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Title: Drabbles From A Crossover Fangirl
Author: inuyashagirl5
Rating: T (We are talking about the twins here... Pervy stuff, but nothing too graphic to raise the rating higher)
Genre: RomanceDisclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or Ouran High School Host Club. InuYasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and OHSHC is owned by Bisco Hatori. I only borrow their characters for my own amusement and for the amusement of my readers.
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#16: Mischievous Twins With An Agenda
Pairing: Kaoru/Kagome/Hikaru
Word Count: 1281
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They were up to no good, she realized early, and this was not the place for them to misbehave. Didn't their mother teach them any manners? She assumed it was unlikely because they had wandered off down the long, dark hallways, leaving their mother behind at the party. Well, this wasn't their house. They had no right to sneak about, no matter how rich they were. She was sure Sesshomaru wouldn't like it one bit. So Kagome followed the pair of mischievous twins. She followed them throughout the long corridors of the mansion and then finally out into the rose garden, where they had stopped and sat down.

"We know you're there." One called out.

"You might as well show yourself." Said the second and Kagome did as they wanted and stepped forward into the garden.

"Ah. As we expected." They said together and Kagome frowned.

"You shouldn't be out here. This is not your home." Kagome crossed her arms over her chest and gave them a fierce glare. They shrugged it off as if it meant nothing.

"It isn't your home either."
"Is it, Ka-go-me?"

"I am more welcomed here than either of you. Sesshomaru thinks of me as family." Kagome retorted quickly, her head turning away from the pair.

"It's not the first time we've been here."

"But it's the first time we have seen you here. You don't come here often at all."

"I had my reasons, not that that is any business of yours."

"She's cute when she's angry."

"She's cuter when she's not."

"And I know both of you don't really think that at all." Kagome turned away from them, storming back into Sesshomaru's mansion and escaping their false words. She wouldn't let them use her as a toy as she had seen them do once before with a different girl. That girl had ended up leaving the party in tears.

She panicked when she was quickly engulfed in a tight hug on both sides. One twin had his nose and lips pressed behind her left ear while the other pressed his lips to her neck.

"Please do not..."

"...tell us what we think."

"L-Let go of me."

"We don't want to." They grinned in unison. Kaoru tilted her face so she was looking at him, but Hikaru's lips stayed pressed behind her ear.

"We lured you away on purpose." He replied.

"We want you." Hikaru whispered against her ear.

"Always." They said together.

"W-What?" Kagome tried to pull away, but they had no intention of releasing her. "Let go..."

"So pretty..." Kaoru murmured, one hand tracing a path up her right arm.

"So full of fire." Hikaru grinned, his hand wrapping gently around her left wrist.

"You're just right for us. We want you."

She shivered in their grasp, both from Kaoru's ministrations on her right arm and from the soft caresses from Hikaru's lips. Was this what that other girl had gone through? Was this really just another game and in a moment they would laugh and walk away?

"S-Stop it. I don't want to play your stupid games. You can't fool me." She tried pulling away, leaning back slightly into Kaoru in an attempt to get Hikaru to let her wrist go. She froze and gasped softly as she pressed against him and inadvertently pressing herself against the bulge in Kaoru's pants.

"Does it feel like we are trying to fool you?" His voice was lower and he was annoyed now. The hand that had been lazily tracing up and down her arm caught her free hand. He pressed her palm harder against the bulge she had discovered. "Does it?"

She flushed when Hikaru copied his twin's motion with her other hand, pressing it against the front of his pants. Their reactions to her were the same, but she still couldn't believe them. Just because they were aroused didn't mean that they...

"Her mind is wandering." Hikaru frowned.

"She doesn't believe us." Kaoru scowled.

"Can you blame me?" She asked softly. The twins blinked at the tone. "All I've ever seen you do is make a girl run away in tears. You led her around like you wanted her and in the end..."

"Tsk. Tsk." Kaoru bonked her nose with a finger, knowing exactly which incident she was talking about. "We liked her as a friend."

"We told her that. We wanted to keep that friendship." Hikaru added.

"She wanted more from us. We couldn't give her more."

"We already had our sights set on you."

"Y-You did?"

"Yes." They answered in unison.

"But..." She turned her head to look up at Kaoru but he didn't let her say anything right then. His lips covered hers. Behind her, Hikaru chuckled and leaned against her back. Once his brother released her lips, he turned her to face him and kissed her as well.

"Sesshomaru already knows our intent. It was difficult, but our mother is persuasive. We will make you ours." Kaoru promised, his arms tightening around her.

"But, I..."

"Just give us a chance to prove ourselves to you!" Hikaru's temper was rising. Couldn't she see that they were serious? He pouted under Kaoru's scolding look and decided it probably was best not to get angry at the moment. He softened his tone and pressed a gentle kiss to her temple. "Please?"

"Sesshomaru really...?" She looked up at Kaoru for confirmation.

"He was stubborn, but he does admire our mother for her prowess." Kaoru grinned. "He also believes our family to be a good one. We're not like some of the other rich families who only seek to gain more control and money."

"In other words, your family is of no threat to his empire and he would only benefit from such a union." Kagome rolled her eyes. When it came to control and money, no one had more than Sesshomaru.

"You're caving." Hikaru replied with a teasing smile.

"You're serious." She stated as she turned her head to face Hikaru. She tugged gently on his bangs and smiled. "Hikaru."

"Good guess." He grinned.

"No guess. I can tell you apart." She leaned a little into Kaoru, whose gaze softened at hearing she knew who was who. "Kaoru is calm. Hikaru is fiery."

"Fiery?" Hikaru's brow creased and she giggled.

"You have a temper."

Hikaru blushed, but didn't deny it. He knew he let his temper get away from him sometimes.

For a few moments she stayed silent, allowing the brothers to continue holding her while she contemplated the whole situation. The fact they had already spoken to Sesshomaru of their intent was enough for her to know that this was not a game. No one would be stupid enough to risk everything by creating a lie based around Sesshomaru and what he saw as his. She was his family and if they lied, they would live to regret it. They weren't that stupid. They really wanted her.

"What now then?" She asked. Kaoru snuggled her a bit more and Hikaru leaned in close enough so that his nose touched hers.

"Be our girlfriend." Kaoru answered, watching as Hikaru leaned in to press a kiss to her lips. "Let's get to know each other."

As Hikaru pulled back, Kagome kept her eyes locked with his and gave them the answer they had been hoping for. "Okay."

They engulfed her in a tight hug that was accompanied by a series of short, sweet kisses. It would take some getting used to and there were things that still needed to be discussed, but she knew there were worse relationships she could get into than this one. She could deal with a pair of mischievous twins.