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"Where do you think you are going, Guts?" asked Griffith, a man with long white hair and cold blue eyes. Griffith was the leader of a mercenary band known as the Band of the Hawk. They had recently been inducted into the formal army, the leaders had all been knighted, and they had almost single handedly won the One Hundred Year War.

The ascension of the Hawks had caused quite the uproar. The nobles were very upset that a bunch of commoners were now considered their equals, and that the leader of this ragtag group was now the supreme general.

"I am leaving the Hawks. I need to go out and follow my own dream." said Guts. Guts was a big man, with an even bigger sword. It was around his height of six feet and it was six inches wide. Guts was very powerfully built, with arms bigger around than most people's thighs. He had short spiky black hair and a short scar running across the bridge of his nose. He wore brown leather armor, a gray shirt, and tan breaches. He wore his gigantic sword on his back.

"You can't leave, Guts. Have you forgotten? I own you."

* * *Flashback* * *

"No, I won't join you! I fight for myself!" yelled a very angry and somewhat scrawnier Guts.

"I have a proposition. You defeat me in combat and you are free to go." replied a calm and collected Griffith.

"And if I loose?" asked Guts.

"Then you belong to me, Guts." was his answer.

The fight that came next was intense. They both fought well, but eventually Griffith, with his greater speed, defeated Guts with his saber.

Over the next three years Guts became one of the Hawks' most valued members. He was given the leadership of the Hawks' Raiders after his first battle, and quickly became just as trusted as the second in command, the beautiful Caska.

Caska was a warrior woman who's strength was only surpassed by Guts and Griffith. She was dark skinned and had her hair in a boyish cut. She wore a chest plait over a pink shirt and wore dark brown trousers. It was rare indeed to see her without her long sword sheathed at her side.

At first she despised Guts for gaining favor with Griffith and frequently putting him in danger. After he had saved her life after she had fallen off a cliff, and shortly after slaying one hundred men to protect her, her resentment faded. Slowly she became friends, and their comrades tried to get them together, but they never did.

* * *End Flashback* * *

"Then I shall win my freedom." Guts said as he unsheathed his bastard sword. Griffith drew his saber as well. The two warriors faced off on the field of snow. As they were about to start Caska jumped between them.

"What are you doing?! Guts, why are you leaving?" she yelled.

"I have to, Caska, now move." Guts replied.

"No!" she shouted on the verge of tears.

"Move, Caska, if this is what I have to do to secure his allegiance, than so be it." said Griffith. Reluctantly Caska got out of the way.

Once again the two prepared themselves for combat, one fighting for his freedom, the other fighting for his strongest warrior.

`This will be over in one attack. He will use an overhead slash, if I block it he will be left open for my first and final attack.' Griffith thought. Battle plan set, he signaled Guts to commence. He began with an overhead slash, as predicted, but what Griffith hadn't expected was for the force of the attack to break his saber.

Guts stopped the blow just before it landed on his shoulder. The force produced by his strike made the snow around them swirl at the produced winds.

Griffith fell to his knees, and Guts sheathed his sword and began to walk away. Shortly after Griffith got back up and headed for the city, Caska followed Guts as stealthfully as she could.

About an hour after he had defeated Griffith Guts came upon a tunnel in a large mountain. Thinking it would be faster then climbing the mountain or trying to go around, Guts entered. Shortly after entering he grabbed his lantern and lit it.

Around fifteen minutes into the tunnel he saw what appeared to be a swirling purple and black vortex blocking the path. When he turned to leave the tunnel he felt a wind sucking him into the vortex. He quickly shoved his sword into the ground as an anchor. As he stood there, waiting for the wind to abate, he heard a very familiar cry of distress.

He looked up just in time to see Caska sucked into the vortex. At the sight he screamed "Caska!", brought up his sword and jumped into the swirling purple and black.

End of prologue. So, what did you think?