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Hehe just cause I'm boredddd. ; ) Read, enjoy, and REVIEW PWEASEE!!
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Summary: Inuyasha/NCIS; Gibbs and his team never seen anything like this… it was surreal, extraordinary, and felt as if reality just slapped them in the face…. When the random, mysterious murders of numerous marines turn up in D.C., they were stuck at a dead end, until one miko gets called to fly in as a favor to the only female member of the team. As her arrival causes an uproar the grisly truth is slips out, and everything suddenly makes sense. Kag/Tony?
Genre: Humor, Romance, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Angst, Mystery and probably some other stuff lol.
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Disclaimer; If I owned Inuyasha or NCIS why would I be here? That's right, cause I don't…
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--Reality and Truth--
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Somewhere, among the many darkened streets of Washington D.C., lurked an evil, malevolent being. Its sharp red eyes pierced though the moon-lit alleys as it snuck around in the shadows cast. Speckles of light reflected off its inhuman, dagger-sharp claws and razor like teeth.
As laughing was heard from the alley the figure shot towards a crevice in the wall, shielding itself from view by any bystanders.
Unsteady, heavy footsteps paired with stumbling light ones echoed in the alley, as both deep chuckles and high pitched giggles escaped two adults' mouths; a man and a woman to be precise.
They were young, in their early twenties, and drunk. In their hazed stupor they attempted to make their way through the alley, heading towards the other exit that led into another street.
As they stepped through with not a care in the world, the scarce moonlight glinted off the shiny buttons, little bars, and pins fastened on their uniforms, signifying their occupation. In their hands clutched similar caps. Their name tags told of their rank:
Petty officers Kyle Sanders and Carly Lati.
The hidden figure's eyes sparked in bloodlust as the two stumbled by, its lips pulling back in a silent snarl, revealing its sharp canines. It crept up slowly behind the two unsuspecting pair as they continued on their way.
It wasn't until the last moment, when they were nearing the exit, that the pair noticed the thing behind them and their eyes widened enormously as they opened their mouths to scream bloody murder; the screams slicing through the night air before being cut short, hair prickling silence replacing the noise.
Not too long after, the eerie sounds of thrashing and slashing were heard, followed by gurgling and dripping.
Soon enough, two thuds reverberated throughout the alley, and the figure mysteriously vanished, leaving the remnants of two bloody, mauled bodies in its place.
Located down the alley and across a street was a bank, a lone video camera pointed in the alley's direction, as a little light repeatedly blinked red.
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--Two Weeks Later—
--Tuesday, 2300--
At NCIS headquarters sat an Israeli woman, correction… a highly annoyed, irritated, and extremely frustrated Israeli woman, clutching her head in her grasp and gripping her hair in her fists, as she was alone in the vacant squad room at her desk. A `bang' rung in the room as she slammed her elbow on the desk in frustration, and curses in a foreign language flowed within in the room.
In a flash the woman's hands released her head and clamped onto the edges of the desk, squeezing with all their might, willing for the desk to give out from under their grip. She groaned out angrily and pushed away, her chair rolling from the desk as she shot up.
Snatching up a remote, she walked around to the side of her desk. Leaning against it she faced a more than reasonable size TV, and clicked it on.
It played a video, one she hated immensely. Really, there was no need to replay it again; she had already seen it more than enough times that it was etched into her mind.
It was the only lead in their case that they had; other this little video they had nothing, no other evidence that linked to anything at all.
They were stuck, and they all knew it… but they didn't know what they could do about it.
This… this merciless killing machine had already claimed three more lives, all at separate times, all marines.
Petty officers Kyle Sanders and Carly Lati; the sandy haired, green eyed boyfriend and dirty blond, hazel eyed girlfriend, 23 and 21, barely staring out in their lives before it was ripped away from them.
Petty officer Jay Hanson; 28, black haired, brown eyed tech pro; confident, intelligent, and retained high potential.
Sergeant Andrew Boyd; 39, blond haired, blue eyed leader with notable tactic skills; married and a father of a newborn baby girl.
Commander Tanya Fallie; 36, green eyed and red haired woman with a sharp mind and quick thinking; married and mother of twins; a boy and girl.
All great marines and people in general. All leading great lives, before they were ruthlessly murdered in the night tresses.
It was as if it was picking them off one by one, and it all happened under the covers of dark alleys, and they couldn't do a damn thing about it.
All they had was this video; they didn't even know what kind of weapon was used, because there were no gun wounds. It looked like they had been mauled to death by an animal, something with claws, but they knew it was a person of some sort; the video proved it.
There were no connections between the marines murdered themselves. They had nothing in common besides the fact they were in the Marines; they had never met each other in their lives either.
It made it seem that the murderer was just killing off marines randomly, a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Ziva observed as the video played on, before clicking it to pause; cold, monstrous red eyes staring off the screen as she stared back.
Her jaw clenched at the pair of eyes, before she slammed the remote on the desk, sick of it.
The desk jumbled, shaking things set on top of it. The phone fell over, clipping her hand.
Her head shot towards it, the dial tone droning loudly in the deserted room. She sighed as she placed it back on the hook gently, her hand lingering on the receiver as her chocolate eyes narrowed suddenly, deep in thought.
Her hand gripped around the receiver as a stray idea came to her.
She glanced up at a clock across the room, studying it, the wheels in her head turning as she tried to discern another thought loitering in her mind. With an unconscious nod of her head, she picked up the receiver, and put it to her ear as she dialed a number; a very long distanced number.
She waited impatiently as the rings emitted from the phone, once, twice, three… four times, before a `click' sounded, signifying someone had picked up.
An accented female voice came from the phone. “Hello?”
Ziva smiled slightly, in spite of her previous temper fit. “Hello old friend...” She greeted tiredly. She couldn't wait to get home after this… she really needed to get some sleep soon, else she might just drop to the ground and pass out right there.
“Ziva? Is that you? Is everything alright?” the voice on the phone sounded concerned, and puzzled.
Ziva sighed, her eyes sliding shut, the past days of staying up finally taking a toll on her body. “Yes, it is me… and I need a favor, please. Is there any possibility that you can fly over to the U.S., Washington D.C?”
Silence ensued on the phone, and Ziva's eyes shot open, anxious. “I know it is an enormous favor and a lot to ask for, but… I need your help on something, something big. I do not know what else to do. It is something I think only you can help with.”
The other woman on the line didn't answer right away, the silence droning yet again as the person thought this proposal over deeply.
Ziva bit her lip in suspense, waiting for an answer.
The woman's quiet voice broke the muted moment. “How soon do you need me?”
Ziva's eyes widened in surprise, and she sighed out in relief. “As soon as you can make it… Thank you so much. You do not know how much I owe you my friend.”
The woman laughed it off lightly. “Alright, and it's no problem for me Ziva, do not worry. What are friends for? Just tell me where to meet up with you and everything is set up for when I arrive.”
Ziva agreed and told her of where to meet up with her as soon as she arrived in the States.
After she was done and said her farewells to the woman, she set the phone back to its rightful place softly and slid off the desk. Going back to her chair she plopped down in it, slumping tiredly as she sighed out.
She stared out the window to her right, gazing at the city-lit night sky as she debated whether or not to go home or just stay in her comfortable chair and just sleep here.
Coming to a final decision, she scooted her chair closer to her desk and propped her arms in a crossed fashion on top of it, before dropping her head, laying it on them.
Closing her eyes, her mind receded into a dreamless, long-awaited, intensely craved slumber as she promptly passed out in record time, her last coherent thought being that she couldn't wait for her friend to finally arrive to help.
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Words- 1,527
Wellll what do you think? You all are probably wondering… `What the fuck?!? NCIS and Inuyasha?!?' Hehe yea I know. Kinda weird, but it came to me while I was writing my Inu/Naru crossover and NCIS came on the TV and I was like `hmmm what the hell, why not!' Hahaaa I think this is the only one if it's kind, and If it is the awesome!! XD Anywhoo it's only a starter so it's probably not too interesting. And I'm not too definite on the pairing either, hmm.
The title is debatable. I don't really like it but I couldn't come up with anything better. Any suggestions? Please?
Sooo please! Tell me what you think, and if I should continue this!! I kinda like the idea, so I hope you all like it!!