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Chapter 1

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Guts woke up slowly. He opened his eyes and saw a beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds. `Wasn't I in a cave?' he wondered. Then it slowly came back to him: the tunnel, the vortex, the wind.

And Caska.

With that thought he quickly sat up and looked around. He was in a clearing in a heavily wooded forest. Great oaks and maples surrounded him. In the distance he saw a tree twice as big as those around it. Continuing his inspection he saw Caska lying on the ground next to him. He quickly got up to make sure she was alright; he checked to make sure her breathing was regular, that she wasn't bleeding, and that she hadn't broken any bones. To his relief she was fine.

He wrapped his brown cloak around her and started walking, carrying her in his strong arms. He figured if there were any villagers around here they would probably have settled next to that giant tree. He barely felt Caska's small weight as he walked through the forest.

**************************************************************** ********

"Well, what have we here? Some humans came into our part of the forest. That wasn't very nice of them, was it, Giichi?" said a black spider youkai to his younger brother. He wore dark gray armor and held a jagged scimitar. His ruby eyes flashed with bloodlust.

"No, Hijime, it wasn't nice of them at all." the younger spider replied with an evil laugh. "I'll go gather the boys." With that he hopped off.

**************************************************************** ********

Guts came to a clearing that was about another hour away from the giant tree. Caska began to stir so he laid her on the grass, hoping she would wake up so he wouldn't have to carry her any more. The walk had inflicted havoc on his emotions.

She moaned and slowly opened her beautiful brown eyes. Instead of a `good morning,' Guts greeted her harshly with "Why were you following me?" She flinched at the tone of his voice.

She stood up, handed him his cloak, and said "I was going to try to convince you to come back. And if you refused, I thought I might go with you."

He looked at her with obvious surprise. "You were going to leave Griffith? Leave the Hawks?" he asked in amazement.

"Well, yeah, the fighting was done, and I hate all that formal crap the nobles do. I hate wearing a dress," she replied. This brought forth a jovial laugh from Guts. Then the sharp crack of a breaking branch came from the forest. They turned and saw a large group of spider men coming out of the forest.

Soon they were surrounded by at least a hundred of the carapaced things. They each carried jagged scimitars and wore dark gray armor. Their lightly furred hides seamed to absorb the noon sun's light. They had rounded heads on stock like necks, within their mouths were hundreds of sharp, needle-like teeth. They were hunched forward and gave a look of primitive bestial strength.

"Well, well, look at what we have here Giichi," hissed one of the spider-things. Its voice was greatly disturbing to the two humans. It was a sound they were sure could never be produced by human vocal cords.

"Humans in our forest, Hijime. What say we teach them a lesson?" exclaimed the one the humans took to be Giichi.

"I call the big one's sword!" declared one of the other spiders.

"Shut up!" yelled the rest.

Guts was getting a little sick of the antics of these exoskeleton enclosed morons. He unsheathed his sword with a yell and charged at Hijime. The spider was so surprised that the pathetic human was actually attacking, as opposed to cowering, he didn't even get the chance to attempt a block. A fountain of black blood splattered everywhere.

Seeing their leader die, the other spiders charged forward. The humans fought back to back, Caska killing with grace and precision, Guts killing with rage and strikes that cut through three at once.

Soon Caska's muscles began to ach, and her hands grew slippery with the amount of lizard blood that had been spilled on them. Then she slipped on the blood coated grass.

Seeing her defenses open, one of the lizards charged forward and stabbed her leg. Guts quickly beheaded the monster that had struck his companion. Caska tried to get up but quickly fell to the ground with a scream of pain. It looked like Guts was fighting this one alone.

Guts stood above her, killing all that got within range. He lost himself to the joy of the slaughter, his grin growing wider with every pint of black blood that was spilled by his blade. He speared one of the youkai through the chest and watched with amusement as it squirmed. He then whipped his sword forward, knocking three other spiders down. His blade flashed like lightning, and none of the spiders were able to get within three feet of him, or the woman he was protecting.

Guts was enjoying himself immensely. He had not been able to battle this freely since he had joined the Hawks three years ago. Almost against his will laughter bubbled up from his throat. Every arachnid that died was a testament to his freedom from the bondage of Griffith, every ounce of blood fuel for his dream. His dream, not Griffith's.

Nine minutes later only a handful of spiders were left. Seeing the grin on the human male's face, they knew that running was a very good idea right about now. With that final thought, they turned around and ran as fast as they could.

**************************************************************** ********

Inuyasha's ears perked up when he heard a feminine scream about ten minutes north from there position at the Goshimbuku (er… right?), but more disturbing than that was the laughter that shortly followed. Kagome asked "what is it, Inuyasha?"

"I heard a woman's scream from that direction, followed by a lot of other screams and laughter." he said pointing north.

"What kind of laughter? Creepy or happy?" Kagome asked with slight fear in her voice.

Inuyasha had to repress a shudder as he replied. "Definitely creepy."

"I guess we should go help out. Someone could be in trouble." stated Kagome with enthusiasm.

Inuyasha turned his head to the side and said "Feh, do you sense any jewel shards?"

"Well… no…" Kagome said hesitantly.

"Then were not going." said Inuyasha with force.

"I'll say it!!" warned Kagome.

"Fine bitch, hop on my back." grumbled the irritated hanyou.

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