Camero is not much different from my Corvette if we look beyond something obvious, the era your car was made makes no difference as to just how easy or hard it drives, you have an easier time being able to adapt to cars compared to when I was your age. Then again that's how it usually works with parent to child progression. Wouldn't you agree?"

" honest think I really will be that good, better than you?..."

" just takes time...the child tends to learn a little more than the's common sense..."

"'s gonna run in the battle?" he said trying to re- direct attention from himself...

"I will run the downhill with my Stingray, Jack will take care of both the uphill and feature drag race with his ZR-1."

"Is that what you 2 were talking about before?"

As if on cue, both father and son's ears were filled with the ear splitting scream of a highly tuned V8 able to rev to a high speed as a jet black ZR-1 corvette drove just outside the garage, Jack inside. One could immediately tell it was no ordinary ZR-1, it sat significantly lower compared to the stock one, it's exhaust sound was not far off from a typical race car's sound, to top it off, the hood itself was not normal it was a carbon fiber hood built specifically for this car as would another As jack got out he had a small grin on his face...

"You sure it's okay to use this car? With this machine, they will not know what will hit them on the 1/4 mile...and then they will just remain slack jawed once this thing hits the'll feel like the car won this race over the driver."

"Maybe...but we don't have any other car ready for both the drag strip and the touge besides this car right now, and setup and testing is not possible now, it's the only car we can tackle both with no prior practice."

"..heh...okay...those punks with their imports woun't know what hit em, then they'll see why we are the most respected and feared team around here."


"Uh dad..." Kile said... "...I'll be at the battle...but do you mind if I leave now?"

"Sure, just be at the mountain by 10:30."

"Why? Doesn't the battle start by 11:00?"

"Yes but I'd rather have you there earlier, and also for another reason."


"You'll find out soon enough"

"Okay dad..."

With that Kile walked to his car..stared and drove off...he thought to himself...

"I wonder if we'll completely dominate tonight battle?...-sigh-...guess I'll find out at 11PM.

Back at the garage just before Jack and John were about to head out...

" talked to him about the plan?" Jack asked...his voice a little more serious...

"...he dosen't know it quite yet...he knows sooner or later he'll have to go against other racers...I've been deciding or not if I should make it the sooner...but anything he'll go thru in his racing career, he can only use to get better if he knows how to. What dosen't kill you will only make you stronger."

" is he going to run tonight?"

"...I'll make the final decision once he gets there...either way...the result will be the same..."

"'re that confident about your son?"

"Of course, he's learned too much to lose easily...he's not there yet but perhaps for now he can do it..."

" you said regardless of he wins or woun't kill his career...well...I'm going to take this for a few runs to see if the engine is still in top shape."


"Later John."

With that Jack gets back in the ZR-1...revs it a few times as one could again hear the ear splitting shriek of the engine as it took of heading down the pit road... less than a minute later the air seamed to have been filled with the screaming of tires mixed with the wail of then 8 cylinder engine...

So ends the 3rd chapter, at 11:00 PM tonight at the local mountain roads, will be battle...little does he know of what will happen...and will prove an experience essential to his development as a racer... -- A/N Phew...well chapter 3 took a bit shorter time than chapter 2, sorry if you're still expecting some races (if anyone actually reads this period...), that will happen soon enough, hell, for the Anime (at least) it was 3 episodes before an actual battle began besides the 1st time Keisuke ran into Takuimi on episode 1. Just wait for chapter 4, you may be impressed.