InuYasha Fan Fiction / Berserk Fan Fiction ❯ Feudal Berserker ❯ Battle and Psychosis ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

AN: In my opinion, at this point in the show Guts was harboring a lot of anger and resentment towards Griffith. This might not be accurate, but it is how my fan-fic is going to go.

As always I do not own either Inuyasha of Berserk.

Chapter 2: Battle and psychosis

Guts stood in the clearing, surrounded by spider corpses and covered in sticky black blood. He wiped off his blade on a near by chunk of spider flesh and began to laugh.

He took no notice of the worried looks from Caska and laughed. He laughed for the joy of combat, he laughed for the death he had evaded, he laughed for the death he had caused. But most of all he laughed for the ability to kill for his, and only his, purpose. He laughed for his freedom.

When Inuyasha and Kagome, followed by Sango and Miroku (who had come on Kirara,) arrived at the clearing they saw a very disturbing sight. The clearing was littered with dismembered spider youkai, and in the middle of it was an injured and frightened woman wearing a chest plate staring at a big man with an even larger sword resting upon his lightly armored shoulder. He had spiky black hair, wore gray armor with a brown cloak, and was drenched in blood; but there was one thing about him that surpassed the others for sending shivers of fear run down the spines.

He was laughing.

The group of feudal warriors looked towards the scene, wondering what would happen next. In anticipation of possible unfriendliness directed at them from the crazed blood-soaked fellow, they prepared their weapons. Sango readied her giant boomerang, Kagome knocked an arrow, Miroku prepared his staff, and Inuyasha drew the Tetsuiga.

The man instantly stopped his laughing and looked over in their direction. It seemed he had heard them.

Guts stopped his laughing as soon as he heard the unmistakable sound of steel being unsheathed to his left. When he turned to face this new threat he caught a flash of silver that flowed like only long hair can. One thought raced through his mind and brought a snarl to his lips.


Griffith had followed him despite the freedom he had won. Why was he so obsessed with Guts? So obsessed he would follow him through a swirling vortex? Griffith no longer needed Guts' strength, the fighting was over.

`He must have come to kill me for my transgressions. He probably wants to take Caska back too.' Guts thought. For some reason the thought of Griffith taking Caska away didn't sit well with him.

His mind was filled with images of Caska fawning over Griffith, of Griffith not caring about her and sending her to die.

His vision bled to crimson, he charged.

Inuyasha wasted no time on wondering how the human had spotted them, he just prepared to attack. The human charged forward with his teeth bared and a look of utter rage and hatred on his face.

Inuyasha grinned in anticipation of the upcoming battle. He took the transformed Tetsuiga and jumped to the attack.

Part of Guts' mind wondered why Griffith had a greatsword and was wearing red, but the rest of him was too bloodthirsty to care.

Griffith brought his giant sword down in a jumping slash which Guts sidestepped. Guts brought his sword in to the left with a scream of his foe's name. Somehow Griffith's sword was there, blocking the strike. Griffith jumped behind him, trying to strike his unprotected back.

Guts ducked under the horizontal strike and performed a similar slash of his own, which Griffith avoided with a back flip. Guts brought his sword down in an overhead slash which his silver-haired adversary caught on his own blade.

And so they stood, greatswords locked together, neither able to get the upper hand.

Then a scream ripped through the air.

Inuyasha was confused. How was this human matching him blow for blow? Why was his face contorted in fury? Who was Griffith?

The human brought his sword down in an over head slash and Inuyasha barely parried the fierce blow in time. Their swords locked and neither was able to overpower the other.

Then Inuyasha heard Kagome scream. He glanced over and saw a gigantic, tan, shirtless man holding a gargantuan curved blade ready to strike Kagome. He had a demonic face with red eyes and spiked back hair. Inuyasha heard his opponent mutter "Zodd…"

Zodd brought his sword down. The combatants disengaged and moved as one. Inuyasha grabbed Kagome and the human parried the blow. Inuyasha placed Kagome by the strange armored woman and turned in time to see the human take a punch in the stomach that sent him crashing through several trees which crashed to the forest floor.

The woman cried out "Guts!", which Inuyasha took to be the man's name, and rushed over to him. Guts slowly got up, and both he and Inuyasha charged at Zodd. Guts brought his sword down on Zodd's left shoulder and Inuyasha stabbed him through the heart.

Zodd calmly removed Inuyasha's sword, grabbed his severed arm, and reattached it. He then said "You have improved, Guts. And your companion is formidable as well. I followed you here because your death is required for my lord's ultimate ascension. Now you shall face my true form. Guts, this time Zodd the Immortal shall have your head!"

With that Zodd began to change. He grew several feet, his body sprouted red brown fur, great demonic wings rose from his back, his face elongated into a muzzle, and curved horns adorned his head.

Guts had snapped back into reality when he saw Zodd. He and his strange opponent both rushed to help the girl. The man in red got the girl out of the way and Guts parried the blow.

His mind was clear, and it was time to kill.

Caska and the companions of the silver haired man had been staying out of the duel as they were obviously outclassed. Then, drawn by the sound of combat, Zodd came.

Now the former foes were fighting him with amazing precision and coordination while their companions watched in aw. The girl next to Caska whispered what Caska assumed to be the silver-haired one's name, "Inuyasha…", and continued to gaze in wonder at the battled.

Inuyasha struck high from the left, Guts attacked low from the right, and Zodd barely dodged them. He lunged a clawed hand at Inuyasha and Guts countered it by cutting off Zodd's hand.

Zodd let out a roar and launched a kick at Guts. Inuyasha simply chopped off his leg. Zodd toppled to the ground and gave a bestial scream of agony.

Both Guts and Inuyasha jumped into the air and yelled in unison, "Now you die!" as they brought down their giant swords.